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December 31, 2013

Tuesday: Last Post of 2013 ! ! ! ! !

Hey Ho Everyone! Hope everyone's enjoying their LAST DAY OF 2013!!! We've seen some pretty good hockey design over the last year, whether it be here on the site, or out on the ice. We've also seen some that we hope stay in 2013....Ahem, Buffalo....

Within a few weeks we'll know who holds the title of Concept of the Year 2013 here on the blog but we still have a few votes to get through. So get votin'!

COTW Dec 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Don't forget to get your Delaware Pioneers' jerseys in for the competition by Saturday

Delaware Pioneers Entires - Saturday, January 4, 2014 @ 11:59am Eastern

Speaking of, we have 4 entries today, so go ahead and take a look...

Caleb F.

David K.

Dylan W.

Rob C.

And now.... The last batch of concepts for 2013!

New York Rangers Concept - Stephen T.
Nothing new here. The blue jersey's striping has been changed to match the white jersey. I'm pretty sure this has been done a few times on the site. Execution wise, pretty well done, except that the TV numbers are wrong. The back says 18, but the arms say 81.

Rating: 4/10

Braunschweiger Penguins Jersey - Martin L.
Martin creates a jersey for his team. The jersey design is very simple. The three stripes are placed very far apart from each other and I wish they were closer. And I can't tell if my eyes are playing a trick on me or if some of the green lines are crooked compared to the black ones. Nothing really says Penguins about the jersey but I might know why things seem overly simple here.....

and BAM... Martin actually handmade the jersey in the concept. Perhaps he knew he was going to have to replicate everything he made on the computer so he wanted to keep it simple. Obviously there are some issues with the logo and numbering shown, it's off center and the line thickness varies. But the effort put into this concept is what wins me over. Not very often have we seen our artists handmake their concept and turn it into reality. Bravo Martin

Rating: Design-wise... 5/10 - Very simple and the striping seems bare because of the space between the stripes, but the Effort and creativity rating: is a 10.

Now everyone go make jerseys.

Creighton Blue Jays (NCAA) Concept - Caden P.
I may be wrong, but this may be the first Blue Jays concept I've seen on the site, or at least the first I can think of... Anyway, the logo was just named "Best New Logo of 2013" By and I have to agree, so it almost doesn't matter what the rest of the jersey looks like, the logo makes it look good. Some more striping would be good though. This is very Columbus Blue Jackets-y... boring. The striping that is there sort of resembles the outlines in the "C". I don't mind seeing the arm length yokes but something extra, at the very least a hem stripe would help. I'd also keep the arm yoke dark blue on the white jersey. To liven it up a little. The logo is overly pixelated on both jerseys.

Rating: 6/10

Ottawa Senators Concept - Stephen T.
A callback to the Senators' first jerseys. Stephen uses much thinner stripes than the Sens did, as well as a matching hem stripe, which I like. I'd like to see a lighter shade of gold used on the logo so it stands out more on the black jersey. I wouldn't mind seeing the red stripes either thicker, or placed closer together.

Rating: 6/10

St. Johns IceCaps Concept - Jets96
Our very own Jets makes use of the new IceCaps logo for the AHL affiliate of his Jets. First off I like the logo, and it looks good on the jersey, I also like their current primary so I do miss that. The color scheme here is slightly different from the current Caps. I'd rather see their current color scheme, or the Jets' color scheme for that matter. The light blue here is a little too vibrant for my taste. I'd replace it with the light blue the team currently uses. 

Rating: 7/10

Carolina Hurricanes Third Jersey Concept - Dylan W.
Dylan used a design similar to this a few months back for the Lethbridge Hurricanes, and I'm glad to see him use it here. He altered it a little bit to fit with this Hurricanes' logo. I like the hem stripe a lot, but something seems off about the arms. I want to see more black. Maybe just keep the cuffs black. Rest of the jersey though is great.

Rating: 8/10 - Change the arms and cuffs up and boom, 9 for sure.

Detroit Red Wings Concept - Jack H.
Jack tackles the "untouchable" Red Wings. The striping is thinned out and duplicated. Nothing to complain about. Very basic look here, which is preferred for any of the untouchables. One thing though, I would like to see the white jersey with red arms. It just makes too much sense not to do it. One execution note, there is a gray stripe under the red on the white sock, I'm sure that's not supposed to be there.

Rating: 8/10

Minnesota Wild Concept - Jack H.
I love this striping. Another interesting move is the lack of white from the entire uniform set. Of course, the Wild in a wheat colored jersey isn't unheard of on this site, but normally white is somewhere. Back to the stripes, from further out, it looks like the striping is actually a gradient, from wheat to red on the dark jersey, red to green on the light jersey. I love when jersey striping appears to be a gradient but isn't actually a gradient. Big props to you Jack. I would like to see a white jersey though, I feel the "gradient" would look pretty sharp.

Rating: 8.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks Third Jersey Concept - Dylan W.
Aaaand finally, the final concept of 2013.

I can see a mix of eras here which is good. A lot of concepts I've seen for the Blackhawks normally pick on just one era and alter it. You can tell I like Dylan's work because this is one of the few Blackhawks concepts I actually like. I'm curious as to what it would look like if the arms had the two extra stripes under the red stripe, just for continuity. I like the alteration done to the shoulder C.

Rating: 9/10

And a COTW Nom!

That's it folks, the final post of 2013. I hope you all have a very Happy New Year and that 2014 treats everyone well.

I want to thank everyone who's involved in the site, from the concept artists for giving us content, the readers to make us feel like someone's paying attention to our ramblings, to fellow writers for helping keep the site running, and especially to Ryan for making it all possible.

2013 was a great year for the site, and there's nothing stopping 2014 from being even better... Here's to that!!! 

See ya next year everybody!

December 30, 2013

Monday: New Years Eve...Eve

Happy last Monday of 2013 HJCers!

As we close in on the new year, an upcoming Olympics, and a great knockout round in the World Juniors, lets not forget the really friggin' important things, like watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fruit Loops, and COTW Voting!

COTW Dec 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Lets face it, two concept votes are the perfect vote to get the numbers up, up and higher than ever. This is the last chance of 2013 to vote for COTW, so get on it to get a start on those new years resolutions!

Sadly, Dylan W. is leaving the HJC writing team in mid January, we will all miss his posts, but that doesn't mean you can't join the level of greatness that is...the HJC writer! Want to join Jets96, Dylan A., William B., Colin M. and Caz W. and Ryan HJC on our nevereneding mission to critique and construct concepts across the known universe...grab some concepts off HJC, write your reviews of them, know how to use blogger and your time zone in comparison to Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5:00), and send the them in!!!

No Delaware Pioneers Jersey Contest entries have come in as of 2:00pm EST, will check later on tonight!

On to the Concepts:

Saskatchewan Wheat Concepts (By: Caleb F.)

Neat idea here, Caleb! With Abbotsford in Canucks territory, and attendance not doing amazing for the Heat, it's no stretch to suggest a Saskatchewan based AHL team is a good idea, and what a look to go for. The altered logo is the crown jewel on this concept, good job using the new Flames shoulder patch and making it a good primary logo that has elements of Saskatchewan (I.E. Wheat, Rising Sun). While I don't love the name, the jersey striping is unique and has a nice classic feel to it, though I would use more green on the white jersey and more black on the green jersey, to balance out the colours more. Execution note: The Flames C on the green jersey is far too small, and would maybe look more in place if the patch was on both shoulders. (7.5/10)

NCAA Ice Bowl Concept (By: Ryan HJC)

After the NCAA Outdoor Comp two weeks ago, the number of NCAA Outdoor concepts has gone up, and we will see three today, the first coming from our leader Ryan HJC. The Penn State jersey is my favourite of the two, maybe because the striping looks very similar to the Marlies Outdoor Classic jerseys, baring the chest stripes. I really like the classic feel of that jersey and the brown gear, surprisingly goes well, I'm not usually a fan of that. The Gophers jersey is a little too bland, colour wise, but still has a classic appeal. I don't like the yoke or the invisible outline logo, but those are easy changes and just preferences as opposed to actual problems with the jersey, great execution as expected from Ryan. (8.75/10)

NCAA Outdoor Classic Concept (By: Taylor R.)

Our 2nd NCAA Outdoor concept comes from Taylor R. and is a New England match up between Boston and Providence, Both jerseys use the full colour scheme of both teams, which isn't easy to do, especially with double red, when one shade almost looks pink compared to the other. Neither jersey is particularly modern or vintage, but nice, clean and simple, just how a college hockey jersey should be. Execution is great, good solid concept here. (8/10)

Battle of 33rd Street NCAA Concept (By: Phil B.)

Two of the less known hockey schools, Drexel and Pennsylvania are pitted together by Phil B. in this outdoor game at Franklin Field. The Dragons jersey is cleaily vintage and with this concept, I like the use of only two colours, and the over-sized tv numbers/arm stripes galore. The Penn jersey I also like, the chest stripe and arm band look neat together, though I would have used blue pants and gear and true white instead of wheat, but that's preference over actual errors. (8/10)

2015 Winter Classic Concept (By: Tristan M.)

I love the idea of Washington wearing red in the next Winter Classic, and the Bruins wearing black and yellow...I'm liking what I'm seeing. The Bruins concept is my favourite of the two, and the massive amount of striping matches the 50's appeal of the jersey ( I can really see Johnny Bucyk wearing these). The Capitals concept, I've seen this idea before, and is a good idea and the vintage white even works, of all those things, maybe would look better with true white, but still looks good. (9/10)

Quebec Nordiques Concept (By: Joey F.)

I'll treat this as an alternate concept, but if it is a home concept, please let me know. I like the striping pattern and the small amount of red is a good outline, but I would add that to the numbers, logo and name. The concept is very simple, which matches the Nordiques look, and the fleur de lis actually makes a good primary logo. The only real execution note is the shoulder patches, which are vertical, as opposed to horizontal, but it is done right, aside from the leveling. (6.5/10)

New York Islanders Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen's first concept of the night takes us to Long Island, soon to be Brooklyn to give the Islanders a wavy look with waves. I like the striping pattern, and the arms are done just right, colours done just right on both jerseys. The hem wave is a little thin, but I like the idea. I wish it went all the way to the middle, or it was thicker, but the idea is good. I'm not huge on the yoke outline, and wouldn't have a yoke at all, or add a full yoke. The idea is there, but minor adjustments will make it better. (6.75/10)

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Michael G.)

I love this Sens concept, and mainly is everything I'd want in a Sens concept. The colour choices are great, I love the darker bronze when compared to the current, almost yellow looking bronze, gold maybe? Anyways, the striping pattern on the white jersey is amazing, and I wish it carried over to the black jersey. The black jersey should be a copy of the white jersey, and I would edit the numbers so they are black and red on the white jersey and white and red on the back jersey. (8.75/10)

New Jersey Devils Concepts (By: Wings98)

Here. Wings continues to retro edge the NHL, Mickey Mousing up the Devils! Jokes aside, The Devils have never had a bad jersey in their history. The only thing missing in this concept is the awesome yoke style, but other than that, the jerseys are near repilcas of the 80's Devils jerseys. Not much else to say, but the execution is getting better for Wings, and that is great to see. (7/10)

New Jersey Devils Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Our final concept of the day is Stephen's combination of Devils eras between Mickey Mouse and modern. The arm striping is great and is one of the best parts of the original Devils jerseys. The colour are balanced well. Not sure if the red helmet looks better than the black helmet, and I'm not a huge fan of the black yoke on the white jersey, red would match the Devil's 90's jersey. (7/10)

That's today's post! Did you like today's concepts, didn't like today's concepts? Tell me I'm wrong or right and nominate concepts you deem worthy in the comments, we all love the read the comments just as much as the post when things get interesting. Remember to vote for the last COTW of the year and get your Delaware Pioneers concepts ready! Thanks for reading, Go Jets Go! I'm Jets96, and this is the last Monday post of 2013. 

December 29, 2013

Weekend Update (Last of 2013)

Hello HJC readers. Welcome to the last Weekend Update of 2013!


Here are the last two entries into the Delaware Pioneers logo competition...


Austin (version 2)

The winner of the Delaware Pioneers competition (logo phase) will be announced whenever I receive word from the team. Once that happens, we can move onto the jersey phase.


The winner of the COTW for Dec 16-22 was Matt Mc!
Full Results
Matt Mc (MIN) - 6
Dylan W. - 2
Matt Mc (COL) - 2


The nominees for the final COTW vote of 2013 have been listed on the side of the page. You can click that banner to see the concepts, or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. HJC readers get ready. These next five weeks are going to be very important, as far as voting goes. We have this final COTW vote. Then the COTY-December vote. Then the 4th Quarter vote. That's followed by the 2013 Concept of the Year Semi-Finals and of course, the 2013 Concept of the Year vote after that.


It's that time again. It's time for HJC to find a new writer. We are looking for someone to write on Wednesday's. Dylan W. will be stepping down due to a heavy school schedule. This opens up a spot for one of you. Click the banner at the top of the page to get all of the details and to download the concepts for the mock post. The deadline is nearly two weeks away, so you have some time.


Are you going to the Winter Classic? Are you in the area during that time? If you answered yes, then we are looking to do a HJC meet-up. It will likely be after the game and we'll try to get a group shot. Email me if you want to be a part of this.

Also, if you're going to the Heritage Classic in Vancouver there will be another HJC meet-up there. That one will be hosted by Friday's writer, Colin. If you're interested, Colin says you can find him on Facebook through the HJC page (Colin May) or you can email me and I will get the email to Colin.


Using the hashtag above on Twitter, the HJC Facebook page, or just by emailing HJC readers have shared the jerseys they got for Christmas (or as another holiday gift).

Ted N.
Was given this as a gift as he will be a father soon!

Alan H.
I didn't realize people would actually like and buy these!

Steven G.
Vancouver Millionaires. This one is a beaut!

Brady S.
Would you risk getting a jersey of someone who may only be there for one season?

Ottawa Heritage Classic jersey. Event patch sold separately, of course $$$$$$

Sid Crosby signed jersey. Manufacturing location...questionable.

Bryan R.
I swear, 90% of these are usually knock-offs. This one appears to be very legit! Mario only wore it for pre-season in his rookie year.

Michel R.
Had these Santa jerseys made for his team in the Netherlands.

Penn State jersey. This jersey is very clean looking. It's on my wishlist.

Matt Mc. & Father
Matt and his dad are going to the Winter Classic, so for Christmas they got each other Wings personalized jerseys.

Ryan (HJC)
Why does this guy get to go last?!?! Because it's my blog. I added my 2nd game worn jersey to my collection. This is Home Set #1 from the 2012-13 season. He only used it for 5 games, but the price was right. I want to do a more in depth look at this jersey. That will likely happen sometime on the HJC Design Blog. I've said this before, but if you're a jersey collector, the ONLY way to get 100% on-ice accurate jerseys is to purchase a game worn or game issued jersey. The Authentics are not the same! Click on this link, it's for MeiGray. They're selling jerseys for $75. They are team issued, Reebok 1.0 sweaters, that never had a name or number put on them. They're not game used, but they're totally worth it to see the difference in quality and to dip your toes in the game used jersey pool.


Ok, are we all done now? Is your house tidy yet or are gifts and other Christmas carnage still laying around? Either way we should all be back to our somewhat regular routines this week. Which affords you a great opportunity to vote for the last COTW of 2013. Don't miss out on this chance!

COTW Dec 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

December 28, 2013


Greetings jersey enthusiasts, and welcome to another Saturday HJC post! I hope you've all been enjoying the holidays! There's not much new in jersey news, so I'll blabbing brief.

Delaware Pioneers Logo Competition Entries:

Austin E.

Dylan W.

Justin C.

Matt Mc.

Now on to our regularly scheduled concepts:

Montreal Canadiens concept - Stephen T.

What I like: The Canadiens have changed very little since 1917, and for good reason. My favorite set of theirs, however, was the 1944-1947 jerseys. This concept takes inspiration from those years, and it's reasonably well done.

What I dislike: There are a few execution errors. The TV numbers on the red jersey are different colors. The collar of the white jersey could use some blue. The helmets could use logos. There's also an odd spot on the front of the red jersey, beneath the logo that is a different shade of red.

Overall: I would like to see Montreal do a white alternate based on the 1944-47 white jersey. (7.5/10)

Montreal Canadiens concept - DDragon60

What I like: It's good to see a concept artist taking on one of the teams in league deemed "untouchable."

What I dislike: There is a reason why many don't. It's hard to make them look better than what they already do. This would be a step back. The full-length yoke doesn't look good here. The hem stripes would look better closer to the hem, and the numbers are a bit too large. I do miss the chest stripe. The stitching is over the hem stripes as well.

Overall: I respect mixing things up, but in this case the recipe should be left alone (6/10)

Pittsburgh vs. Syracuse concept - Jake88

What I like: The jerseys look great and fit well. The concepts were really strong for the NCAA Outdoor Competition. I like the striping on both jerseys. 

What I dislike:  I'm not sure that flat yoke looks good on a Nike Swift template. I would like to see the logo for this competition. It is in the background, but you can't see the full design. Pittsburgh should be wearing a white helmet.

Overall: A very strong look for both teams. This would look great on the ice. (8.5/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets concept - Michael G.

What I like: The cannon third is the Blue Jackets' best jersey. This set takes inspiration from them, but doesn't copy them. Execution is pretty good.

What I dislike: The dark jersey puts an emphasis on two-tone blue, which is already done by the Blues and Jets, so I think downplaying that aspect would make the look more unique. My favorite part of the current third is the number font, so I'm disappointed that it wasn't used on this set.

Overall: This would be a step in the right direction for the Blue Jackets, who have the league's most boring jerseys. (7.9/10)

Phoenix Coyotes concept - Ryan D.

What I like: A wheat jersey from the coyotes would make an interesting alternate.

What I dislike: The primary logo is more suited for an alternate logo, and three logos on one jersey is one too many. The hem stripes should be moved closer to the hem. The numbers on the back are off-center. There are loose pixels in various locations, but many are around the collar. One cuff was not colored in as the others were. There is also some white space around the rear inside of the collar that needs to be colored in. The helmet needs a logo as well. The shoulder patches are too large and too close to the collar. You also left the trademark symbol on the logo. Many of these errors are easy to fix, and if you slow down and go over all the details of your concepts, you'll catch them.

Overall: An interesting idea, held back with execution errors. (4/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins concept - Ryan D.

What I like: The striping pattern is interesting.

What I dislike: Almost everything I said above applies here. Execution brings this down. The pants striping is modern, and doesn't match the jersey at all. Off-white and true white are used, instead of just one shade. The logo needs to have a white outline around it. It wasn't designed for a navy blue jersey. There are loose and unintentionally deleted pixels. Oddly enough, there are some light blue pixels around the TV numbers, which tells me that light blue was likely the initial background color here. That needs to be cleaned up.

Overall: Take your time and proofread your concepts. (4/10)

Nashville Predators concept - Stephen T.

What I like: Switching gold and navy blue on the home jersey doesn't look bad. As a Preds fan, I believe that a blue third from Nashville may happen one day, but the vast majority of the fanbase has fully embraced gold as our signature color. Few team rebrands have been more successful.

What I dislike: No one wants the old Pred Head back. It looked like a bad anime robot tiger. It's a relic of the late 90s, and looks really bad recolored here, especially with heavily pixelation. This would have been a good opportunity to remove the piping, as that is usually considered the weakness of the jerseys. The yoke doesn't look good on the white jersey. I like taking "Nashville" off the back of the collar, but I do miss the piano keys from the inside of the collar, or as Reebok calls it, the "hanger effect." When making a concept using a team captain, you should use the captain's C. The helmets need logos, and the white jersey needs a white helmet.

Overall: A step back for Nashville here. (5.5/10)

Winnipeg Jets concept - Matt Mc.

What I like: This is a clean concept with great striping. I prefer this to what the Jets currently wear, even though the last thing the NHL needs is another team that uses red, blue, and white.

What I dislike: The numbers seem a bit small in scale to the rest of the jersey. The hem striping would look better if the striping did not go over it. The helmets could use a logo. I would ditch the lace-up collar.

Overall: A few minor tweaks, and this would make a great look for Winnipeg. (8.3/10)

Washington Capitals concept - Matt Mc.

What I like: The striping here is great. I love the slightly arched name on the back. Presentation and execution are superb. Stars are incorporated, but not overdone, as people tend to do when making a concept for the Capitals. 

What I dislike: I would make the hem stripes a little thicker. The stripes running through the name make it hard to read. I think if you make the stripes stop as soon as they met the name, it would make it more legible. Don't take them off, though. They add a lot to the look, and it's my favorite part of the jersey. Very unique. The striping would look a bit cleaner without the stitching over them. The helmets need logos.

Overall: Great look for the Capitals. I would love to see them in something like this. (8.5/10)

Ohio State vs. Michigan concept - Dylan W.

What I like: The striping for both concepts work well. The jerseys look good together. I really love the Michigan monogram. The logo for the game itself is great, too. The more time I spend looking at this concept, the more I like it.

What I dislike: I would thicken the outline of the logo and the numbers on the Ohio State jersey.

Overall: This would make for a great outdoor game. Wonka spent a lot of time on this concept, as evidenced by the link he sent along with the concept. Feel free to go look at some of the other work Dylan did to make this as realistic as he could. (8.9/10) COTW nomination from me!

As always, remember to vote for concepts and competition entries next week. Every time you send a vote in, a person with a mullet gets a haircut. Do it for the children.