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December 31, 2014

Wednesday: 3... 2... 1... Happy New Concepts!

Hey guys, quick and easy post today since I don't have much time to write it, but yes, today is new years eve, but is that really important when you have Canada playing the United Sates in the world junior tournament? No. I can assure it will be a great game, and by the time this post is posted, the game should've already started. Who do you think will win the game? Anyways, enough about that, we've got some concepts to review, but first you should probably vote, and you'll probably not want to leave that for tomorrow. Ryan also elected to start a new competition so check that out by clicking the big blue banner at the top of the page!

COTW Dec 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup logos (due Friday, January 9 @ 11:59pm Eastern)

We have received one entry to the logo comp.:
Jared L.

Now it's time for concepts:

Dylan N - Columbus Blue Jackets

Positives: Dylan offers us simple striping which works effectively here. The yoke goes well with the striping and makes the jersey a little more interesting. I like the font choice here, but their current one would work as well. Execution... well does it even need to be said?
Negatives: Hmm... I guess an outline to the numbers on the light jersey could help but is not necessary. Maybe a pant logo? (sorry I'm stretching here.)
Overall: Simplicity works well, and creates a much better set for columbus. (8.5/10)

Jake88 - Ottawa Senators

Positives: Jake, like many of us, think that Ottawa needs a new set of jerseys. He's right. The yoke is interesting, I kind of like it... reminds me of a cape. (Although I'm not sure how longs names would go with it). The hanger effect on the collar is great. 
Negatives: The logo choice is great, but it needs a white outline on the red jersey to make it stand out more. I'm also not feeling the striping, I love the laurel leaves, great touch. The two thin stripes just don't seem to work here, I'm not saying it's a bad pattern... maybe it's just the colours. I'm a little disappointed that Jake didn't use the "o" logo as a should patch, so i think it would've been a better helmet logo instead of the "sens" wordmark.
Overall: This is an improvement on their current set, but could use a little tweaking. (8/10)

Mario A - New Jersey Devils

Positives: The stripes are really bold and in your face, I like that. I think this is Mario's first jersey with perfect execution! The numbers and NOB are placed right, so good job on that Mario!
Negatives: I think I prefer New Jersey in red and black, it feels more intimidating. I tend to like a jersey more when the arm and hem stripes match. Pixelation issues with the outline of the logo on the red jersey.
Overall: Work on matching the hem and arm stripes, and this could really make a great faux-back alternate! (7/10)

Mario A - Ottawa Senators

Positives: Logo choice and arm striping are pretty cool.
Negatives: This is just a recolour of the old "Sens" alternate from a few years back. The colour balance is off, I see too much gold. Numbers on the back of the jersey are too low and need an outline. 
Overall: This is a step back from Mario's previous concept, I'd like to see mario creating something new instead of colouring a template. (5/10)

 Ryan C - Moncton Wildcats

Positives: Ryan Creates a pretty fierce identity for the Wildcats. The logo is in your face, and the stripes are very sharp... 
Negatives: I know often times a junior team will just use an existing template, but since this is a concept, I'd like to see some creativity and not just the old buff-slug template. Maybe getting inspired by this template but creating something of your own.
Overall: The jerseys do look cool, but a little more creativity couldn't hurt anyone (7.5/10)

Taylor R - Alaska (NCAA)

Positives: This is a great colour scheme, and Taylor did a great job of balancing it. I like the yellow jersey because you have enough green on it that the yellow doesn't overpower the look. I really enjoy the Detroit-esque arm stripes. 
Negatives: I get having two pants to match the jersey better, but I think having only one would benefit the team more. 
Overall: Not much to complain about here. Good job. (8.5/10)

Taylor R - Bowling Green (NCAA)

Positives: The Dark uniform looks really crisp, the colours look outstanding. I could really see that jersey in the NHL. Looks very professional. Finally, Taylor's stitching ends at the Hem!
Negatives: The striping on the light jersey don't look as good because the colours are light and since the jersey is white they don't stand out as much, maybe having all of it brown with the orange and gold stripe on top of it. Besides that orange pants and helmet are a no from me. Just having brown equipment would work. Also, there's a Nike logo on the dark jersey but not on the light. (I think it's also been said to Taylor but not every NCAA team is sponsored by Nike).
Overall: Half of this is great, just work on the other half to perfect it (8/10)

Vaughn R - Mackenzie Knights (minor hockey)

Positives: Vaughn Gives us A dark jersey for a minor team in BC. He's got all the element to create a really great jersey. 
Negatives: I love the logo, but it has a lot of white so it looks out of place. Adding white to the jersey could help. The TV number are really small. A white NOB would match the numbers better. You should also colour in the colour so it's not white. Same thing at the bottom of the jersey. 
Overall: Keep working on it! Your execution has gotten better, but still needs practice. (6.5/10)

Well That's the last post of the year... but don't worry we'll have another one tomorrow so i guess it's really not a big deal! Happy New years everyone!

December 30, 2014

Tuesday: Sub-in the Admin

Hello HJC readers! It's-a-me, Ryan. Caden isn't able to do the post today, so I'm jumping in for him.

I was going to wait until the new year to start a new competition, but I had it waiting in my back pocket so I figured I'd start it now. Plus, the first phase is a logo competition, so you now have just under two weeks to put something together.

The competition? A 2016 World Cup of Hockey competition! Click the banner at the top of the page for all of the details.

With only two COTW votes remaining in the 2014 COTW calendar it starts to become very important to place your votes. What a letdown it would be to see a concept advance with only 2 or 3 votes. So email in your COTW vote and make these concepts earn it!

COTW Dec 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
World Cup logos (due Friday, January 9 @ 11:59pm Eastern)


I mentioned it a while back, but the Quad City Mallards will be using a jersey designed by me for their January 31st "Original 6" themed game against the Brampton Beast (who would have guessed that?).

It all started with my entry into the Mallards' jersey competition.
The team liked it enough to pull it out of the competition and use it for their Original 6 game. They wanted a black version though. So I put together four black variations for them. One of the designs below will be used for that game.
I'll reveal the chosen jersey before January 31 (or if the Mallards do first)

I've got my plane tickets and I'm headed out to Moline, Illinois that weekend to take in the game and see the jersey in action. Of course there will be a blog post or two about it.


That's enough about me, lets get to the concepts... 

Berlin vs Los Angeles (Sister Cities) by Stephen T.
Stephen informs us that these two cities are "sister cities", so a game between them is a cool idea. I like the diamonds cut into the stripes on the back hem and under the yoke on the Berlin jersey. I think doing it again on the arms is not needed. I don't love the Kings jersey, but I do like how Stephen sticks to the primary colour scheme of black and silver and then adds the purple nicely. I would make the LA arm stripes not as broad, so that the TV numbers don't look squeezed in there.

Buffalo Sabres by Grant G.
This is Grant's 1st concept, so we always welcome that! As with almost every 1st concept, this one needs some work. The thing that jumps right out at me is the blue in the logo is not the same as the blue used on the jersey. The same can be said for the yellow. This is also a problem on the NOB, which looks to be taken from somewhere else. Keep this one up in the attic Grant and re-visit it after your skills improve. Take another stab at it in June or July.

Waterloo Wolverines (This Is Road Hockey) by Mario A.
"This is Road Hockey" is an old mockumentary and Mario has come up with jerseys for a team from the movie. I have not seen the movie, so it's hard to make a connection here, but the colours are cool. The font for the name and NOB work well with the logo. There's a double outline on the logo, so it would have been nice to see that on the numbers as well.

Waterloo Wolverines 3rd jersey by Mario A.
This just screams bad movie sequel to me. It's a recoloured Thrashers jersey, which looks like it was just rushed out to get your concept numbers up on the blog, in my opinion. I also don't understand the mask. Why would the goalie for the Wolverines have an eagle or griffin on his mask?

Stanford University by Jake D.
For such a historical school, the red jersey on the bottom is very appropriate. I understand the tree logo and the use of green on the white concept, but it still ends up looking like a Christmas specialty jersey. Also, where's the big S logo? In my opinion it has to be on there somewhere. I would like to see one element (other than colours) tie these jerseys together into a set. The execution is fairly good, except for the pixelization of the names and numbers. However, that comes with the package when you use the already laid out font images on the TEMPLATES page rather than installing the fonts on your computer.

Chicago Blackhawks by Zach W.
The best thing about this concept is the C logo on the pants. Execution wise, why did the stitching disappear on the pants around that logo? If it were up to me, the stripes on the pants don't have a gap between them so neither would the stripes on the jersey. After that, the jersey doesn't intrigue me. It's not bad, but I just want to move on. Maybe to add a little more character you could have made the secondary logos on the jersey bigger and moved the TV numbers up on to the yokes?

Chicago Blackhawks by David K.
David bases this fauxback on the Hawks' jerseys from 1926-1934 (thank you This is like having a black and white movie in colour all of a sudden. This is well executed and a nice jersey. For those that suggest the actual Hawks Winter Classic jersey is boring, this is a good alternative. I would suggest adding a "stitching outline" on the numbers and NOB. The same way you have done it with the logos on the arms.

Washington Capitals by David K.
And to complete the set, David shows us his idea for the Capitals for Thursday's game. The basic broad stripes just don't match well with the vintage type logo in my opinion. I also don't think that the unused logo on the shoulder work with the primary. Again, execution is very nice, but this template does come with a collar that doesn't have stitching when using a single colour. I really like the pants. A jersey based on those would be cool.

Is anyone outside of Washington or Chicago pumped up about this game? For all of the previous games I've had a reason to watch. It's mainly because I wanted to see what the stadium would look like, except for 2011 when it was to see Crosby versus Ovechkin. This season's game just doesn't have that kind of appeal. I don't care what the ballpark will look like because there's nothing special about it and Toews versus Ovechkin...Toews wins everytime. Not interested. Thoughts?

December 29, 2014

Last Monday of 2014

Hello hello hello and welcome to HJC for the last Monday of 2014! It's always hard to believe a year has come to an end, they just seem to be going by quicker now. Seems like just last week I was at a Stadium Series game and we were talking 2014 playoffs.

Well, I get to do this one last time in 2014 so I'm going to enjoy it.......

Go vote.

(COTW Dec 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

There's only one vote so I don't see why you shouldn't do it. It's also the second to last COTW vote of the year....Ok well technically it's the last one you'll have to make in this year, but the LAST 2014 vote will be next week...which is also next year... But, yeah, you get it...

Anyway... It was nice to see some of the jerseys you all received for Christmas. I thought I'd use my post today to show you what I got.

First, as a Christmas present for myself I found a deal on eBay I couldn't pass up.

Red CCM Florida Panthers Jersey
I wouldn't call myself a big Panthers fan, the only reason I threw a bid on this bad boy was that I had been after a couple of original RBK Tampa Bay jerseys that were dirt cheap and I got outbid at the literal last second. So why not at least get one Florida jersey?

Then... My dad knowing I've had the same boring white and orange blank jerseys to play in for over a year now got me something to show off in my crease...

Atlanta Thrashers Reebok Navy Practice Jersey
Oh man was I happy to see this. I've been trying to get my hands on a Thrashers jersey for a long time, but now I have one I can play hockey in. It's a 2X which I thought would be a good goalie fit. I wore it over the weekend and truth is, the arms are super tight, not too tight though, I made it work. I've always wanted a Reebok jersey to play in and besides the slight problem with the tight arms, I was happy with it.

And last but not least, this big present I couldn't wait to get my hands on...

Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Winter Classic Jersey
YES. I still have yet to get the 2009 WC jersey or the alternate based on it. But when I saw the Tomahawk Cs on the arms I knew I couldn't wait this time around. I wanted to wait until after the game to see if they won first and then to figure out who I wanted on the back...ideally, some situation came up where Antti Raanta had to play the game and he gets like 50 save shutout or something, because I want Raanta damn it... But when it's offered to me as a gift I'm going to get Toews because I actually don't have any Toews gear and the new font looks sexy so why not get the extra C?

Overall, a pretty good haul this year with the Winter Classic happening. I got the WC Scarf and Pom hat, a neat T shirt, and one of the coolest sweatshirts I have right now... So I'm a happy camper right now.

There it is, the three new additions to my jersey collection! I know I had a Happy Christmas and I hope all of you did too. Now let's get ready for a brand new year eh?

And let's start that "getting ready" process with the last monday batch of concepts in 2014.

Stillmetal Slayers Concept - Road Hockey - Mario A.
Mario's back with some Road Hockey designs. First off the logo is a clip art from a designs site. It fits the name but doesn't work as a hockey logo for me. Too busy, small details... of course, that kind of fits the jersey here but I'd rather see a big bold skull or something along those lines. The font is meh to me, It kind of fits the aesthetic here but the numbers are really round while the jersey is full of jagged lines. Now, as for the jersey, it's a mix between an old Boston alternate and a paint bucket jersey. If you get rid of the big splotches of black and white, and just have a red jersey and white jersey with the Boston Style jagged stripes, you're golden here. The yokes shouldn't be round, but instead either jagged like the rest of the jersey or non existent. There's also no TV numbers, but I guess those aren't really required here.

Rating: 6/10

Knoxville Ice Bears Concept - Ryan C.
Very colorful set here. The logo is bold and colorful and so should the jerseys. Ryan makes them just that. I think there's a mismatch of designs here that just doesn't blend well. The arms have a big and bold round design that has two colors... Orange and Purple... The hems, however, feature a sharper design with three colors, one orange and two purples. I personally like the arm design so find a round design or just straight hem stripe to finish off this jersey. Maybe each jersey could use a tad more black/white in the striping.

Rating: 7/10

Disney's "Hockey Homicide" Goofy Cartoon Concept - Alan H.
I'm sure we're all somewhat familiar with the Goofy Hockey Homicide cartoon. If not, I suggest you track it down and give it a watch. The Moose and Pelicans of course are the two teams you see play in the short...Even though there's a joke while rearranging the starting lineups the team names are swapped to "Loose Leafs" and "Ant Eaters". The jerseys here are modernizations of what they wear in the video. Only difference is actual logos on the front, arm stripes with TV numbers, pants stripes, helmets, and team colored gloves. It's a clever idea for a concept. Would have been nice to see the modernization go even further and give these teams identities outside these similar jerseys.

Rating: 7/10

Tampa Bay Lightning - Something Completely Different - Alternate Jersey Concept - Caz W.
Caz redesigns the Lightning's black jersey with something more unique and eye catching. I can see the zig zags in the striping as lightning bolts, but I see it more as some sort of tribal pattern or something. Something about the hem stripe makes it seem off center and it doesn't sit well with me. You've also got these sharp, jagged stripes but a perfectly round yoke that just doesn't seem to fit. I like the overall idea here but there's still some changes that could be made.

Rating: 7/10

Stillmetal Slayers - Road Hockey - Alternate Jersey Concept - Mario A.
Mario also has an alternate jersey for the Slayers. The logo is the same as earlier, so my comments there apply here too. As for the jersey, it's better than the other two. The arm design is very bold and eye catching. It seems like a reverse Flyers jersey. The hem needs some white so it looks like it belongs. I think this font fits on an alternate jersey like this a lot better. The TV numbers are too small and the wrong Reebok logo is featured on the back of the jersey. The goalie mask is a nice touch as well.

Rating: 7.5/10

Star Wars - Grand Army Of The Republic Hockey Concept - Ryan G.
Admittedly, I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, so a lot of references to the Star Wars universe will go unseen by me. Aside from all the space letters and numbers that I don't understand, one thing I notice is white is more heavily featured on the arms, socks, and pants, but the yoke is a dark red which makes the jersey look unbalanced to me. The hem stripe designed like a belt is neat. And I really hope that the back the jersey says Reebok in a space language.

Rating: 8/10

Star Wars - Revans Sith Empire Hockey Concept - Ryan G.
Again, Star Wars references are right over my head. but I do know that Siths are evil and this uniform gives off a dark and evil vibe. I think the helmet and pants should be black, I think it'll make the overall uniform more dark without being one big red blob of a player. I think some small white trim could be used on the letters, numbers, and yoke.

Rating: 8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept - Jack H.
When the Lightning rebranded a couple years ago they wanted to go with a classic look and something like this probably would have been slightly better received. It doesn't immediately come across as a Detroit or Toronto rip off. The striping is a pretty basic hockey look that I don't think any other team uses right now, but the yoke screams Boston to me. I wouldn't want to see any other teams using a yoke like that. Everything else here is nice.

Rating: 8/10

And there it is... the last batch of hockey jersey concepts you'll see on a Monday in 2014...EVER... Remember to get your COTW vote in this week and share your new hockey jerseys with us if you haven't already! Remember... Pics or it didn't happen!

Ps McElroy, get "Any Player" "00" on your Stadium Series jersey, jerk.

December 28, 2014

Sunday: Respect the Light Jersey

Hello everyone, and welcome to the start of another week at HJC! Today's post has a few concepts for the Philadelphia Flyers, redesigns for the Capitals, Sabres, Hurricanes, and some really great light jerseys. Dark jerseys tend to get the lion's share of attention,, so it's good to see some light sweaters getting the time and respect they deserve.

Yesterday, we saw some jerseys our readers had received this Christmas, and it looks like some of you got some good hauls this year. My wife hinted I might be getting one later. We'll see. 

Speaking of getting what you wanted for Christmas, did your team get what they wanted this season? Let's take a look at some teams that whose seasons have been just what they wanted, or those who could even trade for a lump of coal.


What they wanted: Better Goaltending, defense

What they got: Michael Hutchinson has been a revelation in net so far. Considering he was in the ECHL at this time last year, Hutchinson has really stepped up. Pavelec has looked good as well.

Tampa Bay

What they wanted: Young players stepping up, consistency

What they got: Nikita Kucherov and Tyler Johnson aren't getting enough attention for the kind of seasons they are having. Stamkos and Callahan have developed good chemistry, and Tampa Bay has quickly rebuilt on the fly.


What they wanted: Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn, Jason Spezza, Ales Hemsky, and Valeri Nuchushkin form a formidable offense. Anders Lindback rediscovers his Nashville form to become a reliable backup.

What they got: The offense still seems to lack chemistry, and Lindy Ruff has made the lines very top-heavy. Lindback is likely playing his last NHL season, as he has been a total liability when asked to fill in for a Kari Lehtonen who is taking a shellacking in net.


What they wanted: Peter Laviolette successfully installs a better offensive system, improving forwards already on the team/in the system, while using offensive blueliners effectively; a healthy Pekka Rinne.

What they got: Laviolette's system has worked wonders. Forsberg already looks like the best offensive talent the team's ever had (including James Neal). Weber/Josi is the league's best defensive duo, and Pekka Rinne has been the best goaltender in the league thus far.

New York Islanders

What they wanted: Improved defense; better goaltending (or any goaltending)

What they got: The Islanders picked up some really underrated players in Johnny Boychuck, Nick Leddy, and Jaroslav Halak. The results have been instant - the Isles sit just 2 points out of first place in the East, and they have 2 games in hand against 2nd place Tampa Bay.

Washington Capitals

What they wanted: Mitch Korn and Barry Trotz to improve goaltending and defensive play.

What they got: Some players have improved (Braden Holtby, John Carlson) while some haven't (Mike Green, Evgeny Kuznetsov). That's Trotz for you. Players will either play lights out for him or not play at all. It can produce amazing results at times, and be maddening at others.

Did your team get what they wanted this year, or are you hoping that they will get a late present in the form of a trade, a certain KHL player who may not be getting paid in the Russian ruble collapse, or is your team desperate enough to claim Derek Roy? Let us know in the comments section!

The best way to ensure that you and your team gets what they want for Christmas is by being a good HJC reader, and voting for Concept of the Week! Joining the Mailing List makes it even easier!

(COTW Dec 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Jersey Concept - Kevin M.

Positives: The striping pattern has some historical significance, hearkening back to the 1930-31 Philadephia Quakers

Negatives: The black in the logo is a different color than the black used on the jersey. The trademark hasn't been taken off the logo, either. That wouldn't appear on the jersey. The stitching around the collar was colored over when the template was filled in with black. The number/name font is not very good. I recommend using some of the fonts on our TEMPLATES page. The jersey would be better balanced with arm striping that matched the hems. The inside of the jersey shouldn't be white.

Overall: There are some good ideas here. A few changes would make this a good alternate. (6.75/10)

Philadelphia Flyers Concept - Jack H.

Positives: These are very clean jerseys. Helmet logos always help make the look more authentic. 

Negatives: The white jersey needs a little more black to balance the orange out. I'm not sold on the chest striping, but without it, there is nothing interesting about this concept.

Overall: Well executed, but doesn't seem to take much inspiration from Flyers' history. (7.75/10)

Washington Capitals Concept - Jack H.

Positives: The problem with the Washington Captials' Winter Classic jersey is the color balance. There isn't enough blue. The white jersey is much better balanced. 

Negatives: The red jersey could still use more blue. I think the two inner stripes should stay blue, as they are on the white jersey. I'm not sure the Caps' current primary logo (used on the pants here) fits with the Winter Classic aesthetic.

Overall: The white jersey is interesting, but the red jersey suffers from the same color balance problems the Capitals's Winter Classic jersey does. (8/10)

Wheeling Nailers Concept (ECHL) - Ryan C.

Positives: The overall design reminds me of the Buffalo Sabres' jerseys, but that's not a bad thing these days, unless we're talking about their third jersey. The striping pattern is pretty good. I don't like piping, but I don't hate it here.

Negatives: The logos and name/number on the white jersey are a different shade of black from the rest of the jerseys. The "Nailers" nickname is unique, so I would like to see a set that is just as unique. 

Overall: Not a bad set, but I would like to see something a little more memorable. Minor league jerseys allow you a lot of room to stretch your creativity. (7/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concept - Matt M.

Positives: I think we all agree that the Avalanche have terrible uniforms. Even my wife commented on how bad their jerseys were when they played the Preds a few weeks back. I really like the striping pattern here. It takes inspiration from the Avs' original jerseys, but modernizes the look, instead of just translating that look to a Reebok template. The secondary logos look great; a huge improvement over the foot logo. Execution is flawless. Matt puts a logo on the helmet, and numbers. Take notice. The next few concepts include that detail. It's the small details that separate good artists from the best ones. 

Negatives: Why not include an away jersey and make it a set? 

Overall: This would be a great home jersey for the Avs, but I wish an away jersey was paired with it. (9/10)

Buffalo Sabres Concept - Dylan N.

Positives: That white jersey is a real standout. Dylan incorporated the tapered sleeve stripe from their alternate, but to much greater effect. The change isn't dramatic on the dark jersey, but the white jersey is a very positive difference. Execution and presentation is perfect. I like the helmet logo design. The more minimal design translates better when sized down. I don't mind the striping not wrapping completely around the sleeves here.

Negatives: The dark jersey could use some white. 

Overall: Dylan's design improves Buffalo's away jersey, and makes the home jersey a little more unique. (8.85/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concept - Dylan N.

Positives: The Hurricane's redesign only made their jerseys more bland. Dylan's, naturally, brings back the hurricane flag striping, but placing it only on the yoke ensures that it gets attention, but doesn't dominate the jerseys. These jerseys have better color balance, using more black and silver trim. The red still dominates, though. The flag logo fits well on a helmet. Love the reference to this. I think the white jersey is the stronger of the two.

Negatives: This is more of a general complaint with Hurricanes concepts, but I would like to see more organic striping with their jerseys. I think that match the logo better, which is a very organic design.

Overall: Very solid set for the Hurricanes. (9/10) COTW nomination from me!

Today's post had some really great concepts, so be sure to nominate those you think deserve to go to our Concept of the Week vote! Let the artists know what you like/dislike about their concepts, because it's always helpful to get more than one opinion when you're looking for feedback. 

That's all for today. Be sure come back tomorrow for Dylan's post, and check out some of the jerseys that our reader's received in yesterday's post!

December 27, 2014

December 27: The Neglected Holiday Child

Good day, eh! And welcome to December 27. The neglected 4th child of the Christmas calendar. The 27th is typically reserved for cleaning up the pile of boxes and garbage that your wonderful gifts have left behind. Or perhaps you're making the effort to go to your 3rd or 4th Christmas dinner today, but you really don't want to.


The winner of the COTW for December 14-20 was CPM! This was CPM's 2nd straight COTW win, and his 3rd is 4 weeks. He's on a roll!

Full Results
CPM - 6
Dylan N. (VAN) - 5
Dylan N. (DET) - 4
Dylan N. (STL) - 0
Jack H. - 0

The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page in the black banner. Click that banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab to see the actual concepts. Voting ends on Friday!


All week the writers were asking readers to send in pictures of any jerseys the may have received as gifts this holiday season. Here's what came in.

Mario A.
Nice retro Pens jersey. Goes with the hair!

Taylor R.
Taylor sent this in and noted that there is no player on it. How do you guys feel, does every replica jersey need a number?

Matt M - LA
I'm actually a fan of this jersey. The giant TV numbers and white pants are a major drawback though.

Matt M. - VAN
There are so many retro Canucks options to choose from. Matt got his own name on the jersey as well. I'm interested to hear what the readers think about getting your own name on a pro team's jersey.

Kris K.
Kris loves this jersey, and that's what matters. Can anyone spot all of the clues?


Starting tomorrow, it's the final week of the 2014 Concept of the Week calendar. If you don't see your concept posted by Friday then it will be vying for the 2015 Concept of the Year.

Get on the COTW Mailing List already!

COTW Dec 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

December 26, 2014

Friday: Boxing Day Blowout

Should it be called Boxing Day or WRESTLE SUPER ULTRAMANIA 12- THIS TIME IT"S PERSONAL- day? Not sure but happy Boxing Day!

Well with the Holidays coming to an end; Christmas and Chanukah already over and Kwanza today, some jersey collections have gotten bigger. Mine did.

Funny enough, it came before Christmas so call it an early gift. Me & my dad went to see the Leafs vs. Flyers game in Toronto, and he bought me a new Leafs jersey. Thanks Dad!

So which Leafs player did I get on it? Why the great JVR of course!

It's a sweet jersey and maybe you received a jersey of your own. Send you own in to HJC and Ryan will post in on Tomorrow's weekend update. 

COTW voting doesn't stop because of the holidays, hell, even Santa votes. If he has time, you sure do to, it'll take at most 2 mins. 

COTW Dec 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

We got 7 wonderful concepts today, so no more introductions, let's get right to it!

On to the concepts:


Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Caz W.)

The title doesn't lie, this is something completely different. It's not a completely new idea, there have been a few all vertical designs, but the Ducks are one of the few teams that I think could pull it off. One of the keys to any concept like this is of course colour balancing, and Caz practices what he preaches, will lots of black and hold to of with the orange and white. The left half of the jersey does look a little bare, more so on the cuffs, adding black would fix that. The numbers on the back aren't my favourite either, not because they are bad, but because it's not a Ducks font. Maybe going with the original Mighty Ducks font or even the curved font. (8.25/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Nate F.)

I'm totally for the Blue Jackets using this logo on more jerseys, and maybe eventually as a primary. In primary Blue Jackets colours, the logo looks even better, and it matches the hat in the circle logo well too. While the font is an altered version of the current numbers, I would have liked to see the boxy alternate numbers. The biggest problem is the shade of blue with the red. Sure that is the shade blue from the logo and lighter blue from the actual jersey, it doesn't go well with the red, making it look more like a Rangers jerseys than a Jackets one. Navy would be more unique. (7.75/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Jake88)

I've seen this idea a few times, but it's something that can work. Once again, the cannon logo looks better in the red, white and blue, and even keeping the vintage white doesn't look back. The striping pattern I like a lot, not just on the sash, but on the arms. The star on the arms look solid too. The numbers are cool too, but would look better with an outline. Solid exception from Jake88, as expected. (9/10)

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Dylan N.)

A Flames jersey with no white? STONE THE BLASPHEMER! Well okay, I'll give this one a chance. The jerseys are simple and solid, with the colours balanced well, and actually makes a yellow Calgary C look plausible. No horsehead, no angled stripes or flag patches, a nice set, something Flames haven't have in a while. That being said, I could not see the Flames wearing this full time, the lack of white does hurt the jerseys a little bit, making this look dark. A good alternate set though. (8.75/10)

Nashville Predators Concepts (By: Jack H.)

The key to any good Nashville concept is to take advantage of the colour scheme and logos, Jack does a little of both. The striping is a good mix of the current and original Preds jerseys, and I really like the little yoke flares. it's be nice if the yellow jersey had more blue on the side panels and arms, and wasn't just a copy of the white jersey. Not that it looks bad, but the socks give that look. I'm super nitpicky with the Pred's shoulder patch because they should be the easiest team in the NHL to use them with. The shoulders look bare without the guitar pick, and the NP logo makes a much better on the pants. The guitar strings on the yellow jersey would be more visible if they were blue. (8/10)

Los Angeles Kings Concept (By: Matt Mc.)

Now....Not that I was disappointed in the Kings SS jerseys, but they certainly are lackluster, and missing a certain logo. Matt fixes the Kings in something a little less bland and more Gretzky like. This jersey would be a perfect deviation from the Kings usual black, silver and white, with lots of purple and gold, and a logo that hasn't been talked much about. Keeping the LA patch was a solid more. The jersey isn't perfect though, I would have stayed far away from any sash references and white pants. (9.2/10)

Bentley Falcons Concepts (By: Brady S.)

I'm all for people making concepts for their schools, shows a lot of pride, and with Bentley having a sweet shield logo, why not tinker The home and road do what Tampa couldn't do and balance blue and black with minimal whit. The jerseys are simple, but logo on the front are too large and the yokes would look better with a shoulder patch. The alternate is fantastic, and a great deviation from the dark main set. The yoke is needless, and the jersey would be better without it, or add some yellow. (8.5/10)

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