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February 28, 2014

Heritage Classic Eve Eve.

Hello HJC, welcome to another Friday!

This time last week, Canada had just defeated the USA in the Olympic semi-final, but had not yet done this:

Oh, the things that can happen in a week! From an aesthetic point of view, in the course of a week, these ugly sweaters have become very eye-catching, due to the addition of a gold disc on a blue ribbon around the neck.

By this time next week, I will have experienced the Heritage Classic, which will be perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing hockey game of the year (in my opinion). I am very excited to break out this bad boy: 
photo: Colin May

It has been hanging in my closet for about a month, and thankfully Henrik Sedin (the one whose name and number is on the back) is also off the shelf in time for the Classic. In a week's time I will have a wealth of photos and memories to share with you. You can also follow me on twitter, or instagram, and I will be sharing photos in real time on Sunday.

If you are going to be at the Heritage Classic, HJC regular Austin and I will be meeting at the Terry Fox Statue at 11:30am for a quick HJC get together. We are going to snap a pic, chat for a few minutes, and put faces to names from HJC. Either let me know, via twitter, or facebook, or whatever, and we will make sure we connect, or just show up. We will be there, and would love to connect.

Also in the course of a week, we will be well and truly underway on the Team Competition presentations. The presentations will be posted on the HJC Design Blog, and the schedule for those presentations can be seen here:

In case you are not familiar with our weekly patterns here at HJC, we crown a vote on the best concept every week, and Friday is the last day to vote on this. Check out the nominees here (there are a lot this week, which means we need a lot of votes!) and send your votes to:

COTW Feb 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Here are this Friday's concepts:

Detroit Red Wings - Colin M.

Here is a concept from me, to get the ball rolling today. To be clear, I would not want to see these on the ice ever, I was just trying to be creative, and play off the "Motor City" moniker which Detroit has. I used a checkered flag pattern, and numbers in circles (similar to old-timey racecars), and tried to emphasize the wheel on the winged wheel logo. How'd I do?

Team Germany - Kyle N.

I think the black sweater is the best of the bunch here, and in general, I think the striping pattern is overall very strong here. I feel like the colour balance is the best on the black sweater. I am not a big fan of the red sweater for Germany. Both the red and yellow jerseys don't lend themselves to as good of a colour balance as the black sweater does (but the yellow works better for me than red). I would like to see a white version of the black sweater, and have the red jersey made into a yellow alternate jersey. 7/10.

Chicago Black Hawks - Literal Logo Series - Wings 98

Wings 98 tries his hand at logo design here, going a vey literal route for a Black Hawks logo. It is a black hawk. I like the series idea here, and the bravery in attacking logo design (it is very difficult, and I am not very good at it). Keep going with logo design, and you will get better. The sweater seems a bit too New Jersey Devils for me, and all in all it feels a bit cookie cutter.  the upper arms/shoulders look very cramped to me. the shoulder patch needs to be moved up a bit, and the numbers would look better if they were centred between the yoke and arm stripes. 6/10.

Columbus Blue Jackets - Caleb F.

Ok, first off, I can't endorse a mainly red jersey for the BLUE Jackets, but I will try to leave that aside when reviewing this sweater. I like the stripes above the TV numbers here, I haven't seen that done in this way before, but I like it. I am not sold on how much of a curve the red creates, I feel like it would work better if it were a bit more angular. I think white numbers would be a bit more legible here, and I would be please to see a shoulder patch on the other shoulder as well. 7.5/10.

Red Deer Rebels - WHL - Stephen T.

I like the simplicity of these sweaters. They remind me of the Sens sweaters from the 90's (some of my personal favourites!). I also really like the numbers in the striping, it is a really strong look here. I think some shoulder patches would really fill out the sweater, since the TV numbers are not on the upper arm. One big error on this one, the NHL shield should not be on this concept, since the Rebels play in the WHL. Some WHL branding would have really kicked this concept up a notch. 6.5/10.

Team Yugoskavia - Design a Country - Mike S.

My favourite part of these sweaters are the logos. I really like the shield, and having it integrated into the double headed hawk logo. Also very cool to have the checkerboard sublimated on the back of the sweater. The numbers also fit the logo very well. But to be honest, I am having checkerboard OVERLOAD. I like the subtlety of the sublimated pattern on the back, but all the other checkerboard patterns really feel like too much. 7.5/10.

Chicago Black Hawks - Caleb F.

These have a ton of potential. I really like the arched "CHICAGO" over the Tomahawk C logo, and the overall feel of the sweater. I think the logo could be a bit smaller, and the handles of the tomahawks should be the same width all the way through. The arched text is not very smooth, and I feel like it could be on less of a curve, and spaced a little better. I also would like to see a white outline on the yoke to match up with the hem/ arm stripes, and have shoulder patches on both sides of the yoke. but like I said, a lot of potential here. 7/10.

Team Canada - Kyle N.

I really like the red sweater here, it reminds me of my favourite soccer team (Arsenal), red with white sleeves, and looks good. I like the opposite colour arms on these sweaters, they go a long way to replicating the Canadian flag.I think having white maple leaves for the shoulder patches on the white sweater (so that it would be white on red) would look a lot better, and obviously, doing something better with the collar would make me like these sweaters a lot more appealing, but I get that these are being authentic to the Olympic jerseys. 7.5/10.

Tampa Bay Lightning - Colin M.

Here's another one from me. Basically, I adapted the All-Star game template for the Lightning. I wanted this to be the iconic victory striping design element pushed to the limit here, even in the logo. When doing this, I added a lighting bolt on the sleeves, and tried to integrate the first two incarnations of the Lightning identity into this sweater. Let me know how I did.

Tampa Bay Lightning - Steven G.

Steven tweaks the Lightning identity here, re-adding the victory stripes, and adding shoulder yokes. I really like the shape of the yokes here, they seem squared off, and rounded at the same time... very cool. I think the number font is a step down, I like the double outline they currently use. The lightning bolt on the pants also seems a little bit off to me, like cramped I guess. It would be cool if the same bolt from the logo were used on the pants. Overall a really solid look here. 8/10.

Buffalo Sabres - Tom V.

WOW this is a neat look for the Sabres. It evoke a civil war-type feeling for me. I really like the braided, or corded gold stripe on the home and road sweaters, very unique. I also really like the number font. The updated colour scheme with the vegas old and navy, and the updated logo are fantastic. The third jersey does fall short for me, although I love the gold striping "horn" detail on the helmet. Personally, I think in this clean, creative, modern set, a classic royal blue and gold sweater would round out the set better than an out there (but still very clean, creative, and aesthetically pleasing) Goat-Head third. But still huge props to Tom on this one. If the home and road didn't have the Goat-Head logo on the shoulders I would be giving them a 10, but with that detail, and the Goat-Head alternate, my overall score comes down a bit. still going to give a 9/10, and a COTW nom to this brilliant jersey set.

Well that does it for Friday's post. Hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to be working on your team competition entries, and t send your votes in for COTW. Enjoy your weekend. I am looking forward to mine in a big way. See you on the other side of the Heritage Classic!

February 27, 2014

Thursday: It Takes Two To Tango

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Thursday post from yours truly. As we're getting ready for a weekend-long outdoor hockey party, we here at HJC are having our own big event, the Pairs Competition.

Inspired by Olympic figure skating, this event pits teams of two against each other to create a logo and jersey set (among other things) for a brand new team.  For the first time in way too long, I'm actually going to be part of this competition, bringing on my good friend and HJC viewer Chris A. on board for this project. Originally, we wanted to make a team based from London, England; but as the rules prevented that, we chose another team.  Its the first collaboration since high school for the two of us, and it should be a fun project.

The competition is going to be fierce, and there are so many variables that can make this competition go to any of the competitors. Being a Multimedia Productions student, projects like this aren't uncommon, but I think I'm looking forward to this project more than any school or college project ever.  Good luck to all of the competitors, and I'm looking forward to see everyone's designs.

The presentations will be posted on the HJC Design Blog, and the schedule for those presentations can be seen here:

Now that I'm done shamelessly self-promoting myself, its time for the concepts!

COTW Feb 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Team USA Concept - David P.

Yay: Lets start today with new Team USA looks. At this point, anything that isn't an exact replica of the Slovakia jerseys is a good start.  The diagonal sash is something I'd expect to see in soccer; but considering that the USA uniforms looked soccer-ish anyway, and yet still looked solid, I suppose this could work too.  It looks sharp, and very Nike-like. The 3rd is pretty solid as well, even though I'd prefer their old-school 3rd that they used.

Nay: There's pixel issues aplenty here, as well as loose white pixels around the logo.  Plus, I could be wrong, but I don't remember the USA logo looking that... shiny? I think just straight up colour with no lighting effects would be better, whether they actually used it or not.  On the red 3rd, its a little too plain as is to be a good alternate, but a different logo would make a ton of difference there.

Overall: This concept is good, like Team USA, but both only get participation ribbons this time. 7.3/10

Washington Capitals Concept - Dallas K.

Yay: Next is a mix of eras for the Washington Capitals, using the 90's colours and current alternate logo.  This is the type of thing I'd like to see at Washington's next outdoor game. The logo looks great in the new colours, the striping pattern is different but still pretty classic looking, and in general the jersey looks pretty sharp.

Nay: The jersey is nice, but I think it's missing a little something.  There is just way too much blue.  So maybe some coloured cuffs, or a yoke, that would fix it perfectly.  That's pretty much all of my complaints.

Overall: I like it, and would be happy to see this for the Caps, especially in an outdoor game. 8.2/10

Isles of Kayphortein Concept - Dallas K.

Yay: Here's Dallas' "Design A Country" concept, making a cool jersey set for the fictional Isles of Kayphortein. What I really like is the fact that he even gives a background of his country to give the concept some context. I'm disappointed that he only got 1 vote (from me, by the way), because I thought this was easily the coolest, most original concept in the competition.  It does have a few issues, but the concept, especially the story and the white jersey, are straight-up fantastic.

Nay: If any part of the concept lost votes, I think it would be the black jersey. While I'd prefer a large, centered logo, this logo doesn't translate well on the "3D" template. Maybe an outline, or background, on the logo would help.  Then there's the shoulder patch. I think it should be more consistent on both jerseys, with grey on the bottom instead of black.  It looks okay on the white jersey, but it gets lost on the black jersey. Finally, the black jersey has dark purple numbers, and that just won't do.

Overall: Okay, so I've probably pointed out enough reasons why this concept didn't win, but I stand behind my first-place vote because of the white jersey and back-story. Very original and very cool. 8/10

Country of Philobeckia Concept - Phil B.

Yay: Sticking with fictional countries, welcome to Philobeckia. I didn't vote for this one, but if the vote was for best name, this would win hands down. This concept is pretty cool. It's a simple, traditional design, besides the diagonal sash in the front to support the diagonal text. Diagonal sashes are hard to do while looking good, but these look pretty solid. I also like the idea of the flags on the arms.

Nay: I like the idea of it, but it could be executed better. I think if they blended in right with the arms, without the small outline around it, it would look cool. And as much as I like keeping things symmetrical, I'm not sure the flag has to be inverted on the blue jersey. If it stays the same, the arms will look different, sure. But the diagonal stripes would be a cool look I think. The rest of the jersey looks too plain for me, and the blue jersey could use some white somewhere.

Overall: I like the ideas used in the concept, but execution could be a little better. Good effort though. 7.5/10

San Jose Sharks Concept - Aiden C.

Yay: Next we have Aiden, who I've only seen on here since yesterday. If you're a newbie to HJC, welcome aboard. If you've been here for a while, sorry that I wasn't paying attention. Anyways, This concept is an attempt to make the Sharks flaunt their orange colour, while throwing in a sleek black 3rd. While I'm not a fan of the style, its a pretty bold, original look, which is always something I value. Glad to see an alternate logo used on the 3rd, opposed to using the same logo.

Nay: The problem is, there is just way too much orange. Unless the logo was recoloured, or another logo was used ( with more orange in it, the logo looks too out of place.  The full white arms on the teal jersey look strange, and the other jerseys look alright, but plain. Finally, TV numbers are a must if you want a legitimate looking concept.

Note: Always remember to put your name or some ID somewhere on the concept image.

Overall: Its part wacky, part plain, and part cool. Way too much orange, not enough execution, but a good amount of effort. This concept does have potential. 5.4/10

Montreal Maroons Concept - Aiden C.

Yay: Aiden comes back with an old classic team, the Montreal Maroons. The jerseys look a lot cleaner and more refined than the last concept, and the traditional look for stripes works well in this case. The equipment looks much better too. In general, this concept is pretty solid.

Nay: Again, TV numbers are needed, and you should put your name or ID somewhere on the concept. The logo is just an 'M', as it should be, but as is it looks way too plain. A good fix would be adding an outline, and using a blocky or san-serif font. While this font works because it looks old, generally serif fonts don't look well on sports jerseys, unless they're really blocky. And if you want to add an outline on the yoke, you did it the right way, but it will look better if you get rid of the outline on the top of the yoke. The reason is that the yoke generally reaches the back of the jersey, where you can't see. So to give your 2D concept 3D realism, you have to take that into consideration.

Overall: My "Nay" section was longer on this concept compared to the last one, but that doesn't reflect the actual score. This concept still needs work, but is a huge improvement. 6.1/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept - Caleb F.

Yay: And now for something completely different. Here is a Sabres concept from Caleb, which could easily pass as a fauxback used in an outdoor game. If heritage is the name of the game, the stripes work very well for this jersey. The font is pretty much what this type of jersey should have. I really like that the old logo is used, and everything here pretty much says outdoor old-time hockey, so I like it.

Nay: The one big thing that stops this good concept from being great is the logo. Yes, I'm happy the old logo is used, but the problem is the yellow colouring. I'm sure that yellow stripes would take away from the old look this jersey has, but since there is nowhere on the jersey with yellow, the logo is very distracting in a negative way. Here's a possible solution: keep the yellow on the sabre handles, make the outer ring white, and add a second outer ring, coloured blue. Or, you could just use a shade of grey instead, and it wouldn't be as distracting. Something like that.

Overall: I really like this concept and I really want to give it a good score, but the logo needs to be fixed somehow before I could do that. I'd really love to see a revised version of this. 7.1/10

Nashville Predators Concept - Caleb F.

Yay: Caleb stays on the path of monochromity (just pretend it's a real word) with this Predators concept. The all-yellow/blue logo looks pretty awesome. The font choice is good, everything is the right size, and execution is pretty much on the mark, so good job.

Nay: I'm not a fan of this concept because of the jersey style. The all-blue jersey with spider-like yellow piping throughout just looks really strange. I can't really put it to words, and its cool because its different, but I just don't like it. This jersey is also way too dark for my liking, and could be tons better with a little bit of white.

Overall: The idea is there, but I'm not really sold on it. It is very different, which is cool when it works, but not when it doesn't. 6.9/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept - Colin M.

Yay: And now for something completely... wait I said that already. Well we're going from wacky to wackier with Colin's Sabres alternate. But while I said "completely different" doesn't always work, this one does. This attempt at a yellow Sabres 3rd is something never before done in the NHL, but I think it's brilliant. The striping pattern is fairly simple, and it does follow through the rest of the jersey. The swords in the front are just as flamboyant but less ugly than the current 3rd "cape-thing", and the execution on the concept is great.

Nay: I'm not sure that I like the white gap between the yellow and blue on the jersey. There either has to be a thicker white gap, or none at all, I think. I also don't like the yellow outline on the blue name, as well as the yellow "Reebok" logo that is near impossible to see.

Overall: I have no idea how this would look on the ice, but it makes me think of the Russian white jerseys in a way, and they looked cool once they were on the ice. This concept is an awesome shade of ugly, but I think its as cool and original as we could get for a good Sabres 3rd. 8.4/10

Florida Panthers Concept - Colin M.

Yay: Not sure if Florida 3rd, or Kazakhstan 3rd. Apparently its Florida, so I'll go with that. It is a very , very, very different look for the team, but again Colin finds a way to make it look cool. Complete with a recoloured logo sans-red, enough sunshine to make the state proud, and all of the light blue everyone loved*, this uniform actually looks pretty good. It's almost like a classic, Florida version of the Nordiques jerseys, sort of. Either way, I like it.

Nay: *Sarcasm. Why does Florida need the light blue colour back? It's not a main colour, or a secondary colour, or any sort of team colour until their latest 3rd jersey came out, which was generally hated. Florida has always been red, gold and dark blue; light-blue not required. The two shades used here make this the best jersey Kazakhstan has never worn but probably should. Other than that, my only worry is that the gold outline on white numbers isn't a good combo, especially on a lighter-coloured background like this.

Overall: This is more of a legitimate-looking hockey jersey than the previous concept, but it is lacking the wow factor, and it's light blue. Just can't get over that. The concept is done well though. 7.9/10

Jordan R.'s Artist Card

Before we run off today, let's take a look at Jordan R's Artist Card. Really cool that he is overseas, playing in the U.S. Army's Band. I really like his favourite players, good selections of all-time and current players. I knew his concepts were pretty cool, but now I see that he seems like a cool guy in general. Thanks for this, Jordan.


I really have to give my COTW nomination to Colin's Buffalo Sabres Concept. It's really out there, and I know some people are going to think it's (in Shaq's words) horri-awful, but I think the concept looks really well done, and its the type of creativity we like to see here.

Well that's it for me today. Thanks for reading, have a good weekend, and don't forget to vote for COTW.

February 26, 2014

Wednesday: Let's Go Back Outdoors

On Saturday, the Blackhawks and Penguins will play another outdoor game at Soldier Field for the final game in the inaugural Stadium Series. I can't wait to see the new uniforms in actions, and I can't wait to see these pads in action!
Bleacher Report
Yes, those are the pads that Antti Raanta of the Chicago Blackhawks will wear... on the bench. Unfortunately, he has been in the backup role as of late, but these sure are awesome! Raanta will also rock an Ed Belfour throwback mask in the game as well.
As far as HJC, there is only one vote currently going on and that is for COTW. Amongst all the excitement surrounding the Team Competition, don't forget to vote for the COTW. Not voting for COTW is worse than staring into the new Bradley University mascot's eyes.
On the note of the Team Competition, Jets96 already told all of you about our power team. The deadline is next Wednesday at 11:59pm Eastern, so your teams only have as much time to prepare as I do for my next post! The schedule of each team's presentation days is on the HJC Design Blog:
Once more, before that Gargoyle shows up at your front door, remember to vote for COTW!
COTW Feb 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Here are the concepts for the day. Because every one of my classes has seemed to team up to kill my free time, I am going to combine the execution and score section for this week
Christian L. - Arizona Coyotes 3rd Jersey Concept
Design: At first, I wondered what took a bite of the "A" but when it hit me, this concept instantly became my favorite of the week. For those slower than me, the negative space in the crest makes a coyote! When the Coyotes move next season, I really hope they start to transition to a new identity. I feel like the only person that liked their old uniforms, but I think the Coyotes need a fresh start. I could really get behind this concept. The number font is modern, and the crest is genius. Add some shoulder patches and this jersey is ready to hang in the Arizona locker room.
Score: 8/10 - I don't like the embossed crest. I think it looks blurry from a distance, but as I mentioned, this concept is quite the idea.
Aidan C. - Carolina Hurricanes Concept
Design: Aidan brings back the warning flags to the Hurricanes' uniform set in his concept. This may seem strange, but my favorite part of this concept is actually the pants stripe. I think that is a great way to subtly add the warning flags that have gone missing in Carolina's new uniforms. Aidan's red jersey reminds me of the Ohio State color scheme, which is one of my favorites in college sports. The white jersey is my favorite in the set. The arm striping looks great with just the red and black on the white sleeve. I would consider a red collar on the white jersey, but the gray brings the two jerseys together.
Score: 6/10 - There aren't any TV numbers, but Aidan is on the right track.
Aidan C. - Pittsburgh Penguins Concept
Design: Aidan's second concept reintroduces "yellow-gold" into the Penguins uniforms. I wish the Penguins returned to this color scheme as they would truly fit into the Pittsburgh sports color scheme. I don't like how there are two striping patterns. I would commit to the hem striping because I really like how it is incorporated into the pants. I also like how Aidan decides to wrap the hem stripes around the side panels. That looks really cool to me. One big change I would make is only use the yellow on the crest. I think a brighter shade would make these uniforms pop.
Score: 5/10 - The crest on the black jersey is pixelated. This looks like it came from recoloring, but that is often hard to get around. Again, TV numbers are missing, but Aidan's two concepts bring a modern approach to jerseys in need so I can't wait to see what he has in store.

Caden P. - Kingdom of Isles Concept
Design: Right when we though international hockey was over, Caden brings the thought back to our minds. The striping on the white jersey is awesome! That would look great on a jersey. The crest on that jersey is also very cool.  The flag works great as a shoulder patch, but I feel that there should still be white on the flag on the blue jersey's shoulder flags. The blue jersey might also look cool if the red stripe on the chest continued around to the back.
Score: 6/10 - The nameplates and the shoulder patches look very pixelated. There are also some loose pixels in the number outlines. As I said above, the white jersey is money in this concept.
Gerard M. - Vancouver Canucks Concept
Design: Gerard scraps the 1997 Canucks logo in favor of the "stick in rink" logo. That alone is a huge upgrade in my opinion. Also the striping pattern changes to something reminiscent of the Canucks' first uniforms. Gerard did a great job of modernizing the striping for this concept. The alternate reminds me of a Notre Dame jersey, but I think it fits this set well. I am not a huge fan of the sublimated "V" on the green jersey. I truly think it would get lost on the ice.
Score: 7/10 - Very good looking concepts! I love the return of Johnny Canuck.
Caleb F. - Boston Bruins Concept
Design: Caleb's Bruins concept reminds me of the Team USA white jersey from the Olympics. I never thought this was a good look for a white jersey, but in color, this jersey looks awesome! The Bruins could definitely use a yellow alternate, and this one looks great.
Score: 7/10 - I would recommend angling the TV numbers with the striping as opposed to keeping them vertical. Otherwise, this is a solid concept.
Caleb F. - Pittsburgh Penguins Concept
Design: Caleb's second concept of the day brings yellow back to Pittsburgh. I like that Caleb mixes up the arm striping by cutting only utilizing striping on the underside of the arm, but I think something needs to be added so the striping doesn't end abruptly. Some piping across the yoke and down the sleeves might bring this concept together, but I really like what I see in this concept.
Score: 7/10 - I like the wide numbers and the multi-colored Iceborn logo. The little details are what makes this concept a gem.
Bastian - Vancouver Canucks Concept
Design: Similar to Gerard's Canucks concept earlier in the post, Bastian also uses striping based on the original Canucks uniforms. Those jerseys had a "V" superimposed on their arm striping, and it looks like Bastian's striping would meet on top of the arm to make a "V" which in my opinion is a really nice touch. The shoulder yoke on the green alternate would also form a "V" just above the TV number. The Johnny Canuck logo looks great as a shoulder patch and as a crest on the alternate jersey. I also prefer the "stick in rink" logo over the "C" logo currently on Vancouver's sweaters.
Score: 9/10 - As much as it hurts me as a Blackhawks fan, I give this concept my COTW nomination.
Stephen T. - Boston Bruins Concept
Design: If you like stripes, you will like this concept! Stephen looks like he took his inspiration from the Bruins jerseys from the 1920's & 30's. Although these look busy, they would look great on the ice. I am a huge fan of Boston's current uniforms, but I think as an anniversary jersey or an alternate set, this would look great!
Score: 7.5/10 - I don't know how I feel about the white stripe down the pants. However, the TV number on the back left of both jerseys are missing. Normally they would be covered up by the front of the concepts, but since the TV numbers are higher on the sleeve, they wouldn't be hidden in this case.
David P. - Florida Panthers Concept
Design: I sure do miss the blue Panthers jersey. Thankfully, David brings the color back to Florida. Never before have the Panthers used a chest stripe on their uniforms, and I like the look. The wordmark along the stripe adds a great amount of detail to this concept. I will say that I think the red "Florida" text gets lost without an outline, but this would be tough on such a small image.
Score: 6/10 - David had some great ideas on this concept. It just seems a little plain to me.

Colin M. - Boston Bruins Concept

Design: Colin adds brown to the Bruins' color palette for the first time since 1945. When the 2010 Winter Classic gave our generation a taste of what brown looks like on a Bruins jersey, I hoped that we would see it on an alternate. Well, here it is! I like that the socks are yellow, like Boston's current home socks. I think that the unique look of bright socks with a dark uniform is a great look.
Score: 7/10 - At first, I thought this concept went overboard with brown, but every time I look at it, I like it more and more! The Bruins should definitely consider this as a future alternate jersey.

That's it for this week! Next time you all get to see my post, the Team Competition entries will be due so get to work! Also let me know in the comments what you think of the score & execution being combined. I plan on going back to the old format, but if the HJC readers prefer this way, I am willing to make the switch. Oh yeah once more, VOTE!

February 25, 2014

Tuesday: Stadium Series Finale This Week!

Hey there everyone! There's a lot I'd like to talk about but unfortunately I'm a little tight on time today! So I'll keep it short and sweet!

Congrats to Canada on their Olympic Gold in both men's and women's hockey. It's sad to see the US do so poorly their last 2 games but at at least 6 Blackhawks are coming home with medals!

In case you haven't seen it yet, Ryan released the schedule for the Pairs Competition's presentations

Also, big list of COTW nominees this week so definitely get a vote in on that. We'd hate to see it end up in a tie. 7 concepts! That's the longest list of nominees I think we've had in a while!

COTW Feb 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

But what I want to get out there, and Ryan mentioned it the other day, is I'll be attending the last Stadium Series game this weekend in Chicago. I'd love to get some sort of meetup with any HJC readers, writers, concept artists.... anyone who's involved with the site in one way or another!

Ideally we could all meet up at some point during the Fan Festival during the day and snap a pic together and we could share it here on the site. If not, we could all meet separately at some point if things don't work out in our favor. I've heard from two people so far and hopefully there's more comin'.

If you're interested tell me in the comments, send me a tweet ( @dbrodesigns ) or email Ryan and he'll get you my email address for sure!

Now onto the concepts!

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - Ben A.
Ben gives the Leafs some new sweaters. The look like a mix between their current set and their current alternate. The logo looks a tad large on all the jerseys. As for the CN Tower in the logo, I think including some specific tie to the city in the logo would look good on a shoulder patch or some sort of secondary logo. The main logo shouldn't be touched. The Canada Night alternate is a neat idea, but I don't know how Leafs fans would take their team coming out in Habs' colors... Ryan, other Leafs fans, any thoughts on that? TV numbers would be cool and the leaf logo on the blue jersey should be white to stick out more.

Also, presentation note, I'd make a less busy background for your concepts. Either make that picture almost transparent or use a solid background. Makes it easier to see the concepts.

Rating: 5/10

Anaheim Ducks Concept - Michael G.
Michael keeps the Ducks current colors and makes their jerseys a tad more traditional. The slanted stripes serve as a nice tie to the team's history, since they've almost always had some sort of slanty stripes. It would be nice if both jerseys had a hem stripe. I don't care for how the striping is different between the two but the jerseys are set up the same way so it's not a huge deal. I don't care for the amount of bronze on the dark jersey. That's a color I wish they'd use less and less of everyday. Swap the orange or white with that bronze and the jersey, in my opinion, would look better.

Rating: 6.5/10

Krefeld Pinguine (DEL) - Stephen T.
Never noticed it before, but their logo is an NHL shield.... Any European jersey looks better without ads. I would take the Sabres alternate over any European jersey for sure. Absolutely. Nice simple jersey here. Nothing extraordinary but a trusted look. I'd rather see the gray in the striping white. The number font looks a little thin but that might just be me.

Rating: 7/10

 Quebec Nordiques Concept - Christian L.
The updated "unused Nordiques" logo looks good in these colors. A thicker outline on the logo would help it stand out from the dark jersey, or maybe make the logo a brighter color. But I like this dark makeover for the Nords. I would like to see a light jersey to go with this jersey and have a whole set. The striping is neat too, and personal preference, I'd rather see it on the hem too. I understand the use of the fleur de lis.

Rating: 7/10

Calgary Flames Concept - Wings98
This appears to have been Wings' entry into the Flames competition held a while back. Getting rid of black is a good idea. I always thought it was a bit unnecessary. As we've seen here a lot, this new design is nothing extraordinary but it's such a proven look. It's hard to make it look bad. The only thing I'd change here is making the logo stand out more on the dark jersey. Whether that be making it mostly white or giving it a thick outline.

Rating: 7/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Third Jersey Concept - David P
David brings back the sport gold in a big way for this concept. Drawing some inspiration from the old Pittsburgh Pirates of the 20's he puts together a really good looking jersey. This would be a neat Winter Classic jersey. And plugging the Penguin into the Pirates logo looks really good. That'd make for a really good T shirt. 

Rating: 8/10

My Chemical Romance Tribute Jersey - Gerard M.
Gerard steps away from his NFL series after finishing it and whipped up this My Chemical Romance jersey. MCR is a band I'm somewhat familiar with, and as of recently, have been trying to get all their albums so I can listen to all of them through. The only one I have is Danger Days plus a few scattered singles from the bands run the last 13 or whatever years. The LA Kings used the band's song "Welcome to the Black Parade" during their banner ceremony last season which was a pretty good ceremony. Overall, I like the jersey as a tribute to the band. Fits the look and feel of the band. 

Rating: 8/10

Arizona Coyotes Concept - Justin C.
Justin, the back-2-back COTY winner has put together something for the soon to be rebranded "Arizona Coyotes". I like this new logo. It looks like Justin filled in an unused Coyotes logo that was thrown around during their rebrand about 10 years ago. The logo popped up on Icethetics a month or so ago and it's nice to see someone pick it up. Somewhat reminiscent of their first look from 1996-2003... The one thing I'm not agreeing with here is the thick black outline on name and numbers. I'd say either thin it out or get rid of it altogether. Other than that, pretty good jersey here. I'd like to see a light version of it.

Rating: 8/10

Minnesota Wild CCM Alternate Sweater Concept - Tristan M.
Tristan's CCM sweaters series is one I really like. This one is no different. I'd prefer a green jersey but the WIld in red would be something worth seeing. It does come off looking like a Christmas sweater here though. Maybe get rid of the yoke. It might make the jersey look less unique since at that point it would look like a Christmas-y Whalers sweater but, it's such a good look I could look past it. The TV numbers also look a tad big.

Rating: 8/10

Sherbrooke Phoenix Concept - Stephen T.
I love hockey jerseys because they have the widest range of design possibilities of any sports uniform. I love that the logos are always large, front and center for everyone to see. Yet, I would like to see some jerseys utilize this design normally set aside for a soccer (or "football") uniform. It's a good look. This particular team might run into some problems being that the QMJHL logo and probably a Reebok logo would need to go on the front somewhere but, this looks good. The team's logo resembles a soccer logo being it's placed in a shield. Only problem here the TV numbers are hard to see. I didn't know there were TV numbers at first. I already have my COTW picked out for this week and it's unfortunately not this set right here, but I'm sure someone will nominate Stephen for this.

Rating: 8.5/10

Hamilton Lynx (NACHAAC-FakeLeague) - Dylan W.
Please tell us what the NACHAAC stands for... that's a mouthful! The logo looks great! Could use a few more tweaks here and there but it's really good, especially with these colors. I like the jersey design as well. It's a familiar jersey cut but with a Wonka-ian twist on the cuffs. Dylan did a real good job making a team from scratch and its a good thing he's not taking part in the Pairs Competition or I'd be scared.... Only thing I suggest changing is making the paw print shoulder patch on the white jersey white.

Rating: 9/10 and a COTW Nom!

Well that's the post ladies and germs. Anything from the beginning of the post you wanna talk about? Any of the concepts that stick out to you? Let's get a conversation going in the comments!