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Monday: Concepts Ahoy, Land Abroad

Welcome back to another conceptful week at HJC!

               After staying up until 3am last night (Thank you NOS!) working on a history project, I remember thinking to myself, "Who's going to the hall of fame in 15 years". What makes a player HOF worthy. I think point per game is a good model for most players, but does a player need a cup to get in, or to score 1000 points. In this day in age, 1000 points is extremely hard to get to, along with 500 goals, many players won't even get to 500 points, especially defencemen. Dany Heatley is almost point per game in his career, and has over 700 points, when he retires, would he be considered for the hall, or is he just going to have a "Legends" card in a future O-Pee-Chee set. Just spewing off ideas here, but I want to know, who from the past, 10 years will be in the hall in the next 10 years

Here are your voting reminders for the week, no, wait, it's a Speedy sign in Oakville during the Leafs' playoff drought, If you want the Leafs to make the playoffs this year so signs like these don't pop up often, or if you don't like the Leafs, vote to keep them out, the point is Vote, Vote, Vote!

Okay, here are your real voting reminders, but the point being, vote, vote vote, vote, vote, vote ,vote

COTW Nov. 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Milwaukee Admirals ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts:

Montreal Canadiens Concept (By: Tristan M.)

The Canadiens sure could use an alternate, though after the 5 alternates we received for the 100th anniversary celebrations, we've just about seen all the possible throwbacks. Tristan combines eras with this jersey, not simple copying the popular 1940's away jersey , the changes are not easily noticeable, but the hem stripe is the first main difference. The big blue hem adds a much darker tone to the jersey, as opposed to the light blue the Habs currently wear. I love this shade of red, and the whole jersey looks classic and mature. (9/10)

Nashville Predators Concept (By: Caleb F.)
This was the look most of us though the Preds would have in 2011, double blue would replace the navy and silver, and the checkered flag alternate would be the home and road, imagine that. This would make a great alternate for that look, and there are a lot of elements to like about this jersey. The light blue along with silver and navy creates a solid jersey which doesn't look forced or copycat of the Pens throwback, and looks like its own look. Caleb brings back the elements of the pre-edge look like the numbers that were good, but keeps the music city logos and the simplified logo. Execution note: The shoulder patches are pixely, and should be more defined. (7.5/10)

Los Angeles Kings Stadium Series Concepts (By: David P.)

David begins giving the stadium series by bringing the Kings back to the days of Marcel Dionne and the Manchester Miracle. This is just a simple edgification of the 80's Kings jerseys, so I won't comment on the jerseys themselves, because 90% of us love this look, so I'll just discuss the execution. Not including the back of the jersey is a little lacking, but it is better than leaving the back of the jersey blank, so no big deal there. Also, adding a white collar to the jersey would have it stand out more and match the piping (7/10)

New York Rangers Concepts (By: David P.)

David positions the Rangers to don their ill fated John Ferguson redesign of the mid 70's, and this jersey is not as well executed as the previous jersey. The biggest execution flaw is the lack of matching colours, and putting the blue and red from the jersey onto the logo would really emphasize the 70's look. The red on both jerseys is much to thin, and, even on the real jersey, the red should be much thicker, and the tv numbers would look better if they were bigger. (6/10)

New York Americans Concepts (By: Rob C.)

Rob continues his Defunct Team Series with New York's former 2nd team,  the Americans. The jersey like striping is very interesting, similar to a simplified version of what the Americans wore, with almost a Winnipeg Jets esque striping pattern. The jersey looks good, the striping and execution have improved from the last concepts, which is awesome, but there is one major flaw that all of Rob's concepts unfortunatley have. The stitching on all the dark parts are scattered, pixeled and take away from the overall good concept. (6.5/10)

Washington Capitals Concept (By: Tristan M.)

I am now realizing this is meant t for when Washington hosts the W.C. next season, but still, here is what many concept artists are expecting the Caps to wear come January 2015. The big wow factor is the red, beige and blue, and the outline striping pattern, which look awesome. I love how this is a true faux back as it doesn't throwback to any specific era, but rather to a general era, like the Tampa Bay Rays 70's jersey.  I would suggest making the numbers look like 7 on one arm and 0 on the other, but some concept artists do it that way, and I have no issue with that. (9/10)

Washington Capitals Vs. New Jersey Devils Winter Classic 2015 Concept (By: William B.)

Our friend and Thursday writer William Butala gives us another Winter Classic concept, this time, paring the Caps and Devils. The Caps concept, I love, and is a throwback to the best jersey in NHL history by far. I would like to see the actual swooping eagle logo used, but the script still looks good none the less. The Devils concept is also nice, not particularly and throwback but still, seeing the Devils logo in monochrome is cool, gotta love the striping pattern. Kuddos to William for trying something of his own with the logo, it looks good, especially since you designed it yourself. (8.5/10)

Calgary Flames Concept (By: JetsFan)

Hey, I thought I was the only one  on the site to use the Jets in their name, oh well, welcome from one Jets fan to another. It is popular to use the awesome new Flames shoulder patch as a primary loog, and here, JetsFans execution is getting better, but I'll just give some tips. The stripes go outside of the stitching, using a thinner stripe will make it easier to keep it inside the lines. The logo is far to big and very pixelated, growing the logo in word will help with that, and the colours should be uniform on the logo and the jersey. (4/10)

Boston Bruins Concept (By: JetsFan)

This concept has a little better execution, as the colours do not break outside of the stitching, but still needs work before it becomes a good concept. The idea is there, I really like it, but the back striping should go all the way to the underarm mesh, as right now it would stop in the middle of the jersey. The Boston Strong ribbons should be much smaller and divided on both arms in half. Still, I can see Jets fan improving, and it is nice to see the progression and on a hard idea to pull off none the less. (5/10)

Helge's Flyers Concept (By: Rob C.)

This was Rob's Minor team in the 70's, and kuddos for bringing us a part of your childhood in a concept, something I may do someday (I played one year of minor hockey, during the lockout). The jersey is simple enough for minor league, but the primary colours really look 70's WHL, which is pretty cool in itself. The logo is very well rendered and the look overall has a very minor tone to it, something which not everyone can capture. (7/10)

Seattle..Um...Metros? Rainers? Towers? Concept (By: Stephen T.)

Sorry about the name confusion, there was just no name included on the file for I just too a guess based on what I saw. This is THE colour scheme for the future Seattle NHL team, the colours look great and crisp and rainy, just like Seattle, even the beige adds something cool. The blue jersey is pretty well good, but the white jersey should have the blue and green in the striping switched so the colours are balanced more. (7.25/10)

Toronto Maple Leafs Nike Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

We end today's post with Jordan's incredible Nike series with my hometown team, da Leaf! I love this look for the Leafs for sure, the alternate from the last season of Maple Leaf Gardens is awesome along with typical Nike look (I.E. larger cuffs, smaller yoke). The alternate..Green? Yeah,  the Leafs were green first and they have never since mentioned it outside of the St. Pats, so this is a great change. (9/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

I have always loved this colour scheme for the Nucks, though the yellow flying V..Idk, this may be the one that misses the mark for me. The home and road look awesome, the striping is great, but I need the Skate on Plate logo, it looks too good. The Flying V...Yeah, say what you will, but it looks good on Nike as it does in edge and the lack of V on the arms is a great move. (9/10)

That's today's post, hope you all enjoyed it! Remember to give the concept artists criticism and critique, they for sure appricate it. I know some of you don't agree with my criticism, which is great, seriously, challenge me, call me a loser..no, never mind don't. Remember to vote, I know I will after an afternoon of stocking produce at Sobeys (part time work is great...except Mondays, Garfield and I hate Mondays outside of HJC). Have a great week and GOOOOO Jets GOOOOOOO!!!!

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Tederifico said...

I can't say enough about Jordan's Nike series....I know that I have been going on about it. The Canucks' jersey is inspired.

COTW for the Cancuks jersey!

To be frank, I think that he should have a COTW nominations for BOTH jerseys. Lets get on it folks!

Tristan M said...

Really digging William's Devils jersey, but I'll nominate Jordan's Leafs concept for COTW! I love that 35 point leaf.

And also, since I forgot to put it in the image, Ryan H's Caps Winter Classic concept was the inspiration for mine.

Jersey Fanatic said...

Yeah, I second that Canucks concept. Also, I think there should be a "Series of the Year" for designers who do full series. There have been some pretty good ones on here.

Tederifico said...

Not to make this a jersey love-in, but I like Jersey Fanatic's idea of "series of the year".

Josh Lewis said...

Tristan's Caps concept for COTW... wow, that's one of the best jerseys I've ever seen on here.

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