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March 31, 2013

Weekend Update (March 31)

The winner of the COTW vote for March 18-24 is Darren H!
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Darren - 6
Bastian - 1
Dylan - 1
Justin - 1


The winner of the Macon Whoopee ReDesign competition was CPM!

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*If your name doesn't appear than you did not receive and votes.


The next competition has been announced and as promised it will be the third part of our Untouchable series. The Chicago Blackhawks! This will be interesting as it is my understanding that the Hawks may have the most fans of any team here on HJC. Three writers alone are Chicago fans. Entries are due on Friday.


The new nominees for the COTW vote have been announced. They are listed on the side of the page. You can see the entrants by clicking on that banner or you can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting ends for this on Friday.


EDIT (7:30pm EST)
This is only my opinion, but I think people are confusing concepts that they like with exceptional concepts. It's great that you guys think so many concepts are worthy of COTW, however I would suggest that perhaps too many are being nominated. It's my belief that concepts that I like, I should say so in the comments section. Whereas concepts that are notably head and shoulders above everything else should receive a COTW nomination. That's just how I see it.


Friday, April 13, 2013 10:00pm Eastern Time - HJC Live Chat #3


COTW Mar 25-31 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

March 30, 2013

Saturday: Cross-country and cross-sport action

Welcome to another Saturday in the world of hockey uniform design. I hope you're enjoying your day as much as I've been enjoying mine.

On to the concepts.


Hartford Wolf Pack (by Andrew)

Hot off the heels of the news that the current Connecticut Whale may be considering a change back to their previous Wolf Pack identity, Andrew brings us a concept that would make the Wolf Pack very reminiscent of their parent team in New York. I have always loved the Rangers' diagonal script, and I certainly wouldn't complain if the Rangers revived the design they wore from 1978-1987 with "New York" across their road jersey instead of "Rangers" on both. Yes, I know it's typically a baseball thing and we're not on a baseball blog but I think it's a nice touch. The third jersey is quite similar to the Rangers' Lady Liberty thirds that they never should have retired, and that look works as well.

No critiques here.

Overall, I'll give it an 8.5/10.

Chicago Terraplanes (by CPM)

Here we have a contribution by an anonymous designer for a fictional fantasy team that would look pretty damn good in the real world. You see, my problem with roundel logos, as I've mentioned before, is based on teams suddenly adding roundel logos (Columbus, Florida, etc.) when there was nothing to suggest such a logo in their history. This logo would definitely work, though. I also like the double blue color scheme. To me, it doesn't really suggest Chicago since most Chicago sports teams wear red in some way but here it really works.

I would change the stripe on the pants so it matches the jersey. No reason why the so-called "Northwestern stripe" can't work on the pants.

Overall, I'll give it an 8/10.

New York Islanders (by Jesper)

The Islanders certainly caught a lot of flack the two times they tried to move away from their classic design (1995 and 2007) and if this was a primary jersey, I have no doubt it'd cause as much trouble. As a third jersey, though, I think this one would go over a lot better. It's certainly better than that BFBS abomination they current have as their third.

I have some problems with this one. The template used - the Edge template with the over-underarm piping - is one I've never cared for and I'm not sure a third jersey the same color as the primary home jersey would work too well. Finally, I think the logo is a bit too busy. You've got five different graphic elements (stripes, wordmark, pucks, logo, lighthouse) on the shield. Simplifying it would go a long way to improving this one.

Overall, I'll give it a 7/10.

New Orleans Hornets (by Mike)

This one is particularly interesting because it's based on an identity that will soon be consigned to the history books. For those of you unaware, earlier this year the Hornets announced that they will be rebranding to become the New Orleans Pelicans. It's certainly an interesting name since the Pelican isn't exactly an intimidating bird and the logos... and I'm getting off-topic again. Anyway! My dislike of vertical sleeve piping aside, this one looks good. As a translation of the Hornets' identity to hockey, it definitely works.

I'm not feeling the 90s Capitals number font, though. It just doesn't work for me. I guess it feels too... what's the word I'm looking for? Uh... formal? Yeah, that's the ticket! Too formal! Also, the name on the back and the front logo should be bigger. You've got space, so use it! Finally, you forgot to include the sleeve numbers. Don't forget those.

Overall, I'll give it a 7/10.

Utah Jazz (by Mike)

Ah, the Utah Jazz. So many good memories of watching the Bulls face off against them in epic mid-90s playoff series. Good times. Great memories. Better concept. Seriously. This might be my favorite of Mike's NBA-NHL concepts. Honestly, if you modified the logo to change the basketball to a puck, it'd be perfect for a hockey team. The name would be a little strange since the Jazz name is a relic left over from when the team played in New Orleans, but it's still a great concept.

While I know it's the correct green from the Jazz' uniforms, I'd brighten the green just a little bit to make it stand out. Even sandwiched between the white and gold, it's a bit hard to see.

Overall, I'll give it an 8.5/10.

Anaheim Ducks (by Peter)

Peter makes an always-popular choice and combines the Ducks' two eras to produce new jerseys. It's something I considered when I redesigned the Ducks for my Nike-NHL series but as you'll see when I finish the series and send the concepts in, I went in a different direction. I really like the addition of the fauxback. I know the Ducks aren't likely to bring it back since they seem to want to restrict the Mighty Ducks look to their third jersey's shoulder patch but this one would be good.

The execution is where this one goes wrong. The logos are pixelated which hurts the design, and you put curved stripes on the sleeves yet the hem stripes are straight. Pick one or the other. I'd go with straight. I'd also simplify the stripe style if you're going for something like the 90s look. Finally, the phantom yoke needs to go. Either fill in the yoke or get rid of the stripe.

Overall, I'll give it a 6/10.

Colorado Avalanche (by Peter)

Now this one I can definitely get behind. The Avs' current set suffers from being a typical Reebok Edge mistake and Peter has corrected their look by giving them a far more traditional design. This is far and away better than their current set. The Avalanche need something like this ASAP.

The removal of silver and black from the color scheme of the home and road jerseys hurts the design. Notice that the outline on the numbers on the home jersey doesn't stand out well. I'd make the numbers more like their current numbers to fix that.

Overall, I'll give it a 7.5/10.

Minnesota Wild (by Stephane)

The Wild currently have an identity that could be charitably described as disjointed. None of their jerseys share the same design template, nor do they share a logo. What Stephane has done is take the design of their current third, which is the best of their three jerseys, and use it to make a primary set. It's a traditional design that fits a state with the hockey history of Minnesota and the unity of the designs is a breath of fresh air. The use of all-vintage white instead of plain white might ruffle some feathers but I like it.

Make the crest bigger. That's my only critique.

Overall, I'll give it a 9/10 and a COTW nomination.

Vancouver Canucks (by Tristan)

It's just my luck that the last concept I have to grade is a Canucks concept. The funny thing is that apart from a few minor changes, I like the Canucks' current identity a whole lot more than I like the team itself. Tristan has done something that a lot of people think the Canucks should do and create a modern update to their inaugural jerseys by using the modern stick-in-rink as the primary logo. While I personally prefer the orca to the stink-in-rink as a primary logo, here it works. Thank you so much for getting rid of the wordmark above the logo. It's one design on the Canucks' jerseys that needs to be removed yesterday.

I don't like the phantom yokes, and I think the orca should have been retained as the shoulder patch instead of the bodyless Johnny Canuck. Also, I'm relatively certain that the stripe across the chest of the third would start a war between Quebec and British Columbia, and if you're going to do the V-in-stripe design from the old jerseys, make the stripe bigger. It just doesn't look right just jutting out from the stripe like that. Finally, the current number font doesn't work for the heritage jersey. A block font would be more fitting for a tribute jersey.

Overall, I'll give it an 8/10.

March 29, 2013

Friday: a good friday for concepts

Hello everyone, hope you all are enjoying the Easter long weekend! I have a lot on my plate today, so I am going to keep this post quite short, but that doesn't mean that you guys can't comment. I think it would be really cool if some of you could give some feedback on these concepts in the comments. Rather than just nominating, add suggestions or tell us something you like about a concept.


Here are the daily voting reminders...

COTW Mar 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Macon Whoopee Redesign Top 5 votes (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

On to the concepts!

NCHC University of Nebraska at Omaha (by Adam H.)

I really like the striping pattern on the home and road, perfect for a college team. I think the OMAHA down the arm also suits the college look well. The faux-back is cool with all the stripes, but there are too many on the pants. A bit baffled by the adidas on the socks, these are clearly edge jerseys, and if this is really an adiadas school, the 3-stripe look will definitely be in place. 7/10.

Colorado Avalanche (Brian B.)

I'm not too sold on the Avs in this burgundy shade, the darker one is more to my liking. I would use a different colour for the numbers on the road sweater. Black is barely used, and seems a bit out of place for the numbers. 6/10.

NCHC Western Michigan University (Adam H.)

LOVE the faux-back (especially the lucky horse-shoe C!). I like the home and road unis, but would like to see more black on the white sweater (maybe make the cuffs black, or incorporate some black into the striping). Not sold on the brown pants, and having 3 sets of pants for a college team seems a bit unrealistic (from a cost standpoint). I think these unis would look better with black pants with a simple striping pattern. 7/10.

Colorado Avalanche (J3)

love how the hem stripes mirror the logo, but would like the cuffs to mirror the hem stripes a bit more. I love this logo, but think it would look better with a black dot in the middle of the C, it would make it pop a bit more. There are quite a few loose pixels (around the NHL shield), just be careful of that and fix that up. 7/10.

Edmonton Oilers (Stephen T.)

I have never really been a fan of this colour scheme for the Oilers, that being said, these are solid sweaters. I really like the gloves for this uniform set, they look really cool. But all of this screams to be in the classic Oilers blue and orange. 7/10.

San Jose Sharks (Will F.)

Not too sure how people in San Jose will feel about an LA Sharks logo/colour scheme for their team, but I'll set that aside. I like the SAN JOSE under the logo, really cool placement, but it should definitely be on the away jersey. I would like to see the striping pattern match between the hem and the arms, other than that pretty good. 6/10.

Buffalo Sabres (Jets96)

I really like this logo, but don't like the colour scheme, but I will leave the colour scheme aside for my comments. Not a huge fan of the silver hem, or the BUFFALO on the front (it might look better across the back). Black numbers might look better on the white jersey, and maybe add a yoke on the white jersey to make it look a bit less empty. 7/10.

Los Angeles Kings (Kyle C.)

If these unis had have happened, LA could not have eliminated purple from their colour palate. these unis are modern, but also have a classic vibe to them. The logo is perhaps a bit too big, but other than that, no real complaints. 8/10.

Vancouver Millionaires (Steven G.)

LOVE THESE. The arm striping is really cool, unlike anything I've ever seen before. I really have no complaints, these would be amazing for the Millionaires if they were still playing today. 8/10, and a COTW nom from me.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

March 28, 2013

Thursday: Flaming Kings

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you've had a good week and a great day. Hopefully, this post will make it just a bit better. Jarome Iginla was traded to the Penguins last night. Anyway, the NHL season is already winding down to it's final weeks and I can't wait for the playoffs. I have tomorrow off of school for Good Friday, so I can just relax. I also want to wish all of those who celebrate it, a happy Easter! Anyway, let's going.


Here are the daily voting reminders...

COTW Mar 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Macon Whoopee Redesign Top 5 votes (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


Calgary Flames concept (By: J3)

How about a primarily gold jersey for the Flames? I like the idea. Bringing back the flaming horse is awesome. I like how the yoke and stripes match and are fairly simple. I even like the number on the front, although I wish the numbers and names had a white outline before the black, like the striping. Other then that, I love this. Awesome job, J3. 8.5/10

UMD NCHC concept (By: Adam H.)

Adam continues his series of NCHC concepts with the University of Minnesota-Duluth. I like the home and road jerseys, but I'm not a big fan of the fauxback. The striping is just kind of weird to me. One note on execution I've noticed on your concepts, Adam, is that the pant striping is too large. Make it about half as big. Another thing I would get rid of is the hem outline under the striping. Other then that, these are solid. 7/10

Phoenix Coyotes concept (By: Stephen T.)

With the Coyotes changing their name to the Arizona Coyotes next year, Stephen has a new look for the Yotes here. I like the more simple bruins-like striping. On the home jersey, I recommend just getting rid of the green yoke outline and also, the Reebok logo on the back should be wheat/cream whatever you call it. The pant striping seems to have nothing to do with the jersey, I would just have the pants plain burgundy with maybe some alternate logo (like the moon logo that is currently on their pants?). Apart from those, I like these. 7.5/10

Erie Otters OHL concept (By: AJH)

Alan creates a new concept for the OHL's Erie Otters with a new logo. I like the wavy striping, it's different and creative. I appreciate the effort on making a new logo, I'm not a big fan of it, although it isn't worse then their actual logo. The jerseys as well, are better then what they currently wear. I can't say this is an amazing concept, but it's better then what they have now, and would definitely be an upgrade. 8/10

Los Angeles Kings concept (By: Brian B.)

The first of two Kings concepts today (both featuring purple), Brian offers up a cool one. I love the striping and the yoke is cool too. The simple crown logo is also so much better without all the little details. I know the Kings had this on their pre-EDGE jerseys, but what is that thing around the collar, some sort of outline? Anyway, this is great. 8.5/10

Calgary Flames concept (By: Tyler G. [Me])

My first concept in a while, I bring you the Flames! I wanted to base this off of their current third jersey, so I did and this is what i came up with. I just wanted a simple, classic look. Tell me what you think.

New York Rangers concept (By: JCR Graphix)

JCR offers up some really cool Rangers concepts for us today. I love the Rangers current uniforms, and I know many fans wouldn't want to see them go, but these are just awesome. The thick yokes, simple stripes, and cool logos are awesome. I'm not sure which is the alt, but I think it's the Blue one. Anyway, all jerseys here are just awesome. There aren't many Rangers concepts I would take over their current look, but this is one of them. Awesome job, JCR. 9/10 and a COTW nom from me

UND NCHC concept (By: Adam H.)

Here is another NCHC concept from Adam and it's the indian-headless North Dakota Fighting Sioux. I must say one thing, I don't like the color scheme here at all. Black and the toothpaste-type color don't look good here. Although, I like the dark green and white alternae. Apart from the colors, the jerseys are awesome. I think the pants should be black and the home should have a black helmet as well. Try to incorporate more black here, because that toothpaste-aqua type color is ugly, in my opinion. Also, Sioux is spelled wrong on the alternate, unless that was on purpose for some reason. 7/10

Los Angeles Kings concept (By: Jets96)

Kings concept two of the day, Jets brings back purple, and there is a lot of it! I love the use of the grey as an accent color here. One thing I don't like is the shield logo on the front, I would use the crown logo (although it seems as if you were trying to refrain from using it). I like everything here, no complaints. 8.5/10

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone!

March 27, 2013

Wednesday: Concepts to Brighten Up Your Day!

Hey everyone, Happy Hump Day. Let's liven your Wednesday with some jersey concepts!

But first... the Macon Whoopie Competition is now in it's voting phase, as well as the usual COTW.....So here's your color coded reminders...

COTW Mar 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Whoopee ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

Now let's get to the concepts!

Team Canada Concept - (Stephen T.)
  • Stephen redesigns Canada's national team jerseys.
  • I am a fan of the leaf on the shoulders but honestly that's really it. I like the logo/wordmark you used but don't like it's placement. It definitely looks like a Nike move though.
  • Like I said, the placement of the main logo/wordmark is way too awkward. I feel like it would be hidden while a player is in action. Another problem with the logo is any sort of arm stripes would look odd with it, and the lack of stripes makes this jersey pretty boring.  
  • Find a better placement for the logo if possible and try to add some other design element to liven up the jersey.
Rating: 6/10

Denver University (NCHC) Concept 
  • Adam now gives us a new set for the Denver University Pioneers. Despite the school using a lot of black in it's branding the current jerseys don't include black. So Adam puts black where it should probably belong.
  • So first off, I gotta admit there's not a whole lot that I see as an upgrade to their current look, however, I do like the sublimated mountains on the home and away. I do like the fauxback though, maybe lose the faux-white on the tips of the cuffs and hem.
  • I feel like the new striping pattern is too thin. I wouldn't mind seeing fewer, thicker stripes than more thin ones. I feel like if you're going to add black it should be equally between the two jerseys, and as a trim color. The home doesn't have enough black and the away doesn't have enough white in my opinion.
  • Basically, just find a way to thicken the stripes on the home and road and balance the colors better and this set will improve by a lot. Execution note, the inside of the collars should match the yokes.
Rating: 6/10

Kingston Frontenacs (OHL) Concept - (Dylan W)
  • Dylan simplifies the Frontenacs current look and offers us this white jersey which I will assume is meant for a new alternate jersey.
  • I think the Frontenacs current set is very stripey and a little too busy. But this is a very clean look and better looking so I wouldn't mind seeing a set based off of this jersey. I also like keeping the current "K" and not using the Bruins inspired K logo. The jersey already looks very "Bruins-y" so that would be overkill in my eyes. 
  • I feel like the stripes under the yoke are too thin and aren't necessary. The name on the back doesn't need the yellow outline either. Not enough contrast between the white and yellow. And personally, it bugs me that the hem striping and the arm striping doesn't match.
  • Ditch the thin yoke stripes and use plain white or yellow letters for the name for sure. As for the striping. Either make all the striping thinner so you can fit the yellow stripe on the hem and keep the jersey hem itself white or maybe make it all yellow, OR, get rid of the black hem and move the yellow and black down and keep the hem white, that way it's like the top half of the arm striping on the hem.
Rating: 7/10

NHL 100th Anniversary Jerseys - (Stephane S.)

  • It's always nice to see a Stephane concept. The NHL celebrates it's 100th birthday in a few years and only two current teams were in the league for it's first year....The Leafs and Canadiens. So Stephane suggests the two clubs wear jerseys modeled after their 1917 jerseys.
  • I like the authenticity between the two jerseys. I checked to see what the actual 1917 sweaters look like and these are exactly what they looked like besides the names on the back. 
  • I wish I could see the patch on the jersey bigger. Maybe feature it somewhere on the image somewhere. I feel like the numbers on the Habs jersey looks odd. Maybe center it on the stripe.
  • Not necessarily the most creative concept because it's just adapting old jerseys to a new template but the idea behind it is nice. I wonder if they'd wear these as a third jersey, or only against each other or other Original 6 teams. Feature that patch, let's see what it looks like!
Rating: 7/10

St. Cloud State (NCHC) Concept - (Adam H.)
  • Adam gives us a new set for St. Cloud State who currently looks like this. Not a lot of creativity from SCS.... Canadiens logo and Blackhawks jerseys...tsk tsk...
  • First off, I'd like to point out that Adam's skills have vastly improved since his first concept he sent in a few months ago. Bravo Adam. As for the jerseys here, I like this new template for the team automatically since it's somewhat unique and not a Blackhawks clone. And I really like the throwback. A few teaks, some more red, and you could base a set off of a red version of this.
  • I'm not too big on the different pants for each jersey. I'd stick with the black pants for the home and away and swap the red and white in the striping. I also don't care for the colored name bars or the striping stopping at the numbers.
  • Do what I suggested with the pants and make the striping go under the numbers and all the way around the jersey and this looks better. And for the sake of keeping all the colors on each uni, I'd color the thin black stripes in the alternates arm striping red. And an execution note, the inside of the collar on each jersey should match the yoke.
Rating: 8/10

Hamilton Tigers Concept - (Austin E.)
  • Austin shares with us his vision for a modern Hamilton Tigers set.
  • I love the sublimated stripes on the home and away. And that pawprint shoulder patch is awesome. I like how you didn't go overboard with the stripes which I'm sure the temptation was there with a team named the "Tigers". You saved all the over-the-top striping 
  • The logo It's very clean and simple which is nice but could use a thicker outline and change up the details in the face and stripes. Better than anything I would have come up with though so I applaud the effort. I feel the alt. could lose the top stripe above the logo and number. And unless it is just a one off throwback it'll need a name. There's three arm stripes and two hem stripes as well, which bothers me,, but that's just me, most might not see that as a problem. 
  • Just ditch that one stripe I was talking about. I like this concept a lot.
Rating: 8/10 

Chicago Blackhawks Third Jersey Concept - (Brandon C)
  • Brandon gives us his idea for a Chicago Blackhawks third jersey.
  • I like matching the striping on the black jersey to the home red jersey. I'm a fan of the team actually doing it as opposed to their black jersey matching the white away. I like that the collar has the same striping as the rest of the uniform. (Although I believe the red would be just a tiny bit thicker) The current logo looks nice in the roundel as well.
  • Not a huge fan of the shoulder striping and lack of shoulder patches.
  • Do something about those shoulder stripes and add the "C" to the shoulders and it's all good.
Rating: 8/10

Buffalo Sabres Nike Swift Concept - (Jordan R.)
  • Jordan is back with another "Swift-ification", this time for the Sabres!
  • Believe it or not I like the use of a darker, Vegas gold, as opposed to the normal Buffalo yellow. I don't really care for the blue jersey having three gold stripes and the white having different colored stripes, but it's actually a good nod to the Sabres jerseys of the past. And the idea of having a black, red, and white alternate? I love it!
  • I don't care for the logo used. The Buffalo head looks awkward. Wouldn't necessarily mind it as a shoulder patch.
  • I would just swap the logos between the main crest and the shoulder patches.
Rating: 8/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept - (Brian B.)
  • Brian gives us a new third jersey for the Buffalo Sabres
  • Huge fan of this look. I love the logo that focuses on just the swords and not the buffalo. I also love the move to bring back the 90'-00's buffalo head in new colors as a shoulder patch. No dumb piping that clutters up the current set. I also like the simple white name and number. 
  • Only possible thing I could say I don't care for is the fact that silver outlines the white stripes on the arms, hem, and socks, and only because I didn't notice it at first due to the low contrast. 
  • Quite honestly, you could do without the silver in the striping. 
Rating: 8.5/10 COTW nom from me!!!

March 26, 2013

Tuesday: Lions and Tigers and Bears

Welcome to another Tuesday here on HJC.  I don't have any news or anything, so I'll get straight to the voting reminders.

COTW Mar 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Whoopee ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


BC Lions (by Ted N.)
Like:  It's cool seeing concepts for CFL teams, especially the Lions since they're my local team.  I like the striping, it's quite different than their football jerseys using so much black, but it does look good.  I also like seeing the paw-print logo as a shoulder patch and I'm a fan of teams using both home and road pants.
Dislike:  One of my pet-peeves is un-necessary logo recolours, and I don't think recolouring the logo is necessary here.  Execution wise, the inside collar area on the orange jersey should be coloured orange.
Suggestions:  I don't think the roundel is needed in the logo, but if you're going to keep it, I'd go with the version on the white jersey, because I like the orange lion better.  8/10

Colorado College (by Adam H.)
Like:  The tiger-stripe pattern is really unique, and while I don't think it would work in the NHL, I think it's great for a college hockey team.  The helmets are really cool, it's not often you see the helmet used as a design element.
Dislike:  While I think the primary logo is okay, I'm not a fan of the secondary logo or wordmark.  The details on the secondary logo are too small, and I find the wordmark really hard to read.  The logos on the jerseys are a bit large.  There are also two shades of black used.
Suggestions:  I think it would look better if the sleeve and hem stripes were the same thickness.  7/10

Memphis Grizzlies (by Mike S.)
Like:  I like how white isn't used anywhere on the jersey.  The choices for logos, fonts, and striping pattern are also all good.
Dislike:  I think the primary logo needs an outline to stand out from the jersey.  Also the colours on the logos are different than the jersey, and there are no TV numbers.  I have no other suggestions.  8/10

Los Angeles Kings (by Tommy M.)
Like:  Dropping silver is a great move in my opinion.  The striping looks good, I especially like the double outline on the road jerseys shoulder yoke.  And the pant stripes is great, I love how it kind of frames the logo.
Dislike:  I can't say I'm a fan of that logo, although their current shield logo isn't really any better.  I also think the socks need stripes, they look like practice socks right now.
Suggestions:  I think something like this logo might be a better option.  8/10

Ottawa Senators (by Stephen T.)
Like:  I like the original Senators barber-pole jerseys, I think they would be great for an outdoor game or for a one time thing like the Canucks did with the Millionaires jerseys.  Here Stephen has done a good job of adapting those jerseys to the Nike Swift Uniform template.
Dislike:  The logo is really big, and a bit off-centered.
Suggestions:  I'd recommend resizing the logo about 60-70% smaller.  I also think the background for all the names and numbers should be the same colour (either make the TV number's background red, or the other's black).  8/10

Miami University (by Adam H.)
Like:  The third jersey is really nice, in my opinion the best of the bunch.  The details are great on that jersey, like the state-outline around the captian's C, and the slogan on the rear hem.  I do like how the home and road are now different than the Red Wings, but at the same time the sleeves look kind of empty.
Dislike:  The main logos are too large.  I also don't like how the third jersey has both hem-stripes and hem-piping.
Suggestions:  There are lots of good logos shown at the bottom of the concept, I think any of them would look great on the front of a jersey.  7/10

Regina Pats (by Dylan W.)
Like:  The sleeve stripes look really nice.  They're still traditional stripes, but they are also somewhat unique.  The sublimated "REGINA" wordmark is a cool feature.
Dislike:  I don't like how the bottom part of the hem stripe is curved, but the rest is straight.
Suggestions:  I think completely matching the hem stripe to the sleeve stripe would be the best choice.  8/10

North Carolina Tar Heels (by Dylan A.)
Like:  Yesterday we saw Dylan's home and road concepts for the Tar Heels, and this is his concept for an alternate jersey.  I love the argyle pattern in the stripes.  I believe the Tar Heels basketball team use that pattern, and it think it works great on a hockey jersey.  I like all the other choices made too.
Dislike:  Nothing.
COTW nomination from me!!!!  9.5/10

New York Rangers (by Brandon C.)
Like:  The striping pattern looks great.  I like how it is kind-of inspired by their road jersey, but at the same time it's very different.  I also like seeing the shield logo used front and center, and the navy blue also looks good.  Brandon even edited the collar to match the striping better.
Dislike:  I'm nit-picking here, but I think the NOB and back number should be closer together, and the TV numbers should be a bit higher up.
I hope someone gives this a COTW nomination, as I think it deserves it but I can't nominate two.  9/10

March 25, 2013

Monday: Average St. Patrick's Devilish North Carolina Blue Whaling Adventure

Hey guys, welcome back to another week of concepts here at HJC!

Here's a link to the weekend update in case you missed it.

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Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Kyle C.)

The Blue Jackets, who have of recent been doing rather well, have been sticking firm to their new re-design, and I prefer this logo to the current one (I think the current logo is a perfect shoulder patch). Kyle has made Red a primary colour and the addition of yellow to match the logo. This would have been perfect 10 years ago. If the Jackets had came into the league with this attire I think I'd be a bigger fan. The bug shoulder patch isn't my favourite, it's much to silly for me, but I think I know why Kyle has included it. I think this is a very nice throwback to the original Blue Jackets look, and not only captures the silliness, but also the odd charm of the early Columbus years. Good work! (9/10) COTW Nom. for me
Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: David K.)

A popular trend in concepts today and..well since the edge system took over, is to bring the Pens back to their 80's and early 90's jersey. David has done a very good job at that, capturing everything good about that look and only giving updates where necessary. The alternate is very nice, I like hom David has tried to encorperate the Pirates look into the Pens look, while not going full out Pirates. I do think the Robo-Pen should be the shoulder patch on both the home and road jersey, and I'd make the black and yellow stripes on the road jersey thicker. (8/10)

St. Louis Blues Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen has taken the blues 90's jerseys and made them up to date with their current colour schemes. The home I like, I don't usually like the dark note on the light blue, but this blue is a lighter shade and does not clash like their current jersey. The road is also well done, but I feel the light blue and dark blue should be swapped in the striping to bring more balance to the colour scheme. I also think a helmet logo, or shoulder patch would liven things up more. Also, the pants could use more yellow. Other than that, a good concept. (7/10)

North Carolina Tar Heels Concepts (By: Dylan A.)

The Tar Heels were my worst nightmare when they wone the NCAA Basketball championship, as I hate when 1. seeds when anything (no fun!). Dylan as gone and given their hockey team a nice new look, staying away from the less than appealing ram logo an going more traditional. I like the colour balancing on this concept. The colour on the home jersey in the main striping colour on the away jersye and vice versa, that's what I mean by balancing. I like almost everything about this concept, especially the pants striping, which take the argyle pattern from the 90's basketball jersey and makes for a unique and classic concept. (9/10)

Average Joes Dodge Ball Concept (By: Dylan W.)

I'll admit, I don't remember that much about this movie, I haven't seen it in years, but I do remember the team being called the Average Joes. the sequel I guess is about hockey, and Dylan has given us a taste of what they may look like in this fake sequel. I like how well Dylan has captured the look from the movie and transitioned it to hockey near perfectly. The colours are done well, and the lack of black or white gives it a good minor league look. I'm not sure how I feel about the closeness of the name to the arm striping, and the script does seem a little too small and too high. (7.5/10)

St. Patrick's Day Concepts (By: Snow Monster)

I worked on St. Patrick's day so I didn't have time to party, but being 1/2 Irish, I do like this concept a lot. Everything on this concept says Ireland, the amount of green espeically. The logo is a good solid logo, and the citation is good. I would like to see the celtic knot as the 0's on the back, just for fun, and maybe not use the flags as shoulder patches because they do look a little bit tacky, but this is a fun look and I would wear this any St. Patrick's day I don't work through it. (8/10)

Hartford Whalers Concepts (By: Jordan R..)

Jordan has brought back the Whalers and given them a much more modern look. The home is excellent, taking modern elements from the swift template while also being classic. The road is also nice, but I'm not sold on the blue yoke, I would leave that out as most of the striping and numbers are green. The blue jersey is cool too, especially with the script above the logo. I'm okay with the yoke, but I'm not a huge fan of it, It's more of a taste thing though than an error. (8.5/10)

Anahiem Ducks Concepts (By: Alex H.)

With the Kings eliminating purple from their colour scheme, the Ducks should pick up where they left off and bring back purple. Alex has given a decent option for their return to purple should it happen, keeping some of the elements of their current look intack while bringing back their old colour scheme look. The road is perfect, the colour scheme, the logo choices and numbers are all done very well. The away I'm not sold on, I don't like the circle logo on the front of a jersey, I'd use just the mask logo. The alternate is good, looking like a throwback to their original look, and emphasizing white. I'd correct the issues on the road jersey and dull the purple to make it back to the original Jade colour

New Jersey Devils Concept (By: Justin B.)

Justin gives the Devils a third jersey, using hte old Lowell Devils logo and updating it for the major leagues. The jersey itself is okay, but the amount of white is a little too much for me, I'd swap red and white, mainly because the numbers look perfect as is and I wouldn't edit them. I'm not sold on the logo but I can see why it was attempted, I can see why, the Devils have had the same logo for their entire history, and it's not a devil on their logo. (7/10)