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Saturday: Identity Crisis

Hello everyone, and welcome to another HJC Saturday post!

In jersey news, the Pittsburgh Penguins debuted their Stadium Series jersey yesterday. I'm sure you've all likely seen pictures of the jersey, but if you were busy (or like me, watching the Hobbit) here's some images for you:

(image: Pittsburgh Penguins' website)

(Image: Stills from Penguins unveiling video, taken from Icethetics)

With the exception of the logo, I actually prefer this jersey to the Penguins current sweaters, but I think the Penguins' set looks like a fill-tool concept. This just looks so much more deliberate, rather than the random splotches of color on what the Pittsburgh wears now. Maybe if these sell well, the Penguins will redesign their jerseys. The worst part about this jersey is that awful screen printed logo. If Reebok tries to make that standard practice on hockey jerseys, I will never buy another one. It looks terrible and cheap, almost like it's a counterfeit. Let's hope that never happens.

One thing that needs to be mentioned to some of our newer concept artists, especially today, is that when you submit a concept to HJC, you need to put an ID on your concepts. This is very important, because of how easy it could be to steal your work. Read this weekend update post from Ryan. It really shows how common this practice can be.

Here are the last of the NCAA competition entries:

Adam H.

Alan J.H.

Austin E.

Dylan W.

Colin M.

Joey F.

Eric W.



Team Latvia concept - Mike Sweezey

What I like: The colors, striping, and execution are all great. The jerseys look good.

What I dislike: Many people wouldn't know what country these represent.

Overall: Something needs to say "Latvia" on this concept. Add that, and it's perfect. (8.3/10)

Soo Greyhounds redesign concept - Ryan D.

What I like: The color combination is good.

What I dislike: Execution errors. Striping thickness varies. The bottom of the jersey is a different color on the front and back. The NHL shield should be taken off the jersey. The newer Reebok logo should be on the back, instead of the one no longer used on hockey jerseys. The number on back is oddly stretched. When using a single digit, the TV number should be split in half between the front and back. There are loose pixels on the jersey, especially around the collar. The interior of the jersey shouldn't be white. The name on the back should be a font that matches the number. Try using on the fonts found on our TEMPLATES page. Also, when doing a redesign, make a dark and a light jersey

Overall: The direction is there, but the execution isn't. (4/10)

Sudbury Wolves redesign concept - Ryan D.

What I like: The number on back is not stretched out. The correct Reebok logo is used. Nothing is miscolored.

What I don't like: The logo still has the trademark, along with logos from Chris Creamer's Sportslogos.net. That needs to be taken off. The striping along the hem and arms still isn't uniform. The TV numbers, being the color they are, would be illegible on the ice. The number on back needs to be moved up a bit so it's not crowded by the hem striping. All other execution errors mentioned in the above concept applies here as well.

Overall: Some errors corrected, but others were made as well. Keep working at it. (4/10)

Quebec Nordiques concept - Christian L.

What I like: I like the yoke treatment. The striping is interesting as well.

What I dislike - That logo is really busy. I would take the owl off. I would like to see the shoulder patch enlarged so that we can see the detail (like you did with the primary). I also want to know where the logos came from. Did you make them? If so, it's not a bad job. If you did not, than you need to credit them. Also, the stripe around the yoke is missing on the back. I prefer the TV numbers to not float off the concept. It could use a name on the back. There are some odd irregularities on this template. I recommend one from our TEMPLATES page. Part of the jersey is cut off on the image. Also, and this is very important, you need to put some form of identification on your concept. Otherwise, someone can easily steal your work.

Overall: There are some some stylistic elements to like, but some changes need to be made, and execution is lacking in some areas. (4/10)

Colorado Avalanche concept - Gerard M.

What I like: I like taking the Avalanche back to the pre-Edge look. Their jerseys right now are very boring. Execution is pretty good.

What I dislike: Not much is changed here. Some elements have been recolored, and a few changes have been made, but it's not scoring high in creativity. I never liked that third jersey. Leave slanted wordmarks to the Rangers.

Overall: Although I agree that Colorado needs to go back to the pre-Edge look, as a concept, this just doesn't bring much new to the table. (7/10)

Ottawa Senators concept - Gerard M.

What I like: I think many people would like to see Ottawa change their set to something reminiscent of the home/away shown here (which is essentially their current alternate as home and the Heritage Classic jersey as an away). That would be a definite improvement over the Reebok template they currently wear.

What I dislike: The home/away we've already seen. The only thing really new here is the alternate which is based on the alternate from 2000-2007. I don't think anyone was asking for it's return, and although Gerard has fixed it's major flaws, it doesn't fit well in the set.

Overall: Again, not much new here, but the home/away, as in the last concept would be a welcome change over what the team currently wears. (7.5/10)

Colorado Avalanche vs. St. Louis Blues Stadium Series jerseys - Stephen T.

What I like: That St. Louis jersey looks good. It hearkens back to the Blues best jersey: the white jersey from the 70s-early 80s. St. Louis really should consider dropping the second, darker shade of blue and going back to the original color scheme.

What I dislike: If the Avalanche were going to play in a Stadium Series game, they should do so as the Avalanche. I'm not sure the people of Quebec would appreciate that. Other than that, the helmets could use a logo, the Nordiques crest looks better in red, and the fleur-di-lis on the hem are not evenly spaced.

Overall: Some good ideas, but I think the Avs should play as the Avs. (7/10)

Sihanoukville Cambodgiens NHL Cambodia concept  - Jordan R.

What I like: Well, this is certainly...different. I don't have much details on this series, but what I do know is that it's the Original Six if they were in Cambodia. I'm curious as to why Cambodia was chosen, but let's continue. The logo is the most interesting thing here. Is that supposed to be Angkor Wat in the C monogram? If so, that's a nice detail.

What I dislike: The only thing new here is the logo. In fact, these are the same jerseys from Jordan's Nike NHL redesign, just with new logos. 

Overall: An interesting idea, but I think more could have been done with the Cambodia theme other than just modifying the logo. (6/10)

Siem Reap Palm Leafs NHL Cambodia concept - Jordan R.

What I like: Again, this is a creative idea. I'm assuming the writing on the palm leaf is a Khmer translation of "Siem Reap Palm Leafs," because I'm not Khmer expert. The logo is interesting.

What I dislike: Once again, the logo is new, the jerseys are not. More could be done to give this a more Cambodian feel.

Overall: See above. (6/10)

Florida Panthers home jersey redesign concept - Maxx B.

What I like: I think I can speak for most of us when I say that the Panthers could use a full jersey redesign to something more reminiscent of their original look. (their fans could definitely use something to remind them of their early successes)

What I dislike: There is a bronze color added to the palatte here. It doesn't look good against the gold. With the red, it brings to mind the Thrashers unfortunate color scheme. The shoulder patches are too close to the collar, and are backwards. There should be TV numbers. I would take that number off the front, too. Only the Sabres and Sharks still do that. I think it's a trend on it's way out. I would take off the laces as well. It just doesn't seem to fit with the look. Number 23 on the Panthers roster is Scott Gomez. He is not the captain. Ed Jovanovski is, and he is #55. I know that's not a big deal, but accuracy helps. Also, and this is very important, put an ID on your concepts! If you don't do that, especially with a transparent background, your work is very easy to steal.

Overall: This is on the right track. If execution was improved and some stylistic elements changed, this could be a good concept. Right now, it just needs a lot of work. (5/10)

Georgetown Raiders concept - T.J. M.

What I like: The OJHL logo is on the jersey. The name/number font isn't bad.

What I dislike: This is a "fill tool" concept, meaning that a logo was put on the template, then the striping was filled in with the fill tool. Not very creative, and probably took 5 minutes. There are some areas that were still not filled in, in the number on back, and loose pixels in the collar. The red in the logo does not match the red used on the jersey. The NHL shield needs to be taken off, as this is a concept for an OJHL team. Also, and this is very important, put an ID on your concepts! If you don't do that, especially with a transparent background, your work is very easy to steal.

Overall: Bland design, and several execution errors. Keep working. (3.5/10)

Halifax Mooseheads concept - T.J. M.

What I like: With this concept, TJ does some of his own striping at the hem.

What I dislike: The mustard color of this jersey is garish. I know it's in the logo, but it shouldn't be a main color for a jersey. The arms are still just fill tool striping. There are areas that are not filled in properly. The cuff on the back is blank. The are loose pixels around the collar, the Reebok wordmark is not properly colored, and there is an 'e' missing. The inside of the hem shown on the front of the jersey is red, when it should be green. The logo is too large, bleeding into the side panel of the jersey. The NHL shield needs to be taken off. Also, and this is very important, put an ID on your concepts! If you don't do that, especially with a transparent background, your work is very easy to steal.

Overall: I'm not a fan of the color, and execution needs work. (3.5/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins concept - David Parkinson

What I like: The Penguins 2002-2007 set is, in my opinion, the best they've ever looked. I like that David brings it back, albeit with a more Reebok template style.

What I dislike: I don't like the color for that alternate. Vegas gold just doesn't look good as a main color, and it renders the triangle behind the skating penguin, meant to provide contrast, pointless. The striping is fine, it just needs the colors changed. I would make it a white alternate, personally. The biggest issue here, though, is the heavy pixelation; to the point that stitching is missing. It really makes it hard to look at the details in this concept.

Overall: This concept has some great ideas. If the pixelation wasn't so bad, and the color on that alternate was changed, it would be really great. (5.8/10)

Colorado Rockies concept - Dylan W.

What I like: I actually like the striping here better than the original jerseys. Execution and presentation are very good.

What I dislike: I've always liked the Rockies logo, so I miss it on the jersey. I think it would have made a good shoulder patch here. I understand what Dylan was going for here, but I don't like the lines coming down off the cuffs. It reminds me of suspenders, especially how it continues to the hem striping on the back.

Overall: A good redesign of the Rockies with some creative ideas. (8/10)

Hartford Whalers concept - Dylan W.

What I like: I love the old Whalers logo. I still think it's one of the best logos in sports, it's a shame that it's not still in use. The striping on the home jersey looks pretty good. I'm still not sure if I prefer it to the original, but I appreciate that Dylan didn't just simply apply to old look to a Reebok template, which would have been the safe and easy route. Execution and presentation are good.

What I dislike: I would prefer the logo on the white jersey as the Whalers did from 1979-1992, with a green 'W', blue whale tail, and no inner color. The striping on the white jersey gets a little busy as well.

Overall: Although there are a few things I would change, this is a good concept that revives the Whalers while bringing new elements to the table. (8/10)

As always, remember to send in your votes for COTW and our NCAA competition! One thing I want to point out is that Jimmy Howard, Corey Crawford, Tim Thomas, Sergei Bobrovsky, Jonathan Quick, Ilya Bryzgalov, and Pekka Rinne are all hurt right now, and none of them have been voting lately. That could be a coincidence, but do you really want to take that risk? Don't forget to vote!

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Ryan said...

If Dylan hadn't used a green background on his logo for the white Whalers jersey, I would have nominated it.

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