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Tuesday the 26th

What's happenin' everybody!? It's a great Tuesday, at least I hope it is as I write this on a Monday night.... Anyway, nothing real big has been happening in jersey news. Except that Ottawa has been releasing teasers of their soon to be revealed Heritage Classic jersey. It appears as if it's going to be a light version of their amazing black heritage jersey that they wear now. 

Other than that, EA Sports released their alternate jersey code for NHL 14 which unlocks the Calgary alternate and Buffalo alternate jerseys for use in the game. It's about time! I'm actually Buffalo in an online GM Connected league and I already warned all the guys I play with in the league I will be wearing it on purpose every time I play someone just to piss them off. 

Now down to business. There's three reminders for you and they're all about something different. First of all, vote...vote now. Only the COTW vote for this week but don't worry, there's other things you could do...Like the Fishsticks Competition. Go ahead and make it look good on a jersey, I dare you. It's harder than you think. 

And lastly, The site is looking for a new writer. If you're interested send in your application to Ryan!

COTW Nov 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Fishsticks Competition entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Writer Applications (due Saturday @ 12:00pm Eastern)

Speaking of the Fishsticks Competition... I bet you're wondering about today's entries and they're right here.


Ryan H. (HJC) 
Ben S.
 Caden P.
 Caz W.
 Dylan W.
 Glen C.
 Greg D.
Phil B.
Rob C.

And now, your daily concepts

Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) Concept - David P.
David gives the Eagles a hockey makeover. These aren't super great. I mean, they look good, it's a classic striping pattern that is hard to make look bad, but they're recolored Stars jerseys. That green jersey still looks super awesome though, I'll give you that. I just wish there was something more to these or something that said "Eagles" and not "Stars". There's two different blacks on the alternate with the logo and jersey.

Rating: 5/10 - Recolored jerseys are hardly a concept but even in a darker green that Stars home jersey looks good.

Seattle Thunderbirds Concept - Stephen T.
I can't tell if this is a WHL concept or NHL. There's no "WHL" tags and there's an NHL logo on the collar insert. If this is an NHL concept I don't like the use of the Thunderbirds logo. That all aside, this looks a lot like a Flames jersey. I'm not big on that side striping thing, but it looks better in these colors. The biggest issue I'm having with the design is the sock striping. I'm such a stickler with this stuff but the way I see it, the black and green need to be switched to match the arms. (Totally looks black on my screen, so if it's a dark navy blue I apologize.)

Rating: 6/10 - Not original enough for my tastes. All I can see is a Flames jersey. Though black and green is a unique choice for Seattle, most people have been going blue and green.

Edmonton Oilers Alternate Jersey - Rob C.
Rob wants to see the Oilers in an orange jersey, and who doesn't? I'm surprised it hasn't happened since they went back to their blue and orange threads. It's basically a color swapped home jersey. I'd rather see the orange jersey have a different striping than the home and away. Mostly because I don't like the orange and white interacting in the striping.

Rating: 6/10 - Good idea but it's a home jersey with different colors. And the way white and orange interact on this jersey doesn't please me.

Columbus Blue Jackets "4th Jersey" Concept - Steve M.
Steve gives the Jackets a jersey that utilizes the striping from that unused logo a lot of people have been using. It's hard to ever knock the striping pattern since it looks good, fits the team, and is unique to Columbus. Not a huge fan of the logo used. I don't care for the striping on the back of the jersey either. Normally I would think it would be too blank without it but I don't care for how it looks under the number.

Rating: 6.5/10 - This bumps up a point in my eyes if the striping is off the back.

Milwaukee Admirals Concept - Alan H.
Alan's entry into the Milwaukee contest is a pretty good one. It was in my top 5 and I gave him a vote. because Voting Is Cool!. I feel like almost any striping pattern can look really good in these colors. I'm alright with the full bodied admiral. The light blue helmet intrigues me. Most people would just go with black and I agree, you should go black helmet, but I don't mind the light blue helmet as much as I thought I would.

Rating: 7/10 - Overall nothing new or mind blowing here but it's hard to do wrong with that color scheme.

Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate Jersey Concept - David P.
David shows us his inspiration behind this Columbus sweater. He keeps the color scheme of their current alternate but gives us a striping pattern based off an old "blue jacket" from the Civil War. I'm surprised he stayed away from the pointed stripes as most people take that route with the Blue Jackets lately, though, the light blue point at the cuffs is a nice, unique touch. Overall though, the jersey slightly resembles the Penguins last Winter Classic jersey in my eyes. Good look overall though.

Rating: 7/10 - As unoriginal as it would be as of late, the pointed stripes would get that Penguins image out of my head. I wouldn't mind seeing the striping a little bit thicker as well.

Winnipeg Jets Alternate Jersey Concept - Justin S.
Justin's idea of a Winnipeg alternate jersey is a simple one. If and when Winnipeg pulls out an alternate jersey I hope it is simple. This is definitely a good start but I really want to see some gray/silver used somewhere. The IceCaps, Jets' AHL team, came out with an alternate recently that has a lot of gray/silver on it and looks very sharp in my opinion. Some light blue wouldn't hurt either, to stay in the team's branding, but this would be a good "retro Winnipeg" feel which would be alright too.

Rating: 7/10 - Add some gray/silver into the striping at least. I could live without the light blue.

New York Islanders "4th Jersey" Concept - Steve M.
I really like the Islanders lighthouse logo. It's one thing that should have survived the fishsticks days. The striping is "ok" as is. The stripes are very thin and I'm not the biggest fan of all the blue in the striping. I'd like to see this with either all the stripes the same size but moved to touch, or all the stripes a little thicker and touching. That's just me though.

Rating: 7/10 - Big fan of the logo choice but very indifferent with the striping.

Montreal Canadiens De-Edge Concept - Justin S.
Justin does something that almost every time, for sure, gets under someone's skin. He's redesigned the Canadiens. Both jerseys here present a solid look but if the Canadiens were to go through a rebrand of some sort, I'd want to see matching jerseys. I know their current jerseys don't match but I wish they did. So I'd want to see that red jersey look like the white jersey. That's the better of the two for sure.

Rating: 7.5/10 - That white jersey looks great so give it a dark version. The red jersey just seems too generic when matched up with that white one.

Milwaukee Admirals Concept - Mike S.
I don't remember if I voted for Mike's Admirals concept last week, I feel like they maybe squeezed out of my top 5. And the reason that would have been is the thin spaces between the striping. The only jersey I like it on is the black jersey, and that's because you can actually see it. When the light blue and white touch they kind of fight each other since they're both bright. If that space was gone and all the striping touched you could get away without changing anything.

The blue pinstripes on the white jersey and the blue jerseys' yoke are a great touch!

Rating: 7.5/10 - Simple striping, so it automatically looks decent. But those little spaces in the striping are affecting the concept. But those pinstripes are so subtle, they look really good on a hockey jersey, they save this concept.

Bakersfield Condors (ECHL) Concept - TG
This Condors set utilizes the old Calgary Flames template. That being said, I like it in this color scheme better. It looks really classy. I think they'd look better without the silver.eyI know it's in the logo but seems unnecessary in the jersey. I like the white jersey as it is right now color wise, but I'd like to see it with the black and maroon switched.

Rating: 8/10 - Classy looking set. the stripings been done but it looks better in these colors.

New York Islanders Stadium Series Concept - Tristan M.
I'm a sucker for colored cuffs. I really dig the look. I wish the new "NY" logo that's been released with all the Stadium Series merchandise was on this jersey somewhere, most likely the shoulders. There's really nothing for me to say here. I love the look. I would really hope something like this is worn in New York soon.

Rating: 9/10 - COTW Nom from this guy!

Well that's another post for HJC. How'd you guys feel about today's collection of concepts? Any that stood out to you? Or anything that you'd do differently? Get a conversation going in the comments today people! Don't make me get Sarah McLachlan back out here.

Tuesday the 26th Reviewed by DBro Alexander on November 26, 2013 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

Nice title for a TUESDAY!

Chimp307 said...

I'll second Tristan's Islanders for COTW

DBro Alexander said...

It was a trick! I wanted to see if anyone was paying attention....... that and I'm still used to writing on Wednesdays I guess... but definitely was testing our eagle eyed readers

William Butala said...

Scared me, I thought I had one less day to get my post ready. Nice trick, sure fooled me lol.

DBro Alexander said...

hahaaaa got you Will! See, it's a good thing I planned this training exercise.

winnipegjets96 said...

Steve M.'s Blue Jackets Concept for COTW, I love that striping, and seeing it that big is an eye pleaser to me! I like Justin S.'s Jets concept, but I agree on the silver, it needs to be used more

Steve Maurer said...

Thanks for the nom, Jets! I loved the striping from that unused logo.

Anonymous said...

Tristan's Islanders jersey is the best I've EVER seen. Absolutely perfect.

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