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Monday: From South to North

Welcome to the Monday Post, Readers of HJC!

Phew, the Olympics are on, I couldn't wait, I absolutely love the Winter Olympics, especially the hockey. The Canadian Mens team doesn't play until later this week, but the Womens team has already played two games (though I'm writing this post in advance to I won't talk about their game against Finland). That Swiss goalie deserves a medal of her own for stopping 64 shots! Ben Scrivens take note, even in a losing effort, this goaltender played extremely well and deserves recognition (that's a 0.927% save percentage, which is within the top 5 of the NHL).

The jerseys which also caused a stir when they were revealed seem to look better in action, the black alternate Canada wore against Switzerland looked surprisingly fitting, and my only problem with the jerseys remains to be the inverted socks. I have Canada's Olympic Red jersey in my collection, and whatever this new material is, it feels amazing, light as a feather (unless you're the San Jose Sharks in which case taking off your hem stripe works just as well).

Best of luck to all the Athletes in this first full week of events, and go Canada go!

Photo from Sportsecyclopedia.com

Remember that bucket helmet featured in yesterday's post, well if you vote, you will get Chris Osgood's amazing mask! (not in stock at the moment, or ever). And if you don't.....Chris Osgood will come to your house and throw an octopus at your face!

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HJC's latest contest, fittingly enough, is an Olympic themed contest, Design a Country!

Here are some of the entries which have come in so far:

Sorry guys, all the entries which have come in so far were not eligible, remember to read ALL the rules!

On to the regularly scheduled concepts for Monday!


Team Bahamas Concepts (By: Dallas K.)

First off, thanks Dallas for reminding me how cold it is! Just kidding, this has been one of the most unique series to ever be featured on HJC, and I've really wanted to review one of these concepts ever since seeing them. Bahamas does not have a hockey team (of course) and Dallas keeps these jerseys very similar to what Nike is currently designing for the Olympics. The flag striping is a huge plus for any national team, and even though at first I didn't like the logo, it has grown on me and has a very tropical feel to it. The script on the arms looks good on the blue jersey, but the bars look awkward on the white jersey, and since there is a lack of blue on the white jersey, making the arms blue would a). help balance the colours more and b). make the bars look less out of place. Very creative ideas used here, great execution, great work. (8.5/10)

Florida Panthers Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning Stadium Series Concept (By: David P.)

Well if Los Angeles worked, why not Tampa? David predicts the next Stadium Series will take place in Tampa and the Battle of Florida thus ensues. It may sound a little gimmicky, and if this were to happen it would be, but David replicates probably what we would see the teams wear. The Stadium Series elements are all here, including the use of an alternate logo or colour. I like the Lightning jersey more than the Panthers one, simply because the colours are better balanced, and the lack of white on the Panthers jersey hurts its look even a small amount in the trim would help. My only other gripe is the pixelation, and it is pretty pixely, especially in the stitching. Using Word to shrink any logos or concepts down blurs the lines much more crisp than Paint if that is what you are using David. (6.75/10)

Carolina Panthers Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

Carolina, after being a terrible team, now has an awesomely modern logo and surprisingly, adapts well to hockey as Gerard shows here. Not that Carolina ever looked bad, but this new logo and those swooshes combined perfectly, and it wouldn't work with any other team. Funny enough, I don't mind the lack of hem stripe or the lack of blue on the white jersey, because that's how the Panthers jerseys look now. Not much to complain about, though I would prefer a hem stripe, similar to the Captials, but with both black and blue. (8.75/10)

AHL Stadium Series Concept (By: Stephen T.)

I'm not sure if this was Stephen's entry to the AHL Stadium Series contest, and while I like some elements, one problem dominates the concept, which I will get into but first the good parts. The Manchester concept looks really 80'sy and I like that, the dominating white arms and false yoke look great. The Norfolk jersey, while creative is really empty, and that's the big problem with this concept, the jerseys are empty. The Norfolk jersey needs a thicker arm stripe and a matching hem stripe to fix it, and socks are perfect for it. The Manchester jersey's logo is far too big, and shoulder patches/Stadium Series logo is a must. (5.5/10)

Manchester Monarchs Concept (By: Kaner88)

Amazing to think the Monarchs have yet to adapt the Kings new look...yeah funny enough, most AHL teams do this and Manchester now has their own unique look. Despite that, it would interesting for them to adapt their look for an LA Kings night. The jersey itself is cool, it is clearly based on the 90's jerseys, which is one of the Kings most liked looks, and the mock up logo is done well. The only issue I have with this concept is the should patch which is easy to fix, divide it up in half and put the other half on the back. (7/10)

Winter Classic 2015 Concept (By: Gerard M.)

Yes, Yes, Yes! White Pants, why not? Honestly, this is what we should expect in the next Winter Classic, baring possible vintage white, and both jerseys are classic beyond classic. A colour vs. colour jersey game is not unheard of, it was done in this year's Classic, and again, red vs. blue stands out perfectly. Both jerseys are edge versions of 80's jerseys for each team, and yeah, hey look great. No complaints. (9/10)

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: David P.)

David is back in the same post, this time father north an less pixelated to Stadium Series up the Flyers. Again, this is meant to be a template concept, and since the Flyers have never played in the Stadium Series, it only makes sense to wonder what other teams would look like in this situation. The alternate colour with the Flyers is different than say the Kings, because they've worn a black jersey before, twice, and it looked good and so does this. The primary logo is a little too small the back numbers are a little too big, minor fixes. (7.75/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Brian B.)

A well received idea since the Stadiums Series jerseys were reveled is making the Pens adapt their Stadium Series jersey full time, baring the elongated numbers, angled tv numbers and chrome logo, blah blah blah, all the bad stuff, and Brian shows, at least to me, why this look works perfectly. The road jersey is great, just a simple transfer, though the arm and hem striping are cured rather than angled. The black jersey, is even better! The colours are balanced perfectly and the yoke ends look great without a third colour. I miss the Robo-pen, and that's the only problem, great job. (9.25/10) (COTW Nom. from me!)

Chicago Bears Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

Some NFL teams actually have striping patterns, like the Bills or in this case the Bears. Though the striping on the actual jerseys are only on the arms, Gerard puts them the way a regular hockey jersey would look. This is one of the best patterns for crossovers, because it works on both and fits the timeless look the Bears have always had. The white jersey would look better with blue cuffs or a blue yoke, just to make the blue more prevalent. (8.5/10)

Boston Bruins Concept (By: Jack G.)

Even though Boston hosted the Winter Classic four seasons ago, the Original Six teams are usually a good bet to host the Outdoor game every so often, or atleast play in it. Jack goes back to the early 40's rather than the late 40's and it's nice to see the B logo back on the front of a jersey, not seen since 1992. The striping is good, but the sock stripes, I think at least would looks even cooler, but as is, the square yoke saves everything. Execution note: I do sometimes get flack for grading people down for this, but the Reebok vector logo should be replaced with the modern script logo, along with the tag inside the collar. (8.25/10)

Binghamton Senators Concept (By: Kaner 88)

Kaner88 moves up from New Hampshire to New York and gives the Baby Sens a 4th or 18th alternate, I've lost count, but hey, this one looks great, though it does have execution flaws. The shoulder patch problem persists but the two look like they were made at the same time. The striping is classic Sens, and since it is the AHL, having 4 separate laurel stripes, isn't a bad idea, especially the chest stripe. The concept is blurry, I get that happens when you shrink the concept, but the logo looks skewed horizontally, and is proven when you look at the logo on the bottom of the image. (6.5/10)

Calgary Flames Concept

I'm not sure if Stephen entered this into the very popular Flames redesign, but he takes the Flames current, well received alternate, and makes quite a few changes to make a set, some good, some not. The good is good, the striping pattern, along with the increased yellow and black on the home and yellow/red on the road, and it looks great, but the yoke and cuffs are a little to much of each respective colour, pick one or neither, preferably the latter. The logos and numbers look good, I know some people think they look like NASCAR numbers, but hey, looks good to me. I just can't get past the flags! They don't look good on the current Flames jerseys, but the Calgary flag doesn't look any better than the Canadian flag, the horse head is yearning for a return, and this was a missed opportunity imo. (6.25/10)

That's today's post! Like my criticism or hate it, tell me why I'm right slash wrong and nominate for COTW in the comments. Remember to vote for this week's COTW Nominees & get your entries ready and create your own country (how many websites do that!) for the contest. As always, I'm Jets96, Go Canada Go, and have a great Olympics filled week! 
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William Butala said...

While I'm usually the first to complain about the lack of a hem stripe, those Carolina Panthers jerseys look insanely cool! COTW nom from me.

Jeff H. said...

Some pretty good ones in this batch today, but my COTW nominee goes to Gerard's Caps/Isles Winter Classic concept.

Kris Knudsen said...

If florida ever hosted a stadium series that's what it would look like! David P gets my COTW nom

Anonymous said...

No white pants!

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