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Wednesday: Last Post of 2014

Well, it's the last post of 2014 for me. I don't remember when I started writing for HJC. I know it wasn't too long ago. All I know though it that it was totally worth it. Sending in concepts regardless is pretty awesome. Reading each post when I was just an artist made me really want to be a writer. Every post I wanted to put my own opinion for every jersey posted, and the day came with the open spot and I knew I had to put in a draft.

I remember at that time I didn't even know HJC had a different writer everyday. Up until I saw 'Want to Write for HJC?' I always thought Ryan was the one who did every post. That would be pretty nuts, huh?

Anyways. enough with the sob story. I hope you all aren't crying as much as I'm not. BUT WE HAVE A POST TO GET TO!


COTY-December vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Dec 30-Jan 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern) 


Make sure you vote for COTY, and COTW! Also, a new rule coming back for this year. If you win a competition your concept will automatically go to the COTW voting. I think this is a great idea to bring back. Gives a nice other prize for winning!

Nashville Predators Concept - (Colin M.)
Right off the bat with this one I see something pretty nice. I see a hint of their original design. Not sure if that's what Colin wanted to go for, but I'm seeing that here. Obviously it's not exact, but with the sleeve design I think it's pretty nice. The design is definitely different. I always like to see different, but I'm on the fence with this one. I think I would like it more if the design was thicker at the shoulder and collar. The hem is okay. I think it just seems off with the sleeve design but at the same time I honestly wouldn't know how to fix it. Maybe bring the white stripe upward near the side of the jersey to make the 'fang' effect on the arms. Maybe that could make it 'match' more with the design. Still though, this would be pretty cool to see.

Concept Rating [8.1/10] Maybe a couple of changes here and there and it could be an awesome jersey.

 Winnipeg Jets Concept - (Colin M.)
I've seen some similar designs with the Jets like this. One thing I want to point out right away is the Captains patch. I really really like that. The striping is pretty nice. I like how it's near the chest area. I think one change I would make to the 'yoke' area though is to have the stripes the same distance away from the yoke to how it is on the hem and cuffs. I think that would form better unity in the jersey. One last thing I think could make this a great alternate would be to add a white outline to the dark blue hem, cuff, and yoke. At this point, I've yet to review the other concepts in this post, but right now this is on track to get my last COTW nomination. We'll see how it ends up.

Concept Rating [8.6/10] With the changes it would be a nice 9.2

 Los Angeles Kings Concept - (K14)
Right off the bat I give a nice A+ to K14 for using my template. He makes it look pretty nice by adding some of his own designing skills to the table. I had a similar Kings concept awhile back. I'm all for bringing back the purple and gold, and recoloring the crown. I think to put it simply it's a very nice looking design. I think the crown could use some work with the recoloring, but other than that I would say it's a pretty nice design. On the away yoke I think it could be pretty cool to add a yellow outline with a small gap to match the striping. When I first used this template (since it had no back) what I did was just make a box next to it showing the name and number. It's small and maybe may not bring anything new but people always like the see the back of the jersey.

Concept Rating [8.3/10]

 Creighton Blue Jays - (Jake88)
My Award for the most improved artist since I've been writing goes to Jake. I remember some early concepts. Though they were not terrible, they needed some work. I think now he's one of the cleanest and best executed artist in the most recent weeks. These two jerseys are no different. I really love the new Blue Jays logo, and not surprising that it looks great here. The striping is cool, I like how it has that little bolt near the sides. Ironic enough that I give him that award I think there's an execution note on this. The striping on the front of the jersey with the little bolt show's it's on the right side for the white jersey. When you flip it around to the back it should be that low for the back of the jersey, I'm not sure if it is though. This is one of the most confusing execution thought I've ever seen. I think however I'm right, but I'm hurting my brain staring at it for too long.

No complaints otherwise. Concept Rating [8.5/10]

 Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - (Joey F.)
Hmmmm this is definitely different than other Leafs concepts I come upon. It's like a mix of all era's in Leafs history right here. Bringing back the sleeve stripe with the northwestern stripes. Right away I want to say the hem design on both jerseys I think should match the northwestern striping. I don't like the two different styles on one jersey. White it is pretty cool I wouldn't have it over their current jerseys. I'd rather see them make the white version of their 3rd the away, and their current 3rd as the home. Maybe Toronto fans disagree, but that's how I would like it. Maybe I could handle either or for a one time game. Again though, changing the hem could go a long way. I'm also not 100% on the half chest stripe of the white jersey. I'd say bring it down to where the blue jersey has it.

Concept Rating [7.8/10]

 Cleveland Indians Concept - (Mathieu G.)
 I'm not sure if this is a concept for the Baseball Indians or a minor small team that uses the Indians logo. I'd like the know that if you could Mathieu in the comments section. Anyway, I like the matching sleeve striping and hem striping, however, I think both could be made thicker. The hem striping mostly is the one that could be thicker. The gray as a dark jersey is cool, but I think it needs white. Maybe in a name and number outline. Or a white stripe in between the black and red. Or both! Those changes would make this a nice jersey.

Concept Rating [7.5/10] Those changes I think I would give it a 8.4/10

 Team Austria Concept - (Stephen T.)
This is pretty different than the Austria concepts that I normally see. The green in particular is where it gets different. I would like to know the reason behind using it. I'm not against it by any means because I think it's a cool difference in striping. I would make the gold outline thicker on the arms thoug. ON the red jersey is where it could really come in handy to see better. I would like to see the striping on the hem. I'm a fan of hem striping. Apparently NIKE isn't though.

Concept Rating [7.8/10] Again, would love to know the reason behind green.

 Team Germany Concept - (Stephen T.)
Another very different national team concept from Stephen. Giving Germany an Ottawa jersey treatment. As for the design I'm not too sure. I think the striping should be thicker, just because it's almost like a head swirl right now. Between getting dizzy and looking good. Again, would like to see hem design, and a reason behind the idea here. I always think it's cool when I get the ideas behind the concept.

Concept Rating [7.7/10]

 Adirondack Phantoms Concept - (Ryan D.)
 Ryan is back with two concepts today. There is definitely great signs of improvement in his work. Still some touchy parts here and there but I'm glad to see there are improvements. What I like about the jersey is the striping for sure. It's a traditional take but the colors really work well together. The touchups would be to have the hem and arm stripes the same width. That also goes for the socks this time. And the TV numbers do not have the orange outline as the back. I think the shoulder patches could also be a tad smaller and lower more on the jerseys. Still though, a nice improvement. This isn't a concept critique but a presentation one. I don't think black ever works as a background color for the concepts, especially with the dark purple used on the jersey. I always like to use a white or a light gray.

Concept Rating [7.2/10]

Ottawa Senators Concept - (Ryan D.)
Ryan takes a stab at Ottawa now. The same execution mistakes on this one as the last EXCEPT, the width of the striping from arms to hem and TV numbers. I'm glad those were fixed in this one. The striping is decent, I think it matches the logo quite nicely. The logo though I'm not a fan of. Not a fan of only wordmarks but that's just me. I also think the hem striping can be moved down a bit. When you only have striping like that it usually goes down to the end of the jersey. It's great to see an improvement from Ryan and taking some tips! Can't wait to see future designs!

Concept Rating [7/10]

That was it. My last post on HJC. I hope you all enjoyed my time here as much as I did. There were a couple bumps in the road but I think I'm leaving on a high note! Next Wednesday person.....good luck! Have a nice day guys, and a nice year!

Edit: Forgot to say . But Colin's Winnipeg Concept gets my COTW!

Wednesday: Last Post of 2014 Reviewed by Dylan Wonka on January 08, 2014 Rating: 5


Eric W said...

Looks like Stephen T. is doing a World War I themed series. The Austrian concept has green in it because it's supposed to be Austria-Hungary, and the German concept uses their country's wartime colours.

Ryan said...

Cleveland Indians for COTW!
Thanks for all of your time Dylan.

Dylan Wonka said...

That's actually really interesting, and awesome. Add a +.2 to each of those.

@Ryan: No Problem, it was awesome to post every week!

Jeff Beckett said...

The Cleveland Indians concept is a reference to the movie "Major League"; "Wild Thing", wearing number 99, is one of the main characters (real name Ricky Vaughn), portrayed by Charlie Sheen. And the ones depicted in the movie are the real MLB Indians.

Same thought as Eric's about Stephen T.'s series: I thought of early-20th-century countries and flags too. And they look very nice.

Austin Ell said...

I'll second Colin's Jets for COTW! Great concept.

Anonymous said...

I think Ryan's Sens concept was his best one yet! He has improved a lot though.

Tyler Gross said...

Jake88's Creighton concept for COTW

DBro Alexander said...

Great last post Other Dylan. I'll see you around the twitter machine.

DBro Alexander said...

I'll second Jakes jays concept

Ricky Mazella said...

The movie was actually on MLB network last night . . . bu I'm not sure about the Wigwamers wordmark being under the logo. The Sons of Geronimo, by the way, have officially demoted the Chief Wahoo logo. Yes I'm using nicknames that Uecker's character came up with.

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