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Saturday: Ugly Jerseys and Gorgeous Concepts

Hello, HJC readers and welcome to another Saturday post! We have several great concepts today that you are sure to love!

There's nothing new in jersey news today, but I thought I'd do something a little fun here. I know we often talk about what jerseys in the NHL are the best, but do you have any jerseys that you just find endearingly ugly? The kind that aren't necessarily have the best design, but you would gladly take one if you had the chance? Personally I would say my top "So ugly and weird it's awesome" jersey would be the Thrashers blue asymmetrical third from 2003-2006.
(image credit: Sportslogos.net)
It was odd, featured several "unique" design elements and then threw in lace-up collar, because why not? Atlanta being a defunct team just makes it that much cooler to me. What jersey would you pick as the best ugly jersey in NHL history?

We have two concept artist profile cards today!

Let's start today's concepts with Dallas K.

Carolina Hurricanes concept - K14 Designs

What I like: I prefer the Hurricanes in black. I really like the color scheme here. The logo is interesting. If it is intended to be a nod to the old Whalers, then I like it, but maybe not as a primary. Maybe I just need to let the design sink in. I've liked it more the longer I've looked at it.

What I don't like: The striping looks great, but is better suited for the Lightning. Is that a Charlotte Checkers logo on the shoulders? I know it's their AHL affiliate, but it doesn't fit here. There is some pixelation in the logo on the white jersey. I'd like to see some hurricane warning flags somewhere.

Overall: A few tweaks, and this set could be a real winner. (6.8/10)

Washington Capitals concept - Wings98

What I like: The concept of a 4th of July jersey for the Capitals is intriguing, even though the Caps aren't playing in July. This would be interesting if applied to the Nationals. I appreciate the attention to detail and time it takes to do the striping on the name, Nike logo, and numbers. That's dedication.

What I dislike: Wow, this is out there. It's not subtle, but then again, neither is America. There's just too much striping here. It reminds me more of candy canes than the American flag. It's just needs to be toned down a bit.

Overall: Tremendous effort here by Wings98. I love the attention to detail, but it just needs some restraint. (6.5/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets concept - Ware

What I like: The striping pattern is great. It really works well with the logo and is distinctive. The name and number font is a huge improvement over the current set. I like keep the stars on near the cuffs. Execution and presentation are very good as well.

What I dislike: I would interested to see what the white jersey would look like with more blue.

Overall: This would be great set for Columbus (9/10) COTW nomination from me.

New York Islanders concept - Ware

What I like: Word is the 'NY' Stadium Series logo will be used on an alternate. I think that this is similar to what this rumored alternate would look like. I know many people would want to see an orange third from the Isles, but I prefer the blue jersey here. I like the striping pattern, and because the Islanders love reminding everyone of their 4 cups in the 80s, I could see them going with that. The shoulder patch is interesting. It incorporates elements from the 'fishsticks' era, but I think it works well.

What I dislike: I'm still on the fence with that 'NY' logo. It's not bad, but it's really long.

Overall: I think the Islander faithful would like either of these jerseys as an alternate. (8.8/10)

Colorado Avalanche concept - DK Concepts

What I like: The Avs current set is among the worst in the league. They are completely devoid of any personality, looking as if they designed by a Reebok lackey on a lunch break. This goes back somewhat to the original look, which I believe would be popular move in Colorado. I like ditching black from the color scheme.

What I dislike: Is it better than the original look? No. I would like to see the mountain pattern from the hem on the sleeves as well. The helmet for the dark jersey would look better in red. The helmets would look better with logos as well.

Overall: This set is a step in the right direction, but still needs a little work. (7/10)

Calgary Flames concept - Stephen T.

What I like: I like the use of the of the western shirt-style yoke. The striping pattern on the home jersey satisfies my pet peeve of yellow and red touching, so I approve. It's an improvement over the striping on their home/away. I like the name/number font as well.

What I dislike: The western-style yoke is flat in the back on Calgary's current third. I would take the flags off the shoulder. With execution, the Alberta flag is missing on the back of the white jersey. Helmets look better when they have logos on them. 

Overall: This set is almost there, just needs a few changes. (7.3/10)

Krefeld Pinguine vs. Pittsburgh Penguins concept - Stephen T.

What I like: This is an interesting ideas. This would be a one-sided game if there ever was one. Krefeld wouldn't have a chance. 

What I dislike: The logos are really pixelated, and man...that Krefeld logo...it looks like something drawn by a 5th grader in 1992. Awful. The Kings number font doesn't look right on a Pittsburgh jersey, and I don't think "Vegas Gold" works as a primary color. I'm not going to repeat myself anymore about helmet logos.

Overall: An interesting idea. (6.8/10)

Colorado Avalanche concept - 

What I like: The arm striping is distinctive, hearkens back to the original look, and works well with the hem striping. This look just meshes together really well. I like the striping on the bottom of the pants, too. It's different, but I like the uniqueness of it. Thank you for putting a logo on the helmet. I appreciate that detail.

What I dislike: The only thing I would change is the logo. I've never liked diagonal wordmarks. It's a Rangers thing that just needs to be left to them. 

Overall: A great alternate for the Avs. (8.6/10)

This jersey was sent in to us from Ian! He got a cool Brendan Shanahan London Knights jersey for (I'm assuming) Christmas. I didn't get a jersey for Christmas, but I plan on adding a 1980 USA olympic jersey to my collection soon. in preparation for Sochi in Februrary. If you got a jersey for Christmas (or just got one period) send it in to HJC!

There were several great concepts today, so don't forget to nominate concepts you like, and remember to send in your votes for COTW! Also, keep in mind that competition winners will now be added to the COTW vote from now on. See you all next week!

Saturday: Ugly Jerseys and Gorgeous Concepts Reviewed by Caz on January 11, 2014 Rating: 5


Joey Fryd said...

It's really not that hard to paste a design like those stripes in the number and number for Wings98. All you need to to in GIMP is copy the pattern, make a selection area, and click "paste into".

Michael G said...

What software do you use with the ICEBORN template? It doesn't seem to work very well with Paint.net, which is what I use.

Ricky Mazella said...

For me, I have to say it would be . . . The Mooterus, only because of the jerseys that I don;t like, it's the only one I don't hate. Also, considering my tackiness, some jerseys most people don't like are some of my favorites.

Matt Ruck said...

Other than Ware's CLB concepts having the deistic design of the Ducks uni... it looks different and it fits with the logo.

I will 2nd the COTW

Anonymous said...

Best worst? In my opinion, it´s not one jersey but a bunch of them: the first wave of sublimated third jerseys in the 90s... (Burger King, Caramilk Canucks, Walt Disney Ducks...) Those were pretty stinking.

Mat Ware said...

@Michael G:
Adobe Illustrator. It's an essential program for any designer, I couldn't live without it.

Caz said...

All great choices. I'd take a Mooterus jersey in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever get my hands on a Burger King or Wild Wing jersey. Those command big dollars on the market.

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