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Friday: Hockey, Hockey Everywhere

In case you haven't noticed by know since I last wrote, there have been two coaching changes. One happened before my post went live last week in Florida, and the other by Buffalo despite a shootout win over the LA Kings. So much for Ron Rolston's new contract . . . but anyone remember the days before Lindy Ruff - or who the head coach immediately preceding? Yup that's right, Ted Nolan, the interim guy. I'm going to switch a cliché to the situation: He who taketh away shall giveth back. When Nolan was fired in '96, the Sabres lost a lot of their indigenous fan base. This is a great move to bring them back (slowly) I'm not so sure about "La-la" coming back, however. Speaking of La-la, lets give a quick listen to Rick Jeanneret and John Gurtler, among others with his top 10 goals.


I'm the little voice in your head. No, I'm the little vioce in your head. Actually, I'm the little voice in your head. Will the real voice in your head please stand up and vote for the following:

COTY-October vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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While we're at it, Will the real little voice in your head possibly beat the deadline to enter the Milwaukee Admirals contest?

Entries due by: Friday, November 15, 2013 @ 11:59pm Eastern


The following are our contest entries, speaking of which.

Austin Ell


 Zack M.


Pittsburgh Penguins {Jordan R.}

Ahh classic gold . . . soothes the soul, don't ya think? Numbering - totally Pittsburgh-esque. The Vegas gold is actually well distributed; in fact, I'd like to see gold numbers with white outline on the alternate (unless they clash with the beck of the uniform). I think I'd rather see the white laces on the white uni and not the alternate, but that's merely a minor detail.

What I know: I still like the classic gold o'er the Vegas gold
What I learned: This template helps the Penguinos a little.
What I want to know: What inspired the striping pattern?
True to Pittsburgh form, sort of, but a good fit for sure - an 8 out of 10

New York Rangers (Stadium Series) {Matt R.}

The first thing I thought of was that the blue cuffs need to go. The red uniform can, to some degree, represent the NY Americans since it wasn't done in the Winter Classic. Since this is only a stadium series game, it wouldn't hurt to see Lady Liberty make her appearance on the crest .

What I know: Only the New York Americans have ever worn a red uniform in the New York City metro area.
What I learned: I'm not the only person who wants to see a red Strangers jersey.
What I want to know: Why the striping from the current pair of pants wasn't retained.
Lady Liberty's torch isn't quite extinguished, a 7 out of 10.

Oakland Seals {Rob C.}

This says retro modern very well. There are some things to note, however. The white jersey shows that either the middle stripe on the back side isn't colored in or the one on the front shouldn't be. Or it might be that it was supposed to match the sleeves. On the TV numbers, the size of numbers mismatch each other on the colored uni and the 2 on the back of the white one appears to be rotated the wrong way. Finally, the crest logo is a little superimposed.

What I know: Striping needs a little contrast.
What I learned: I like this better than the Charlie O. Finley version of the team.
What I want to know: What inspired Rob's brand mark?
This is what happens when the Seals can't get their new arena built - a 6 out of 10.

New York Rangers {Tristan M.}

Okay, this makes more sense in terms of using this logo. The striping is sort of appropriate due to the fact it will be around holiday time, at least I think so (candy cane look). 

What I know: I had to leave and come back I like this one that much despite my distaste for the logo.
What I learned: Some jerseys actually wouldn't look good in a classic Rangers yoke.
What I want to know: What if this striping pattern became popular at any point in time?
Looking at an 8 out of 10.

Buffalo Sabres {Caden P.}

Generally, I'd bag on the blue cuffs, but the white jersey needs color if it isn't there. Speaking of adding color, I need an order of a blue yoke. The outline would be pointless unless the blue is inside of it. The following is only a suggestion but not necessary - could we test this to see if a white outline and gold yoke could be used on the blue uniform? Also on the white, how about blue lettering? I'd criticize the helmets, except they would look better after my suggestions I reckon.

What I know: People like to have a go at combining blue and gold with the goat-head.
What I learned: This is a time where no silver is accceptable.
What I want to know: What the blue uniform would look like with a gold yoke and white outline
Potential yes - a 7.5 out of 10.

Dallas Stars {Justin C.}

Another roundel uniform, I'd be okay with as an alternate. That is unless the striping is as is - quite frankly, I loathe it. I do however feel that transferring the pants striping to the jersey and socks would be much more beneficial to the concept. Else-wise, I like what I see.

What I know: The star on the sleeves makes this look a little like a football jersey.
What I learned: I would indeed rather prefer a black Stars alternate.
What I want to know: If the old uniforms would look good with the new logo.
"Second [star] to the right, and straight on till morning," a 7 out of 10.

2014 Heritage Classic {Stephen T.}

It might help if there was branding for the event, but I'm not going to just let that be a factor. In regards to execution errors, there needs to be a quick fix in the back numbers as the outline is mismatching towards the top of the Sens one. On the Canuckleheads one, the white center stripe needs to be altered on either the sleeves, pants, and or hem - take your pick. Otherwise, I'm happy.

What I know: Even though I think they should, they haven't followed the path of silver accentry like their fellow 1970 expanders in Buffalo
What I learned: Adding more white to this classic jersey doesn't look so bad.
What I want to know: Why there isn't another pair of Canadian teams in a Stadium Series game.
One heritage classic, two teams, three periods, four quarters per grade point , five minutes in OT - an 8.25 out of 10.

Evian FC {Jets96}

The first thing you may think of is the water bottle producers. That's because the water bottle producers are actually the Groupe Danone (known as Dannon in the US), who own the team. This little bit is true to form of the mineral spring water counterpart. I can make nothing but good news from this.

What I know: Evian was formed for Ligue 1 soccer in France in 2005 after two restructures; one of my favorites after Bordeaux.
What I learned: It's a good thing that yellow isn't too prevalent in actuality.
What I want to know: Why yellow, or for that matter, why not red?
Like the water flowing through the arêtes of the mountainside, placid and serene. Very scenic - an 8.75 out of 10.

Pittsburgh Penguins (Stadium Series) {Matt R.}

The last (and only) time that gold uniforms were worn by this team was between the 1981-82 and 1983-84 seasons. Pity really that they didn't last longer. They say that all good things must come to an end, but they said nothing about reviving them. My issue is that this also brings another era of the 'Burgh that I don't like the striping. Too many for my liking. Reduce it by half and I'll be okay.

What I know: Team colors were changed from light and dark blue to gold in accordance with the city's other sport franchises.
What I learned: Gold wasn't given a fair shake in the team's uniform department either.
What I want to know: Could Robo-Penguin make a shoulder patch appearance?
All set for a 7.75 out of 10.

Dallas Stars {Wings98}

Everything that involves font is too small for the uniform - both on the back and sleeves. The same goes for the crest logo, which is much more proportionate, but not completely. It would be nice to see some striping on the sleeves of the white jerseys. Also in regards to execution, the stripes should run over the stitching. Maybe the middle black stripe along the sleeves could be widened even more.

What I know: Nobody is doing retro Stars concepts either as Dallas or the North Stars.
What I learned: This template can resemble both new and old Dallas, particularly from the collar.
What I want to know: What if they decided to use blue instead of green for official team colors.
A work in progress and a 5.5 out of 10.

California Seals {Rob C.}

Essentially this is copied from the Oakland set above with minor changes. The crest logos are over-sized here as well. Can't really say much else on this one based on the other.

What I know: White skates weren't  included with the equipment.
What I learned: The pants look better here than the ones on the previous Seals concept.
What I want to know: Does this favor one of the two concepts better?
Like I said, Charlie O. Finley did not take this team seriously - a 6 out of 10.

San Jose Sharks {Jordan R.}

The Sharks have always had intriguing alternate logos. I feel that this set truly resembles the team and the franchise. However, I would like to see the team have an orange jersey while promoting the black one to the home and road set. I never did like seeing the deep Pacific teal as a uniform color, even though it differentiates the team from other franchises.
What I know: Deep Pacific teal is the root of the franchise in branding.
What I learned: Orange laces for everyone is a good idea in San Jose.
What I want to know: Can we pull off retro kerseys resemblant of this?
That's got a dangerous bit - an 8.5 out of 10

Minnesota Wild {David P.}

Well, I think I am one of the very few people whose for the most part liked the MLB's "turn ahead the clock" idea. I thought they would be good batting practice jerseys rather than full time ones. I like David's enthusiasm in putting such a series together. I'm pretty sure that we won't be seeing short sleeves in hockey, but just like the New York Lottery, "hey, you never know!"

What I know: This appeared to be a flop idea in Major league Baseball
What I learned: David should be hired as a marketing director in sport.
What I want to know: What inspired David to chose this idea?
 A wild and radical idea - a 9 out of 10

2014 Stadium Series {Stephen T.}

I like the look of both of the jerseys. The Ducks look kind of like the Art Deco of hockey. The Kings look like the team that donned this branding when the Mighty Ducks were new to the NHL. The only real thing I want to see is a middle orange stripe on the Ducks pants.

What I know: I'd rather be at Dodger Stadium than Angel Stadium because of not wanting the beautiful grass to be ruined. 
What I learned: I'll likely be happy with whatever be happy with what the Ducks come out with for the game.
What I want to know: Why this particular striping for the Ducks?
To our last concept, a Concept of the Week nomination and 9 out of 10.

It's the little voice in your head again, please vote for everything!

Thanks for another great Friday. If you see me with other nicknames for a team, fear not for it's all in good fun and not making fun of teams. Rather I only bash teams I dislike verbally, where it matters. That's not to say I don't like the teams I jested today, but many long time readers know some of my affiliations. Elsewhere in sports (not that anyone cares), my Indiana Pacers of the NBA are still undefeated as they play at home against the Bucks of Milwaukee tonight! Today is the official inauguration of our new president at Springfield College and concludes week long festivities. As always, enjoy your weekend and go Ducks!

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Michael Sweezey said...

Jordan R's Nike Sharks for COTW

Ryan said...

Justin C Stars for COTW!!!

Caz said...

I'll second Justin C. Nice reference to the Mooterus alternate.

William Butala said...

I know I was a little critical on David's Turn Ahead The Clock concepts on Thursday, with his Coyotes and Devils concepts, but this Wild set looks really nice!

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