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Wednesday: Isles Look Unique

     So the first of the Stadium Series jerseys have been revealed to my knowledge and that is the New York Islanders. As much as I wish to talk more about them I'll just give a quick opinion on them. What I like is the use of the chrome logo, the striping, and yoke. I think those are all unique but have a nice touch of traditional and modern to my liking. What I don't like? The colored nameplates like always for me. I thought and was hoping that would die out soon from other teams using it, I guess not.  I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this jersey too.

ATTENTION: Next week I'm preparing to do a Video version of HJC for a day. Before I go about doing this I would like to know if anyone would be interested in seeing that. If you would I would like to know so I don't feel like I'd be annoying everyone who wouldn't want to see it. It might not be a weekly thing regardless if it is liked though. This is simply because how much time I will have. I might not always have time to put together a video and edit it. But if you're interested I'd love to know.

Before going to the usual post I was wondering what people also thought of the Sabres 3rd jersey being worn? I was one of the many haters. Now I'm one of the many people in Buffalo who are saying 'not as bad as I thought, still don't want to see it next year, but not that bad." I think the back of the jerseys look sharp, and the front, just not together.

Now, onto the usual post.

COTW Nov 18-24 vote 
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Fishsticks Competition entries 
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HJC Writer Applications 
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Those are the voting reminders. I would explain why they're so huge but...I think you guys will know. So, how about you uh *cough* *cough* *nudge* nudge* do whats expected.....

Contest Entries:

Eric W.

Jason D.


Ricky M.

Scott D.


Justin C.


David K.


Team Russia Concept - (Dylan W.)
This is the first of the 12 Olympic teams I made concepts for. I would like to thank Felix for helping me out with some critiques and step by step help to make these jerseys look as good as I think they are. I always hate to say that because I sound conceited, but why finish a concept that isn't a 10/10 for you? Well that's a little over exaggeration, but I'm not going to send in something I don't like. Let me know what you think! 

Columbus Blue Jackets Retro Concept - (Matt R.)
I like the idea of this. Though I'm not that big of a fan of the logo I can say it looks better than expected on this. Another thing that I'm not all that crazy about is the lack of red in this. I know their 3rd had no red, but I think with this scheme right now it looks too bland and blank. This striping is always nice, so no complaints with the rest of the jersey. Not too much to say. Concept Rating [7.8/10]

Simple striping; nice. Simple jersey; alright, but nothing that really pops out to me. Still a nice look.

Colorado Avalanche 3rd Concept - (Greg D.)
Not sure if Greg has posted to this site before. If he has I haven't seen it. So from Me; Welcome to HJC. If you have posted before...then; Welcome Back! One thing for sure I think the presentation should show more of the jersey. If the presentation was cropped to where the logos are shown then it'd be fine. The jersey itself looks pretty good. It's always a pet peeve of mine when the arm striping is the same as the hem, but the sizes of the striping are vastly different. I'd go with the striping on the hem because the silver and white pop out more which brings out more of the jersey I feel. The logo is nothing special in my opinion. I know what it's going for but it's just not my taste. Again with this jersey. Looks decent, but nothing too special. For a third though I would like this for Colorado w/ a new logo though. Concept Rating [7/10]

Vancouver Canucks 3rd Concept - (Tom V.)
Tom is nearing the end of his series and it's not lacking by any means. He always brings us unique designs, and that's one thing I have to respect about his work. I think everyone mostly has the same feeling about gradients, even when it's done well here. For me, gradients really shouldn't be on a jersey unless it's a special jersey just for one time use and for fun. However, I do like looking at these types of jerseys. Though I'd never like to see it on the ice I really like everything tom gave us here. I feel as though the middle of the jersey (even with the logo and numbers) is missing some gold. Maybe just a trim on the red or black, but I'd like to see more. I truly like everything else though. Concept Rating [8.6/10]

I know I said I like basically everything, but it's like the Fishsticks logo to me. Can change the colors to look sharp, but I still won't like it too much.

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept - (Stephen T.)
Steven gives us a mixed era look for Pittsburgh. I gotta say, I'm not a fan of the vegas gold, but with this dark blue it really looks nice. I'm always a fan of the upper striping on the arm and it looks good on both jerseys. The away jersey is where I think things get a little unorganized. I think there isn't enough blue on the away. How the hem striping is on the home should almost be switched on the away. The blue upper striping should be ending off on the hem to match the set. I think it really throws things off. I do like mismatching home and away sets, but When it's something minor like this I think the set loses it's consistency. Change that and this is an awesome set. One execution note I can see is the logo being...very huge. At least it looks it to me. Concept Rating [7.2/10]

Nashville Predators Concept - (Wings98)
Wings is taking a nod at the first Predators jerseys I believe here. I really like the subtle changes he made here. For one the yoke is very unique, and the arm striping is too. There is a lot of potential with this concept, but when I look I see some changes that I think should be made. For the arm striping I think the gold should continue all the way with the white. Also with the arm striping I think it's missing something. It seems as though it's a T-shirt and anything past the elbows are useless. I think throughout the whole jersey the gold outline should be thickened. For the TV numbers on the home I think white as the main color is too close to silver to be seen easily. Making that blue like the away will make it much easier. Also an execution note I see is that on the back of the jersey (front view) the jersey is white on both, but it should be silver to match the yoke. Theres always concepts that have a lot of potential, but the small things mean a lot to me sometimes. Concept Rating [6.9/10]

West Ham United Concept - (David P.)
Ahhhh, the futball set turned hockey. I love it. Well...the idea, I think the jerseys however could use something. The Other Dylan says it best with the 'Paint Bucket Syndrome' on concepts. The home and away definitely have that issue to me. I like seeing accurate looks of the teams being crossed over to hockey, but to a point I'd like to see something more hockey for them other than just a jersey changes into a different sports jersey. I like the alternate, even though it technically is paint bucket filled again, but it's not too accurate the the alternate shown. I think for the home and away the sleeve design should go all the way to the collar, and maybe even all the way down to the cuffs. Then lose the maroon yoke on the white, as it looks like it is bunching up everything. This one is not in the cards for me right now. Concept Rating [6.2/10]

I think it needs some work, more importantly a more unique look to the soccer jerseys.

Everton FC Concept - (David P.)
David did a great job on execution on this one. This one doesn't suffer from paint bucket fill at all to me, yet it does suffer from the 'lack of concept' look. Though these are almost copies of the soccer jerseys shown they look great all the way through. Especially with the added arm striping. This one will lose some points for not being too much of a concept, but they all look great to me. Concept Rating [8/10]

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept - (Justin S.)
Another concept for the Justin De-Edge series. He gives us another mixes era look for Pitt. This one is like a previous one on this post. The hem striping and the arm striping having a huge difference is sizes, it's one of those pet peeves that I can't get over. Though Pittsburgh's jerseys that looked like this did have smaller stripes on the arms, it wasn't as different as shown here. Other than that, nothing too crazy here that we haven't seen before from jerseys. I think the yoke, either for Florida or Pittsburgh should make a return. As said last week, I'm not nuts on word marks, and that includes Pittsburgh. Decent set, nothing out of the ordinary, but nothing very new. Concept Rating [7.4/10]

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - (Justin S.)
This set by Justin I think has so much potential. I will say it now so I don't have to say it again, but the home is flawless to me, don't change a thing for that. The away though looks very, very odd to me. The red and black clashing like that looks weird. I think taking out the middle red stripe or the outer red stripes would make this look better, but I'm not sure if that would help. I would like to see black in black for the red entirely and the red in the black spots, that could possibly look better. If successful changes can be made to that I'd like to see, but right now the away looks too pee-wee to me. Concept Rating [7/10]

Vancouver Canucks 4th Concept - (Steve M.)
Well this is something new to my critiquing. First time grading a said 4th jersey. Steve heads in the direction a lot of people do when trying to make a jersey for the Canucks and I don't blame him. Adding a similar striping to their original look with the 'V'. I think the arm striping looks good, so I think the 'V' should be on the hem striping. The logo is definitely something different. I don't really think I'm a fan of it. Maybe on merchandise but I don't think it is jersey crest material just yet. Everything else is fine. Concept Rating [7.2/10]

The whole jersey seems somewhat empty. I would like to see a shoulder patch. I feel all 3rd jerseys (4th) have a shoulder patch to show the primary or something close the what it will depict. 

Colorado Avalanche 4th Concept - (Steve M.)
This one is screaming to me to thicken the stripes. I really like the direction you headed here Steve. However my pet peeve is kicking in. I don't mind too much that the striping is not angled on the arms, but for how slim the silver and blue is it makes it look out of place. Match the sizes of the arm striping and I have no complaints with the direction in this one. Concept Rating [7.6/10]

Another day completed, another one of my pet peeves out in the open. I know it may annoy you readers sometimes, but I think it's something I need to say. What are some of your pet peeves when it comes to concepts? Has this been asked before? I think so, but why not answer it again? 

Also do the thing that you know you have to do....
Wednesday: Isles Look Unique Reviewed by Dylan Wonka on November 27, 2013 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

I think making a video version of HJC, even for one post is a good idea!

TG said...

The video version of HJC sounds pretty cool.

winnipegjets96 said...

Looking forward to the video!!!

Gotta love that Steve M.s' Colorado Concept, very well done and would be a great set.

Dylan W. for COTW! I absolutely love that sublimated yoke!

Brian said...

Tom V for COTW

Felix Puchinsky said...

Hello every1!I haven't been lately involved on HJC due to a car wreck that kept me away, but I'm back now... I'm fine ( my car was being selected as a total loss, however ) and will do my best to recover from that night and go forward. Thank Dylan for giving me a credit with a help on your great looking set of team Russia! I, also, like it very much your recent entry for NY " Islanders " fixing fishsticks logo; love how your overall choice of color palette applied on a sweater. I would love to see that concept with a current team's crest ( never been a fan of that fisherman's logo , but it is a contest and you're obey by rules. I want to say something about that logo- that part of the logo below " Islanders " always reminds me the " AQUA - FRESH " pattern from their toothpaste tube... I would like to see one more stripe in there to commemorate 4 Stanley Cups that team won back in the 80's. Also, that area of the logo can be shaped more into that fisherman's coat bottom, thought... As Dylan mentioned- recoloring of that logo wouldn't change much... I like these submitions for fixing fishsticks logo: Eric W.,Scott D., Justin C., David K. Love how Justin Cox highlighted coat in yellow. Also, is it just me - but that right part in that logo looks as fish's head biting into fisherman's beard. Very interesting concept from Matt R on Blue Jackets - I love the choice of a primary logo - well done! And from a previous night was another superb Blue Jackets concept that I think would qualify to be their primary sweater. I would just leave a hat ( make a bit larger ) with a beveled star on top and let go a roundel.Dylan, I absolutely loved your Sabres concept that you sent to me and will send back my feedback on that soon plus on the other message that I wasn't able to respond.

Caz said...

I'll second Wonka's Russia concept.

Felix Puchinsky said...

Dylan Wonka's Russia sweaters for COTW !!!

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