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Monday: New Years Eve...Eve

Happy last Monday of 2013 HJCers!

As we close in on the new year, an upcoming Olympics, and a great knockout round in the World Juniors, lets not forget the really friggin' important things, like watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fruit Loops, and COTW Voting!

COTW Dec 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Lets face it, two concept votes are the perfect vote to get the numbers up, up and higher than ever. This is the last chance of 2013 to vote for COTW, so get on it to get a start on those new years resolutions!

Sadly, Dylan W. is leaving the HJC writing team in mid January, we will all miss his posts, but that doesn't mean you can't join the level of greatness that is...the HJC writer! Want to join Jets96, Dylan A., William B., Colin M. and Caz W. and Ryan HJC on our nevereneding mission to critique and construct concepts across the known universe...grab some concepts off HJC, write your reviews of them, know how to use blogger and your time zone in comparison to Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5:00), and send the them in!!!

No Delaware Pioneers Jersey Contest entries have come in as of 2:00pm EST, will check later on tonight!

On to the Concepts:

Saskatchewan Wheat Concepts (By: Caleb F.)

Neat idea here, Caleb! With Abbotsford in Canucks territory, and attendance not doing amazing for the Heat, it's no stretch to suggest a Saskatchewan based AHL team is a good idea, and what a look to go for. The altered logo is the crown jewel on this concept, good job using the new Flames shoulder patch and making it a good primary logo that has elements of Saskatchewan (I.E. Wheat, Rising Sun). While I don't love the name, the jersey striping is unique and has a nice classic feel to it, though I would use more green on the white jersey and more black on the green jersey, to balance out the colours more. Execution note: The Flames C on the green jersey is far too small, and would maybe look more in place if the patch was on both shoulders. (7.5/10)

NCAA Ice Bowl Concept (By: Ryan HJC)

After the NCAA Outdoor Comp two weeks ago, the number of NCAA Outdoor concepts has gone up, and we will see three today, the first coming from our leader Ryan HJC. The Penn State jersey is my favourite of the two, maybe because the striping looks very similar to the Marlies Outdoor Classic jerseys, baring the chest stripes. I really like the classic feel of that jersey and the brown gear, surprisingly goes well, I'm not usually a fan of that. The Gophers jersey is a little too bland, colour wise, but still has a classic appeal. I don't like the yoke or the invisible outline logo, but those are easy changes and just preferences as opposed to actual problems with the jersey, great execution as expected from Ryan. (8.75/10)

NCAA Outdoor Classic Concept (By: Taylor R.)

Our 2nd NCAA Outdoor concept comes from Taylor R. and is a New England match up between Boston and Providence, Both jerseys use the full colour scheme of both teams, which isn't easy to do, especially with double red, when one shade almost looks pink compared to the other. Neither jersey is particularly modern or vintage, but nice, clean and simple, just how a college hockey jersey should be. Execution is great, good solid concept here. (8/10)

Battle of 33rd Street NCAA Concept (By: Phil B.)

Two of the less known hockey schools, Drexel and Pennsylvania are pitted together by Phil B. in this outdoor game at Franklin Field. The Dragons jersey is cleaily vintage and with this concept, I like the use of only two colours, and the over-sized tv numbers/arm stripes galore. The Penn jersey I also like, the chest stripe and arm band look neat together, though I would have used blue pants and gear and true white instead of wheat, but that's preference over actual errors. (8/10)

2015 Winter Classic Concept (By: Tristan M.)

I love the idea of Washington wearing red in the next Winter Classic, and the Bruins wearing black and yellow...I'm liking what I'm seeing. The Bruins concept is my favourite of the two, and the massive amount of striping matches the 50's appeal of the jersey ( I can really see Johnny Bucyk wearing these). The Capitals concept, I've seen this idea before, and is a good idea and the vintage white even works, of all those things, maybe would look better with true white, but still looks good. (9/10)

Quebec Nordiques Concept (By: Joey F.)

I'll treat this as an alternate concept, but if it is a home concept, please let me know. I like the striping pattern and the small amount of red is a good outline, but I would add that to the numbers, logo and name. The concept is very simple, which matches the Nordiques look, and the fleur de lis actually makes a good primary logo. The only real execution note is the shoulder patches, which are vertical, as opposed to horizontal, but it is done right, aside from the leveling. (6.5/10)

New York Islanders Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen's first concept of the night takes us to Long Island, soon to be Brooklyn to give the Islanders a wavy look with waves. I like the striping pattern, and the arms are done just right, colours done just right on both jerseys. The hem wave is a little thin, but I like the idea. I wish it went all the way to the middle, or it was thicker, but the idea is good. I'm not huge on the yoke outline, and wouldn't have a yoke at all, or add a full yoke. The idea is there, but minor adjustments will make it better. (6.75/10)

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Michael G.)

I love this Sens concept, and mainly because...it is everything I'd want in a Sens concept. The colour choices are great, I love the darker bronze when compared to the current, almost yellow looking bronze, gold maybe? Anyways, the striping pattern on the white jersey is amazing, and I wish it carried over to the black jersey. The black jersey should be a copy of the white jersey, and I would edit the numbers so they are black and red on the white jersey and white and red on the back jersey. (8.75/10)

New Jersey Devils Concepts (By: Wings98)

Here. Wings continues to retro edge the NHL, Mickey Mousing up the Devils! Jokes aside, The Devils have never had a bad jersey in their history. The only thing missing in this concept is the awesome yoke style, but other than that, the jerseys are near repilcas of the 80's Devils jerseys. Not much else to say, but the execution is getting better for Wings, and that is great to see. (7/10)

New Jersey Devils Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Our final concept of the day is Stephen's combination of Devils eras between Mickey Mouse and modern. The arm striping is great and is one of the best parts of the original Devils jerseys. The colour are balanced well. Not sure if the red helmet looks better than the black helmet, and I'm not a huge fan of the black yoke on the white jersey, red would match the Devil's 90's jersey. (7/10)

That's today's post! Did you like today's concepts, didn't like today's concepts? Tell me I'm wrong or right and nominate concepts you deem worthy in the comments, we all love the read the comments just as much as the post when things get interesting. Remember to vote for the last COTW of the year and get your Delaware Pioneers concepts ready! Thanks for reading, Go Jets Go! I'm Jets96, and this is the last Monday post of 2013. 
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Caden Patafie said...

Can I COTW Nom Calebs Wheat concept or is there a limit? If not I will.

Tederifico said...

I will second the nomination for Caleb's "Wheat" jerseys for COTW.

Austin E. said...

Just a few questions about the comp. First, I know we only submit 1 entry on 1 image, but is there a maximum amount of jerseys we can put on that image? Secondly, can we use an element from the logos to use by itself, for example, I was thinking of using the cannon by itself on one jersey. Thanks.

Ryan said...

@Caden: I would read the COTW rules. They can be found on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page or the COTY 2013 page. I don't understand anything about a limit...

- No max jerseys, but team has laid out what they are looking for and I wrote that on the comp page.
- Please do not deconstruct the logos. They were chosen by the team for a reason.

Phil B. said...

I used the vintage white for Penn because it's a vintage school, in particular, Ivy League. Ben Franklin himself founded that school. So I used the vintage white to create the image of age. And I wanted to keep Penn all red since Drexel was all blue.

Michael G said...

Question on my Senators concept: I understand the numbers could have been changed, but how could i use white on the home numbers if white was not part of the color scheme really at all? I would just like to know for later concepts

Anonymous said...

2 questions for the Delaware contest,
1) is there a size limit on the jerseys
2) can we recolor the logo
Thanks for a response

Ryan said...

@Anonymous: No to both.

DBro Alexander said...

@Michael G.

it would make the numbers easier to see. That shade of gold doesn't stand out very well from the black. You don't have to use white if you don't want to, I would suggest a lighter gold.

Anonymous said...

Really like the capitals bruins winter classic concepts but its really bugging me that rask is #40 but the concept says 30. Just an OCD nitpick but really nice concept.

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