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Saturday: Last of the Pioneers

Hello everyone and welcome to another HJC Saturday! I hope all of you had a great New Years! There's nothing new to report in jersey news this week, so let's just get down to business, shall we?

Here are the last of the Delaware Pioneers Jersey Competition entries:

Alex O.

Andrew G.

Avi S.


Dario Z.



Matt R.

Tristan M.

Oklahoma Sooners concept - Frank C.

What I like: The striping is great, and the execution is really good. The shading helps the concept pop off the screen. I like switching out the wordmarks on the home and away. My favorite jersey of the set is the alternate. (as a Tennessean, I must say a most sincere thank you to Oklahoma for taking down Alabama)

What I dislike: The wordmark-over-number treatment is a little bland.

Overall: Solid set for the Sooners (8.5/10)

Oklahoma State University concept - Frank C.

What I like: Execution and presentation is good. OKU would look good in this set.

What I dislike: The name would be more visible on the white jersey if it was black. I would do something different with the striping pattern here, to further distance this from the other concept you submitted.

Overall: Another solid NCAA look. (8.5/10)

Team Slovenia concept - Mike Sweezey

What I like: The jerseys are cleanly done. I like the striping on the arm and the pants. The number font is good, too.

What I dislike: Slovenia would probably need a blue helmet, too. I think if you're going to include the helmet on the concept, you should put a logo on it. I've never been a fan of side panel striping.

Overall: Not a bad look for Slovenia. (8/10)

Toronto Maple Leafs concept - Stephen T.

What I like: The concept is executed pretty well, but the logos are pixelated.

What I dislike: Minimal changes are made, and only to the cuffs and hem on the white jersey as far as I can tell. If you're going to include the helmet, it only takes a minute at most to put a logo on it.

Overall: Not much to write home about, although it does look good. (7/10)

Vancouver Canucks concept - Stephen T.

What I like: There's much more creativity here than in the previous concept. Execution is pretty good. 

What I dislike: Does anyone truly want the 80s color scheme back? I really don't like red and yellow together, but that's a personal thing. The stick-in-rink is the only logo I want to see on the front of a Canucks jersey. What I said previously about helmets applies here, too.

Overall: I still prefer the green/blue/white color combination. (7/10)

St. Louis Blues concept - Dylan W.

What I like: I've been seeing many concepts lately that show how good St. Louis could look if they ditched the darker shade of blue in their color scheme. It looks great here. The striping is great, and execution/presentation is pretty good as well. (side note: why all the 6s?)

What I dislike:  I would make the logo a little bigger. 

Overall: Great alternate for the Blues. COTW nomination from me! (8.8/10)

Chicago Blackhawks concept - HGF

What I like: The Blackhawks could use a black alternate.

What I dislike: There are parts of this concept (name, number, etc.) that are terribly pixelated. The primary and secondary logos are too big. The primary is better suited for a shoulder patch. Hem striping would be an improvement. You need to put some form of ID on your concept, or it will be very easy for someone to steal your work.

Overall: Execution brings this Blackhawk down. (4/10)

Yellowjackets concept - Justin F.

What I like: I've been told that this is for Justin's own team. That's pretty cool.

What I dislike: The name and numbers are done well, but the striping is filled in with the fill tool. Not much creativity there.

Overall: The jerseys aren't bad, but could use more creative striping. (6/10)

Buffalo Sabres alternate jersey concept - K14 Designs

What I like: I'm not usually a big fan of chest striping, but it looks good here.

What I dislike: The shade of "vintage white" is a bit too dark. The TV numbers are too large. I would like to see the back of the concept, to show if the chest stripe continues on the back. When you use a flat yoke, putting a shoulder patch outside of it looks odd.

Overall: This concept has potential, but a few changes would make it much better. (6.5/10)

Florida Panthers concept - K14 Designs

What I like: At first I didn't like the color scheme, but it's growing on me. The striping pattern itself looks good. TV numbers are the right size.

What I dislike: The logo, with the crossed hockey sticks and leaping panther, looks like something from the 90s. The white jersey needs more red. What I said about the yoke applies here as well.

Overall: Not a bad looks but a couple of changes could turn this into a great concept (7/10)

As always, don't forget to vote for COTW! See you all next week!

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Chimp307 said...

Im about out of it when it comes to the international stage, but did Slovenia qualify for the Olympics? P.S you wrote Keens' entry was by Dylan W.

Ryan said...

I kind of like what K14 did with his Sabres jersey. COTW nom from me!

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