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Wednesday: I'm not fond of word marks

I see you came to this site today. How about taking a few seconds out of your day and helping out here to vote? Some of these concepts below could be in the same situation next week. Help out the cause.

We need your votes. We need your votes.
Voting on who made the best coat.
Whether it's NHL, AHL, junior leagues or not.
We need your votes, we need your votes, just give it a shot.

That was my attempt at a quick poem for voting. Sure I could go one. With plenty of other verses explaining how you could help out on the site. I could share a video of non voters being booed and hated on. I could trash all the concepts below until people voted. But I think the easy solution here...is to just vote.


COTW Nov. 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Milwaukee Admirals ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Dallas Stars Alternate - (Brian B.)
I'm not too fond of word marks, scripts, lettering, etc. on hockey jerseys. This one goes right with that boat as well. Maybe it's the font, maybe it's the arch on it, I'm not sure but I know it's not to my liking. I think in general there should be more green on the jersey. I feel like the 'Dallas' is going to be VERY hard to see in green so I think that might be useless. That would be the one way that I wouldn't want to see more green on the jersey. Take away the 'Dallas' and no green will be okay. The striping looks pretty sharp. Gray accenting white looks nice. I was hoping for beveled numbers with the text on this one. Compared to the front word mark, the numbers seem very dull. Only time I might like beveled numbers is right here. Concept Rating [7.7/10]

Not to my liking with the crest, but the rest of the jersey makes up for it, especially with it being a clean executed design.

Buffalo Sabres Concept - (Arron A.)
I will always say this and I will stick by it, the Goathead logo for the Sabres should have a very modern design. I think anything that's more conservative or classic doesn't really fit with the logo given. Some execution errors here, the shoulder patches are uneven throughout the concept. The patches on the back of both jerseys are more accurate, but still could be worked on. The TV numbers should be evened to the halfway point with the jersey. At finally the number on the back should be larger. (I know it seems like I'm picking so hard on it, but just constructive criticism. By working on that and fixes your concepts could look a lot better. As always I'm not taking off points for execution errors). The concept in general is good besides the point I made already about it not being modern. The black jersey I think is the best it's gonna get with what you made. The white jersey I think could definitely use more black. Other than the collar and logos, theres really none. On the number you did it right. Put black stripes in between the red and gray and the away jersey will look much better. Concept Rating [7.2/10]

Anaheim Ducks Alternate(Antonio C.)
First things first, the execution is awesome on this one. The only problem starting off with the concept is the missing TV numbers. I made that mistake last week, but it's totally true, TV numbers will make a better looking concept. Other than that I think this concept is pretty awesome. I get the feeling that Anaheim wore this back in the 1960's. I think this is pretty perfect all the way around execution wise and look.  Concept Rating [8.5/10]

While I do think it's a great look all the way around. I don't think I can nominate this because nothing really makes me think amazing, or gorgeous. Still, I'd like to see this be an alternate somewhere down the line for Anaheim.

Anaheim Ducks Alternate #2 - (Antonio C.)
On Antonio's second stab at a jersey for Anaheim, I don't think I can say I like it as much as the previous. I'm not sure if I've said it in the past on HJC, but I'm not the biggest fan of the bronze organe color that Anaheim uses. That stands here. I think taking that out, and closing in the striping you have this could be a jersey that I would immediately love, but the bronze kills it for me. Again though, that's the only comment I have for it. So close, but that color is too much for me. Concept Rating [8/10]

Pittsburgh Penguins Stadium Series Concept - (David P.)
This one I'm very mixed on right away. It's a mix of maybe adding too much, and piling on different looks. Let's start off with the striping. I think left the way it is, it could make a really nice jersey. However I think the added striping on the bottom might be too much. If it is going to be left I would recommend putting the same striping on the cuffs of the jersey. Right now it seems pointless to me. The logo I think could use more gold, or the striping could use more white. It seems like the lack of white on the jersey throws off the white outline of the logo and the white numbers. Maybe a white outline on the striping? Or the middle gold stripe could be white. The yoke is fine I guess, not praising it, but I wouldn't complain. Concept Rating [7.7/10]

Not totally feeling this one. A couple misses and I think it really threw off the look for this.

Tampa Bay Lightning - (Tom V.)
Well, well, well Tom, you little copier. Nah, I kid, Tom had no way of knowing and technically most likely did this before my TB concept I sent in (since it's on here first) but we have similar ideas for the striping. However, Tom gives Tampa a double shade of blue for them to wear. After looking at everything here I can agree that it could look very nice. The striping with the hem and arms I think are great. Don't change a thing. The arm piping/stripe going down the sleeves I think could be worked on. I like how it thins and has the lightning shape, but I think it is too exaggerated at the end. A way to fix this would be to start the lightning bolts right away instead of it being straight in the beginning. I think what tom had in mind here was to match it with the roundel at first. As good as I think that is, I think the whole thing might look better without it. Concept Rating [8.4/10]

My only complaint is stated. Not too crazy about the logo. However, overall it's very very good. Nice job here!

Pittsburgh Penguins 3rd De-edge - (Steven G.)
Steven gives us a unique look to finish off his Penguins set. He also takes a stab at the word mark but makes it more Calgary/Buffalo looking with the logo in the corner. I think this looks pretty decent. Not the greatest, but I think I could live with it. I think for sure the numbers either need a white outline or have white numbers with a black outline. I think the vegas gold and pure black is kind of fighting each other. The striping on the arms is very unique. A part of me wants to hate it, but another part of me wants to love it. That being said I'm very on edge about it. I'd have to see what it would be on ice. For sure though I think the triangle area is a bit blank. To fill that in maybe put the TV numbers there? Then maybe I could stand it more because then it would have a better use of being there. Concept Rating [7.9/10]

Again, on edge with the most of it. Ironic that it's a de-edge jersey, so how could I be on edge? LOLOLOLOL ROFL COPTER....achem.....nice job making a unique look, look tolerable.

Boston Bruins Concept - (Ryan H.)
Our leader gives us a look inspired by the 1925-26 Bruins jersey. I can say I like the look of this is general. The logo gives me a nice feel of a modern throwback. However I think 'Boston' should be a part of the gold background. Regardless of how it is in the 1925 jersey I think it makes the logo look off to me. Then again, I have to say it doesn't hurt the look overall. No complaints here. Concept Rating [9.2/10] COTW Nomination from me.

It seems like every concept Ryan has gets nominated. Is it us writers sucking up? Let's hope not. Ryan definitely takes his time with concepts and I really think it shows here. I know that is closely similar to an old jersey but this just looks fantastic.

Victoria Royals Alternate Concept - (Montana W.)
We are given a nice alternate concept to look at today. As always if I spot execution errors I like to try to say them now. (That is truly going to help your concepts overall). The pixelation of the shoulder patches really make it hard for people to see what they are from the concept. I know the little blurb there on the side, but making them more visible will also help. That depends what program you are using to make this. The 'Reebok' on the front looks very funky, it should stick to one color (preferred white on this concept). The whole jersey overall looks very nice. The striping I have no complaints on. The numbers I think should have some sort of outline on them (not blue) Maybe a silver one to go in hand with the logo? Lastly I'm never a fan of nameplates, unless it's to hide yoke striping. I think keeping the font white here is the right choice. Concept Rating [8.1/10]

Minnesota Golden Gophers (NCAA) - (Michael L.)
I can say to start that I don't really like these more compared to their current jerseys. That however doesn't mean I don't like these. I think the home and away are pretty decent in look. Looks like they are tweaked versions of what they wear (without a yoke design). It looks good overall. The alternate again is a nice look. NO true complaints. Concept Rating [8/10]

Looks nice, nothing too wild. Just a good looking jersey.

Texas Stars Concept - (Jake88)
I won't waste my time saying how I don't like wordmarks. Let's just say I'm not a fan of this one. The whole jersey though (ESPECIALLY THE WHITE ONE) looks great. I honestly think the white one looks beautiful. With a matching logo theres not question I would want to buy it. Striping is traditional, but the colors used I think are great. The yoke having the same striping outline really compliments everything. The away jersey looks good. I think theres definitely a more empty feeling on it with the phantom yoke and striping. I would say to make the striping [black, green, white, green, black]. I wonder how that would look. Concept Rating [7.9]

using there logo [8.3/10] Sorry, I hate to be that guy, but some words on hockey jerseys don't fly with me. I liked Buffalo's old alternate and the Rangers set, that's basically it when it comes to word marks.

Minnesota Wild Concept - (Wings98)
This gives a very blank feel to it. I can say right away that the arm sleeves should be a little further down the jersey. And the striping should be thicker. It seems very small right now. Those two fixes could make the jersey seem filled in more and give a better feel. The white jersey's TV numbers I think should be wheat. Like the home jersey, if it's on the same color, the numbers should stay the same. The striping however and the look is pretty good. I like the new Wild set better than what they originally had, but this is still okay. Here's an idea to try out if you ever get the change. For the sleeve and hem striping, maybe make it match the font by having the streaks come out now and then. Concept Rating [7.1/10]

Pretty simple, nothing that stands out. The blank and empty feeling I think is the biggest hurt.

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - (Dylan W.)
Today is concluded with one of my concepts. This is similar to an older Toronto Concept I did. I basically wanted to keep the two stripe thing going but I thought hinting back at their old jerseys with the sleeves could make a good design. One thing I was trying to fight when doing this was to make the white jersey not as blank as it ended up being. I wanted to add more to it, but didn't know where.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Agree, Disagree? Let everyone know in the comments.

If you like something, why?

If you don't like something, why?

Give a description of why you liked or disliked something, it not only helps the artists out, but you can also spark a nice debate or ideas with everyone!

Hope you all have a nice day, and a great rest of the week! See you all next Wednesday!
Wednesday: I'm not fond of word marks Reviewed by Dylan Wonka on November 20, 2013 Rating: 5


Tom V. said...

I love Ryans concept!! I think that pattern works incredibly well. The only thing I can't get over though, is how much I want to clean it up, I swear it's a compliment! It's only the small things that get me. First off, I would move all the numbers up a tad so they don't go into the black. As for the logo's, I think the font and modern bear look great together, but that 'T' is killing me, I just want to move the bear down to fix that gap. Lastly, the V is blurry, but I think can be overlooked a tad as it's understandable when you work in pixels. All in all, I think I'm just jealous I didn't think of that pattern first. Maybe that's why I can't nominate it ;)
Cheers Ryan.
As for my contribution today, I completely get you on that fat stripe getting thin, I tried it so many different ways and eventually just gave up and sent er in, It still looks off to me too. you exposed me! great minds I suppose!

Ryan said...

@Tom: The numbers touch the stripes on purpose. I thought it would be a cool little feature which helps with the throwback to the 1920's jersey. I actually moved the numbers from their traditional location on an Edge jersey to make that happen.

Brian said...

Tom V for COTW

Tom V. said...

@Ryan: I had a feeling it might have been on purpose.

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