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Weekend Update (Dec 15)

Here is the absolute last NCAA Take It Outdoors Entry

Phil B.


The winner of the COTY-November vote was Justin C!
Full Results
Justin C. - 4
Tristan M. (STL) - 3
Dylan W. - 2
Tristan M. (NYI) - 1


The winner of the COTW for Dec 2-8 was Tom V!
Full Results
Tom V. - 6
Dylan W. - 3
Jake88 - 3


The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. As per COTW rules (found on both the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page and the COTY 2013 page) when a sufficient amount of concepts are not nominated I have the power to jump in and determine the nominees. So I just made it simple as only 3 concepts even got a nomination this week. You can see those concepts by clicking on the banner. Voting ends on Friday.


If you sent me in a concept on December 2, there is a chance that I accidentally deleted it. I deleted 15 concepts sent in on that day. This includes the first 4 concepts from Ryan D's WHL series. If you sent in a concept on that date and don't see it posted by the end of this week then send it in and it can jump the line.


The HJC Live Chat on Friday was going very well. We were 90 minutes in and then my son woke up from his slumber. He was teething, vomiting, and he had a fever. Thus I had to shut down the Live Chat early. I had so many other things to talk about too. Thanks to those that did take part. Hopefully I can get another one started in early 2014.


My son Carter is 15 months old and he watches this show called Bubble Guppies. Every episode they sing this song when they go outside...
Good luck getting that out of your head. And good luck with only watching it once! Now every time you sing this song, think about emailing in your votes to HJC!

COTW Dec 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
NCAA Outdoors Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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Rob Coulter said...

I sent in one item - the St. Louis Eagles - but it's not one I really cared for, having looked back at it. So if you lost it, no big deal.

winnipegjets96 said...

Well now every time I go outside,I'll be inadvertently singing that song!

Looking forward to the next live chat, or even podcast!

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