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Friday: The Volume of Ricky

     Do you hear that? It's the winds of change. For something anyway. Preparing for another weekend of hockey, this is usually how the weekend starts for me - writing these posts. Quite frankly, it puts me in a good mood to talk about hockey on my Saturday afternoon sports talk radio show at our campus station in particular. Fantasy leagues do that too, but not like this creative aspect of hockey. I today am introducing the Laker Parchment (essentially an HJC sacred book), speaking of change, because I have found its components a necessity of hockey concept lore. It was presumably found in the Hurontario or Niagara Frontier regions.


Words from the Laker Parchment - 
                  Ricky 13: 1-3
                             {1}Thou shalt voteth before thine deadline and {2} their opinion dost be valued to {3} determine thy neighbors winning entry.

Well, that's the initial story of voting. There are other stories in the Volume of Ricky as well as the different accounts of how voting works in the other volumes (Ryan, Wonka, DBro, William, Jets, and Caz most notably).

COTW Oct28-Nov3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTY Logo Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Pittsburgh Penguins {Frank C.}

I personally have never liked the Vegas gold over traditional gold for Pittsburgh, but it's better than the baby blue I guess. While the striping pattern isn't my favorite, it's doable. I'd at least like to see it on the pants. I would also keeping the sleeves a solid color then with the striping added.

What I know: I think the Penguins look best in flat gold.
What I learned: White NOB/number outlines don't work well with light colors.
What I want to know: Why the Vegas gold is so popular.
They dove deep but had minor acceleration, a 7 out of 10

Florida Panthers {Jordan R.}

While these templates can actually work in the NHL, there's too much lack of design along the chest front of the jersey. I do like the gradient on the chest front as long as the blue is only along the yoke and sleeves. The only thing with the numbers is that I would stick to the dark blue with white outline as was showcased on the previous alternates the Panthers had.

What I know: The NHL doesn't use these uniform styles.
What I learned: The Columbia Blue makes primary colored gradients look bad.
What I want to know: 
I got bit pretty bad by that panther - tough cookies, a 6.5 out of 10

Slovenia Slovakia {S2dio}

This one is alright, figuratively speaking. I like almost everything on the home and roads except the slight smallness of the TV numbers and the pit stains being placed as they are. On the alternate, why isn't the hem design on the sleeve cuffs? I feel it would be better than the striping and not be too distracting.

What I know: The crest logo is a national symbol that can also be found on the Slovenian flag.
What I learned: Slovenia would be able to pull off vintage white if they did it right.
What I want to know: Why the pit stains are designed as they are.
An 8 out of 10

Slovenia Slovakia {Jets96}

This template will always entertain me. While it looks like the way I mix templates with random small pockets of panels, it can work in situations like the one above. The one thing I noticed immediately is that the striping on the sleeves sees the red stripe not perfectly parallel to the surrounding blue stripes. But in addition to that pattern, I would add thin white stripes to better match the TV number outline. While it isn't necessary, you could also argue that you should then include a double outline on the back number.

What I know:This template exists.
What I learned: The design of the pants would be good for a NY Rangers alternate.
What I want to know: Why the colored uniform doesn't use a red helmet.
An 8 out of 10

EDIT by: Ricky
I noticed that on the bottom of S2dio's concept read "Slovensko" which would be literally read "Slovenian" in English. The file abbreviation read "SLV" where I am used to "SVK" for Slovakia and "SVN" for Slovenia. I thus gave the misnomer to the previous two concepts. It kills me that I'm a history buff (specializing in Eastern Europe) and didn't pick it up until an anonymous tip came about.

Michigan State University {Jake88}

The sleeve striping is very entertaining. While I'm not in favor of it, it can be a possibility for the Spartans. The fact that the striping on the pants doesn't match is actually alright here. 

What I know: I'n most cases, I hate the faux-laces.
What I learned:  Jake's gloves compliment the home white quite nicely.
What I want to know: Why MSU's logo doesn't look good to me when it's in white?
The Spartan's spear is a little dull, a 7.5 out of 10

Latvia {S2dio}

Wow, double red actually looks very attractive compared to a double blue. I don't think I've ever seen this combination before. I'm not 100% sold on the nameplate on the gray jersey, but I like it enough not to change it. The striping on the pants could use something, but I can't identify anything immediately.

What I know: Double red is a rare color combination.
What I learned: This is a template I have never seen before. It looks kind of like a dress shirt.
What I want to know: Why colleges like Colgate and RMU haven't experimented with this combination.
It's an 8.5 out of 10

Calgary Flames {Brian B.}

Well, this is one of those jerseys that truly resembles everything an alternate jersey should be. The Alternate logo is not only the crest, but is very well implemented in the sleeves. I would add either the yellow stripes or the mountain outline to the pants in some capacity. I really like this concept, but I've already seconded a nominated concept this week and don't want to be divided until voting.

What I know: The logo is the shoulder patch from the new alternates and Mikka Kiprusoff will have his number retired someday in Calgary.
What I learned: The new logo can potentially be used for an alternate jersey.
What I want to know: What the inspiration was for the sleeve design being taken from the crest logo?
Reverse polarization at the top of the mountain - with lots of fire, a 9 out of 10.

Colorado Avalanche {Justin C.}

On a personal note, I'm glad to see our friend Justin back on the design trail after a seemingly lengthy absence. After all that time, he hasn't lost his touch one bit. However the design of the mountains are a little too curvy along the side as I can't associate curvature with mountains (whether or not it's illusional). I don't like the striping color alignment but the format itself is fine. I would reverse the black and silver on the road white if I got to create this concept.

What I know: Mountains have always been a popular feature in Avs concepts by Justin (and me for all Coloradoan teams).
What I learned: 5,280 shouldn't be used by just the MLL's Denver Outlaws for team branding.
What I want to know: Why there aren't mountains on a physical Avs jersey yet.
Climbing the mountain, the Cliffhangers hiker reached an 8 out of 10 in elevation.

Greece {Wings98}

The home and road here definitely are inclusive of Hellenistic culture. That is always a plus, especially when you cant read their language. I'm not much in favor of the yokes on them though. On the alternate, I don't like the mismatching striping, the hem in this case looks better than the sleeves. As for font, the numbers could use a double outline to liven the alternate up just a bit more. As far as the Nike Swoosh on it, at least it isn't grey in color as I see way too frequently on darker blue apparel items.

What I know: Greece is directly south of Macedonia and they don't like us (Macedonia). {I'm first American born on mom's side of family; Macedonia has no outlying issues with Greece though}
What I learned: This is an example of double blue looking both good and bad at the same time.
What I want to know: Why the striping is different between the sleeves and hem.
Working a 7.5 out of 10

Japan {Jets96}

In comparison to Jets earlier concept, the midle stripe on the sleeves are again nonparallel.

What I know: Japan adapts quicker to things than a lot of other places, but has yet to do so in hockey.
What I learned: Japanese characters look good on more than just soccer jerseys.
What I want to know: Why the cuffs and sub cuffs were left  to be oppositely colored of the uniform.
Looking at 7 out of 10

Edmonton Oilers {Jordan R.}

The thing is here that the 1997-2010 color scheme becomes a hybrid as the copper is changed to orange. I would like to see more orange in the home and road. As for the road, either change the royal to dark blue or (my preference) color in the white to orange while you're at it. As for the alternate, color in the cuffs and you're set. Just remember to have the striping match the sleeves (my preference on sleeves over hem) for the hem on each of these.

What I know: Oilers changed back to non-Bettman characteristics for 2010/11 and beyond.
What I learned: The double blue with royal and dark blue is the reason why people say double blue is a bad idea for uniforms.
What I want to know: Why dark blue was kept (not that I mind it or anything).
a out of 10

Los Angeles {Ted N.}

There isn't too much about the WHA . . . and this concept. But that's mostly because when the Omni Coliseum was built in Atlanta - it looked then futuristic but suffered a lot of damage within the circa 25 years that it was erect. It was built not for the NHL's Flames completely when the WHA was competing for the Atlanta market.

LA meanwhile didn't thrive, playing most games at USC's campus and finishing worst overall in their second and final season before moving. Maybe their cool uniforms that were ditched caused their losing season in 73/74. At least with that unifrom they finished with a playoff spot.

What I know: The sharks were a WHA charter member.
What I learned: The team had cool striping on their inaugural home whites.
What I want to know: What inspired the stripe choice.
Their penalty kill is what kept the team afloat in 73/74, a 7 out of 10.

In case you've forgotten please remember what verses one through three from the Volume of Ricky, Installment 13 said about voting. In the meantime, my Ducks are doing very well, Arsenal FC are in formidable form, and the NBA's Indiana Pacers are (fortunately) the last undefeated team in the league so far. In retrospect, the MLS' New England Revolution were dismissed from it's playoffs. For the second time in a week, I get to see the Ducks and Sabres play and that's the extent of my sports life this week. Enjoy your weekends and I'll be back next Friday!

Friday: The Volume of Ricky Reviewed by Ricky Mazella on November 08, 2013 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Hey, Wings98 here
For the what I wanted to know section of your review of my concept, the reason is that they stripes represent the 5 blue and 4 white stripes in the Greek flag.

Tyler Gross said...

Jordan's Panthers concept for COTW, that alternate is a beauty!

Caz said...

Glad to see Justin back on HJC. I'll nominate his Avs concept for COTW.

DBro Alexander said...

Ricky, before I get all excited, which RMU were you referring to?

Ryan said...

Justin's Avs for COTW!!!

Ricky Mazella said...

A) I understood the Greek flag thing, I want to know why on the alternate - sorry for not clarifying which jersey.

B) Robert Morris Univ (IL), not the more familiar one.

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