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Saturday: Remember the 90s?

Welcome to another edition of HJC Saturday! There are several good concepts today, some of which take inspiration from hockey jerseys of the 90s.

In jersey news, I'm sure you've all seen the new Islanders Stadium Series jersey, and the jerseys from the Senators/Canucks Heritage Classic, so I won't post pictures. The Heritage Classic jerseys were exactly what we expected, but I do like several elements from the new Islanders jersey. It's not perfect (I really don't like the chrome effect on the logo) but I like that they are taking the opportunity to push jersey boundaries on one-game-only events. I think that is going to be the future of progressive jersey designs in this league. Instead of having to put up with a 3rd jersey that is a bust for a few years (ex: Buffalo) we'll see teams/Reebok pushing the envelope with event jerseys that, if they are hideous, are put away after one game. If they work well, maybe we could see them as an alternate the following year. How do you think these events will effect the industry? Will we continue to see more progressive designs, and what will this mean for the future of the third jersey? Leave your input in the comment section below!

In NHL news, Brent Burns woke up this morning to a dozen or more hats in his driveway after putting up a hat trick on the usually defensively stingy Blues. As a Preds fan, I would love to have a big, versatile forward who could shoot the puck like he does. We could use a forward like that like Toronto could use a new mayor. Realistically, what player would you like to see your team trade for? (realistic as in, besides Crosby or Ovechkin)

Here are the last of the Fishsticks logo competition entries:

Alan J.H.

Brendan F.

Chris H.

Gerard M.

J3 Hockey

Joey F.

Matt M.

Matt R.

Taylor R.

Without further ado, on to the concepts!

Phoenix vs. Winnipeg "The Move" rivalry concept - William B.

What I like: It's a novel concept. A game like this could be very entertaining. This would have been a great way to make an event out of Winnipeg's first game in Phoenix, and vice-versa.  A simplification of the old Phoenix striping pattern looks good. Concept is executed well.

What I dislike: The Winnipeg jersey doesn't really say "Winnipeg," other than the logos. It would be better with more Winnipeg-inspired jersey design elements. I've never liked contrasting armpit inserts. It almost looks like sweat stains.

Overall: This is a novel concept. A more Winnipeg-specific jersey would improve it. (7.5/10)

Calgary Flames redesign concept - Michael G.

What I like: The more traditional striping pattern is an improvement over their home/road. I'm a big fan of that shoulder patch. Execution and presentation are good.

What I dislike: A second, darker shade of red is used on the home, but not the road. Although I appreciate trying to do something different, it doesn't need the second shade of red. 

Overall: Pretty solid look, but take out the dark red. (8/10)

Hamilton Tigers Defunct Teams series - Rob C.

What I like: Rob's defunct teams series is getting better with each team he submits. This is a vast improvement over early submissions I gave feedback on. Jerseys are cleaner now. I appreciate knowing where the logo came from.

What I dislike: I find myself wishing to see a nod to the old Tigers, but there isn't one, as far as I can see. The old H monogram would have made a good shoulder patch or helmet logo. The primary logo is bit large. Also, when putting a logo that has a black outline on a black jersey, it's a good idea to put a thin white outline on the logo, so you don't lose part of the logo due to lack of contrast. If you use Paint.net, there are some extensions that can do this for you. I used one to put an outline around the Islanders Fishsticks logo in our competition this week.

Overall: This series is getting better, but needs a little more work. (6.5/10)

Anaheim Ducks Stadium Series concept - Tristan M.

What I like: That shading effect really makes the sweater pop off the screen. I have a deep love of that old Ducks logo. I found one of the old eggplant jerseys at a thrift store once; best $3 I ever spent. It's just so superior to that Flying D, or the "Ducks" wordmark. The striping pattern/yoke treatment is good as well. Execution and presentation are very good.

What I dislike: That shade of gold with orange. I don't think the two go together well, but I understand that it is part of the Ducks unfortunate color scheme right now.

Overall: I could definitely see the Ducks wearing this. (8.5/10)

Montreal Canadiens concept - Stephen T.

What I like: The sash. Not many people know the Canadiens wore a sash in 1911-1912 (here's a link: http://ourhistory.canadiens.com/jerseys-and-logos/1909-1946). The jersey is very clean. Not a pixel out of place. I think either of these would make a great throwback jersey, but I think I prefer the white jersey.

What I dislike: With Gionta, you need to find a place for the captain's C. It would crowd the old C logo you have near the heart (which in this instance, is exactly where it should be). I made a concept similar to this one for a Canadiens redesign contest back in the early part of this year, and I put the captain's C on the shoulder. It seemed like the most logical location. The helmets could use a logo.

Overall: Well executed throwback jersey. (8/10)

New York Rangers 4th jersey concept - Steve M.

What I like: The Lady Liberty logo is back! In my opinion, this is one of the best logos in NHL history that is not currently being used (2nd to only the Whalers ingenious logo). The original navy third of this jersey is near the top of my jersey wishlist. I like the inclusion of the hem stripe, but I would possibly move it down a little bit, and keep it more subtle, so as not to distract from that logo.

What I dislike: There are loose and uncolored pixels all around the collar, and some on the arms as well. With that shade of gray and red, you really need white in between to separate them. The original jersey had the red and gray separated on the numbers, and this jersey needs the same.

Overall: The sequel is not as good as the original. (6.8/10)

San Jose Sharks 4th jersey concept - Steve M.

What I like: I am in favor of San Jose dropping orange from their color scheme, and putting more focus on teal. I like the striping pattern. 

What I dislike: That alt. logo is cool, but not ready for primary duty, in my opinion. I've used this template a lot, and to fully utilize it's strengths, you need to follow the stitching when making your striping. I think it looks better that way. (here's an example: http://tinyurl.com/oncq7tr

Overall: You have a good eye for aesthetically pleasing designs. Once you get the execution fully down, your concepts will be very strong. (7/10)

Team Slovakia Olympic concept - Dylan W.

What I like: Slovakia's crest looks good on a hockey jersey. The nonsense faux-laces are downplayed. I normally don't like side panel striping, but it looks good here. The subliminated effects are cool. This is an improvement over what Nike designed for them, even though putting the words to the national anthem on them was an eye-catching detail. (side note: does anyone else think the Nike jerseys look incredibly cheap in pictures that aren't doctored by Nike? They almost look like Chinese counterfeits of what you would expect them to look like.)

What I dislike: I would move the sleeve stripe further up the sleeve, and make the subliminated double-armed cross smaller. Reason being, when a player puts on his gloves, the arm stripes would be partially covered. That's a small complaint, though.

Overall: This is a solid look for Slovakia. (8.5/10)

Winnipeg Jets concept - The Matrix

What I like: The color scheme on the home/away, even though some would say it's more reminiscent of the Nordiques than the Jets. I just think that shade of blue looks really good with red.

What I don't like: Heavy pixelation. If you aren't saving your work as a .pdf, that may help. Shades of blue and red in the logos are different than what is used in the jersey. The colored namebars are necessary. The numbers bleed into the striping. The cursive font doesn't work here. I recommend using a more professional looking font. There are several available at the bottom of the TEMPLATES page. The striping bleeds off of the jersey itself in some areas, and the stitching is missing in several areas.

Overall: Some good ideas, but execution brings this down. (4/10)

Canucks vs. Senators Heritage Classic Concept - Zack M.

What I like: That alternate logo for the Senators is beautiful. It's a shame that it isn't their current primary. 

What I dislike: Spelling out "Vancouver" on a V monogram worked well for the old Millionaires. The same treatment does not work for the Canucks, especially since you have to read it right-to-left. Because we are so accustomed to reading left-to-right, it's very unnatural. I know that old jerseys would not have names, but these could use some. Try using one of the number fonts on the TEMPLATES page. There are some really good ones there. If you are going to hearken back to the Millionaires, you should probably include some visual elements from the 1917-1934 Senators teams. The Senators jersey also needs TV numbers. The captains C normally goes on the right side. There are execution issues with loose/uncolored pixels, striping bleeding off the jersey, and stitching that is missing.

Overall: Good effort, but execution needs work. (4/10)

Milwaukee Admirals concept - Ryan (HJC)

What I like: Almost anything is better than the incredibly bland jerseys they wear now, but this is a great set. The name/number font is great. The set makes really good use of the color palette. I like the yoke treatment on all three jerseys. The grey alternate is very interesting. I love that Admirals logo. He is hitting a puck with his own foot. Amazing. Execution and presentation are great, as always.

Whit I dislike: The striping on the home/road is a bit busy for my tastes.

Overall: This would be a good set for the Admirals. Those bland jerseys need to be put out of their misery. (8.8/10) COTW nomination from me

So, how do you feel about my ratings this week, were they good, or the best you've ever seen? (kidding) What other concepts do you think deserve nomination for Concept of the Week? The more the better! Remember to vote for concepts next week! There were many great concepts sent in for our Fishsticks Logo Competition this week, so go vote for them when voting starts tomorrow! Vote, or Don Cherry will replace your entire wardrobe with his suits.

You don't want to look like this guy.
(image via Yahoo Sports)

Saturday: Remember the 90s? Reviewed by Caz on November 30, 2013 Rating: 5


Josh Lewis said...

Anyone else's Fishsticks entry not get posted or just mine?

Ryan said...

I have yours Josh. It went to the Spam folder. Look for it tomorrow.

Brian said...

That Ducks SS concept from Tristan is sweet! Cotw nom.

William Butala said...

Thanks for the review on my Winnipeg vs Phoenix concept. Execution wise, I feel like my Winnipeg jersey is the best in the series so far, I love how it looks. But you're right, it doesn't relate to Winnipeg nearly as much as I'd like it too. I just couldn't figure out how to with the colours.

DBro Alexander said...

Don't wanna look like Cherry? Speak for yourself.

Rob Coulter said...

I appreciate constructive criticism of my Defunct Teams Series. I'm not comfortable with Paint.net (I find it cumbersome to use), so it's a challenge to come up with visually-appealing concepts working within the limitations of MSpaint. Each of the writers has different perceptions of what is acceptable, and I'm sure that the 6.5/10 I received on the Hamilton Tigers would have got a different score on another day. Still, I push on...

Caden Patafie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan said...

@Caden: That's a real greasy move, plugging your blog like that! Do I go on your blog on leave a link to HJC? No.

Chimp307 said...

Really Rob? You think it could've gotten a better score on a different day? Now I am saying this with all do respect but I think it maybe even deserved a lower score than that. Basically it's just a boring template coloured with tigers colours. I mean it's great that you're improving but you're sounding a little cocky for a sub-par design. P.S I'm not saying i'm a way better designer i'm just giving you a little heads up.

Steve Maurer said...

Caz, thanks for that example. That set you posted looks very clean and I thank you for your advice. I should probably go through my concepts with a fine comb next time.

Plus, how did you get the image on a white background? When I downloaded the template, it came with a black background and was really hard to remove.

Caz said...

I'm not sure, Steve. I've gotten all of my templates from our TEMPLATES page. The ones on our page should have a transparent background when saved as a png, or have a white background that is easy to remove and replace with a background of your choice. I usually put a light gray background behind mine.

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