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Monday: Outdoors, Outdoors, it's a Wonderful Place!

Welcome to the Monday post everybody!

Let's jump into a recently released jersey for the upcoming Outdoor Classic, AHL Outdoor Classic...from my own home of Toronto, the Marlies have unveiled their Outdoor jersey, and unlike last time where they didn't wear anything special, they are going full out with a vintage style.

Photo from Realsports.ca

Most of the vintage elements (I.E.: Crown of Marlboro, massive chest stripe) are really cool and fit the 40's and 50's era the AHL likes throwing back to. The lack of vintage white, is a great move, keeps things looking very sleek, blue and white really outmatches wheat and blue, ice. I'm not huge on the script above the name and the jersey, in some parts, does looks a little bare, especially on the arms. (8.5/10)

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On to the concepts!
Heritage Classic 2014 Concepts (By: Bastian S.)

With the Heritage Classic jerseys unveiled finally, we can now show our preferences as to what we'd want the two teams to wear. Bastian goes 70's for Vancouver and a mix of eras for Ottawa, and I prefer both of these to the jerseys the teams are actually wearing. The Ottawa jersey is SOLID! The striping is quite unique and I love the chest stripe! The Vancouver jersey, While I'm not a huge fan, is still well executed, and maybe if the Johnny Canuck logo as opposed to the stick in rink, I'd like it more. (8.5/10)

Heritage Classic 2014 Concept (By: Keens O.)

Another Heritage Classic concept, this time from Keens, certainly takes inspiration from the early 1900's. Once again the Ottawa is the better jersey, and the 1920's throwback certainly looks good, especially with the O logo. The lack of vintage white is another saving grace on the Ottawa concept, but is what hurts the Vancouver concept. The jersey looks far to bleak without white, kind of like how grey looks when it is used as opposed to white. (7/10)

Stadium Series Los Angeles Vs. Anaheim Concept (By: Caden P.)

I'm all for speculation, and this is Caden's guess as to what the Battle of California V1 will be like in the outdoors. The Ducks jersey is an odd idea, and I think Caden is on the right track...however. Okay, the arms are a solid guess and a probable one at that, but that hem is far too thin, it may actually be the thinnest I've ever see. The Kings jersey is really a template jersey by definition, looking very similar to what the Panthers wear. The jersey is said to be based on the video the Kings had to "preview" their new jersey, so I'll take it as a guess. The jerseys really need the Stadium Series logo somewhere on them, and the lack of TV numbers really make this concept look rushed. (5.5/10)

Anaheim Ducks Stadium Series Concept (By: Jake88)

Euromaster Jake88 gives his take on the Ducks Stadium Series look, and this look also seems probable, though much better executed. The hem stripe seems to be the common theme among artists, and should be expected, and the angled arm stripes are certainly a Ducks exclusive . The hem is a new look, I've never see that style used before, especially looking similar to wings...somewhat. If Anaheim were to step out in these January 25th, 2014, I think most hockey fans would be happy! (9/10)

Los Angeles Kings Stadium Series Concept (By: Tristan M.)

Remember what I said about gray jerseys looking dull and almost like they were dirty...this is a gray jersey done right! I love that style of striping, where the cuffs match the inside stripe on the hem, sort of like the early 80's Whalers. This is a good step in the right direction for the kings, classic, but with good modern elements (I.E: I love that hem script, holy crap do I love the hem script). The numbers look off, almost like 11, but that's home Tristan does his numbers, and there's nothing wrong with that, just looks a little off at first. (9/10)

Milwaukee Admirals Concepts (By: Austin E.)

I'm not sure if this was Austin's entry to the Milwaukee Admirals Re-design, but either way, here is Austin's take on the in need of a redesign Admirals. The home and road look very similar to what the Admirals currently wear, but the new striping pattern is definite upgrade, similar to the Jets. The light blue jersey, is very um...bright! I like it, I really do, but the white piping and white name really blend into the bright blue. (7.5/10)

Clemson Tigers ACC Concept (By: Mike S.)

I'm admit, I really don't understand the ranking systems or even the basics of the NCAA and all its millions of divisions, but I still really like seeing college concepts, and this is no exception. Clemson has such unique  look, that even the designer of the logo was known to  many (not very often that happens outside of the design community). The jersey has many good college elements, like the thin chest tripe and simple striping, as well as some unqiue ones, like using an all white paw to match the numbers. The orange pants and helmet may be a little to much orange, and even making the pants purple would make things more colourful. (8.25/10)

United States Air Force Concepts (By: Patrick N.)

Military concepts are not common on HJC, but always lead way to good design, and this is no exception. The white jersey is simply based on the Air Force, and it has a very stark and sleek, especially the oversized name and numbers. I also like how the logo matches the numbers and the colours etc. etc. It all blends nicely. The Blue jersey is based on the Hap Arnold Wings, which I don't know who they are, maybe a squadron, but the jersey still looks good and again, the oversized name works because of the military theme. (7.25/10)

Boston Bruins Concept (By: Dylan W.)

The Wonka NHL Re-design enters into Beantown, and hopefully doesn't bring back any Red Sox fans! (please note: Jets96 does not really hate the Red Sox and should be hated upon for it). When I first started writing for HJC, I hated this colour scheme, I hated the Bruins Winter Classic jerseys, and my opinion has changed since. Several good concepts had made me like the colour scheme and look, and Dylan uses the one part of this look I have always like BROWN! The emphasis on brown as opposed to white or yellow really keeps this concept from looking too boring or too bleak. The lack of vintage white is a huge plus, and the striping pattern looks amazing! (9/10)

Team East Germany Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

I am a history and politics buff outside of HJC, or rather in school, so seeing  a concept from a country that is no longer divided as Germany was is a little odd but at the same time right up my alley. I like the jersey overall, especially the black jersey, the colours are pretty well balanced and the arms look really cool. The white jersey is okay, but the yellow on the logo really clouds up from the black numbers ad yoke. Maybe using the eagle as the primary and a script that said East Germany on it, with the current coat of arms on the arms, would look better on both jerseys. (6.75/10)

Team Germany Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

Back to the present, and the Wonka Express stops in Berlin (which is a city I really needed to go to) for this jersey. The white jersey is very similar to what Germany wears every year, though it is very well executed and the yoke striping really does look good. The yellow jersey looks really, really cool, and I love how monochromatic it is, but I think it would be a better alternate. A matching version of white jersey or a black yellow jersey would be better imo, but that's because I'm not huge on non-matching jerseys. (8.5/10)

St. Louis Blues Concept (By: Steve M.)

The Blues, double blue...yes, Steve is off to St. Louis to end off his 4th jersey series, this being the 2nd last of the series, and this is a concept I really like, for many reasons. The double blue is done right in this case, using each sparingly, and letting the dark blue take up the logo and numbers, and using the light blue to highlight the striping and the cuffs. The logo, I'm not sure if it is a vintage logo or not, but I love the idea of a white alternate and it really looks good. The only issue I have is the oversized numbers, which should be smaller, unless this was intentional. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me!

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: Steve M.)

And here it is, the end of the 4th jersey series! Congrats to you Steve, you have perservered through a whole series of concepts, which is not something a lot of people can do, not even me, every concept in this series was well thought and well made, and this is a great way to end off. Leafs fans may prefer other looks to be thrown back to, but I'd prefer this look to any other look the Leafs have ever had. The jersey is a good throwback, but the shoulder patches and font add enough differentials that I can see this isn't just a direct edging of the 70's Leafs jerseys (8.5/10)

Well that's today's post, hope you enjoyed it, and if you didn't well I'm Canadian so I won't insult you, just politely request a letter of apology. If you liked today's post, please comment, you know the artists, love it when you critique their work so even just saying how you liked it or how you didn't is enough, just be constructive. Remember to vote for COTW & the Islanders Fishsticks logo contest, because we all know Kanye West didn't vote, and well...yeah...South Park reference there! Have a great Monday and Go Jets Go! 
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Caleb Fuller said...

Did you say vote for Fishsticks or Fish Dicks?

Chimp307 said...

Wonka's Germany concept for COTW

Tederifico said...

That Marlies jersey is awesome.

Ryan said...

Jake88's Ducks Stadium Series jersey for COTW!

Caden Patafie said...

Second Jake's Ducks jersey.

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