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Wednesday: Fishsticks in Narnia

Let's start off today by talking about the Live Chat this Friday. Click the banner above the post to learn more in depth news. It's mostly just a huge group message held on HJC where we talk about anything that comes up with all the writers and viewers. There are head to head competitions that go on throughout the night, and it's a ton of fun. I had to miss the last one because I was on vacation, but my first one was a long night of getting to know the viewers better and what they are like. 

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NCAA Outdoors entries (as of 12/11/13 at 3:32 pm EST)

Expect a lot of OSU vs. MICH concepts! 

Stephen T.

Justin S.

Tristan M.

Danny R.

Ryan D.

Jordan R.

Alex O.

Dylan W.

Regular Concepts...

New York Islanders Concept - (Thomas H.)

I'll pile through the New York Concepts that we have today, just so I can have the same mindset when grading them. First comes from Tom, and I like the direction headed in this one. 

-I like how the whole striping and yoke designs all match each other. It creates great unity throughout the jersey. 

-Though I like to see orange jerseys for the Islanders, I don't like it with the fishsticks logo. Maybe I would like this jersey even more if the base jersey color was one of the blues. 
-The striping is fine, I like how it fits the set New York currently has, but I'm not too crazy for it. At the same time though I don't really have any suggestion. I guess it's just an okay striping pattern for me. 

Concept Rating : [7.2/10]

New York Islanders Concept - (Jets96)
Jets also has a similar idea for the fishsticks jersey, so some of the likes and dislikes will be the same on this one.

-The striping I like better on this one. I think theres more balance throughout the jersey for this. 

-Basically what was said before. 
-Also I would eliminate the small cuffs on the arms. Usually I don't mind them, but there is none below the hem, so the small addition of that is almost pointless and useless in my opinion. (Won't have an effect on the grade)

Concept Rating : [7.8/10]

New York Islanders Concept - (Taylor R.)
Another orange jersey for all of you folks. This one however gives us a new color to the concept.

-Well, one things for sure is that I love the white ending off for the cuffs and the hem. I always think that's a sharp move when dealing with a brighter jersey base. 
-I like the different font chosen to have a closer resemblance to the logo I guess. 

-Sometimes the addition of black can be a good thing, and with the striping pattern itself I think it is cool, however, on the logo I think it is not a good idea. The whole logo almost is getting lost inside itself. 
-With the yoke I do like the think blue stripe on the outside, but I feel like it doesn't really match the jersey too well. Either eliminate the white outline, or the whole thing, as I'm not really getting a good vibe from it.

Concept Rating : [7/10]

New York Islanders Concept - (AJH)
This is something very different compared to the concepts from before. 

-I like the lighter blue added as the base color.
-I do actually like the wavy striping pattern that consists of the 4 orange stripes.
-The navy on the ends of the jersey make the striping and lighter blue really pop.

-The same treatment with the logo, I feel the darker blue blends itself in to make everything hide.
-The blue pants seem to not match the set it's made for

Concept Rating : [8/10] I definitely feel this is one of the better entries throughout the whole contest. Nice work!

Nashville Predators Concept - (Brian B.)
After closely examining the current Nashville roads, I've come to the conclusion that the big change here is the cuff colored pattern.

-The whole jersey itself

-Other than it not being too original I like the change here, however, if the change is made with the cuffs, I think changing the hem striping and flipping that would look better.
-I think ending the piping off at the hem would also make it look much better
-Change the 'Reebok' to the blue

Concept Rating  : [6/10] (Originality) The Change : B+ , change the hem and I'd be all for the change.

Ottawa 67's (OHL) Concept - (Ryan D.)
The ideas are slowly getting better for Ryan. Just the execution needs fixing, and that shouldn't be too hard. 

-Simple striping is a good jersey, it looks like a nice and traditional design.

-On the latest posts its been said about the execution. The inconsistent sizes of the striping throughout the jersey. The name on the back to be larger. The wrong Reebok logo used on the back, and the TV numbers being placed in the wrong position.
-I would continue the hem striping all the way through, I'm not sure the type of look you'd be going for, but I'm not too sure it would be liked to have the striping just stop with no reason.

Concept Rating : [4/10]

Oshawa Generals (OHL) Concept - (Ryan D.)
A different style here by Ryan, and I like the direction.

-The striping added on the yokes. Arm striping.

-The three different types of striping used is pretty crazy here. It seems like three different ideas for a jersey mashed into one. I like the arm striping, so my suggestion would be to continue that to the hem. Then for the yoke I would make it switch off (red, white, blue, red, white, blue). Then I feel the whole jersey would have unity and consistency throughout and it would look very sharp.
-Execution errors from above

Concept Rating : [5.5/10]

Ottawa Senators Defunct Teams Concept - (Rob C.)
Rob takes the old Ottawa Senators and gives them jerseys that seem pretty realistic.

-Both jersey designs and striping. I like how Rob takes the chest striping and brings it all the way down for the arms and hem. 
-Number font used.

-I don't like the yoke at all, I think that should really be taken off, or at-least have a new design. It seems like it doesn't fit the set at all. The Name font seems like it doesn't fit the number font.

Concept Rating : [6.8/10] Taking off the yoke would go a long way. Pretty realistic set knowing what Ottawa has revealed to us the last couple of years.

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - (Stephen T.)
Now we get to take a look at a concept for the Leafs, and a pretty basic one.

- It seems like this concept mixes a couple of jerseys in the Leafs past. And I like the use of the two stripe and colored hem and cuffs.
- I love the shoulder logo being used, that should never change.

-The striping seems too far apart to the point where on the hem is seems like theres just a huge empty gap from the logo down. 
-Make the stripes thicker and bring them in close and this would look a lot better!

Concept Rating : [7.7/10]

Dallas Stars Stadium Series Concept - (Jets96)
Something different here as we get a future Stadium Series concept.
Not a huge fan of the template, but I'll try to get by that.

-I like the Stars going with the lighter gold and green with their old logo. I always thought that looked sexy. 
-Though this is something I don't think a Stadium Series jersey will look like I would like to see this on the ice as a classic type jersey.

-Nothing too much other than the template used. It's a nice jersey, however, maybe a tad empty. 

Concept Rating : [8.4/10]

 Team Slovenia Concept - (Jets96)
The third concept by Jets today is a national one. 

-The sublimated stars on the back of the jersey. 
-The design of the yoke. 

-The jersey seems rather empty on the outsides. 
-Maybe a double striping of what you have already for the arms? The hem could actually stay the way it is, maybe adding a red outline to match everything else?

Concept Rating : [8.1/10] Needs some touching up to fill in the space, but I really like the direction it's headed in.

Minnesota Wild Concept - (Tyler G.)
 Tyler edits the Minnesota brand by giving them a full unified set.

-I like the white on the green jersey rather than wheat, but at the same time I would like to see it wheat, for the fact that it's heading in the christmas trap as Ryan likes to put it.
-I really think the whole think looks sharp, and it's no theres no question why Minnesota made their new aways, they are gorgeous.

-The TV numbers look too ridiculously huge. Makes those smaller, and maybe find a way to incorporate wheat, or maybe just take it out of the logos?

Concept Rating [8.7/10] Not so gross here by Tyler. Quite purdy.

Heritage Classic Concept Edmonton vs. Calgary - (Stephen T.)
This would be a beautiful outdoor game I wouldn't want to miss. For the sake that these are throwbacks and really have no differences to past looks these teams had it will receive both a concept grade and a look grade, similar to the grade that Brian received.

-Nothing really, would be a glorious Heritage Classic to watch

Concept Rating : [4/10] (non concepts basically) Game Look: 9/10 (beautiful looks) However I wouldn't want to see Edmonton have 'Oilers' in orange.

Heritage Classic Concepts - (Dylan W.)

Not too much to say here the Ottawa one (other than my back jersey execution mistake) it's basically what the unveiled. At the time it was a 'guess' even though we all knew what was coming. Vancouver's is a blue and green version of their Millionaires look. Self explanatory.

Vancouver Canucks

Ottawa Senators

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday. No real jersey news to talk about so I can't get too excited about sharing any opinions. I do have one thing I want to talk about next week as we inch closer to the Winter Classic. I can't wait for that! See you all next week, and enjoy the rest of this one!

Wednesday: Fishsticks in Narnia Reviewed by Dylan Wonka on December 11, 2013 Rating: 5

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