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Wednesday: Winter Classic Memory

Before going onto today's normal concept post, I wanted to talk about something I've wanted to talk about in the past. The outdoor games are just around the corner, and the one I'm looking forward to the most is the Winter Classic. I do not think that it is so classic anymore though. With all the outdoor games I think it lost a lot of significance this year. If the Stadium Series think continues sure I'll watch the games because I love outdoor hockey, but I can never think of them the same.

Image From: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/29/NHL_Winter_Classic.jpg
That is not what I want to talk about though, I wanted to talk about how great the Winter Classic is. I'm going to be using an example that will always be in the back of my head as a true classic. The first NHL Winter Classic. I attended the 'Ice Bowl' (what it was commonly called here in Buffalo) and boy was it an experience I'd never forget. At the time I was 12 years old, so I don't have any pictures to show you guys from the game that I took, but I soaked it all in with my head, and it was truly a beautiful day.

First thing is the fact that is was the first. No other Winter Classic will ever be the first, so knowing that it will be that classic first Winter Classic gave me an awesome feeling. Second is the throwback feel it gives. I thought it was a fantastic idea to give the teams a throwback. One part of me just wants teams to use straight throwback uniforms instead of fauxbacks, but I understand it in some circumstances.

Picture From: http://sharkspage.com/jpgs4/winterclassic3.jpg
Another thing that I think that made the first one the best was the weather. If I remember correctly this is the only one that snowed during the game. The other ones had clear skies the whole game. I read an article, and the writer said that the best weather so far for all the Winter Classics was the Boston one, because it was clear, and wasn't too cold. I think that's what made it the worst weathered Winter Classic. If you are going outdoors I think the weather that was in Buffalo that day was perfect. Really testing all the elements and giving a true classic feel to the first Winter Classic. I would like to know what you guys think of the games? Which one was your favorite? Was it because your team played in it? The atmosphere? The game itself? My favorite part about this coming one already is the jerseys, and where it's being played. Seeing the game at the Big House might be a great sight to see.

I hope I didn't ramble on too much, but I'd love to know how you guys feel about everything!

Of course Sidney had to win it in that fashion...of course.

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Team Denmark - (Jake88)
This concept definitely gives a Red Wings feel to it. You can never go wrong to look like the Red Wings. What I like is the small difference to give the flag look on the arms. One change I would make would be to make the shoulder number area on the white jersey white, and not red. I really like that logo being used here. Great jersey look, but it should be.

Concept Rating [9/10]

Quebec Nordiques Concept - (Christian L.)
This is a pretty cool look for the Nordiques without the original teams identity. The main problem I have here is the chest stripe. First you have the regular hem and arm striping, but you also add a chest stripe. I think that may be too much going on for a jersey. I like the regular striping as it is, so I think that could be used on it's own. Also there are different striping colors from the chest to the hem, so it looks a little funky. I do however like the logo used on the shoulders. I think that could be a great crest logo.

Concept Rating [7.2/10] It still looks pretty nice with what I said. Just not quite there yet.

Phoenix Coyotes Concept - (Wings98)
There isn't too much change here from the past Coyotes jersey. Actually it is quite the same as the one from 2003-08, just in the edge style. I think the design is alright. I've seen so many concepts that I would take over what they have now, and since this isn't much change I don't know if I'd want it instead. The Northwestern striping on a Coyotes jersey doesn't seem enough for me. They definitely need to go close to their original jerseys. Get the Aztec striping back Phoenix!!!

Concept Rating [4/10] since it's not that original [6/10] In my opinion of the look Also I think the TV numbers are a bit large.

Edmonton Oilers Concept - (Wings98)
This one struggles with the same thing the previous one did. Not much change at all from the pre-Edge Oilers look. I like giving the white jersey a yoke, but other than that I can't say I like the changes. I was never a fan of this Oilers look (though I know some people are) so I can't really say much. A definite change would be to give the logo a white outline of some sort so it's easier to see on the blue jersey.

Concept Rating [4.5/10] not much of a concept again. [6/10] not a fan of the look. And same execution mark.

Boston Bruins Concept - (Michael G.)
I'm all for Boston to put some Brown in their set. I might not take this over their current just because I think Black should stay with their home and away, but for an alternate I love the brown look. These look pretty decent for a Boston set and being quite original I think. It's always hard to give Boston a new look without going too far out. I like how the home jersey really matches the yoke with the striping on the hem and arms, but the away one struggles to do the same. I think matching the yoke design with the rest of the striping could go a long way.

Concept Rating [7.8/10] Switching the yoke could make the jersey look better, or maybe even the striping to match the yoke.

Anaheim Ducks Concept - (Stephen T.)
Execution is spot on for this one, however, I have to say I'm not that much of a fan at all. Maybe if there was some hem striping going a long with it I could like it better, but it's not really going for me. It seems this is just a put logo on, and color in the arms. It seems really empty and not complete. The away one I think is missing eggplant on the actual design. This one needs work before I really give it a serious thought.

Concept Rating [5.9/10]

Boston Bruins Concept - (Stephen T.)
These Bruins jerseys definitely stay in the same range as their current ones, which I think is a good think to look good. I miss the Bruins yoke design they usually have, so in some way I'd like to see that back. The away one I think is perfect (other than the change mentioned) I'm not sure how I feel on the home having inverted striping from the hem to the arms. I like thinking different, but I'd like to just see one. Also I don't think the sock striping really makes sense with the rest of the striping.

Concept Rating [7.3/10]

Vancouver Canucks Concept - (Stephen T.)
I said in the Live Chat when this was up in the Head2Head matchup that if the logo was changed I would have loved it. I think the striping throughout is quite simple, but it looks great. I think changing the logo out for either the current (or the shoulder patch you have here) would make it look so much better in my opinion. That's really the only change I have for this.

Concept Rating [8.5/10]

Calgary Flames Concept - (Matt Mc.)
Matt gives the Flames a go with two other teams on today's list of concepts. I have to say, the striping on the Flames jerseys look nice. The way they look on the red jersey is great too. One thing that bothers me throughout both jerseys is how large the bottom of the hem color is. I think the hem striping should be lowered so the rest of the jersey color would be smaller to match the arm striping. Make that switch and I really really like the design. Two things made this concept a lot lower than I might usually have it, because I think the number on the back could be larger, and there are no TV numbers. So it makes it look empty.

Concept Rating [7.3/10] Some small changes would go a long way with this one especially.

Lethbridge Hurricanes Concept - (Ryan D.)
Hmmmm, this one is pretty crazy. I think the Hurricanes need to get new uniforms. They need to get their original look from the Capitals, and I've said it before, with that logo and name they should go different than traditional. I think this definitely needs to get rid of the side panel. Getting rid of that I could actually live with the rest of the jersey. The execution mistakes that Ryan made in the past goes along with this one still. I just think the end product is still far from what I would like for the Hurricanes, but Ryan is making progress slowly.

Concept Rating [5.6/10]

Medicine Hat Tigers - (Ryan D.)
This might be the best one so far that Ryan has done. I really like the striping here as it fits the team, and the whole jersey seems to have a good consistency. Again the usual execution mistakes make this one fall short (the uneven striping throughout the jersey). I would take the black outline from the number out to, just have the orange.

Concept Rating [6.3/10]

Toronto St. Pats Concept - (Rob C.)
I believe so far this is my favorite concept out of Rob's defunct team series. The crest and striping continuing looks nice, and using it for the striping in the arms and hem looks great. I think the numbers need some outlines so it doesn't blend into the striping (also the number font doesn't seem too sportsy for me). Change that and I think it's a really nice looking jersey.

Concept Rating [8/10] Numbers are the thing that hurt this.

Moose Jaw Warriors Concept - (Ryan D.)
Ryan's last concept of today gives us a college feel. Can't say I'm a fan of word marks in general, so this one already doesn't start off too well for me. The striping is simple, so nothing too crazy. The execution errors on this one are the same as before. If you need any help the Tutorial page is a great help. Downloading free softwares Paint.Net will really help (I've never used it, and it might be hard at first but once you get the hang of it, it will make everything a breeze)

Concept Rating [4/10]

Carolina Hurricanes Concept - (Matt Mc.)
These jerseys are already better than the current ones. I've never been a fan of the crest logo used here for the primary, but thats something small. I think the yoke going over the nameplate was a nice original move for Carolina, but I'm not really a fan with what they did in general, so I don't mind it being off here. Striping is what it should be. One think though is that the black name would be difficult to see. Either white lettering, or .....colored name plate...which I don't like though.

Concept Rating [8.3/10]

Buffalo Sabres Concept - (Matt Mc.)
We end off today with MY TEAM! Yeah baby! Me and my Buffalo Sabres Yea, Yea, Yea. One thing is for sure, a gold away jersey would be pretty sweet. Although playing Nashville would get weird. The striping is uneven..but sometimes I'm a fan, and I am a fan of it here. I really love the design, however, the font choice I don't think fits the jersey style, and also I've never really liked it. Change that to the current font and I love this one to death.

Concept Rating [8.8/10]

Was the grading today harsh at times? I thought it could've been, but at the same time it's just my opinion, and some mistakes need fixing for progress.

Did you agree with everything I said about the Winter Classic?

Let us know everything in the comments!

Have a great day everyone!
Wednesday: Winter Classic Memory Reviewed by Dylan Wonka on December 18, 2013 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Hey Wings98 here,
Notice how all my jerseys look the same as a jersey they had in the past? Well that's because they are all part of a series I'm doing where I take a jersey from the past and turn it into an edge jersey. So originality I get that but the point is to see what teams would look like if they had kept those jerseys when they went with edge.

Dylan Wonka said...

Wow, sorry, that went right over my head. I shoulda been less harsh then. Sorry wings!

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