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Tuesday: Calling All Jersey Lovers!

Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying the first half of your weeks. I got something sorta big I want to get to but first the important stuff!

If you're only going to vote once a year, make it this weeks vote for COTY. It's finally here guys. It my very own Carolina Hurricanes concept up against Justin Cox's Colorado Avalanche concept. We would love to have a huge voter turnout. I think it'd be pretty great if we set some sort of HJC record!

As always we still have the weekly COTW vote that has 5 entries, so hop on that too!

Get your Calgary Flames Redesign entries in this week as well. I've already seen some pretty good ones.

2013 COTY Final vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CGY ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

My Jersey Collection
Now, I'm hoping I end up with a good paying job, or become a pretty good heist man. One thing that I would love to have in the future is a huge jersey collection. I like seeing the readers send in their jersey collections. It's nice to see some of the things people find. I thought I'd share mine with you guys too.

My Prized Possession
As you'll see, I'm clearly a homer....I'd like to show off my Rockford Icehogs alternate jersey from this season, but it's currently off getting Antti Raanta's name and number put on it because when he gets all big and Vezina-worthy I'm going to be all, oh yeah, I liked him when he was an IcePig.

 Oh and hey... let's not forget the prized possession

So back to the post!

Calgary Flames Competition Entries (A LOT of them)

Andrew W.

Caden P.


Darren H.

David K.

David P.

Eric W.

Greg D.

Jeff H.

Jordan R.

Patrick E.

Phil B.

Scott M.

Steve M.

Tomas V.

And now your daily concepts!

Baltimore Ravens Hockey Concept - Jack C.
Well the Super Bowl is less than a week away so why not take a look at a football concept? Well this team was in the Big Game last year so there's that. Very dark jersey, it's hard to tell the black and purple apart in the arm striping. I'd also rather see the Raven's primary logo on the front of the jersey. TV numbers would be good too.

Rating: 6/10

Quebec Nordiques Concept - Christian L.
We've seen a lot of these the past few weeks. The color scheme is alright. I wouldn't mind seeing a silver and blue scheme. I'm not a huge fan of inconsistent stripes between home and away jerseys. That logo isn't my favorite either. I'm not big on the nickname logos, especially on the primary jerseys. The 3rd jersey has the better logo, but Why doesn't the lighter blue work its way into the arm and hem striping?

Rating: 6.5/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept - Dallas K.
A lot more black has been added onto the Lightning's set. I think it's unnecessary. I know a lot of people like the Bolts in black, but I prefer the "Original 6 Dress Up" look. It's so much cleaner. The I don't like Black and Blue touching here. There's not enough contrast. Find a different striping pattern so the two can be told apart. The logo looks way better without an outline as well.

Rating: 7/10

New York Rangers Stadium Series Concept - Caleb F.
I would have liked to see the Rangers go this direction with their Stadium jersey. I don't like the jersey they went with. This is a lot cleaner and the return of the Lady Liberty logo would make a lot of people very happy.  The "NYR" logo or the futuristic version of the Rangers' shield would have been nice on the shoulder.

Rating: 8/10

Phoenix Coyotes Concept - Scott D.
Scott brings back the Aztec patterns. I've always thought they looked good in this color scheme, and I know many others do as well. The new font is better than their current one, though I still feel there could be a better fit out there. Nothing new here, but still pretty solid.

Rating: 8/10

Vancouver Canucks Concept - Stephen T.
I'm a pretty big fan of concepts that use the Johnny Canuck logo well. I feel Stephen uses him very well here. I'm getting tired of seeing the "V" striping but you can't argue it would probably look good. I don't know how I feel about it being on the primary jerseys. I feel like that should be on an alternate. Other than that, this is a solid concept. I think this would be a great Vancouver set.

Rating: 8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series "Fix-It" - Ryan H. (HJC)
The Penguins' Stadium jersey is on I actually don't mind. Not much has changed here, the gimmicky numbers and incomplete stripes are gone...good... I prefer this yoke to the one actually being used. The logo is the best part though. I would love to see a Robo-Pen comeback! I'd like to see thicker striping though. But since this is a "fix-it" I can see Ryan wasn't trying to shake things up.

Rating: 8.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series "Fix-It" - Ryan H. (HJC)
Ryan, yes! I would have prefered this black jersey if they were going for "something new" I know I've had a concept with this basic idea, and I've seen a few others I believe, so I'm glad I'm not alone on thinking this would be a good look. I really like the new look of the "C" logo. It fits a lot better with this jersey. Only thing I'd change here is keep the bottom of the hem white like the red jersey.

Rating: 8.5/10

San Jose Sharks Alternate Jersey Concept - Tristan M. 
Tristan suggests teams take on a CCM, non-edge, alternate jersey. As neat as that could be, I actually like the Edge jerseys, I don't know why though. But jersey cut aside, I love this concept. I love the amount of orange. FINALLY someone embraces the orange! The yoke style gives this jersey a "classic" feel which I'm ok with, it looks so good. Wouldn't mind seeing a tad more white but as is, this is great.

Rating: 9/10 and a COTW Nom!

Well, another Tuesday in the books! I know I always say we should get some conversation going in the comments so here's on for ya. Earlier, I showed off my jersey collection. There's so many jerseys out there I want. So here's my "Jersey Wishlist"

Which jerseys make your list?

Tuesday: Calling All Jersey Lovers! Reviewed by DBro Alexander on January 28, 2014 Rating: 5


Joey Fryd said...

Dallas Stars 90's jersey was awesome!

Brian said...

Ryan's penguins for cotw

Connor Lawrence said...

I have at LEAST 30 jerseys in my collection including 12 Patrick Kane replica jerseys from the OHL to current day...

DBro Alexander said...

@Connor - Someone loves Kaner don't they?

I've only got 2 Kanes. I've got some catching up to do.

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