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Monday: March of the Penguins

Hello everyone, welcome to the Monday post!

The Jets fired head coach Claude Noel, no surprise there, the Jets never played to their potential under him, and he was never much of a confident coach..so who did they hire instead...oh...Paul Maurice..yeah, Leafs fans can contest to why he isn't the best replacement, but to be fair, he coach Carolina to the Stanley Cup in 2002 and had some of the best players in recent time like Rod Brind Amour, Ron Francis and Jeff O'Neil..yeah, even I can't say the latter with a straight face, but still, could Andrew Ladd, and Bryan Little be the next Rod and Ron? Probably not, but hey, I'm ready for any change.

Voting has just got super cereal, so now you have to vote!

4th Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Jan 6-12 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

If you don't vote, ManBearPig will make you! I swear ManBearPig is real! Excelsior!

Here are some of the entries to the AHL Stadium Series that have come in so far:

None as of 2:37pm EST

On to the concepts:


Stadium Series Chicago Concept (By: Ricky M.)

The Chicago Stadium Series game is set to be the best of the 4 games, with both teams having incredible talent. Ricky sticks to the modern and angled theme of the Stadium Series, and even some of the 90's. The Blackhawks jersey is very similar to what the Hawks wear now, just more red, which makes it more unique. The Pens jersey is completely unqieu and I love the 90's faded chest stripe and yoke being similar, a good overall theme. The only real issue I have with these concepts is the helmets, which would look better all black. (7.75/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (By: Avi S.)

It seems to be common that people love the ideas the Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series jersey has brought, and Avi brings us a new third jersey, based on the outdoor game. Gone are the angled numbers, cut off striping, chromed logo and elongated NOB and that's all that's needed to be removed. Avi's execution is perfect and this really shows how little the Pens need to change to look better. (9/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Avi S.)

Originally, I thought this was a Stadium Series fix, but it is actually much different that the actual jersey, but the good elements, once again, Avi uses to his advantage. The Duck mask on orange is a great primary, and thickening the Stadium Series striping was a great move, but I wish there was a hem stripe, but then again, every jersey doesn't have to have a hem stripe, and this is one of those which doesn't need one. (9.25/10)

Indy Fuel Concepts (By: David P.)

David takes on Indy's new minor team, rightfully named, Fuel, with some very simple yet effective jerseys. The home and road are nothing special, but still look good, thought I would switch the red and black on the white jersey, and this set desperately needs a shoulder patch set and maybe adding those stars somewhere on the arms. The Racers tribute jersey is great, a simple crossover, and looks very similar to what the team could wear if they go the route of the Racers history. (7/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series Concept (By: Ben S.)

When Pittsburgh reveled the design process to their famous mid 90's set, I instantly loved this design, and Ben does a decent job modernizing it, but even better and keeping things Stadium Seriesy. The striping is good, and putting the numbers in the stripes were a good move. My only problem with this jersey is the numbers, I can't see them. Not only would they be more visible, but will balance the colours better if they were black instead. (6.5/10)

Syracuse Crunch Concept (By: TG)

I'm not sure what these stripes are supposed to be, but I like them! I'll say they're thunderbolts for now, but please, TG, tell me otherwise. The colours are well balanced ad the unique striping fits the AHL, not too extreme but pushing the boundaries. Execution is done well, especially adding the AHL logo into the collar, not a bad idea. I would change the Reebok logo on the socks though. (8.25/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Dallas K.)

Dallas is combining eras for the Penguins, taking us back to 67, but not all the way back past 2002. The problems I have with the 2nd Penguins Winter Classic jerseys are still here, but most of the jersey is improved. The true white and lack of double blue is a solid move, and the collar looks right with tie down, hey, welcome back Robo-Pen! The striping still looks a little weird to me, but the biggest problem is the logo. The roundel logo is just a pet peeve, and to be fair, looks better without the stupid scarf, because, why would Penguins need a scarf, they live in Antarctica. (9/10)

AIK-IF SEL Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

AIK has a sweet logo, but not so sweet jerseys, wearing only black without the blue. Stephen brings in the navy and yellow, less bumblebee, more classic, and Stephen sticks to his strengths going with the Nike Edge template, and yeah, everything looks great. Striping is well done, and the font choice is good. Just a simple classic jersey, but maybe some adds would liven things up, and really look European. (8/10)

That't today's post! Did you like it...no..well then piss off! Kidding! If you liked any of today's concepts, nominate them for COTW, don't be shy. Please remember to vote and enter the AHL Stadium Series and be modern. As always I'm Jets96, Go Jets Go. Vote COTY and have a great Monday!  

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