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Wednesday: Tides have changed in Buffalo

Long long post today for me, so strap yourself in for a read if you want to take a look at it all.

Just came back from my ten o'clock class and I am so excited and happy to write this post. I did not pay attention in class as the Buffalo Sabres held a press conference announcing that Darcy Regier (GM) and Ron Rolston (Coach) have been relieved of their duties. That in it's own is good enough for me to throw my hands in the air as a Sabres fan. That's not the only new though. Owner Terry Pegula also announced Pat LaFontaine to a new position in the organization; President of Hockey Operations. This isn't a new thing for some teams, but it's new for the Sabres. Another ex Sabre employee is also making his return. Ted Nolan will be the interim Head Coach for the time being. They appointed him only Interim because they know the state the team is in, they will not make a huge leap and give in the full title.

Good news is that these guys have great Buffalo backgrounds and know the city and the fans. Ted Nolan has coached many young players who are now big in the NHL and has coached Sabres Latvian youngster Zemgus Girgensons in the past couple of years. Obviously the fans of Buffalo have to be patient as this puzzle piece has still yet to be completed, but what a start to turn the organization around, huh? At least, in my opinion it's a good start.

HEY GUYS! Dylan Wonka here for my first Wednesday post on HJC. I know Dylan A. didn't leave but I have some big shoes to fill for this Wednesday spot, hopefully I can make an impression starting today!

I would've loved to go into the Olympic sweaters and my take on them, but my college's WiFi was down right as I wanted to talk about it. Now I don't have a lot of time until this goes live. So...maybe next week!
Image from sportslogos.net

What I can talk about really quick is the new Stadium Series Chrome logos that were unveiled yesterday. I understand how people might dislike them, but I really enjoy the new direction. I was scared that the Stadium Series was just going to be another throwback jersey day. I think we all expected that since most of the concepts being made have these teams wearing throwback uniforms. There was a quote from the Rangers say that the chrome logos will fit with the look in the games. So I take it that the jerseys will have a 'modern feel'. I put that in quotes because I guess theres not really a set look for modern and throwback. Because anything that gets deemed 'modern' is usually hated by everyone. So, I guess when they unveil the jerseys we'll see, but I'm liking this direction. What are your thoughts?

Let's now go onto today's concepts and start off with the voting reminders you see everyday.

COTY-October vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Contest Entries:

Rob C.

David P.

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Brady S.


Concepts For Today:

Atlanta Thrashers Concept - (Rob C.)
Starting off today is a concept that I think could use some help. It's in the right direction, but I'm not so sure it was executed well. Let's start out with the positives from me. I like going withe the red/burgundy as the primary in this. I think that color along with the gold/yellow looks really good. Another thing that I'm a fan of is using their alternate logo as the crest and primary here. I was always a fan of that logo, and it looks good here. The rest of this concept though I'm not a huge fan of. One thing that I think always makes me dislike a look is having white colored arms on a dark jersey. I think the mismatching arm color looks better on the away jersey on this, but I would've kept the arms burgundy on the home jersey. Also the striping isn't really doing it for me. With the Thrashers, and that logo, I think the striping is pretty boring and throws off the look. I'm okay with not having hem striping, but I think the arm striping would have to be more exciting. The concept is something I'm not a fan of, however more work on it could make it likeable for me. Concept Rating [4.5/10]

Sicamous Eagles Concept - (Jayson T.)
I'm not familiar with this team that Jayson takes a shot at designing today. After a bit of research it looks as though this team has a Ottawa Senators old alternate look for their home and road. Jayson gives them a new look, sporting a similar look to another NHL team. Not much similar though as it is almost an exact look of the Montreal Candiens. The away jersey being the old third jersey I believe they had at one point.  Going with that, not much I can truly say about a unique or original look. I guess what I can say is that I like these more than the Ottawa Senators old third jersey so that's a plus. Also I think going with the Canadiens look is a better fit as the logo I think looks like that they could be a farm club for them. Concept Rating [3/10] Jersey Rating [8/10]

The concept really isn't much of a concept. It gets an 8/10 on jersey rating because I like the Montreal jerseys, they are nice. But if we are talking about concept here, it really isn't much of a concept. Unless I'm missing something major here.

NHL Year 3000 logo concept - (David P.)
Haha, could you imagine being alive for this? Do you think the NHL will still be going strong at this point? Do you think there would be another hockey league that took over? Or will hockey be an extinct sport? Who knows what could happen by the year 3,000. As for the logo. It's nicely done. Not much difference in the millennium 2,000 logo patch. Nicely executed however. Gave me a good chuckle to think about. Maybe a good series idea for David (if he didn't already start one) would be to make concepts going a long with the idea of this. How would the league look in the year 3,000?

St. Louis Blues Concept - (Wings98)
I don't know if this is a series Wings98 is doing with making all teams look retro, but if it is I might be a fan. I'm always the type of person who likes a retro look for everyone. Even if their team name was the New Montreal Moderners. I think this is a nice look. Nothing really fancy here to really talk about. I think you really nailed the classic retro look you were going for. I think the jerseys feel a little empty up top. Maybe a shoulder patch or some sort of yoke design on the white jersey could make it feel more used. Just an execution note (I think I'm going to call these out more often, it won't take points away since it's not really part of the design you are going for, but it's a nice way to make your concepts look better IMO) When the hem striping starts, the stitching of the jersey stops, it doesn't continue all the way down. If you head on over to the Tutorial page I believe Ryan gives a better example of how it should look. Again, nothing out of the ordinary here, but sometimes that's a good thing. Concept Rating [7.8/10]

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - (Wings98)
Just to start off, this concept has the same execution spot as the last one. I think the logo, numbers, and TV numbers could be a little larger and moved down a bit. That goes with both concepts sent in. Also the same problem with the hem stitching. Again, not taking points off. For this one I believe the away is the same if I'm not mistaken, so I won't really comment on that, as I think it's a good jersey design. Maybe add in the 'C' shoulder patches would be my only add on. Same for the home jersey. I don't think though I would take that jersey over their current home. I mean I doubt anyone could make a concept better than that, but I think this is a downgrade. Maybe switching the white and black striping would be better. I feel like the black is really hidden with the red from a far and is almost unnoticeable and it's fighting for attention almost with the red. Or have the black continue down the hem for the last stripe so the rest of the jersey bottom is black. Maybe that could make it stand out more. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Philadelphia Flyers 3rd Concept - (Steven G.)
This is another 3rd jersey for Steven's De-Edge series that I'm a huge fan of. This jersey goes really well with the Flyers set if any of you remember, however I think it could be better with a few simple things; the addition of more white. I think the jersey is really bland. I think the design is basically perfect for what you want, but I think it could be improved with adding a little white. For the arm design I think adding a small outline either in or outside of the design. Then ending the hem with white below the orange (or above) it would just need to be consistent throughout the jersey. Regardless, it looks nice as it stands. I look forward for more of the De-Edge series by Steven. Concept Rating [7.7/10]

Colorado Rockies Concept - (Rob C.)
I like this concept a lot more than the previous on on today's post by Rob. This one all the way through I think looks really good. Execution notes on the hem stitching again goes along with this one. It shouldn't continue to go down when the striping starts. The striping I'm actually a very big fan of. I wasn't so sure how the [thick, small, thick] striping would look, but it actually looks really nice here. I am the biggest fan of the white jersey, as I usually am, but this one is just sexy. The red jersey does looks nice too, but I think the white next to the gold in the striping looks kind of off to me. Maybe have a [gold, white, blue] pattern instead. Concept Rating [8.3/10] Very pixelated presentation, but I know the look you're going for, and I think it looks great. 

St. Louis Blues Concept - (Tristan M.)
Tristan gives us a nice retro look as well for the Blues. I would really like to know how he puts the jersey texture effect on as I would be very interested in using it. Shout out to Tristan!!! Anyways, when I saw this on Icethetics I thought it was a very sharp look. Again, I'm a sucker for the white jerseys but that one is sharp. I don't really have any ideas or fixes. I think the look you're going for is pretty spot on with how good it can get. I love the Blues old yoke designs on the road jersey, maybe bring that back? But nothing really mind blowing for changing this. Concept Rating [8.7/10]

Team Sweden Concept - (Jets96)
Jets continues his Sochi Olympic sweater series and starts off today's round with Sweden. Sweden is a team that fought off the terrible NIKE experiment and got their way with a nice and simple design. There ya go Sweden! This also keeps their look quite simple, but yet unique. The three crowns crest always looks great in my opinion. The big part of this concept is the arm striping. Here's the thing. I'm not against it. At the same time though it seems just like it could be worked in better. I see Jets going after the flag design. I'm not sure how most of you feel about asymmetrical designs, but maybe leaving off the horizontal stripe on the left sleeve so it has more of an actual flag look when being laid out like that? I like the idea here (especially the subliminal crowns on the back) I just think theres something off about it. I hate it when I don't really know how to fix a jersey to what I want, but that happens in this one. However, if they did come out with this jersey, I still think it would be a fine look. Concept Rating [8.1/10]

Team Finland Concept - (Jets96)
For this set I think really goes great together. Right away I think I would like to see more dark blue on the white jersey. Maybe by switching the light blue and dark blue on that one entirely. My one idea for the arms to make it match the hem better would be to continue the color all the way down the sleeve, and not just have the cuff that color. Again I think the look is fine other than that. I've never been a fan of the corner shoulder just being colored in with NIKE, so I would say fill in the rest of the yoke color, but that would be a move NIKE would definitely like. I just have a question for Jets, with the looks you're sending in, are you doing something more or less NIKE might do with their looks with this template or your complete style? Just something to know I guess, I'm starting an IIHF/Olympic series soon, and mine is completely what I would like as apposed to NIKE. Concept Rating [8.3/10]

Portland Timbers Concept (MLS) - (Phil B.)
Just something to say right off the bat. Putting some sort of ID on the file is great. With MLS concepts obviously they wouldn't search for a hockey jersey, but if someone likes the concept when seeing it somewhere It's always great to see the name of the person who made it. To the actual concept, I think it's almost at a nice middle. By that I mean it's close to being something I really like, but it's lacking something. I like the striping and how it's close to the logo. However for the arms I think it could be executed better. I like the idea, but how the green color straightens out bugs me a little. I think making it keep the same angle as the striping, then outlining the axe in a green stroke so you still get the shape outside the striping would really make it flow better throughout the concept. Everything else is fine. Some execution errors I think the number on the back is too small, and for the TV numbers. It should be the full '6' and '0' on each side. Right now the look would be a half six molding into a half 0 on the arms with how it's laid out. Concept Rating [7.8/10] Changing the arm striping to keep the angle I think is the difference on making this a concept I love. 

F.C Dallas Concept (MLS) - (Phil B.)

This concept is much more conservative than the other one. And with a logo like that I think that's the right move. However, right away I can see something that makes this concept not as strong. A lack of red. Not only with it being in the logo, but the state of texas being very American, I think this concept should have more red all the way around. My suggestion would be to put the red in-between the white stripes. If you just put red instead of the outside of the middle white stripe, then you might be battling with lack of visual of the red, as it might hide almost with the blue. Making the striping [White, Red, White - space- White, Red, White] could really make all the colors pop and visible in this concept. That's really my only peeve on this one. Make that happen and I would really enjoy this one. Concept Rating [7.6/10]

Ottawa Senators Concept - (JCR)
We close off my first Wednesday post with two concepts by Jordan. Jordan always makes pretty nice templates, and this is just one of many that I love. I don't like the NIKE template, but I think you guys (gals) know what I mean. That being said, is there any lady followers of HJC? I wonder. Anyways, this is a look that I think Ottawa should go back to, not only that, but use this logo. I think this might be one of my favorite logos by an NHL team, and they don't even use it. My biggest rag would be to put white in between the red striping on the home. I think that jersey needs more white in it. No other complaints on the home and road. The alternate struggles with something a previous concept did a couple weeks ago. The logo doesn't fit the jersey IMO. I think that logo doesn't give me a retro, or throwback feel. Either use the 'O' logo, or even the original side view logo could look good. This set is close to being a great set in my opinion, but just two very small changes make me turn a little bit. Concept Rating [8.6/10]

New York Rangers Concept - (JCR)
Jordan ends off today with a not so much NIKE concept. This is another original six team that Jordan didn't really touch. I followed along on his CCSL forum post with this series and the original six were the first done. If I remember correctly he stated that he didn't want to change much, so they were the first done for the simple reason that there wasn't much change. So for the home and road, no comment. Those are nice jerseys, and I really hope NIKE wouldn't touch them. For the alternate, I really like what you brought. It's a nice touch of current and throwback. I think that would be something I would like to see them wear as an alternate. Either in a Winter Classic type game, or just a regular jersey. Concept rating [8.5/10]

I hope you all enjoyed today's post. If you didn't read it all it's just about me being too excited over the Sabres and chrome logos. But there's one thing you should NEVER EVER EVER SKIP. And that is voting. Anyone who skips voting is a 2014 Sochi NIKE jersey designer. ....that makes me one........I mean....DON'T EVER EVER SKIP VOTING.

Have a nice day guys! Hope my poor humor didn't turn you off for next week Wednesday!
Wednesday: Tides have changed in Buffalo Reviewed by Dylan Wonka on November 13, 2013 Rating: 5


Tristan M said...

Hey Dylan,

Thanks for the review, and you asked for the jersey texture effect. So here they are:


I usually play around with the Satin effect, depending on the colour of the jersey. You might want to play with the effect to get your desired result.

Bryan W. said...

Tristan's Blues concept for COTW.

Dylan Wonka said...

Wow, thanks Tristan!! thought for sure it was some texture overlay. Never would've thought to do that. Thanks for the help!

Anonymous said...

I got in a hurry and got sloppy on my Atlanta concept. The Colorado one paid off, though. Thanks for the great score!

Tristan M said...

Anytime, Dylan!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the jersey texture effect: what program is that? I use MSPaint, and I'm trying to learn Paint.net, but some of the submissions are so slick, and I have no idea how to get the results some of the artists accomplish.

Can anyone help me out with this?

Tyler Gross said...

JCR's Sens concept for COTW!

William Butala said...

Happy to see a KIJHL concept with the Eagles. Looks great! I was thinking of working on a KIJHL set when I have the time, starting with my hometown Fernie Ghostriders, of course.

I'll 2nd Tristan's Blues concept for COTW

Phil B. said...

I tried to be a bit conservative on my FC Dallas concept because the striping pattern my concept has is found up and down the whole kit. Plus I limited red because on the road kit, the only red is in the sponsor logo. The home kit is the same except switching red and blue.

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