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Monday: From St. John's to Calgary to Anaheim, We Remember

Just another manic Monday for me, Grade 12 is somewhat of a different kind of hell, busy projects, work and such, but nothing will stop me from writing for HJC! Actually, thanks to no midterm marks until Friday, I'm less stressed than I would be this Friday.

Moving on to actual hockey news, the St. John Icecaps, my favourite AHL team, have unveiled a fan inspired alternate featuring grey and the Newfoundland flag!

St Johns IceCaps New Alternate Uniform 2013-14
photo from sportslogos.net

The logo is awesome, Cabot tower is a good symbol for St. Johns, (I think that's the name of the building, haven't been to Newfoundland in the past year. The increase in gray makes me think Newfoundland and Ice, something the Winnipeg copies they currently wear do not strike me as icy, The striping is unique but still captures a classic hockey look, as does the squared yoke. I would like to see this look adapted full time, but maybe with the current logo, but I'm split on which logo is better, what do you guys think? I'll give this an (8.5/10)

On to the voting...No NHL 2003 song today, because I can't think of one, but...I did go to the Hockey Card and Memorabilia show in Toronto on Saturday, and picked up a signed jersey. Which player...Michael Peca. Let's all vote in honour of an underrated player!!!

COTY-October vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Nov 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Here are the Admirals Comp. entries that have come in so far:

Dylan W.
Nick V.
Caleb F.
On to the concepts:

Calgary Flames Concept (By: Ryan H.)

This is our leader's vintage take in the Calgary Flames alternate. Automatically, I sense inspiration from the Calgary Flames Heritage Classic jersey, which, I really like. The shades of red and yellow are solid and vintage, love that script! The increase in yellow threw me off a little, but it would be too red if the stripes were matching the yellow. Just a suggestion at this point, but I'd use the new alternate "mountain yoke" and maybe make the Calgary script a little bigger. (8.5/10)

Team U.S.A Concept (By: Patrick E.)

 U.S.A! Another very patriotic concept, this time with a flag spin on both the jersey and the pants. The jersey actually looks good, I kind of like the idea of stars and stripes side paneling, but I would put the stars on the yoke. The logo does not work and the eagle shield logo or the current USA would boost this concept. The pants, while I do applaud the creativity, just doesn't look good, maybe just stick to the stripes. I'd eliminate the red stripe on the top of the socks and lower the stripe, or use the Nike sock template. Remember, Reebok no longer uses the vector  logo. (6/10)

Team Andorra Concept (By: Taylor R.)

Last week, I reviewed a Luxembourg concept and asked if someone would find it on a map, here's another country which has the same issue, but for a country I've barely heard of, this would be a cool design for a tiny nation. The striping looks unique and yet very Nike like, reminds me sort of Romania. The jersey for the most part is good, but there are two areas that need work. The hem stripe would look much better matching the socks, in order of striping, going red, then yellow then blue. I'd also make the cuffs white on the blue jersey. Also, remember to put TV numbers on your jerseys to make your concept for authentic. (6.5/10)

Team Israel Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

Just short of entering this concept into the bottom 10 contest, Taylor brings us a new take on Israel's IIHF team. The yoke looks great on the Nike template, with these colour, it really brings out a solid monochromatic jersey. I love the thick hem stripe and very thick arm stripes, something that somewhat makes up for the lack of TV numbers...somewhat. Aside from adding the numbers, this is a solid look. (8/10)

Team Norway Concepts (By: Jets96 That's me)

I continue with my IIHF 2014 Olympic fixes with the Norwegians. I love the Norwegian flag, and wanted to include it in the jersey without being too over the top. Did I accomplish it or is it still too over the top for the Olympics?

Team Russia Concepts (By: Jets96 That's me)

Despite my better knowledge and gut feeling, I like Russia's current jerseys...but...they could be better by far. I wanted to give Russia the stark, threatening, powerful red, while not being monochromatic and boring. The addition of gold matched the eagle on the front, and, since the Olympics are being hosted in Sochi, Russia, they should include some gold in inspire the team. Tell m what you guys think, too simple or too boring?

Washington Capitals Concepts (By: David P.)

Last week, I was hard on David for a lazy, lackluster Blues concept, which I felt was a step backwards, this concept of the other hand, is a step forward. The template, while being an edge template, still looks good with the hem stripe, and the addition of the stars keeps the jersey from being bland or template. The Weagle makes for good primary on this template, because there is enough blue or red to balance out the empty space. The only problem I really have with the jersey is the lack of t.v. numbers. Just a suggestion, but I think the white jersey could include a little more red on the white jersey, but that is  a simple suggestion, nothing major, good job David, you've made up for your lackluster performance last week. (7.5/10)

New Jersey Devils Vs New York Rangers Stadium Series Concept (By: Stephen T.)

We're only two months away from the Winter Classic and just under 3 months away from the first Stadium Series  and no new jerseys...yikes! Stephen and several other artists have taken their take on the series, and this is Stephen's take. The Rangers concept is very similar to the current alternate, which I do like, but the jersey just doesn't seem too be different enough to drive the viewers and fans to watch...well...maybe not the fans, they'll watch for the love of the game. The Devils jersey is good, not an exact copy of the Devils' original white jersey, but I think there are elements from that jersey that could have been used like the double stripe yoke. The hem striping could be reworked a bit, or adding a green cuff to the arms just because to balance the colours. The jerseys are still well executed, just not my cup of tea, I'm sure there are plenty of people who will like these. Execution note: Since this is a Stadium Series concept, the Stadium Series logo would be best if it were somewhere on the jersey (6.75/10)

New York Rangers Concepts (By: Justin S.)

Another Rangers concept, this one would be different enough for a possible Stadium Series, but I do have my problems with it. The non-matching script is a solid move, and I love the striping on the white jersey, that is the better of the two. The blue jersey would be just as good id the arm and hem striping matched the yoke striping. The blue jersey would also look best without the yoke, just a simple fix but it would balance the colours better. The collar area is very pixelated, I have no idea why, but it is quite noticeable and detracts from the concepts. The other major Execution problem is the mismatched reds between the numbers, names, script and striping, there's about 3 shades of red, maybe 4, it's hard to tell, but try to use a unified colour across the board. (6.25/10)

New Jersey Devils Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

We continue with Jordan's creative Nike NHL series, this stop in Newark. The Devils should never change their look, at least until Reebok loses the NHL license and Nike possibly gets the NHL bid. Jordan keeps thinks clean and classic, while adding a retro third jersey. The home and road are nothing particularly new, but are perfectly executed on to the new template. I think attempting to try the Devils' curved yoke would be a cool idea, but as is, this is a cool idea. I love the alternate, won't lie, poker face broken, I love it. Maybe its the Mickey Mouse appeal or the white collar, but it sure looks swell. (9/10)

Montreal Canadiens Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

The Canadians' look is untouchable, lets face it, when reebok announced the team was going to add a tie down collar, some people freaked. Jordan keeps thinks mostly the same, and introduces a blue third jersey, which....wow, the Habs do look good in blue.  The addition of the white collar looks very retro and reminds me of the glory 70's days, which, to some Habs fans may be the 2nd glory days. The alternate, as I already said looks good, especially the vintage white. The striping is classic and bold, while also being somewhat modern. (9/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concepts (By: Justin S.)

This is so close to being a solid concept, but it's missing a little bit of execution errors. The striping looks good, even though it does not change between the two jerseys. The black jersey logo should be put on the white jersey and the jersey is solid...oh...wait...the wings...right.... Okay I like the wings, or at least the idea. They should me much smaller so they stay inside the yoke and not breaking the yoke's stitching. The white jersey has the proper colour wing, but the black jersey should have white wings to match the numbers. (6.5/10)

Columbus Crew MLS Crossover Concept (By: Phil B.)

We end today's post with Phil's MLS crossover series. We begin with Columbus, one of the oldest teams in the league. The jersey looks quite similar to a soccer jersey, but it looks very similar to the logo (You may not see it but that's just me). The striping looks solid and the colours are balanced well, but the numbers need work. They are very pixelated when compared to the logo, and maybe adding an outline would help and making the extremely small. (7/10)

Vancouver Whitecaps Crossover Concept (By: Phil B.)

The Whitecaps have the right look for hockey, and Phil takes advantage of this. Making the jersey white was a solid move, it is in the name....white..caps. The numbers look a lot better than the previous concept, but the problems with this concept lie in the arm striping. It is just a little too complex for my liking. Maybe removing one set of stripes or thickening one set may be simpler and better. (7/10)

Thanks for reading today! Remember to get your Admirals Concepts ready for the contest, it's a team we can all come up with a new look for! Please vote, even if you have to send it in when you send in a concept, in fact, do that, we all have concepts ready, let's get the votes up, plenty to vote for. And, on  a more serious note, with today being Remembrance day in Canada and the U.S., so stop for a minute and remember the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to give us the freedoms we have today, and those who are serving in the military today. Thanks for reading and Lest We Forget.  
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Tederifico said...

I am loving Jordan's Nike series.

And I love the Mickey Mouse comment - harkens back to one of the most controversial comments ever made by Wayne Gretzky. Good paraphrase pull!


Justin said...

Ryan H. for COTW! Simply beautiful.

Caz said...

I'll second Ryan H.

Ryan said...

@Jets96: I really like your Norway concept. I think there's so much happening on the arms and yokes that you don't need the hem stripes.

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