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Weekend Update (January 26)

Happy Birthday Wayne Gretzky!!!
Photo: Hockey Hall of Fame
In my opinion, he's the greatest of all-time. He was my favourite player growing up and probably the only hockey player that I liked that wouldn't disappoint me if I met him.


The winner of the Concept of the Year Semi-Final #1 was Dylan A!
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Dylan A. - 9
Avi S. - 7

The winner of the Concept of the Year Semi-Final #2 was Justin C!
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Justin C. - 12
Mike S. - 5

A big congrats to Avi and Mike for making it this far. Be very proud of your concepts!


That takes us to the Final for the 2013 Concept of the Year. We have Tuesday's writer, Dylan A. against the 2012 COTY winner, Justin C.
I predict a close vote here. This one is the most important vote of the year. It's everyone's chance to determine something big. You can see the concepts in the Final by clicking on the white banner on the side of the page. Otherwise, you can go to the COTY 2013 tab to see them. Vote now. Voting ends on Friday.


The winner of the COTW vote for January 13-19 was Avi S!
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The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page for the January 20-26 vote. Please email your votes in by the end of Friday. C'mon, everybody's doing it!


The winner of the AHL Stadium Series Competition was Matt Mc! Matt's entry now moves into the COTW vote!

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The new competition here on HJC is an old classic ReDesign. This one is for the Calgary Flames. You must read the rules on the FLAMES COMP page. Entries of due by the end of Friday.


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Dylan Wonka said...

While all of his records will probably never be broken, I don't think I'd call him the best of all time. Now I will say I've never watched a full game when he played, but regardless I don't think I can call him the greatest. Take Crosby, Datsyuk, Ovi, and put them in Gretzky's era and I think they probably clean the house in the NHL. The speed and skill of this game now is so much more than it was back then that I think that it is so hard to compare players now to players from the 50's - 60
s 70's - 80's because of how the game is now.

Just my little speech there. I don't know how many of you are into/ follow football. My dad will always say Joe Montana is the best quarterback of all time. However, I think that argument can be related to the above one when you talk about Manning and Brady. I think those two are probably the more skilled compared to Montana in his prime.

This is why I can't wait to see this generation be retired and a whole new conversation taking place.

Also two questions: 1.) Is there a wait to get into the HHOF from the time you retire?

2.) Regardless, how fast do you think Crosby gets into the Hall? Hell I'd throw Datsyuk and Ovi into that question.

Ryan said...

3 year wait to get into the Hall. Gretzky didn't have to wait and they said they won't do it again.

Austin Ell said...

@Dylan your points are completely irrelevant. Yes, Crosby, Ovi, etc could've probably cleaned house back in that era, but that is because training and equipment from both eras have completely changed. During Gretzky's time didn't have the same knowledge about training that they do now, and the equipment is completely different now which makes it easier for the players today. If Gretzky played today, he would've developed an even better body than he did when he played which would've taken his skill level through the roof, way better than Crosby. Besides, most people in the league now are probably stronger than Gretzky was, but he still had to compete with men of the same strength as Crosby and Ovi do now.

Dylan Wonka said...

I disagree that they play men of the same 'strength'. I understand what you mean but I still don't agree with that. That's also why I said you almost can't compare these guys. The times are so drastically different. As much as training and equipment make it easier, it makes it drastically harder. I think the talent pool in today's league has more parody than when Gretzky played. US itself as a nation has improved a lot since then. So we're talking about Gretzky to the worst player in the league as a drastic different. I personally believe Crosby to the worst player in the league is very different, however I think the difference isn't as big as it was.

Felix Puchinsky said...

Dylan , thank you for a comment on # 99... I want to say that for each era of NHL and the same can be applied to any sport - they were outstanding players. So, simply call Gretzky or Crosby or others - simply not fair. How about Bobby Orr or Gordie Howe or Valery Kharlamov or Vladislav Tretiak or Mario Lemieux or Borje Salming...??? And I can go on and on and on... I personally would put Bobby Orr above Wayne any time simply because he played for a much less gun powder team versus Gretzky with " Oilers ". I think that Bobby Orr was the best ever player born on Canadian soil!!! When it comes to: Gretzky, Orr, Howe,Kharlamov, Tretiak, Salming and Lemieux - these players change a game of hockey - that would be a right thing to say about them. Datsyuk and Ovechkin are not the best players that came from Russia - former USSR " Red Machine " had better players - the sad thing about that that were not allowed to shine their skills in NHL, that would be something for fans in N.America to enjoy for years...

Matthew McElroy said...

I Sorta agree with Dylan I mean look at Gordie Howe before Gretzky he was the greatest in the world and now he is just one of the greats because people say the League wasn't as good as when Gretzky played. I'm not trying to say what they didn't wasn't amazing it was but when everyone is better an other wise great player becomes good and a good player becomes average

Ryan said...

Ah the old Greatest of All-Time debate. Always gets people fired up. There will never be a final answer on this one.

Dallas Kirkpatrick said...

I think that being the best means being the best in your era. Gretzky was so far ahead of the curve when he played. I don't think that its even valid to argue that Crosby isn't this generations #1 as far as pure hockey skill go...and yeah, Crosby now VS Gretzky in his prime in a 1 on 1, Crosby wins every time...but the difference is that Crosby can't do today what Gretzky did for his generation, nobody was even close to being as "Great" as #99 from his first day in the NHL to his last. I was lucky enough to see Wayne play first hand, in his last NHL game in the Saddledome when I was 9 years old (my first NHL game too). In my opinion its all about perspective. Maurice Richard, Wayne Gretzky, and now Sidney Crosby.

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