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Friday: A Triple Crown

Hello HJCers! It is less than a week until Christmas. Which means, you all (like me) are probably in a frenzy of parties, Christmas shopping,going out to events... So I am going to keep my post fairly concise today. Today we have a trio of artists each with three concepts.

To get the ball rolling (or the puck sliding?!?!) with it being less than a week until Christmas, what hockey jersey would you like to show up under the tree next wednesday? Let's get some discussion and comments going (I will also post this discussion question on facebook, so we can discuss over there!).

I know what Ryan wants for Christmas... Your votes. I am going to stop writing and send mine in right now...

[7 minutes 43 seconds pass, Colin returns to the keyboard with a steaming mug of hot chocolate]

That voting took me longer than normal, but that was only because I got sidetracked by hot chocolate.
You too could take 7 minutes and 43 seconds to send in your votes and make some hot chocolate. Doesn't that sound delightful?

COTW Dec 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
NCAA Outdoors Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Detroit Red Wings - Michael G.

Like: It's always tough to come up with a redesign for the Wings, they just have the perfect classic look. I like the ways the sweaters don't match (hem stripes on the white, chest stripes on the red... good call).
Change: I would make the chest stripe match the sleeve stripes... the 2 extra stripes come out of nowhere.
Rating: 7.5/10

Real Salt Lake - MLS - Phil B.

Like: I am a huge soccer fan (Arsenal in the EPL, and Whitecaps FC in MLS), so I love seeing these crossover concepts. This is a really good simple treatment for RSL. No TV numbers is fine in this case, because these are meant to emulate soccer jerseys.
Change: The striping does seem a bit too much like the Colorado state flag (and seeing as the Colorado Rapids have a state flag jersey, and are RSL's rivals) best to steer clear of that. I would use a red base for RSL's sweater, signifying royalty (Real = Royal in Spanish).
Rating: 7/10

Navy - Patrick N.

Like: Good simple striping, and a tried and true colour scheme. The N logo is good for the US Naval academy college hockey team, but it would not work other than at a collegiate level. I like the gold jersey best, nice colour balance, great striping pattern.
Change: Remember that stripes go OVER the jersey template lines.
Rating:  6.5/10

Regina Pats - WHL - Ryan D.

Like: The best work I have seen from Ryan yet. The Pats crest works well with the front number here. The striping is getting a bit more consistent (not perfect yet. Try copying and pasting flipped versions of one set of arm stripes, that way it the stripes will be exactly the same... and you will save a lot of time!)
Change: Get that striping perfect, colour in the collar and reebok logo. For single digit TV numbers, you need to cut them in half to display them authentically. Check out the tutorials.
Rating:  5/10

Calgary Flames - Stephen T.

Like: The updates here are great. It has always baffled me as to why the Flames have lace-up collars when their sweaters are the epitome of modern, love that those are gone. Simplified arm stripes are also good.
Change: My 2 biggest pet peeves about the Flames unis remain. that weird striping on the hem and side panels, and the flag shoulder patches (Hey Calgary, you aren't exclusively Canada's team, or Alberta's team...)
Rating: 6.5/10 not much new on these sweaters, updates are good but minimal.

Seattle Thunderbirds - WHL - Ryan D.

Like: Again, arched text over logo looks good.
Change: INot going to beat a dead horse about execution errors, you know what must be done. I am tired of seeing the same number 9 on all these concepts, part of making a good concept is choosing a good font, and seeing the same font, same numbers looks lazy to me. Also, This is not a good colour scheme for the T-birds... this is like a mariners jersey from the 70's. Seattle has a great united city colour scheme of navy blue, teal, lime green. They should not move away from those colours.
Rating: 4.5/10

Sporting Kansas City - MLS - Phil B.

Like: I like that Phil has kept the different coloured sleeve from the SKC kits. It really bugs me on the soccer jersey, but here with the yoke, and the way the hem stripes blend into it is really cool.
Change: There are a couple elements that just seem a bit boring to me. The collar, and the numbers could use a bit of spicing up, they are a bit bland currently.
Rating: 7.5/10

Buffalo Sabres - Stephen T.

Like: Not a whole lot here... never was a huge fan of these jerseys, although they do look better with the Buffalo head logo.
Change: I don't like the mono-blue look for the home, and there is a huge execution error on the back of the white sweater (uncoloured panels). Overall too much blue, not enough white and gold.
Rating: 5/10

Pittsburgh Penguins - Kaner88

Like: It would be awesome to see the Pens bring back a sweater with the diagonal script. I always liked that look for them. Striping is generally even and well done.
Change: This concept is very pixelated, so it is hard to tell how well it is executed. The number on the back is undoubtedly too big, and i would get rid of the vegas gold on the side panels. Also, the collar and yoke piping need to be coloured in, and TV numbers should be added.
Rating: 4 /10

Dallas Stars - Matt Mc.

Like: I love the new Stars colour scheme and logos. I like the return of the star template, especially on the white sweater it is more visible on that one.
Change: The star template is hard to see, and would be even harder to see on the ice. I think the outside of the star needs to be a different colour than the inside for this to work properly.
Rating: 7/10

Red Deer Rebels - WHL - Ryan D.

Like: TV numbers are applied properly!!! Great job Ryan. Overall, a solid concept. Best execution yet.
Change: Still issues with stripe consistency, and colouring in the Reebok logo, and a few loose pixels in the collar and around the logos (I always erase the TM, because it doesn't show up on a jersey, that is where you are having some issues)
Rating: 5.5/10

Toronto FC - MLS - Phil B.

Like: I love Toronto's colour scheme. The TORONTO down the sleeve works well her for me, and overall this is a really cohesive look which ties in well to the logo.
Change: I am not sold on the hem stripe here. It seems a bit thick, and you might be better off without one in this case.
Rating: 7.5/10

Edmonton Oilers - Matt Mc.

Like: I just love what Matt has going on for the Oil here. The great bold orange yoke stays on the blue, which is good, and goes on the white which also looks good. I must also commend Matt on the striping pattern, it is simple, unique, classic, and I can't recall ever seeing something like it before. great work.
Change: My only gripe is with colour balance. Both jerseys look great but the blue one makes the orange pop, and the white one emphasizes the blue. It would be great if they could both emphasize the same colour.
Rating: 8/10

Vancouver Canucks - Caleb F.

Like: I really like the inclusion of the VANCOUVER arched text for the road jersey only... people know where they are when the team is at home. I also lie the use of only the colours from the logo.
Change: I don't think that the home jersey needs a yoke in his case. I really miss the green, but understand it not being on the jersey because it is not in the logo.
Rating: 7.5/10

Detroit Red Wings - Matt Mc.

Like: Let's end with another fantastic Wings concept. Matt Pulls out another unique, original, yet classic striping pattern, which totally works for the Wings. it calls to mind the winter classic jerseys.
Change: I think that these sweaters would benefit from the collar and collar insert being the same colour, creating a completely white collar on the red sweater, and a completely red collar on the white sweater.
Rating:  8/10

Well, that's it for today. Remember to get you votes in, and have a fantastic Christmas, a happy holiday, Festivus, whatever. Enjoy yourselves HJC!
Friday: A Triple Crown Reviewed by Colin May on December 20, 2013 Rating: 5

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Matt McElroy said...

Just to clarify my idea with the stars, I wanted the star to be there when you were holding it and looking for it so it's in the stitching but I didn't want it to be super visible or even something you would see on the ice more just an easter egg when you saw the jersey up close.

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