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Monday: My Eyes, Buffalo, My Eyes!!!

Oh the weather outside is freakin' cold, and by now, hearing this song, is really old, but since you've no place to go...read HJC, read HJC, read HJC! I know, it's a bad, but, it is officially one month until Christmas!!!

Welcome back to another week of HJC concepts, comments and fun, we begin today with a few, important, very important reminders for those who are you, the readers...

First things first, voting! The voting numbers are up, really up! The voting count is now reaching up to 15 votes a week for COTW and higher for contests and COTY monthly & quarterly voting. Even though I am just a writer, thank you, thank you, thank you for voting. It gives the concepts you guys/gals comment on during the week get the recognition they deserve! Thanks readers, it sure is great to see the community come together to vote every week!

This week, voting is mandatory*. Legally binding* for the Sabres, to never wear the gold jersey ever again! If you don't vote this week, the Sabres will adapt the 3rd jersey as their permanent home jersey...be scared mes amis, be very scared. Or....vote....that may help

*Not being legally binding or mandatory, but is still a very scary possibility and should not be taken lightly

COTW Nov 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Fishsticks Competition entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Writer Applications (due Saturday @ 12:00pm Eastern)

Here are the "Make the Fisherman logo look good" contest entries:

Scott M.

Caleb F.


On to your regularly scheduled concepts, mes amis
All Star Game Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen starts off today with some All Star All Star concepts, aha, aha, aha, ugh (cue deadpan look). This really is the solid All Star game look, going back to the 80's for this look, the orange really would look modern with it being used as a minor colour, but it way just be time for a throwback, the last NHL star games were truly modern, but throwbacks are well received. The stars on the hem  and pants were certainly the highlight of the concept for me! Execution note, the logo is a little pixelated, and the shoulder patches are a little too big for the jersey. (7.25/10)

Hamilton Tigers Concepts (By: Brian W.)

I love parts of this concept, and after the sting of defeat of last nights "thrilling" Gray Cup (more of a blowout than anything else), Hamilton could use a pick me on their end. The yellow jersey really looks good, solid and simple but could use some white on the striping, and not just on the numbers. That problem is bigger on the white jersey, the yellow cuffs look kind of out of place with all the black and white. Although I say this is an issue, this is still an okay concept, but, Bryan, unless you, yourself, Brian W., designed that logo, you HAVE TO credit it. Please don't forget to go it, if you made it great job, if not, CREDIT!!! (7/10)

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

The newly moved Tuesday writer, Mr. Not Willy but rather Dylan Wonka, is redesigning the NHL, and next stop, Gatineau, Ottawa, capital of Canada. I really like the yoke striping,and the gold outlines. Bobby Nayr would look good int his jersey, but the one problem I have with this look is the lack of cuff on the red jersey. The white jersey looks perfectly full and empty in the right places, but the red jersey looks a little bare. If the gear is black, then maybe it would work, however, the white jersey would be too black. I honestly don't know how to improve without seeing the gear, but adding cuffs on the red jersey would looks pretty good. (8.5/10)

Ottawa Senators Fourth Jersey Concept (By: Steve M.)

Another Ottawa concept, this time, Steve M. goes black and gold for this fourth jersey, which is meant to be a...fourth...jersey. The good is the gold! Black and gold always reflect well together, and the red is a great minor colour. The striping really isn't anything new, but the gold really makes up for it. The logo and the jersey use different shades of black, which is distracting, especially considering the black background which could be gray or white to get the starkness of the concept. (8/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen continues to tinker with the Blackhawks, this time throwing back to the early 60's. The redjersey is pretty well the same, aside from the numbers and tie down, and of course the logo. I actually like the tie down, but the logo and numbers are lateral moves, unless this is meant to be a vintage set for certain games. The white jersey adds bigger cuffs, smaller striping and the afor mentioned changes. The cuffs look pretty cool, and I would like that jersey as a Stadium Series set, but it doesn't blend next to the red jersey. (7.5/10)

Quebec Nordiques Concept (By: Christian L.)

I'm not sure if Chrsitian is a new artist, or if I've just never reviewed his work, but welcome to HJC. This Nords set seems to be an alternate, which is where I think a design like this belongs, and I like parts of it for sure. Thelogo and chest striping are really neat, and I like home it curves at the bottom, almost around the logo, and how it stops at the numbers! The arms are blank, which I don't entirly mind since this is such a simple concept, but maybe continuing the striping onto the arms so as to make it complete when the arms are done. Still a great way to start off at HJC! (6.75/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By: Jake88)

Honestly, Jake88, tell me if you don't want me to call you the Euromaster anymore, but still, our resident Euromaster Jake88 moves on to the Hurricanes, modernizing the Whalers colours. The jerseys just look great! The striping and hidden striping are done simple, but also unique, I especially love the green minor striping in the arms and collar, a perfect way to use a bright colour. The logo, I'm not huge on in this colour scheme, but it still looks decent. Execution is great, it is great. (9/10) (COTW Nom. from me!)

Hartford Whalers Concepts (By: Rob C.)

Rob C. is well on his way to completing the NHL defunct team series, and I can already see the execution improving, Rob! He blends eras, mixing blue and green well, so as to get a solid mix, especially on the white jersey. The striping is good, but maybe a little too thin on the hem and and too white/green on the arms. The green jersey, I think atleast, would look better with blue cuffs/yoke and white NOB, or vice versa, just to balance colours better. The previous issues with the stitching are gone on the jerseys, but the gloves and pants still need work, though I love the helmet template. Also, just a tip, but make the jerseys bigger on the concept, they don't even take up half the picture. (7.25/10)

Cincinnati Stingers WHA Concepts (By: Rob C.)

I love getting WHA concepts, especially from newer artists, because it lets the 70's creativity flow. Rob makes a very simple concept, and some parts of the jersey people do not like, like the arms and lack of hem stripe, but I do like it, for the most part. The yellow jersey deffinitely look better than white, but that's only because I yellow jerseys. The socks are the worst part of the concept, although the pants and gloves of all things have bee striping, but the socks don't? Odd choice, oui, but I like the gloves and pants so much, I am quite split on this concept. (5.5/10)

Cincinnati Bengals Concepts (By: David P.)

David, the ever improving David, who redeemed himself in my eyes with a great Caps concept last week, brings us another great concept today with a Bengals concept. The jerseys are a great look at the Bengals current jerseys, and a good transition from football to hockey, and everything looks great. Not much else to say, other than I think the hem on the orange jersey could look a little better, maybe adding more black into the siding could help, but unfortunately, that wouldn't work. (8.5/10)

Phoenix Coyotes Concept (By: Steve M.)

We finish off today's concept post with two great concepts for the financially dead Yotes. I really like the bare bone colours of this concept, really getting a very simple and unique concept which screams Coyotes. My favourire part of this concept is for sure the logo, which at first, I thought was a shoulder patch, but rather, looks great on the front of a jersey. The numbers, I think Steve made himself, I really like, and for sure would like to see a set based off of this. (8.75/10)

Phoenix Coyotes Concept (By: Steven G.)

Another Yotes concept, Steven continues his De-edge 3rd jersey set with this...odd concept. The desert pattern striping on the cuffs look great but the middle thing sort of looses me, I don't hate it at all, but I don't think it looks as a good as the cuffs alone do. It leaves  the hem bear and without any colour, and one side of the jersey is bare black. I know some one will love this concept, and it deserves to be loved, but it is just not for me, but the execution really is great. (8/10)

That's todays post, sorry if the end feels a little off, not only did I fly in at 1am from Orlando to Toronto from a 5 day trip to Disney World, but I'm getting called into work again, horray. Like my comments? Hate my comments? Hate Me? I hope not, but if you do, you can always comment below. As always, I'm Jets96, your the reader of HJC, have a wonderful Monday and Go Jets Go! 
Monday: My Eyes, Buffalo, My Eyes!!! Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on November 25, 2013 Rating: 5


Bryan W. said...

Some clearing up on my concept: I got the chest logo from a site that offered free logos to use. I'll have to look for the link. As for the shoulder logo, yeah, that was my work.

My bad.

Jersey Fanatic said...

Yeah I second that COTW for the Blue and Green 'Canes. Very cool color scheme.

Jake88 said...

No,I actually like Euromaster, pretty cool sounding.

Also thanks to you and Jersey Fanatic for the CotW noms. It's appreciated! It'll be nice to be back in that voting!

Tom V. said...

Well It's beginning to look a lot like christmas... er... Holidays. Love the festive theme on the Header! looking good!

Jake88 said...

Thought I'd point this out (now that I remember) that logo Brian used is just a recolored RIT logo.


Steve Maurer said...

Must give credit to those numbers, they were originally from the old Arizona Diamondbacks number scheme.

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