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Monday: Doanie & The Jetssss

Welcome to the Monday post change is afoot for this writer, so pay attention, or don't, the picture of the cat is also important.

I, like other writers are changing my rating system, but no movies or mustaches will be used for me. I think that dividing my liking of the idea of a concept and the execution will give a better view of people's concept so I can address execution errors and my opinions separately, so now, instead of writing a paragraph, I'll make 3 points, likes, dislikes and execution for a rating out of 10.

Anyways, here are the voting reminders:

COTW Dec 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
NCAA Outdoors Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Unless you want to spend time outdoors shoveling like I have been doing recently, as I'm sure many have done in Southern Ontario and the North Eastern & Central U.S. of A, voting will stall the snow machine just a little longer, except for all 10 Panthers fans...seriously, record low attendance! Those Kitties sure are lacking fans, so vote and the Panthers will move to Quebec City or Seattle. That's two promises I can't keep for the price of one....Just vote!

On to the Concepts!


North Bay Battalion Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

Like: The uniformity of the colours, no more olive green and black, double green is something new and exciting for a new location. I like the military numbers and shoulder patch, even as a primary logo on the alternate. An big improvement over the current Brampton Battalion jerseys

Dislike: The lack of white on the green jersey, though the colours are balanced well, a little bit of white on the striping would make things more uniform. 8.5/10

Execution: For the most part, really good, though the numbers are pixealted on the green jersey and are hard to see on the alternate  8/10

Mississauga Steelheads Concept (By: Ryan D.)

Like: The gray on the striping is a good idea and the lighthouse logo looks good on the front of the jersey

Dislike: There are a lot of execution errors, which I'll get to, but the blue side panels don't match increase in gray that you seem to be going for. The blue hem piping also looks awkward without any hem striping. (5/10)

Execution: though the execution is getting better, there are some things that still need to be improved. The NHL collar insert should be removed and the CHL tage should be put on the hem, as should the second Reebok logo on the front.. The Vector logo should be changed to the script, and the NOB is a little too small. The striping is now mostly uniform though, copy and pasting striping patterns from one side of your jersey to the other will help with that. I sense a breakthrough coming, but it may be a little longer. (4/10)

Windsor Spitfires Concept (By: Ryan D.)

Like: Attempting a free hand chest stripe is not easy to do, kuddos for trying it. The limited use of white and colour choices really look cool. The idea is certainly here

Dislike: The chest stripe stopping at the logo and numbers is a neat idea, but not one I like. (6/10)

Execution: The errors with the striping and Reebok/NHL tags apply here. The chest stripe is a little lop sided on the back and theres a little white box around the logo from when you applied it to the concept. The OHL logo should be dark blue to march the jersey's main dark colour. (4.5/10)

Moncton Wildcats Concept (By: T.J. Molloy)

Like: I was born in Moncton, New Brunswick and love the Wildcats because of that. The colour scheme looks good on black, and the classic striping pattern is cool.

Dislike: The red side panels don't match the classic striping being attempted. The front and back of the jersey don't match, the non-matching striping between the arms and hem. (3.5/10)

Execution: The arm striping is not match, copy and pasting the striping across the arms and hem will give the uniform a uniformity. The back arm and yoke out like don't match the front of the jersey, and the front looks better than the back. Remember to check your concepts over to ensure everything matches up. I know T.J. only made his debut on HJC last week, and because of that, I know the early stages of concept designing are rough, it's a new hobby after all. Keep at it and I'm sure these numbers will go up in no time. (3.5/10)

St.Cloud State Huskies Concept (By: TG)

Like: The simplicity of the home and road match the Habsish logo, and not making the jerseys Habs copies is a good move. Making red the primary colour and each jersey is a good move, and black's accenting role is nice, similar to the Non-Olympic Team Canada jerseys.

Dislike: the alternate logo has a little too much going on, I'd take off the primary logo from the collar on the husky. (8.75/10)

Execution: For the most part, good, but the shoulder patches are a little small. (9/10)

Phnom Pehn Cowboys Concepts (By: JCR)

Like: This whole series, whether you like the copies of NHL team jerseys or not, the idea is really cool. The jersey striping looks great in these colours, and I love the Khmer script both on the logo and jersey.

Dislike: The colour scheme isn't mu favourite, and I'm not sure what the signifigance between Cowboys and Phnom Pehn is, but that's not major. (9/10)

Execution: Perfect! (10/10)

Prey Veng Pumas Concepts (By: JCR)

Like: Again, the idea is awesome, and seeing Khmer in the Bruins logo looks amazing. The colour scheme is much better than the previous, love navy and gold together, and keeps this from being a Bruins copy.

Dislike: The white jersey looks like it could use one more blue stripe or have the white jersey be a direct copy of the blue jersey. (8.75/10)

Execution: Again, perfect! (10/10)

Dallas Stars Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

Like: Almost everything! The home and road are a great throwback to the Cup wining year and the colours and logo look great with it. The template allows for a longer and lower star that looks more fleshed out. The alternate, although I could go one about how I hate roundel logos, it looks cool! I get the vintage feel.

Dislike: Nothing! (9/10)

Execution: For the most part good, but the shoulder patches are a little small and the star striping is pixelated. (8.75/10)

St. Louis Eagles Concepts (By: Rob C.)

Like: Rob keeps getting better with every concept and how he puts time into researching team rosters most don't know. The updated logo looks great, a lot better than the original

Dislike: The hem striping is a little low and too basic, nothing aside from the logo is exciting (6.75/10)

Execution: Good, but the hem striping is lower than it should be. Also, removing the big white gap inside the logo would make the logo look better (7/10)

Stadium Series 2015 Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Like: Jets Vs. Jets? Good idea, seeing the old and the new together on the same concept is good. Both jerseys are nice and simple, throwing back to the '79 Jets with both jerseys.

Dislike: Both jerseys look the same...and are kind of boring. I know, it seems weird because I love these jerseys. but it looks like the same jersey just with two different logos and darker colours on one jersey. The lack of shoulder patches also hurts these jerseys, because both teams have good shoulder patches (5.5/10)

Execution: Pretty good! The hem striping is a little thin and the logos are a little pixelated (7/10)

Edmonton Oilers Concepts (By: Mathieu G.)

Like: Keeping the jerseys classic, love that white jersey! Adding gray to this look actually fills the blank stripes well on the white jersey. The script on the hem is a neat idea

Dislike: The oil drop logo doesn't look that good with just orange and gray, adding some blue will make it better. The lack of white on the blue jersey doesn't look good (6.5/10)

Execution: Decent, lack of white on the blue jersey is distracting, and the hem stripes are low (6.5/10)

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: J3)

Like: Classic, All Philly classicjersey. Simple,sweet and to the point. This is a good copy of what the Flyers wore in the 19080's and the addition of the Reebok hem stripe is a great idea as it livens up the bottom on the jersey

Dislike: Nothing, though this is a edgification of an earlier jersey more than a concept (9/10)

Execution: Near Perfect, numbers on the arms do slip outside the arm striping. (9/10)

New York Islanders Concept (By: Jake88)

Like: A really simple and modernization of the fishstick logo. The arms striping is great and the vertical hem striping, while odd, is really well done. The numbers are cool as is the colour choices

Dislike: Nothing really, outside of the little execution errors (9/10)

Execution: The fishstick logo is really pixelated, both on the front and on the pants (8.10)

New York Rangers Stadium Series Concept (By: Mike S.)

Like: This is a simple, classic jersey with a good modern logo, not the everyday combination, but still looks goof. The Yankee esque pinstripes are a unique idea, and this does match the theme of the Stadium Series jerseys so far, modern and classic at the same time.

Dislike: The amount of gray on the numbers on the back doesn't match the logo or tv numbers, and the pin striping, I think at least, would look better on the whole jersey. (8.25/10)

Execution: Perfect (10/10)

New Jersey Devils Concept (By: Dylan W.)

This isn't so much a concept as much as a look into the early days of a concept artist you may know. Dylan W. sent in his first concept he ever made, and boy has he improved! This is something we can all look at, go and look at your first concept and compare it to now, huge improvement right? Even if you are now, it should look different. Thanks for sending this in Dylan, I won't rate this, but just a lesson in concepting from all of us. 

Thanks for reading! Do you not like the new rating system, I may change back if you don't like it but just trying out something new! If you liked or disliked any of todays concepts or anything I said, please comment, the artists love getting feedback as do I. Remember to vote vote vote and as always, I'm Jets96, Gooo Jets Gooo, and have fun digging out of the marshmallow world outside! 
Monday: Doanie & The Jetssss Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on December 16, 2013 Rating: 5


Tom V. said...

Sorry jets, I've got to adress your comment on the missisauga concept about replacing the vector logo.... Please don't take offence, It's simply a correction. Vector would be the format... in a flat image there's no way of knowing 100% if it was vector based or not... in this case in particular I could say for almost certain it is was not a vector logo. It would be more accurate just to call it the "reebok logo".

Anonymous said...

Lol, vector is the name of that particular reebok logo, not the format of the logo. He meant to use the script not the logo. Easy to mistake.

Tom V. said...

Well I feel like an idiot...lol. I even thought originally the only acception would be if it was the name, so maybe I shouldn't say anything... but then I quickly dismissed it and went forward thinking vector is mostly associated with ccm products. Excuse my ignorance, why they make it so confusing! ! My apologies jets! I guess I'm the rookie. Well on the upside now we all know about vectors lol.

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Tom V. Your Jets concept was so good,all is forgiven.Honestly, you sound like the smart one by knowing vector files

Ryan said...

@Jets: I'm not understanding the rating for execution. Because you can dislike and like parts of the execution on each concept.

For example on Gerard's Stars concept under the "Dislike", you wrote that you liked everything and didn't dislike anything, but then the very next phrase you said the shoulder patches were small. That's obviously something you disliked about the concept. Just saying.

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Ryan: Fair enough, basically what it is is I rate the jersey what I like and don't like, but then address the execution seperatly, though, I see what you are saying, I wanted to try this system but I think I'm going back to my old paragraph system. The main idea was to keep my personal opinions of a concept away from the execution ( Ex: I can't stand the Blackhawks winter classic jersey, but if a cocnept artist makes a concept that is well executed, two separate rating would be preferred I think)

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