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Monday: The Twentieth

Jets are undefeated...under their new coach...so that's good..welcome to the post!

Voting just got super, super cereal, so if you haven't been voting, now is your chance at redemption

COTY Semi-Finals votes #1 & #2 (end Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
COTW Jan 13-19 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
AHL Stadium Series Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)

I can't just remind you to vote, that would be so predictable, so I brought a friend along.

Thanks Doge! I don't know why Doge is so funny, but I thought I'd ruin it, if U.S. congress can use Doge, why can't I?

In weird news, NHL shop Canada has the Islanders first edge jerseys on sale for $29.97. Last year, the Islanders black jerseys were incorrectly posted as, I think atleast, $20, so, if you are looking for a cheap Islanders jersey here's the link, not sure if it is still priced at 29.97 but only medium is available. 

In other news, John Tortorella was classic John Tortorella versus the Flames over the weekend, and that is hilarious, but I kinda wanted to see him tell the ref to eat a donut (reference). 

On to the concepts:


Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

I've been enjoying Dylan's 1920's fauxback series, and Columbus is a team that could pull this off in reality, as opposed to just in concepts. The modern logo doesn't look half bad with the chest stripes, but that is probably because of Dylan's choice to use a striping pattern which matches the flag logo. The blue jersey looks like Captain America, but really does look like how Reebok would see the 1920's/ The white jersey is really good too, I like how Dylan balanced the blue and red, as opposed to keeping the flag matching striping, since this is a set. (8.5/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Avi S.)

Avi has done similar concepts like this, but since this is a thrid jersey and not a set, there are some elements that wouldn't work in a set but really work here. The all red stripes, on their own wouldn't work but Avi is smart to add blue cuffs, numbers and yoke. The jersey doesn't need blue in the striping because there's so much blue all around the jersey, really creates a clean and classic jersey for the surging Blue Jackets. (9.25/10)

Boston Bruins Concepts (By: Dallas K.)

Dallas creates a Boston throwback set, whihc appears to be based on the pre-edge alternate from 2006/07, and the winter classic logo. The jersey striping is classic Bruins, the increased black striping looks much better, but the shades don't matchon the black jersey's logo, yoke and logo, there looks to be about 3 shades there. The black jersey is perfect, but the white jersey has a few flaws. The black outline on the logo really does hurt the colour balancing, I'd keep it yellow. The shoulder patch also looks meh with the increased yellow, I'd keep it normal. (8/10)

Boston Bruins Concept (By: Torader)

Torader, getting creative with this concept, making the Bruins look like a Stadium Series participant, and yeah. This looks pretty good! It looks very similar to the Bruins' current alternate, but the stadium series elements add to the look rather than detract. No more elongated numbers or chrome logos, just a little modern, which looks good. I love that yellow visor! (9/10)

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: Torader)

Torader continues in the Northeast with the Maple Leafs, basing the look on the Kings stadium series jerseys. The striping is again, good and classic, though I don't really like the non-matching hem piping in lieu of striping. The grey is a good addition IMO, and if Toronto were to go modern, that would be the way to go. The return of the TML patch is a huge nostalgia plus, but it would look better on both shoulders. The socks are a little too modern for my taste, not done wrong but still would work. (8.5/10)

Winnipeg Jets Winter Classic Concept (By: Dallas K.)

Dallas is back, and pits my favorite team against the Caps in the next Winter Classic, interesting match up, but still, Dallas goes back to the WHA years, and some fauxback elements. The striping is nice and simple, the double stripe pattern is underused in the NHL outside of pant striping. The modern shoulder patch works okay with the 80's logo, but the return of the Goals For Kids patch would be amazing (bring back the charity too)! I don't really love the cream, but...it matches with the colours well. I'm not sure of the 14 was a tag for Dallas or actual numbers, but I like the idea, a cool modern twist. (8/10)

Hartford Whalers Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

At first, I didn't really see this concept as anything special, a simple, classic Whalers throwback, good execution and...the socks...wait, I see it now, COOPERALLS, Flee my readers, flee! Actually, if the Flyers or Hurricanes ever wanted to throwback to the experimental COOPERALLS, they should do it this way! I would like to see this on a full body model so that way I could see it. I like the idea, but still needs to be grounded in reality...that these are supposed to replicate COOPERALLS! (7/10)

Quebec Nordiques Concepts (By: Christian L.)

Christian continues to become our resident Nordiques artist, with another set including a new logo and some mdoern elements. I'll treat each of these concepts as a separate third jersey concepts. The blue jersey looks very classic and I like the modern numbers and fleur de lis work well to compliment the modern logo. I can't really see the logo well though, and outline would help and the gray should be darkened so it can be seen better against the white. The white jersey is a little more modern, again I like the numbers and shoulder pach, but the striping looks better and the logo is more visible. (6.25/10)

 Buffalo Bills NFL Concepts (By: Griffin R.)

The Bills have simple jerseys and are easily transportable to hockey jerseys when compared to most NFL jerseys. The home and road match the Buffalo jerseys currently, but the arms would look better matching the hem striping, and thickening them too. The throwback looks amazing, I love everything about it, the yoke stripe and thin arm and hem striping work well with the chest tripe. (7.5/10)

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Robb C.)

The Sabres mediocre throwback from a couple of seasons ago is looking like gold compared to the current mess, but Robb gives us a best of both worlds, combing modern and vintage. The angled arm striping and chest striping are a great mix, and the colour choices work very well. Not a huge fan of the namebar, but Buffalo can pull it off. The numbers look good, but the chest stripes are a little thick, that may be the template though. (8.75/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concept (By: Avi S.)

We finish off where we started off...after the first concept, with Avi's third jersey series. I'll call this a fauxback, but not because it has the elements of a faux back in general, but rather as a Avalanche fauxback. The inverse mountain striping looks great, and the colours are balanced well, though the addition of inverse laces is a nice touch. The black gear is not my favourite, and using navy blue would keep colours close together rather than blue and silver and white and maroon and then...black?  (8.5/10)

That's today's post, guys! Hope you all enjoyed reading along, and my first attempt at meming. If you liked today's post please comment on what you liked, didn't like and nominate concepts you feel worthy. Remember to vote COTW, COTY and top 5 AHL stadium series concepts. As always, I'm Jets96, Go Jets Go and Au Revoir mes amis. 
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Ryan said...

Griffin's Bills for COTW

Perfectly transferred to a hockey jersey.

Tederifico said...

Everyone in Cooperalls....man i LOVED those things.

Forget just the Whalers and Flyers. I think it is time to add Cooperalls to a few concepts for other teams!

Boom goes the dynamite!

DBro Alexander said...

Dallas's winter classic logo is killin me man. It's so obviously the wrigley field winter classic logo.

Matthew McElroy said...

Torader's Bostin Concept for COTW

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