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Thursday: California Dreaming

I'll start today's post with a little story.

Today is a bit of a mixed bag of concepts, something I really like to see. Included today is a few California Golden Seals concepts. Strangely enough, on my personal jersey hunt, it's the one jersey I've been dying to find, and haven't yet. A few months ago, my friend went to the San Francisco/Oakland area, and promised to buy me a Seals jersey if he was to find one. He asked the locals, wondering where to find such a jersey. Most of them said "Who?", one person said that northern California should be getting a hockey team soon, as it doesn't make sense that they only have one.

I'm sure this isn't a clear picture for the state of hockey in California, but it's rather amusing to say the least.


Anyways, before getting to concepts, I have a bit of an announcement.  To anyone who has been checking my own blog in the last few weeks (WBHockeyTalk): Yes, I haven't updated my blog in forever. It's on the IR right now, while I finish my busy workload for the semester and integrate my blog into my own full webpage. Hopefully I'll begin posting again shortly.

Lastly, in case anyone needs any reminders:

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Milwaukee Admirals Concepts

Garrett M.

Danny R.


California Golden Seals Concept - Rob C.

Yay: As I alluded to at the top, we have some Seals concepts today.  Actually, just 2 different designs from one designer, but I'll treat them separately nonetheless. This one gets rid of the silly notion that it's okay to have a yellow jersey as your "light" jersey, when they used just green and yellow as their two jersey sets. I like how the secondary logo is used, which it wasn't before. The jersey design is pretty clean, almost modern, and I think it could work for a team like this (what couldn't work for a team like this? White skates, perhaps?)

Nay: I don't really like the look of the yellow jersey.  I can't explain why, just looks awkward with a white yoke. The yellow jersey does make the logo hard to stand out, so that's definitely a problem.  The equipment looks nice, but there is too much green on the equipment and/or not enough on the jersey. The knee-sock look on the socks doesn't really fly too well either.

Overall:  It's not easy being green, but it's less easy being the Seals, who could use more green.  7.3/10

 California Golden Seals Concept (2) - Rob C.

Yay:  Attempt #2 brings us the white and teal designs of the Seals.  There isn't a ton of changes to this set than their 1974 set, besides getting rid of the cuff and hem stripe designs.  Again, it's a bit on the plain side, but it looks realistically modern.  The equipment is coloured nicely.  The colours are shown off well on the design, even on the font.  I always have trouble making text outlined with yellow look good, but it works here.

Nay:  I didn't touch on this as much on the first concept, but this applies to both: there are quite a bit of pixelation issues with the design.  When using an application like Photoshop, this can be fixed by using anti-aliasing (or not using it, there's a time and place for both). MS Paint users don't have that luxury, so it gets a little harder to fix.  But a little clean-up goes a long way.  Also, remember to put some ID on your image (you did for the first one at least).  Other than that, I don't have much to complain about.

Overall:  It's a good modernization of the Seals' 1974 jerseys.  A few execution errors, mainly pixelation, but overall good concept.  7.7/10

Calgary Stampeders Concept - Jets96

Yay: As a Lions fan, this jersey automatically gets a 1/10 rating (I'm kidding of course).  It's cool to see a non-hockey concept on here (and there are a few more in today's post), and CFL football designs are no exception.  The colours fit well, and the stripes match from the arms to the hem, which is something I always like to see.  The curved arm design looks pretty cool.

Nay:  The logo is noticeably off-center, which is a little distracting.  The number looks off as well, but not as bad.  Also distracting is the pit-stain designs.  I've never been a fan of armpit designs on jerseys, so it's probably a bit biased, but I feel that it's really unnecessary.

Overall:  It's a pretty simple design, but it looks nice. I'd love to see a dark set from these.  7.5/10

 Chicago Blackhawks Concept - Eric M.

Yay:  And now for something completely different.  Eric gives us a light, politically correct version of the Blackhawks vintage jerseys, with some snazzy designs.  I don't have a problem with the traditional Blackhawks logo, but for sake of change, this logo works fine.  I like how the classic chest stripes match the arm stripe, and in general the jersey looks like a classic Chicago uni.

Nay: Although it's a cool idea to have the number written out on the arm like that, it would be more of a pain to be able to read on an actual jersey than it's actually worth, especially such a curly font like used here.  I don't really associate the Blackhawks with curly fonts, so it seems really out of place, especially as the captains patch.  The numbers and name are well-sized, but the font choice is too plain, and not really fitting with any sports jerseys. Original? Yes, but it still doesn't look right on a jersey.  I do like the "CB" patch on the arms, but I think those are better placed on the shoulder yokes.

Overall:  It's different.  It's Bakersfield Condors' Gettysburg Address jerseys different.  Different is greatly encouraged on this site.  But there's just too many things that makes this not a good hockey jersey.  7/10

 Philadelphia Union Concept - Phil B.

Yay: Time for some footy.  Phil gives us a couple MLS concepts, starting with Philadelphia.  This is a really unique colour set, but it surprisingly works on a hockey uniform. The equipment is nicely matching the jersey, and the font choice is a little different from traditional hockey fonts, but still "blocky" enough to look like it belongs.

Nay: The jersey looks nice, and everything is where it should be for this design.  But it's a terribly simple design.  For a team that really isn't a traditional franchise yet (being introduced to the league in 2010), I feel like they deserve something a bit flashier and modern.  I'd also give some sort of dark outline to the stars on the yoke, as it's pretty hard to notice on the light blue yoke as it is.

Overall: Again, looks nice and is executed well, but nothing that blows my mind. 7.6/10

 Montreal Impact Concept - Phil B.

Yay: Here we go, this is more modern and different.  And for a new team like Montreal, this is perfect (besides one fatal flaw listed below).  This jersey has a cool striping pattern, that actually matches the arms and hem in a way, and yet it's not a brain-dead simple design.  I'm a fan of diagonal hem stripes, although I tend to be a minority on that.

Nay: The major flaw noted earlier: the wrap-around stripe on the hem doesn't really wrap around that well. On the back side, the stripes should be flipped horizontally.  Put your hand on "your" left shoulder.  That would be the left shoulder on the back-side of the jersey, but the RIGHT shoulder on the front side, facing the opposite way.  So one side's hem stripes should be flipped, so they match when they go around the jersey.  Make sense?

Overall:  Other than the striping issue, the jersey looks great.  I'd love to see a full set of these, with a white jersey.  Otherwise, it fits the mould of a hockey jersey while keeping it's soccer look.  8/10

 Dallas Stars Concept - Alan H.

Yay: Dallas' current jersey have a strange mis-matching striping pattern between the jerseys, which Alan cleans up nicely here.  He introduces silver into the jersey design, which makes a lot of sense given that the logo is primarily silver as well.  The striping pattern is as clean and traditional as their current set, yet different enough to stand out.  The yoke outline is really a nice hidden gem in this design.

Nay:  There isn't much, as I like the design, and the execution is near perfect.  But for the sake of nagging: the small text on the white jersey is a little blurry and unclear.  I love how the outlines make the text pop on the dark jersey, but it doesn't pull of the same effect on the white set.  Using too many outlines in such a small face can sometimes do that, and it's a problem I frequently have myself.

Overall: Besides the font outlines, this is a great, simple looking set with great execution in the yoke outline and equipment.  8.2/10

 Minnesota Wild Concept - Wings98

Yay: Wings98 gives us a home uniform to match the Wild's new road jerseys.  About time!  I love the designs Minnesota has, but I hate the fact that their home and away set don't match at all.  I'm also happy to see the christmas-themed home jerseys go.  There isn't anything too out of the ordinary here, as it's strictly a recolouration of their current road set.  But it's a jersey that should be made, and Wings98 proves it here.

Nay:  I don't really know what to nag about here, because as a concept to match the away set, it's perfect.  Not that the jersey is perfect, but that's Minnesota's fault, not yours.  It looks great, but I have a hard time giving out full points to something that just recolours an existing jersey.

Overall: See above.  But seriously, this is a concept that needed to happen, as is executed nicely.  8.2/10

 Phoenix Coyotes Concept - David P.

Yay:  Here are a few very interesting designs from David.  I'm not a huge fan of how this looks, but definitely an A for effort and originality, and at least you have some sort of working example to show as well (same with on your next concept).  Unlike your next example, there's a huge redesign with the jersey itself, not including the logo, and while it's a little busy, I think a design like this could work as a 3rd jersey.  For the logo, using it like this and not getting some pixelation is pretty impressive, so well done on that.

Nay:  Again, the jersey's ray design is really busy, and makes the numbers and name kinda difficult to stand out.  I'm not a fan how the wrap-around logo looks in general, but thumbs up for picking the right logo to use.  While the chest looks really busy, the arms look so plain, so maybe trying to extend the rays onto the arms somehow would at least balance the jersey out better, instead of making it look like a grungy-tee-shirt with out-of-place sleeves.

Overall:  Love the concept, and what you've done with it.  And the execution of it is really good.  I'm just not sold on the logo idea.  Still, the downfall with this concept isn't even the logo, but the grunge ray jersey design.  7.8/10

 New Jersey Devils Concept - David P.

Yay:  Attempt #2 today for David's wrap-around logo set, this time giving us a Devils concept.  Frankly, I like the other concept better, but at least this still looks like a Devils jersey.  The jersey is pretty much unchanged from their regular set, the way it probably should be.  As far as the logo, it could use work, but this is an appropriate team to try this with, and it's another cool concept.

Nay: On the Phoenix jersey, the coyote didn't take up too much space on the jersey, which looked good.  The devil logo here nearly covers the entire front of the jersey, which isn't good.  If it were a crest, the jersey would be really heavy.  Even if it's not, there's no room for a "C", and the whole logo in general feels too big and out of place. Plus the logo is really directed at one side of the jersey, making the right side (left shoulder) more bare.  My suggestion?  Shrink the logo so it doesn't cover any of the hem stripe, and wrap the tail fully around so it comes back to the front of the jersey.  Just a thought.

Overall:  I like this idea, a lot.  But it needs work before this can become a new fad in hockey jerseys.  7/10

 Northwestern Wildcats Concept - Jake88

Yay: Jake88 schools us with a Northwestern Wildcats concept.  Purple and black is a colour scheme terribly missed in the NHL.  While I like the college-style of jerseys, using classic word marks or simple letter logos on the crest, it's refreshing to see a school logo on the front like this.  The striping pattern matches throughout the jersey, and the colours balance each other out nicely.

Nay: I'm not sure about the yoke.  The striping on the yoke looks like a outline for a short square yoke, but yet it continues past the "outline". I'm not sure, I just don't like how it looks.  TV numbers and names usually don't go on the yoke either, sometimes the name does but only if the yoke extends far enough back.  For sure the TV numbers have to be lowered, as does the main number a little bit.

Overall:  It's a good college uniform that somewhat strays from the college uniform look, and thats good. 7.7/10

 New Jersey Devils Concept - Dylan W.

Yay: Ha...Kovalchunks...

Seriously though, Dylan gives us a version of New Jersey's retro uniform, which will likely be used this winter in the Stadium Series.  This is entirely believable as the jersey NJ will dish out before January, besides the fact I thought they'd go with dark jerseys, since they'll technically be the home team.  Even if that's the case, everything here is in place for a fine jersey, as Dylan doesn't stray too far from what NJ actually had in 1982.  He evens out the striping, adds some cuffs, and gives some green to the name, all which positively separates this concept from the original.

Nay: As usual, execution here is fantastic, and I really don't have too much to say here, except one thing: where are the TV numbers?  I was wondering if you left them off for this template, but then did some backtracking and noticed them on other jerseys I've reviewed.  Let me know if there's a reason you've left them off, so I can remember that for next time. 

Overall: It's a killer when a concept loses it's TV numbers, but this jersey is accurate yet has enough originality to hold its own. Plus Kovalchunks...that sells it right there.  8.3/10

 Philadelphia Flyers Concept - Jordan R.

Yay:  Last but not least, we have a pair of Nike concepts from Jordan R.  Last week, while I didn't knock Jordan for being accurate to Nike's look, I did dock him points for originality, using the same main set as the team currently has.  These next two concepts really change that.  I don't remember Philly ever having fully-orange arms (or white of course), and that is painfully accurate for Nike.  The jerseys are accurate for Nike, they look great, and they classic enough to be a believable Flyers jersey.  The jersey looks so good, I'm even okay with the number on the front of the jersey, which usually annoys me.

Nay: This concepts needs a black 3rd, and we got it. But I'm not sure going all black with a few orange highlights is the way to go here. Since the design is much the same as the main set of jerseys, I feel like there needs to be some more white somewhere.  In general, I like when 3rd jerseys have a different design all together than the main set.  While the Flyers are a classic team that shouldn't have any major redesigns, I feel like Nike could push the envelop and make them adopt something more modern for a 3rd.  Just a thought, not really a negative mark there.

Overall:  I love the main set, and I'm okay with the 3rds.  This set screams both "Nike" and "Philadelphia", while surprisingly looking great.  8.5/10 and my COTW nomination.

 Phoenix Coyotes Concept - Jordan R.

Yay:  Awesome.  That is the first thing I said when I seen this concept.  The logo here is a perfect combination of the modern logo and their early "fiesta coyote" days.  I love the classic-feel their modern logo has, and it loses out to a more cartoonish logo here, but honestly I think it's a great look. I'm not aware of any Coyotes logo like this, so I'm guessing he's made this one himself? If that's the case, great logo design!  I also like how the logo's beige colour is finally introduced into the jersey colour.  I also love the 3rd jersey here.  It looks like the Flames new 3rd, only better.

Nay:  Back to the beige.  It needs to be on the jersey colours,  and it's done appropriately on the home jersey.  On the road whites, I know that they shouldn't use the beige as their primary colour, but adding white anywhere else would cause the stripes to mismatch.  I propose taking the striping pattern from the 3rd, and using that on the main set, with red and white switching out.  That way, both jerseys have beige, both jerseys have white, the striping pattern is matching and everyone is happy.  Just a suggestion on my part though.  The only other thing is that I think the logos can be lowered just a touch on all of the jerseys.

Overall: The main set needs a few colour fix ups, but the 3rd jersey looks great.  And I really like that logo.  8.2/10


Thank you for reading today's post, hopefully you find all of the reviews pretty fair.  Before I continue my hunt for Seals jerseys, I'll leave you with one more meme reminder.  Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday: California Dreaming Reviewed by William Butala on November 14, 2013 Rating: 5


Scott Markiewicz said...

Hey William, here's a seals jersey from Icejerseys! http://www.icejerseys.com/products/Oakland-Seals-12802/California-Golden-Seals-Vintage-Replica-Jersey-1971-%28Away%29-p2682/?pstart=1

William Butala said...

Nice! Thanks for the link!

Scott Markiewicz said...

No problem!

Steve Maurer said...

Willie, Jordan's logo was a concept logo for the old color scheme, but this is a really good design.

Dylan Wonka said...

I must've forgot to put them on....weird...

William Butala said...

@Steve Yes, you're right. I looked on sportslogos.net to check before reviewing, but couldn't find it. Helps if I scroll all the way down to the Misc Logos section, my bad.

Still a great design otherwise.

Tristan M said...

Dylan W's Devils concept for COTW!

Felix Puchinsky said...

Hello everyone ! I know why Dylan didn't include tv numbers in his NJ Devils concept - Ilya took chunks of them. I really love Dylan's concept - awesome job! My only few complaints on that is the fact that a yoke red and green outline under the yoke doesn't match with the rest of the sweater and a center part of the collar with an NHL shield is being done in grey/asphalt color. Once again Jordan came up with a few more cool concepts. Last night I was about to leave a comment on his NIKE NY Rangers concept, but due to a tragic loss of my daughter's best friend here in Phoenix ( she was killed along with her Mom and her boyfriend ) by her dad, who took his life as well) wasn't able to do so. Being a die hard Rangers fan I want to say about that concept that home and away are basically the same that was made by Jordan. A third sweater looks different, but I'm not sure about that super arched word mark... On today's Jordan Flyers set - I don't like a road sweater with all that white from neck to palms on sleeves - it reminds me a patient in ER being treated for some burns. Perhaps, making both sleeves in black on home and away would look sharper.Jordan's Coyotes concept is a beauty, but I would love to see some southwest pattern on sleeves instead of Maple Leafs double plain stripes, plus a crescent patch on a shoulder, too.

Phil B. said...

On the Impact jersey, I made the striping like that because of the logo, as if the logo was imprinted on both the front and back. Some things work, some things don't.

On the Union jersey, I wanted to make the striping similar to the Philadelphia city flag, but the inverse, with gold on the outside and light blue in the middle.

Jersey Fanatic said...

As my first act on this awesome blog, I'll second that Flyers concept by Jordan for COTW.

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