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Weekend Update (December 1)

Welcome to December! And welcome to the Weekend Update! Seeing as it's now December, I would suggest getting your absolute best new concept submitted this week if you have hopes of winning Concept of the Year in 2013. If not, then there's always 2014.


The winner of the COTW vote for November 18-24 was Wednesday's writer, Dylan W! This is the 2nd week in a row that a Blues concept has been the COTW winner.
Full Results
Dylan W - 6
Antonio - 2
Jordan - 2
Scott D - 2


The new COTW nominees have been listed for the week of November 25 - December 1. Please take a minute to email in your vote. Anyone can vote, including those nominated. They can even vote for their own concept! Voting ends on Friday.


Here's the last Fishsticks entry. It has been posted today because it accidentally went to the Spam folder.
by Josh L.

All of the entries are in for the Fishsticks Logo Competition. This was one of our most popular competitions ever. Perhaps the most popular, as there were 37 entries! Click the banner at the top of the page or go to the FISHSTICKS COMP tab to see all the entries and to find out how voting works. Again, anyone can vote.



Dylan W. has updated his Shop.NHL.com template for Photoshop users.
It is now available for download on the TEMPLATES page. The image above won't work. It's just a display.

Matt M. has created a vector template for the old CCM style cut jerseys. It's modeled after this official template from the 2004 All-Star Game.
This is also now available for download on the TEMPLATES page. I will be working on tracing this for MS Paint and Paint.net users.
Display Purposes Only


On Saturday the Toronto Marlies (AHL) officially released their jersey for their outdoor game against the Grand Rapids Griffins.
I love this jersey! It immediately shot up my jersey wishlist. I love the Duke of Marlboro crown with the MARLIES arched above it. The striping is great too!

I wish I could be there in person to see this jersey live, but I won't be able to make it. However, here's your chance to be there. I have in my hand right now, two tickets to the Marlies-Griffins game on December 30, 2013 at Comerica Park in Detroit.
They can be yours at face value! $38 CDN/USD a ticket. I have two tickets so, $38 x 2 = $76. If you are in Canada and have the capability, we can do an email money transfer. If not, then we can do this by PayPal. Or we can find some other way. If you're interested in purchasing these tickets then please email me. Just for reference, here's the view (roughly) from the seats courtesy SeatData.com.

Speaking of tickets, my 2014 Winter Classic tickets arrived by courier on Monday. Take a look at them.
I can't tell you how excited I am for this game, exactly a month from today. I will try to take as many pictures as possible and let you guys know all about it. Any other HJC readers going to the game? There will be over 100,000 people there, some of them have to be HJC readers.



This entry came in for the Fishsticks Competition.
Now take a look at this concept below from several months ago.
And now here are the two concepts on top of one another.
So it's clear that the Islanders jersey is simply the Red Bulls concept with new colours. This is WRONG to do. I provide some quality tutorials here on the site (Paint.net Tutorial and Tutorials link on the side of the page) so there's absolutely no need to "steal" other people's work.

As an artist though, there are a couple of things that you can do to prevent this. First, always place your name or some sort of ID on everything. This week's COTW vote is a good example of why to do that. There are two Capitals concepts nominated, but we know who's is who's because they have names attached. Secondly, NEVER send in a concept in its original size. Make it about 5% smaller. It will blur the template lines just enough to make it look off if anyone re-colours it. It's also a small enough change that the quality really won't be affected.


READER 1: Oh geez, this is where he says something stupid in an attempt to get us to vote.
READER 2: Ugh, I hate it when they do this!
READER 1: How do we get it to stop?
READER 2: No clue...
HJC: Vote!
READER 1 & 2: Sweet! *High five*

Okay, so that never really happened, but it's a reasonable facsimile of something that COULD happen. Now go vote you jersey nerds.

COTW Nov 25-Dec 1 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Fishsticks COMP Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

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Anonymous said...

Is that actually two different artists who sent those in?

Ryan said...


Anonymous said...

Etienne H's contest entry is also a recolour of someone else's concept.

Here is Etieene's entry from last Thursday:

And here is the Hamilton Bulldogs concept by Elias R. that was recoloured, fom May 2012:

Tederifico said...

This is hilarious! I teach and have seen this form of lazy plagiarism on SO many occasions.

Really people? It isn't like this is an assignment. This is voluntary.

Please, follow Wheaton's Law!

Brendan Fry said...

Im off to the Winter Classic. Got my tickets on Tuesday. GO WINGS!!!!!

Phil B. said...

I sent in the RBNY concept. My Fisherman concept was navy, not white.

Matt McElroy said...

I'll be at the WC and Most of the other outdoor games, We should meet up and take a group picture or soemthing

Ryan said...

@Matt: That would be cool. We could come up with a spot and time for HJC readers to meet.

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