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Monday: Christmas Eve...Eve Post!

Merry Christmas Eve...Eve, I'm currently swarmed at work so this was pre-written for those who are wondering why their contest entries may have not been posted...anyways, happy Monday HJC Readers!

First things first, for those of you who have been wondering why I go hahaha...ugh after a bad pun, this is what I really mean. Just picture Krusty the Clown after a bad joke..yeah that sound.

Alright, I'll do a Christmas song parody, just because you guys are so awesome!

Oh the Sabres yellow jersey is frightful
But the Blackhawks's are so delightful
and since you've no place to go...

When you've finally read this post
How I'll love reading the comment storm
But if you vote every week
All the way home, I'll be warm!

It's note great, but it'll do, no matter what you celebrate, remember to spend time with those you love, watch the World Junior Hockey Championship, and vote!

COTW Dec 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

 Check out the HJC Design Blog to see Ryan HJC's full review of every Stadium series jersey

Here are some of the Delaware Pioneers Logo Contest Entries that have come in so far:

Trevor M.

On to the concepts:

Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series Fix (By: Dylan W.)

I was actually quite impressed with Pittsburgh's Stadium Series jerseys, and, baring the chrome logo and number issue, this would be a great set for the Pens. Dylan does a great job using all of the elements of the Stadium Series jerseys and adding his own ideas! The striping looks 100x better, especially on the arms, a modern throwback to the late 80's Pens, and the odd shaped hem stripe looks much better when it is thicker. Well executed, and, taking that this is a Stadium Series concept, the idea must have been to keep the Stadium Series elements intact, so the lacing and angled numbers, while I don't like them, have a purpose! (9/10)

Montreal Canadiens Concepts (By: Matt Mc.)

I actually had to attend confession this past week, because I bought a Habs jersey for a friend for X-mas..ahahaha, shots at Habs fans aside, this is a great approach to modernizing the Habs, but also keeping the classic elements. The new chest striping is really neat, never seen something like that done on a Habs jersey, and on the red jersey, it looks great! Aside from maybe considering adding lacing, the red jersey is perfect (but that's more of a suggestion). The white jersey looks great as well, but I think the jersey would look more..red...with a red chest stripe as opposed to a blue one. Perfect execution, as we would expect from Matt, just some little tweaks to make this great concept even better! (8.5/10)

New Jersey Devils Concepts (By: Matt Mc.)

The Devils are an untouchable team jersey wise, they have had the same jersey, literally since 1991. without changing it one bit, no alternates (aside from a once a year throwback). That being side...this is a great alternative, and I would prefer this anyday! Both jerseys this time are well balanced, colour wise, and the unique elements added help this classic striping pattern be unique. The dual yoke striping is something the green Devils jerseys did right, and looks even better in this colour scheme. (9.25/10)

Nashville Predators Concepts (By: Matt Mc.)

Our final of Matt's concepts today takes us to the Music City, with an interesting concept for the rival Preds. The striping is awesome again, the amount of stripes lends itself well to the colour scheme, and I love the curve on the arms. I miss the guitar pick logo on the shoulders, and I'd either add more blue to the cuffs and hem like on the yellow jersey, on the white jersey, or remove it from the yellow jersey. Not that this concept is bad, but I would have added some elements from the Preds current look and have a more uniform jersey, still, great execution, and looking forward to more! (8/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Wow! Kuddos to Stephen for attempting something new, on a very modern team, and I like a lot of the elements. The striping actually looks great, I like the idea, and the cannon logo on the arm is cool. I can't really get behind the small logo, and would look btter larger, and having an arm stripe on the non coloured arm would make the jersey looks less bear! Execution note: The logos are really pixelated, using word to re-size will eliminate that, and I would shrink the TV numbers so they don't clutter the cannon logo. (6.75/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

It took me a while to see what Stephen had done to the jersey, but I can see it now, he's added piping to the arms and the collar has changed. The changes are lateral, they don't attack the issues the Avs jerseys have. The piping does look better on the arms, fitting with the template, but still, the side piping is the real detractor, and even just adding a hem stripe would make things better. The collar, meh, looks a little better. (5.5/10)

Vancouver Giants Concept (By: Ryan D.)

New York meets Vancouver as Ryan continues to redesign the WHL. The Giants script is distracting, and I swear I can see Bill Parcell wearing these as the Bills miss the field goal in teh Super Bowl, but the rest of the jersey is looking better. The T.V. numbers are done right! Glad to see that done right, and the arm striping is all uniform! The back number is too small, and the NHL tags are still on the jersey. The hem striping should be the same  thickness as the arms striping, and the vector logo on the back should be the Reebok script. Not as bad as before, but, Ryan has a lot better concepts coming through the HJC pipeline. (5/10)

Tri City Americans Concept (By: Ryan D.)

Now it is clear Ryan D. sent all his WHL concepts in at once or in a close proximity, and this one was probably made before the previous concept. The arm striping isn't uniform, the logo is oversized, the hem striping is even mroe uneven, and the tag issues are still there. I'm not saying this is bad, Ryan has improved during this series, and continues to improve, but this concept was not as good as the last. (4/10)

Victoria Royals Concept (By: Ryan D.)

Ryan then gives the Royals a black alternate, and hey, there are some cool elements. The black and blue look good with gray, but the more white in the striping, the more balanced the jersey will look, since the numbers are white. The same execution errors as mentioned in the previous concept, but the striping is still uneven. I'm sure the Giants concept was made after these two, but get ready for some improvement, because Ryan's concepts later this week are good! (4/10)

Fort Calhoun High School Concepts (By: Wings98)

There's one thing I love about high school concepts, I keep getting older, they stay the same age, yes they do, yes they do (creepy references aside, I'm 17 and in high school, just remembered the Family Guy reference). I like the colour scheme and the logo, and the unique striping is a plus, something that can be attempted in a high school. I like a lot of this concept, except for the font, which I think is just a Paint font. The numbers on the back are uneven, almost as if on purpose, which looks a little too weird. (6.5/10)

Ohio Stat Buckeyes Concepts (By: Garret B.)

I'm not sure if Garret is new to HJC, but welcome to the community none the less! This looks like what the Buckeyes would have worn in the 60's, and thre are a lot of elements to like. The leaf logo looks good on the front of the jersey, but I wish the Ohio script was on the white jersey too. The striping looks very collegey, but the Nashvile numbers don't match the classic Buckeyes feel of the jersey, something to match the O would look more uniform. (7.25/10)

That's today's post! Did you enjoy the concepts, do have any suggestions for the artists or me, a COTW Nomination perhaps? Leave a comment for us so we can all improve, that is what HJC is all about! Remember to vote COTW and send in your Delaware Pioneers logo entries by Friday! As always I'm Jets96, Go Jets Go. No matter what you celebrate, have a very happy holidays, and I'll be sure to show any jerseys I recieve this holiday season, as I encourage everyone else to do! Merry Christmas, Happy Belated Hanukkah, Jouieux Kwanzaa and Festivus for the rest of us!  
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Anonymous said...

So besides the fact that Trevor's Origonal Logo was used by Wings in his HS jerseys. Trevor's logo is the Wilkes Barre Scranton Pioneers' logo


Austin E. said...

Damn, first day of the competition and we've already got someone breaking the rules! When will you guys learn! Shame on you.

DBro Alexander said...

shame shame shame

Anonymous said...

I've lost some respect for Dylan, pretty immature to put Crysby on a concept. have some dignity.

Tom V. said...

It's always fun to edit logo's and create new exciting identities for already established teams. But when you're trying to create an original logo for use, it's a whole new ball game.... you can't just take and grab from other logo's.... I hope it was just a simple misread.

Dylan Wonka said...

Sorry Anonymous :P

DBro Alexander said...

Hey anon, if you're gonna call someone out, for anything, don't be anon... Have a backbone....

Also, Dylan's been putting goofy names on most of his concepts for awhile now. It may not be a popular nickname for Crosby to some, but it's all in good fun.

Gotcha back Wonks...

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