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Monday: Celtic Knights of London on the Rockies

The Jets are getting better...somewhat, but hey, that's good enough for me!

Welcome all to the Monday post!

We couldn't run a voting reminder that said No Habs Fans, but no Habs fans, okay Habs fans, but no Sabres fans...okay Sabres fans...but no Blackhawks fans..............................................................................................okay....fine... Blackhawks fans

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NCAA Outdoors entries (due Saturday @ 11:59am Eastern)

Remember, there's a live chat going up this Friday, that being December 13th, 2013 @9:30pm, so if you can, please, come and talk with other HJC Readers, concept artists and the Writers! For those of you reading who maybe new to HJC, a live chat is a chat room set up on the blog and for about 2 hours, maybe less maybe more, depending on how many people we have, and we discuss as a group hockey stuff and concept stuff, sometime we have live polls for concepts that are sent in, and contest ideas and blog ideas are thrown around. It's always a blast, I'll be there and I hope you all come to the blog on December 13th to chat! 

Here are the NCAA Outdoor Contest Entries that have come in so far:

None today as of 4:30pm EST, moving along! 

On to the concepts:

London Knights Concept (By: Dylan W.)

ha ha...Dumbsta...Dylan W. of the Wednesday writer title, gives us an...alternate for the London Knights? I'll go with that, but as is, there's a lot to like. the striping is a throwback to the 80's, and reminds me of the North Stars when they added black to their colour scheme, which is one of my favourite jerseys of that era! The spacing between the striping, and forest green/gold/black colour scheme really have a solid regal tone that not a lot of colours can pull off. Execution note: OHL jerseys have the OHL logo recoloured to match the lightest or darkest colour on the jersey on the upper left chest, minor error, but adds some authenticity to concepts. (8.5/10)

London Knights Concept (By: Ryan D.)

Our 2nd London Knights concept comes from Ryan D. and this concept has elements I like but there are a lot of execution errors. The arm striping I actually like quite a bit, but a hem stripe would make it better, along with TV Numbers. The NOM is really small, and checking out the fonts in the Templates page will give you more of a variety with your concepts, other than just using the same font 9 on everything (but who am I to talk, I use Jets96 on everything). The Reebok vector in the back should be the Reebok script, and removing the NHL tag from the collar insert and tags will again, bring up the realism. The ideas are there, and I'm sure Ryan has improved since sending this in, but the errors are big and should be corrected. (4/10)

North Bay Battalion Concept (By: Ryan D.)

Ryan's next OHL Redesign concept brings us to North Bay for the recently relocated North Bay Battalion. I really like this idea, especially with these colours, but again, the execution needs a lot of work. The NHL tags, again need to be removed, but I'm glad to see the Reebok logo properly. The inside of the jersey on the hem should b black instead of olive green, but what really hurts this concept is the inconsistent striping thickness everywhere. Just copy and paste the striping to make it consistent all around the jersey with regards to thickness and colours, because as is, this is just a mess. I love this idea, but keep working on the execution and the scores will rise up from 4-7 easily. (4.5/10)

Milwaukee Admirals Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen takes his shots at the Admirals, who's contest we recent;y finished. First off, these jerseys are kind of empty, especially the black jersey. That isn't up front a bad thing, but the black jersey is pretty bare, maybe adding white where black is on the white jersey. I like the anchors on the arms for sure, and the vertical sock stripes, unique idea! Only other execution note: the skull head is far to small, especially with the lack of striping. (6/10)

Milwaukee Admirals Concepts (By: David K.)

This is David's take on the Admirals, and despite no really continuity between the concepts, they all offer something different. The blue jersey really makes me think alternate, or new home, if gray is to be added to the colour scheme, and I love that look! The white jersey appears to be a simplified jersey or more classic jersey with the current colour lay out, nothing too amazing, but still well executed. The black jersey looks really vintage and almost like the original Admirals. (8/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concept (By: Felix T.)

Felix is experimenting with the new Nike template with this Avs concept, and he has some elements down pact. I love the C from the Colorado flag as the captain's C, which is a great element, and the new A, while a little thin, is a good simplified logo...execept for one thing. Unless, you, Felix T. designed that logo...YOU HAVE TO CREDIT THE DESIGNER! Basic HJC rule, and if you did design it, please say so, I want to give you credit, but please site your logos. The striping is pretty cool, but the stitching should match that so it isn't sublimated. The numbers are far too small though, would be very hard to see on the ice. (5/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Michael G.)

Concept artists certainly love to add more blue to the Avs, but mostly, taking maroon out is a bad move, Michael thankfully avoids that with this concept. Making the home blue is a great idea, and using maroon on the yoke and main stripping colour is classy, the colours really do match each otehr very well. i think I like the home better than the road, mainly because the blue and red next together next to each other without any white or silver sort of looks like the bleed into each other, I'd also use just one shoulder patch, maybe the bigfoot so there's a little more consistency (8.25/10)

Celtic FC Concepts (By: Wings98)

Here, Wings98 is back with a Celtic concept, keeping the vertical striping we are so used to for those who follow Scottish soccer. The jersey looks good, combining the two kits the team currently wears now and for the most part it is good. The script on the front is pretty small, especially compared to the larger upper chest logo. The numbers are done well, and I really like the bleeding from the arm striping to the cuffing. (8/10)

New York Rangers Concept (By: Torader)

Lady Liberty is back and is in...Vintage White...odd choice there. The rest of the concept is done well and the execution is great, but I'm not a fan of the Lady Liberty logo is vintage white. I think it's because it is such a modern logo and one that looks great with silver, replacing it with wheat or vintage white looks odd, but seems like something Reebok would do. Everything else is good, especially that shoulder patch
, almost has an art deco look to it. (7.75/10)

Washington Capitals Concept (By: Felix T.)

Felix is back just 3 concepts later to give us a new Washington home concept. The overly simplfied Weagle logo looks pretty cool, but the lack of blue in it makes it look very stark but not is a good way, almost like putting the Red Wings logo on a black jersey, it looks good, but stands out a little too much. The jersey is well executed, aside from the stitching on bottom, which should stop at the hem stripe. Also, just so the name shows up better, I'd either add a white outline to the NOB or make it white. (6.75/10)

Calgary Flames Concept (By: Dylan W.)

Ha ha...Freezer...anyways, Dylan W. is back again with a Calgary Flames concept as part of his 3rd jersey series. A 90's inspired black alternate is not totally out of the ballpark, heck, that's when the Flames originally debuted the horse head logo, but basing it on the mid 90's jerseys, new idea I think. The new shoulder patch is a good move, and most of the concept looks good, except for one thing. Why does red or yellow or even white note appear on the hem. It doesn't look particularly bad, but I'm a little confused, since is matches the arm striping..a little bit anyways. (8.75/10)

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: Jake88)

Euromaster Jake88 fixes up those awful Sabres alternate (seriously, how is that design team still employed?) and this is a mix of every Sabres jersey up until this point. The striping is based on the new jersey and a new style, the logo is from the goathead era and the classic era and the helmet logo and pants are from the beloved Buff-a-slug era. These eras are all mixed really well, for a very modern jersey, but not totally unreasonable at all, I love the logo, even if it is pixelated and the new Captian's C doesn't appear anywhere, still love it (9.25/10 COTW Nom. from me!)

That's today's post! Hope things aren't too cold for you where ever you are, because in Toronto it's going to be snowing for a little while longer. Stay nice and warm or cool and hey, while you're at it, why not vote for COTW & COTY and enter the NCAA Outdoor competition. Remember to comment with your own criticisms and concerns with anything I reviewed today or the concepts, the artists and writers love reader critiques. As always I'm Jets96, Go Jets Go and I'll see you on Friday at the live chat! 
Monday: Celtic Knights of London on the Rockies Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on December 09, 2013 Rating: 5


Phil B. said...

I can tell Felix's logo IS original, though simple. He took the original Colorado Rockies logo, put the Avs current logo over it on a separate layer and meshed the two.

Ivan the Kot said...

*Celtic's actual kits: [IMG]http://www.uksoccershop.com/images/314x314xceltic-home-shirt-2013-14.jpg.pagespeed.ic.gBinEWEtgD.jpg[/IMG]


Dylan Wonka said...

The hem is supposed to be a 'burnt' striping onto the ash like jersey.

Also. Jake88 Sabres for COTW. That think is a great NIKE transfer for a third. I'd love to see that. Maybe not the logo so much...but the whole design I think is great.

Anonymous said...

Ivan, in response to your actual kits link, I'm aware that those are this years kits, however these are last years kits, and as the yellow would be an eyesore next to the green, I used last years instead.

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