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Saturday: Bullies, Devils, and Pirates

Hello everyone! Welcome to another HJC Saturday post! We have a lot of great concepts today, with a good mix of traditional, creative, and modern styles.

With the title of this post, and the recent incident with the Canucks and Flames, I want to take a moment to discuss the more violent aspect of the game we all love. What do you think the role of the enforcer will be in hockey going forward? Personally, I think that this aspect of the game is on it's way out. If you look at NHL rosters, few teams still employ a true enforcer. Teams don't seem to be as willing to keep a face puncher around to take up a roster spot as they used to. The Maple Leafs still employ two, but the league trend seems to be going away from fighting. I think the real question is whether or not you believe that fighting affects the game. I've never been convinced. The Predators, with Rich Clune, seem to be fighting much more than previous years. However, they are losing more games. What are your views on the topic? Do you believe that fighting is an important part of hockey, are do find yourself groaning when the face punchers come out on the ice, only to put themselves in the penalty box immediately.

Enough with my ramblings, let's get to the good part!

Philadelphia Flyers concept - Joe B.

What I like: The Liberty Bell would make a good shoulder patch for a Flyers jersey. If Nashville can do it with a guitar pick, Philadelphia could easily use the Liberty Bell as inspiration for an alternate logo

What I dislike: I know that the Flyers unofficial nickname is the "Broad St. Bullies" but if I were the owner, I'd want to distance the team from that, and I surely wouldn't want it on a jersey. It tends to evoke a negative connotation. I would put the liberty bells on the shoulders. I think it looks more natural there. Spacing the numbers out a little more would help as well. There are some loose pixels around the collars. Also, you need to put some form of identification on your concept, otherwise it would be very easy to steal your work.

Overall: Take the "bullies" off and play around with the Liberty Bell. There's potential there. (5/10)

Rival Colours series, San Jose vs. Colorado concept - William B.

What I like: This series is always very creative. The Avs look surprisingly good in Sharks colors. I actually like the side panel striping on those jerseys, even though I normally don't. I would normally say the logo used for the Sharks is better suited as an alternate, but the other Sharks logos would look bad in Avs colors, so I think William made a good choice using the alternate here.

What I dislike: I think the blue jersey for the Sharks needs more white. It looks too dark as it. It just needs more balance there. I would decrease the thickness of the arm striping on the Avs jerseys. Slanting them might be even better.

Overall: I really enjoy this series. A few tweaks and these would be outstanding. (7.5/10)

Rival Colours series, Anaheim vs. L.A. concept - William B.

What I like: Once again, I appreciate the creativity here. William does a good job thinking outside the box. I like the three thin stripes on the L.A. jerseys. William avoids putting the gold and orange against each other on the jersey striping and numbers. Those colors clash, and it grates on me. It's odd seeing the Ducks with a darker, more monochromatic color scheme, but I don't hate it.

What I dislike: That logo on the Kings jersey should stay in retirement. It's way too busy, even without the clashing orange and gold. I would like those jerseys more with a different primary logo. I would make the orange stripe a little thinner. Contrasting armpits remind me of pit stains. The NHL and Reebok logos are missing from the Ducks black jersey.

Overall: Top notch creativity, just needs some more detailing. (7/10)

New Jersey Devils concept - Dallas K.

What I like: Several people (myself included) would love to see a black alternate for the Devils.  Will that ever happen? I doubt it. The Devils seem very determined to avoid any changes to their look, which I can't fault them for.

What I dislike: I would take the Devils script logo off the hem, and add striping to match the sleeves. The Devils font is my favorite font in the league, and I would like to see that stay. I see what Dallas was going for with the captain's 'C' but the horns form the Devils' logo look like an ear when turned the other way around. 

Overall:  Dallas has some creative ideas, but New Jersey's look is timeless. It's so hard to design anything for them, because hardly anything needs to be changed. (7/10)

Chicago Blackhawks jersey - Stephen T.

What I like: The jerseys, with the exception of the logo, are executed very well; very clean work there. I think one of these jerseys could make an interesting alternate. I appreciate Stephen having restraint and avoiding using "vintage white" here. True white looks great here. I like the sleeve numbers in the striping here.

What I dislike: The logos are really, really pixelated. It takes away from an otherwise clean concept. I would take the yokes off both jerseys. The arms would look better without contrasting cuffs.

Overall: Not that Chicago needs a new set, but a few small changes and and either of these would make a good alternate. (7.8/10)

Pittsburgh Pirates concept - Stephen T.

What I like: Interesting choice to bring back the Pirates with a Nike jersey. Once again, pixelated logos notwithstanding, the jerseys are executed well.

What I dislike: I know the Pirates put the crest from Pittsburgh's flag on their sleeves during the 1925-1928, but some things need to stay in the past. What I said about logo pixelation and cuffs in the previous concept applies here, too.

Colorado State Rams concept - Stephen T. S.

What I like: I like the striping pattern used here, and the logo lends itself well to a hockey jersey. Adding logos to the helmets is a nice detail that many artists unfortunately neglect.

What I dislike: The jerseys are small, making it hard to see the details. I'm confused about the white alternate. Why the 'A' monogram and orange? I don't know much about Colorado State. I did research on sportslogos.net and csurams.com, and couldn't figure it out, but I'm sure there's a reason. The yellow used here is too bright. The sleeve numbers on the alternate need to match the numbers on the back. White pants don't work for hockey.

Overall: I like where this is going, but it needs a few changes before it's ready for prime time. (4/10)

Providence Bruins concept - T.G.

What I like: The striping fits the team well and complements the logo. I love the gold jersey, all three look good, but that gold is just sharp. The yoke striping is attention grabbing, but in a good way.

What I dislike: I would only do two horizontal stripes on the hem, so the hem and yoke match, but that's me; the jerseys still look good with three. The Boston Bruins shoulder patch crowds up the shoulder. I don't think many people would have trouble recognizing who Providence is affiliated with, so it's non-essential.

Overall: A great set for Providence. I would like to see this on the ice. (8.5/10)

Rochester Americans concept - T.G.

What I like: I like the incorporation of the the "stars and bars." I normally hate piping, but it's not bad here. Execution is good. 

What I dislike: Maybe too many bars. I would take the flag striping off the side panels. I think the stars might look better there, as the sleeves have been done, if the side panels need a little something extra.

Overall: Rochester's set doesn't really need a redesign, but these could make good alternates. (7.8/10)

Anaheim Ducks concept - Nick V.

What I like: A full-time orange alternate fells like an inevitability with the ducks. I like bringing back the old Ducks logo in some capacity. The jersey is executed well.

What I dislike: The Ducks have a history of wild designs, which gives a you the opportunity to take risks with the concept, but there's not much here that we haven't seen before. I'd use the Reebok wordmark on the back, instead of the old logo that is no longer used on hockey jerseys.

Overall: I think we would all like to see an orange alternate in Anaheim, but I would also like to see a more unique design. (7/10)

Colorado Avalanche concept - Justin C.

What I like: Can I just say everything? This is beautiful. I love the logo, the striping, the subliminated mountains. That logo is freaking clever. Presentation and execution are top notch.

What I dislike: I would like to see some red somewhere else in the jersey besides the logos, but I'm not sure where. That's a small complaint.

Overall: If this were on the ice, it would be among my favorites in the NHL. (9.5/10) COTW nomination from me!

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Saturday: Bullies, Devils, and Pirates Reviewed by Caz on January 25, 2014 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Stephen and I did the CSU concepts. Colorado State used to be the Colorado A&M Aggies and every year the football team has Agg day and they wear modernized throwbacks.

Alan John Herbert said...

Justin C's Avalanche concept gets a nom from me!

Anonymous said...

I give my nod for COTW to Justin C's Avalanche design as well. It's incredible! (Close second to Stephen's Chicago concepts...those are nice!)

Dallas Kirkpatrick said...

I don't really see why hem stripes should be an essential part of every jersey...teams like Phoenix and San Jose both did away with them and I think everyone would agree that those examples made their sets better...I am be no means against hem striping, as it almost always makes for a classic design, but I also don't think that everytime they are not on a jersey that they should be seen as "forgotten"...especially on alternate jerseys

Felix Puchinsky said...

Hello everyone and how are you!? Avalanche concept made by Justin should be a COTY !!! I can see where a burgundy ( not red ) could go on a jersey and other places on that concept , but will not reveal to you due to a respect to an artist.

Steve-O™ said...

Hey all, just dredging up this old post to clarify that the logo Justin used was stolen from myself, from a logo concept I created 10 years ago. While his translation is poor, it's clear he used my logo as a direct reference when creating his. Mine has been updated a bit since this old post, but this was one of the best examples of it I could find on google. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/47527-avalanche-logo-concept-embroidered-updated/

You can use people's concept logos on your own jersey concept, Justin, just give credit where due. Super uncool.

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