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Saturday: Party like its 1929

Hello HJC readers, and welcome to another Saturday post! I hope you're all enjoying your weekend. We have several great concepts today that you're sure to love.

In NHL news, Nashville's GM, David Poile, once again proved that he is a secret Jedi in acquiring former 14th overall pick Devan Dubnyk from the Edmonton in exchange for 4th line warm body Matt Hendricks. I'm a avid Preds fan, and I was shocked by the trade. I would have traded Matt Hendricks away for a proverbial bag of pucks. Getting a 6'6 goalie with first round pick pedigree is incredible. Not to mention that Hendricks (who is 32 and has the 8th worst possession stats in the league) was signed to a ridiculous 4-year, $1.85 million per year contract, and then Poile convinced Edmonton to keep half of Dubnyk's salary. This is one of the most one-sided trades I've seen in recent years. That got me thinking: what do you think was the worst trade in NHL history? Was it the infamous Gretsky trade that sent "The One" to L.A. and effectively ended the Oilers glory years?  Or how about the Ron Francis trade that some believe killed Whalers? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Here are the last of the AHL Stadium Series concepts:

Connor L.

Alan J.H.

Alex O.

Griffin M.

Ben S.

Jeff H.

Now on to our daily scheduled concepts!

Utica Comets concept - Justin S.

What I like: The Comets' current jerseys are basically just re-crested Canucks uniforms with a slanted wordmark alternate thrown in, because why not? I like this jersey better than their current white jersey. The logo is an improvement, while connecting them to the Canucks by using their best logo as inspiration. Including gray in the color scheme is a smart choice, as well. It gives the Comets a more unique look, and makes the gray in the logo not seem arbitrary.

What I dislike: I'd like to see the Comets' primary shield logo on at least one of the shoulders. I've never liked that Orca whale logo. The less it's used, the better for everyone. You need to take the NHL shield off the collar insert.

Overall: I would like to see the comets use this for a white jersey. (7.8/10)

Sports Authority Mountain Classic concept - Ryan A.

What I like: This would be a great game to go to. I imagine the atmosphere would be awesome. The jerseys complement each other well. The striping pattern on both jerseys look good.

What I dislike: Both jerseys need sleeve numbers. The numbers on the back are a bit small. The shoulder patches should not be horizontal. You should take the NHL shield off the jerseys. I would take "Colorado College" off the back as well. The name doesn't look right underneath the numbers on the black jersey. The numbers on the Colorado College jersey would be easier to read if they were black. (side note: Does anyone else think the CC logo is shaped like Bullet Bill from Super Mario?)

Overall: Both these jerseys could be really good if some execution issues are fixed (6/10)

Edmonton Oilers concept - Stephen T.

What I like: The jerseys, with the exception of the logo, are clean, and executed pretty well. The changes that are made improve the '07-'08 set.

What I dislike: Changes are made, but not enough. I never liked this color scheme. That copper color looks awful with the red, and is a huge step back from the orange, blue, and white. I don't think Edmonton wants this look back, as evidenced in how quickly the Oilers phased this out in favor of the original look.

Overall: Small changes are made to improve the old Reebok template set, but there's not much to write home about. (6.5/10)

Delaware Pioneers - Andrew G.

What I like: The striping pattern on all three jerseys look great. The subliminated stripes on the hem are a nice touch. I like the collar and yoke as well. Thank you for putting logos on the helmets. It's a small detail, but it improves the authenticity of the concept. So many artists neglect to do that.

What I dislike: I think the logo on the alternate looks better as a shoulder patch. I would take the stars off the cuffs of of the jerseys and sublimate them on the sleeve stripes as well.

Overall: This would be a great set for the Pioneers. (8.3/10)

Calgary Flames concept - Dallas K.

What I like: Calgary's current home/away set is among the worst in the league in my opinion. They seem reluctant to go back to their original look, though. I think this could be a great way for Calgary to improve their jerseys without having to do a typical throwback set. I like the striping pattern. 

What I dislike: I would take the numbers off the front. I think the horse head alternate logo doesn't look as good without black, but I understand wanting to leave black out of the set.

Overall: A good set for the Flames. (8.5/10)

Minnesota Wild 1920s concept - Dylan W.

What I like: I really like this series from Wonka. It's really creative. The colors and striping are great, and fit the era well. Both jerseys would look right at home in the 20s, and would make a great Winter Classic fauxback.

What I dislike: The only problem with this series is that several NHL logos don't fit well on a jersey designed to look like it came from the 1920s. Minnesota's logo is one of my favorites, but it isn't something you'd see back then.

Overall: I love this, and can't wait to see more. (8.8/10) 

Detroit Red Wings alternate jersey concept - Avi S.

What I like: Although I hate the Dead Wings, their Winter Classic jerseys looked great. I think this would make a good alternate for them. I believe their fan base would embrace these. Execution and presentation are great.

What I dislike: I think a brighter shade of red would work better. As is, it reminds me a little of the Vancouver Millionaires throwbacks.

Overall: Detroit has never had a third, but I think this would fit well with their traditional set, and the fans would love it. (8.8/10)

Chicago Blackhawks alternate jersey concept - Avi S.

What I like: I think what I like best about this jersey is that it isn't a direct throwback. So many artists do throwbacks for the Blackhawks, but the truth is that many of their early looks were way too busy. Avi does a great job simplifying the Blackhawks' old designs and making them more palatable for today.

What I dislike: The red on the logo and the jersey are two different shades. I know Avi decided to not to put a name on the back, in keeping with the throwback aesthetic, but I think it would look better with one.

Overall:  This would make a great alternate for the Blackhawks. It looks back to the past for inspiration, without coming off as a re-hash. (8.8/10) COTW nomination from me!

There are several concepts that deserve to be nominated, so don't forget to give them the credit they deserve! Also, don't forget to vote, or David Poile will trade a Nashville 4th liner for your starting goaltender.

Saturday: Party like its 1929 Reviewed by Caz on January 18, 2014 Rating: 5


Dylan Wonka said...

The thing about my series that needs to be explained is that I'm not trying to make the NHL look like the 1920's. If I had that in mind I would 100% make logos for each team for that time. I'm trying to take the logos and league from 2013-2014 and give them jerseys to wear that would represent one from that era. Like the Stadium Series in a kind of way. They didn't really make 'new' logos. They made jerseys to give them a modern look. I'm sort of keeping that frame trying to give a 2014 team a 20's look using their logo to the best I can. I hope that made sense. I also would like to have the actual 1920's jersey template that was used during that time but I couldn't find a blank one anywhere, so I'm using the CCM template.

Caz said...

Ok, I hadn't thought about it from that angle, Dylan. It makes more sense now. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with more of the newer teams in the league with this series.

Ryan said...

Avi's Hawks concept seconded for COTW!

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