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Wednesday: First HJC Video Post?

Well...everything has to go wrong, doesn't it? I expected the first edition of HJC Video post today, but of course something was in the way for finishing the video. Unfortunately it will not be ready for this post. On the bright side I have another week to prepare, so I have some questions:

1.) How would you like me to show the jerseys that I'm reviewing in the video? Just place the jersey on the screen and just talk over it? Have the jersey in motion, zooming in on things I'm talking about?

2.) Any additions on this video version that you would like to see?

In general, would you like to just have a regular post, but with my audio review essentially? I think on the test I did on Monday the simple things worked best.

Voting Reminders:

COTW Nov 25-Dec 1 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Fishsticks COMP Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


San Jose Sharks (NIKE) - (Jake88)
Not too shabby. I think I'd prefer straight stripes on the arms. I think it's trying too hard for attention and to be different, but it just seems too junior for me. Also I think making the jersey color below the hem would look better in black for the home jersey. Other than those two things I really don't have any other suggestions. The jerseys are good, but I'm not sure if it's at the point where I would want to see it instead of the current Sharks uni's : Concept Rating [7.9/10]

Calgary Flames Alternate - (Brian B.)
This is really unique. I like the new logo based for the striping. The whole jersey has a nice out of the box throwback feel. Yoke looks weird to me though (Not the design but the actual template for it). When the unveiled the new 3rd's and I saw the new yoke I enjoyed it being different than the rest. At first I enjoyed it, but seeing it on concepts I'm not that big of a fan. I think if you made the yoke straight it would be almost perfect for me : Concept Rating [8.6/10]

Bulgaria (IIHF) - (Stephen T.)
Alright, nothing too amazing here. Everything is okay, I'd like to see some hem striping, or maybe something else to give the jersey some fill. Maybe a shoulder patch. Execution note: Missing TV number on the back of red jersey. I guess the striping might resemble the flag but at the same time I'd like to see something different from the design. Maybe research more on the country and add something that can relate to the whole country : Concept Rating [6.4/10]

Pittsburgh Pirates - (Rob C.)
Another alright jersey. This one has the paint bucket syndrome with it. Not a huge fan of the front logo, but the shoulder patch one I think could have some potential. I really like the font choice though. Jerseys alright, could use something else to spark them. With the name "Pirates" I think you could really incorporate a cool modern and sharp striping pattern or design. This just screams unfinished to me. Concept Rating [6.6/10]

Maryland Blue Crabs - (Jayson T.)
I love the color combination here. I think it's different but works well.  I'd like to see some outlines on the numbers, mainly because it seems so flat compared to the jersey it's on. I'd like to see the jersey with regular hem striping rather than vertical, but it looks fine to me like this. Also I think the striping is a little inconsistent throughout. If you made the arm striping or side panels matching one another it would look better. I would say go with the side panels since the uneven striping might come out very odd vertically: Concept Rating [7.9/10]

OHL Outdoor Peterborough Petes/Oshawa Generals - (Ryan H.) 
Generals uni looks pretty nice overall. Would the numbers on the back be resized with players with two numbers? Petes jersey looks classic, no complaints, but at the same time it's not great. It's one of those jerseys that has the final product look, but it's probably as good as it might get. Back to the Oshawa jersey, I don't know if the arm striping is meant to be angled up, if so I'm not so sure if that'd be the way to go. As said, everything is nice here. At the same time nothing too overwhelming, but it doesn't always need to be: Concept Rating [8.0/10]

Hungary (IIHF) - (Stephen T.)
Another decent look by Stephen here. Again, not going to go crazy about it. It's alright. I'd like to see more white in the black jersey than just the name and numbers. White jersey is good, again though I get an empty feeling. This one doesn't follow the flag design too much, but at the same time I think it's missing something. I would move the numbers to their rightful spot on the NIKE template, then maybe put another type of shield or design Hungary has, and incorporate it in between the arm striping. Concept Rating [7.2/10]

Florida State Seminoles - (Mike S.)
I like the yoke, and the sublimated pattern. I think the striping is good. Again It looks pretty good, but then again I'm not nuts over it. For the whole look though I would like to see it on ice. I notice that the indian head logo is on the collar tab insert as well. That might be an overkill with the logo, I would just leave that blank, or add the spear/triangle design you have for it: Concept Rating [8.1/10]

Milwaukee Admirals - (Josh L.)
Home and Away was similar to mine, I like it. The striping is something I like, however I think they could be thicker and larger. I'd also like to see an outline on the numbers, match it with the striping. The 'Fauxback' alternate is a nice match with the rest of the set, again though I'd like to see thicker stripes. This still has a small way to go before I'd consider loving it. Color distribution and font choice could really help with it: Concept Rating [7.8/10]

New Jersey Devils Stadium Series - (Tristan M.)
Although it's not what we'll get, I would like to think this would be a cool look for NJ. Not much different, but gives them a whole new look in my opinion. Maybe a matching black stripe off of the yoke to match the striping? I would also like to see a red jersey of this, maybe I'd consider liking it over the current jerseys. That'd be a shocker to me, but this is really nice.Concept Rating [8.8/10]

Dallas Stars Concept - (Jets96)
Not unlikely that a NIKE jersey has a simple look. Maybe too simple though. Not so much the striping, but the rest of the jersey. I'm not a fan of how NIKE did their collars. It almost eliminated the idea to add a design to them. Numbers seem really weird and large on the shoulder. Almost like they are crooked. I noticed with these templates (even the one I just created) the NIKE shoulder/number area is pretty small. It's hard to fit the TV numbers on it.  Concept Rating [6.8/10]

Winnipeg Jets 3rd Concept - (Tom V.)
First off, congrats to Tom for finally finishing his 3rd series. Finally its over, we don't have to see these crazy jersey designs. It was a long road to look at every day, but we can finally lay this series to rest. I kid obviously because Tom did something different than we usually see, and made each jersey look stunning. Man does this look sharp. When do you see a jersey mainly silver and white? I think it looks sharp all the way through from the striping to the logo. Great job here. I can't find anything negative or have a suggestion. My one nit pick would be to add one more stripe to match the logo. That would be my only suggestion:Concept Rating [9.5/10] COTW nomination.

Anaheim Ducks 3rd - (Dylan W.)
After I finished my NHL Redesign I started the 3rd jersey collection for those teams. Up first is Anaheim. I MADE AN EXECUTION MISTAKE. Curse the world....can you spot the mistake? I'm sure the other execution freaks will see it. Twenty self high fives to the person that spots it!

I'm still bummed out about the video not going through. On the bright side It's finals week so when this is over I might have no worries or time issues to finally get the video done. Last chances....any suggestions for the video?

If not then....

Have a nice day everyone!
Wednesday: First HJC Video Post? Reviewed by Dylan Wonka on December 04, 2013 Rating: 5


Michael G said...

Dylan the execution error was that the stitching on the jersey ran over the striping that you made

Snow Monster said...

Dylan got the numbers flipped on the sleeves. High fives please.

Anonymous said...

Stitching through the stripes...gotcha!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your series Tom, lots of unique designs but they were a good unique (unlike the Sabres new alt, which was a bad unique).

Bryan W. said...

Whoa. As a Jets fan, I approve of Tom's 3rd jersey idea. That gets a COTW from me!

Justin said...

Brian B. for COTW! Very creative and well done.

Josh Lewis said...

Loved Tom's series. Dylan W. is my favourite artist on the site but Tom is quickly moving toward the top of the list too.

Tom V. said...

Thanks for the kind words fellas. Just realized I made an execution error on (of course) the last concept of the series. I definitely forgot to fix the hem on the back view.... haha, oh well

Dylan Wonka said...

I'm actually super surprised I didn't see that. I guess I grade so many that something like that just gets lost and drowned out...wow.

HockeyCoachBen said...

The execution error on the Ducks jersey isn't the stitches...its the stripes going over into the inside of the "tail" of the jersey. The stripes should have ended at the bottom of the front of the jersey, which is where the stitches are.

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