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February 28, 2013

Thursday: Football and Saskatchewan

Hey Readers, Jets96 here for Tyler G. on this wet Thursday. If anyone shoveled the slushy, messy, heart attack snow that hit the GTA and the Eastern U.S.A., I feel for you!

COTW Voting continues into tomorrow, so if you haven't  already, VOTE!

COTW vote Feb 18-24 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

The Detroit Red Wings Untouchables competition; voting phase continues into tomorrow, so again, VOTE!!!1!!
Untouchables-Detroit Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

Monday, I revealed what my all time favourite jersey in NHL history is....These!

Photos from
Why Though? Well for one, the colour scheme is perfect! The blue is just the right shade to compliment the bronze and black with white and all the colours are given the amount of space they deserve. Second, it isn't too traditional, it isn't off the wall but it takes risks. The hem stripe really works with the logo and adding the script is something that teams ten to avoid, but I love it! Thirdly is the choice of logos. The eagle logo is great, it was the perfect upgrade from the script, and was patriotic while not having to use red, white and blue. I also like the white house logo as a shoulder patch! Finally, that font is unique and yet still legible. It saddens me how quickly the Capitals dumped this look in favour of the less than great black alternate, and how people have seem to ditch it in the 90's for a meh current look (which some people will debate and and alternate with that look isn't bad, but it seems to me Washington was moving forward and took a big step back.)

So I ask you, what is your favourite NHL Jersey of all time? Would you bring it back? Why is it your favourite?
On to the concepts!!!
Bayren Munchen Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

First off, I am not the most knowledgeable person on football (or soccer, but I like to use the term most of the world uses), but I do know a bit, and Bayren Munich is one of the if not the best football teams in all of Germany and an elite club in Europe. Their logo lends itself well to hockey jerseys and the Habsish looks surprisingly works for me. I like how balanced the colours are in regards to the logo, meaning there is not too much blue on either jersey. I also like how Jordan added the hem stripe to the Habs look to make it its own jersey. I may suggest try using the diamond pattern on the logo to add some more creativity and uniqueness, but as is, they are very good. (8.5/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concept (By: Matt R.)

I said the Hurricanes need more hurricane flags in their look in my NHL team jersey ranking, and Matt has done just that! I think the idea of the Hurricane flag stripe running across the chest works, and being in gray, this adds a much needed new colour boost! I know some people, myself included, may be bothered by the recolouring of the flag stripes as the stripes were the colours of the actual maritime hurricane warning flag, but I still like it. I can't really think of any suggestions, aside from maybe editing the pants to include gray, but overall a solid Canes concept. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me!

Humboldt Broncos Concepts (By: Eric W.)
Eric continues his SJHL swiftification with the Humboldt Broncos. I like the arm stripes to an extent. The lack of white of on the green jersey hurts the home jersey a bit, I'd add white where the green is on the white jersey. I do like the complete use of the Nike look, and the fact that Eric used the Nike socks. (7/10)
Florida Panthers Concept (By: GKennedy)

If this were a home jersey, I don't think I'd like it, as it is a little too dark for the sunshine state...but it has grown on me! I like how the colours go from lightest to darkest to lightest in the striping, and the use of the FLA patch, which I think is good, but the palm tree with crossed sticks is a staple of the Panthers, so I'd add that to the pants. I also like how the numbers and letters are NOT white. I think that white numbers look very tacky in most cases and a white outline is usual all that's required to make the numbers noticeable. Overall, a great 3rd, but that's all it needs to be. (9/10)

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Felix T.)

In some respects, I like this concept, in others, I don't. I actually have no problem with the over sized name bar, I actually like it. I also like the chest striping, as it is directly connected to the log. I don't think any of the numbers would be that visible, I'd make all the numbers black, like the name bar and the captain's C. I also don't like the yoke outline or the horns on the front of the jersey, I'd scrap those as well. Still, I do like parts of it, all it requires is a bit of touching up. (6/10)

Manchester United Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

I may not know a lot about soccer, but BBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Now that I have that out of my system, I like these jerseys. The only problem is the lack of white on the equipment and red jersey. The white jersey is very well done, and as everything I'd want in a Man U hockey jersey, not that I'd ever want one (last shot at Man U I swear). The red jersey is good too, but again, it lacks white to brighten it up and add some consistency. I also would use the same shade of red as on the logo on the jerseys. (7.5/10)

Flin Flon Bombers Concepts (By: Eric W.)

I love this logo, it's very 60's, which fits the team's colour scheme. I know that Bobby Clarke played for this team, and the jerseys Eric has created for them is near identical to the one Clarke wore. Unlike the Broncos concept, since there are only 2 colours, the striping looks great, and the larger yokes work for such an old team. I would add that shoulder patch onto the away jersey, but I understand if it has some meaning. I really do like these jerseys. (9/10)

Philadelphia Flyers Concepts (By: Tristan M.)

Tristan brings the Flyers winter classic look to the limelight and gives a matching away. the home looks pretty good, but the different shades of black are ditsracting. I don't think the white jersey is very good, as it lacks black and again uses different blacks on the jersey. The alternate I do like, but I would remove the white bottom stripe. For the white jersey, I'd make all the beige stripes black and vise versa, but leave the yokes alone. Also use one consistant shade of black. (6/10)

February 27, 2013

Wednesday - HJC "After Hours"

Hey guys. Sorry about the late post. Had something important come up today which held me up but alas, I'm here. I'm going to dub this post "After Hours" since it's pretty late but I promise, I'll keep the post somewhat PG... maybe PG 13 if the concept calls for it.

If you were a part of the Lice chat on Sunday it was really fun talking to all of you and if you weren't, shame on you! Just kidding but seriously, definitely get involved in the next one.

Here's your daily voting reminders!

COTW vote Feb 18-24 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Untouchables-Detroit Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

And here's your after hours concepts

Battleford North Stars Concept - (Eric W.)

  •  The North Stars are a Junior A team up in the SJHL based in Saskatchewan and I'll redirect you here to their website to see their current set up.  
  • I like the striping for sure and I like the idea behind the striping. I feel the stripes going up the side are great but the arm stripes are very curvy and maybe should match the sides and be pointy.
  • The font being italicized is a good idea, but if you really want to match the logo use a block font and italicize it. 
  • So all I'd do here is make the arm stipes come to a point and use an italicized block font on the back. Also, maybe try to use one of the logos the team uses which looks a lot like this North Stars logo but isn't  a total clone.
Rating - 8/10 

New York Rangers Third Jersey - (Dylan Wonka)

  • Dylan gives the Rangers a Lady Liberty third jersey and puts it on a NIke Swift jersey. 
  • I love that Lady Liberty is gracing the front of a jersey just like she should be. I like the shoulder patches too, I can't tell if it's the classic Rangers logo or the modernized one that was on the old Lady Liberty jersey.
  • There's a lot going on with the striping. There's a chest stripe as well as a pretty unique striping on the arms and hem. I'd go with one of the other.
  • All I suggest is going with the chest stripe or the arm and hem stripes. I'd get rid of the chest stripe. I love the striping on the jersey. I'd also swap the red and white on the hem.
Rating - 8/10 

 Memphis Grizzlies Hockey Concept - (Dylan W)
  • I like these concepts that take a team from a different sport and give them a hockey jersey. 
  • I like the striping on the arms of the home and away. It doesn't match their jersey but basketball jerseys are dull so you kind of have to take artistic liberties. 
  • I'm not a fan of the arm and hem stripes not matching. While I actually really like these logos I with there wasn't a wordmark above the bear. Especially since you can't really see the one on the dark jersey. The third jersey is a little wild but I'm fine with that, it's somewhat similar to their actual alt. But I don't care for the red slash marks. The red doesn't really fit in.
  • Ditch the red on the alt, also ditch the wordmarks, that's a very good bear logo, no need to ruin it with the words. Also, I'd take that logo on the alt, which I love, and add it to the other jerseys as a shoulder patch.
Rating - 7/10 

 Kelowana Rockets Concepts - (Matt R.)
  • Not a fan of the Rockets branding but that's just me. I do like the colors though. It doesn't seem there's too many color schemes I don't like.
  • Very classic striping which looks very nice in these colors despite that very weird logo. I like the white shoulder yoke on the black jersey.
  • I don't care for the Bruins-esque yoke stripe. Nothing wrong with it design wise, it's just a personal preference.
  • Only change I would make personally is keep the whole outline white and outline it with one of the other colors. Execution note, both Reebok vectors should be just the "Reebok" wordmark.
Rating - 7/10 

 Estevan Bruins - (Eric W.)
  • The Bruins here are also in the SJHL and I'll send you here to see their current sets.
  • I like the this concept gives the Bruins their own logo and not just a Boston Bruins clone. I like how the Boston yokes look on the Nike template but here instead of black, Eric makes the white jerseys yoke yellow, and I think that's a good move.
  • I don't like the colored namebars but if it has to be done, but the more I look at it, it's not necessarily a colored namebar, it's part of the yoke which I guess I'm cool with, nothing to do about it on this template.
  • There's nothing I'd really do here. This is a very good concept that says "Bruins" without straight up stealing the Boston Bruin's branding. I would maybe make the "E" in the logo black because it's somewhat hard to see.
Rating - 8/10 

 Tampa Bay Lightning concept - (Stephen T.)
  • Stephen gives the Lightning their old logo back and puts it on the same template as their third jersey but gives them black at home and white on the road.
  • It's nice to see the victory stripes. I've never been a huge fan of this jersey template, but the arm striping is nice. 
  • I don't like the move to the old logo but I just really love their new logo. The piping on the sides is what I dislike about the jersey. Also, the number font used here, despite being used by the team in the past, I don't care for it and don't htink it really fits with the branding, or this jersey.
  • I'd ditch the piping and change the number font. Also, the Reebok vectors should be the wordmark.
Rating - 6/10 

 Chicago Blackhawks Third Jersey Concept - (Tyler G.)
  • This concept was showed off in the live chat the other day and I showed my love for it then and I will now.
  • This jersey is based off the throwback jersey the Hawks used in the early nineties and I consider it my favorite jersey ever. I don't like this AS much, but I still like the look of the striping even though it doesn't go all the way up the jersey.
  • There is nothing I dislike about this jersey.
  • So maybe just outline the red yoke in white but thats it. I love this concept
Rating - 9/10 and a COTW from me 

 Nashville Predators Third Jersey Concept - (Matt Ruckus)
  • Matt's entry in the "No Horizontal Lines" contest held a few months back.
  • I like how the orange and blue stripes resemble a guitar, which I'm assuming was the purpose.
  • I don't think the numbers need the guitar stripes if the jersey has it on the arms and hem.
  • just make the numbers a solid blue. 
Rating - 8/10 

February 26, 2013

Tuesday: Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a good Tuesday.  I was playing hockey during the live chat this past weekend, but was able to quickly read it afterwards, and it sure looked like fun.  Also Ryan agreed to ask and answer a few questions from me during the live chat, which I thank him for doing.  I'd also like to thank everyone who answered my question, "Would you rather have more compliments or constructive criticism on you concepts?".  I want my posts to be the best they can possibly be, so it was very helpful reading everyone's answers.


We have the COTW vote and the Detroit Untouchables vote currently.  Please vote!

COTW vote Feb 18-24 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Untouchables-Detroit Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


Tampa Bay Lightning (by Caleb F.)
Like:  I'm a big fan of the idea of a grey NHL jersey.  I also like the striping, it seems to match their primary jerseys.
Dislike:  The TV numbers are lacking the white outline that's on the back numbers.  They also are a bit high and have some loose pixels around them.
Suggestions:  Fix the TV numbers.  Personally I'm not a big fan of the logo used, so I'd suggest trying out their primary logo (but maybe with a white outline added).  7/10

Toronto Maple Leafs (by E.Awad)
Like:  This would be a very good sweater for a throwback game or even the Winter Classic.  It's a very accurate Edgefication of the Leafs 1970-92 look.
Dislike:  The top sock stripe would be mostly hidden under the pants.
Suggestions:  If you're going for historical accuracy, match the socks to the ones shown here.  Using one thick stripe (like the hem), or using the traditional socks they currently wear would also be good options.  7/10

Calgary Flames (by Matt R.)
Like:  The Flames 1995-2000 template looks surprisingly good without any black.  I also like some of the modifications made, like containing the podium-stripes within the hem stripes, and adding piping to the sleeves.
Dislike:  The inside of the collar (by the Reebok tag) should be red.
Suggestions:  I'd like to see what a red version of this would look like.  8/10

Colorado Avalanche (by Dylan W.)
Like:  The home and road jerseys look really good, with the angled stripes to represent mountains.  I also like how blue is used as the primary colour.  The Nordique inspired third is very cool for a special jersey, but I wouldn't want it to be worn more than once a year (similar to the Devils throwback).
Dislike:  The stitching on the template really stands out on the dark jerseys.
Suggestions:  For this template I've found that using a slightly lighter or darker shade of the jersey's colour works best for the stitching.  White would still use the light grey, the blue jerseys would use a darker blue, and black would use a dark grey.  8/10

New York Islanders (by Brian B.)
Like:  I like how this is inspired by the old Brooklyn Americans jerseys.  Also the four stars on the hem to represent the islanders four Stanley Cup victories are really cool.
Dislike:  The diagonal wordmark look is kind of owned by the Rangers, so I don't know how well it would go over considering these two teams are rivals.
Suggestions:  Try using their current logo, or even the arched-script from their current third jersey as the logo.  9/10

N├╝rnberg Ice Tigers (by Bastian S.)
Like:  The design on the shoulders are unique and they look good.  Even the hem and arm stripes are fairly unique using the two small stripes above the large stripe (side note: wouldn't that pattern look so much better than what is on the arms and hem of the Red Wings leaked Winter Classic jersey).
Dislike:  Nothing.
Suggestions:  I don't think this team uses Reebok Edge jerseys (which would explain why Bastian left the Reebok wordmark off of the back of the sweater), so I'd suggest trying this concept on a more traditional template.  9/10

Columbus Blue Jackets (by Avi S.)
*Inspired by Miami Redhawks outdoor game jersey.
Like:  The striping here looks great, it's very clean and classic looking.  The Ohio state shape for the captain's patch, inspired by the jersey linked above, also looks awesome.
Dislike:  Not much, the number font isn't my favourite, but lots of people do like it.
Suggestions:  If this were real there would likely be a logo on the helmet, so I'd suggest adding the primary logo on the helmet.  9/10

Anaheim Ducks (by Matt R.)
Like:  The striping is perfect.  There is the right amount of each colour, and even though they're traditional arm and hem stripes, they still look somewhat modern.  I don't even have a problem with the phantom shoulder yoke, because it ties in with the striping and pant stripe.  The choices for logos and fonts are all good as well.  I really like the TV numbers in the sleeve stripes.
Dislike:  The sock stripe is up a bit high.
Suggestions:  Look at the sock stripe in Avi's concept above for a good example of the right height.
COTW Nomination from me!!!  9/10

February 25, 2013

Monday: Ranked In

Welcome back to another week here at HJC headquarters (we don't have any other quarters, but this is still none the less HJC headquarters).

Weekend update for those who missed it. Hope everyone enjoyed the Live Chat last night, if you missed it well try and shoot for the next one, which will hopefully be soon.

COTW has reset for this week, check out the concepts in the sidebar of COTW tab. Votes are due by Friday.

COTW vote Feb 18-24 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

The Detroit Red Wings phase of the Untouchables Competition is entering its voting phase, thanks to all those who entered! Voting runs until Friday, you can check out all the entries in the Untouchables bar, or by clicking on the colourful banner above.

Untouchables-Detroit Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

This week, I'm going to give my thoughts on every NHL Team's current jerseys, including alternates, from 1-30.

1. Detroit Red Wings- I love their jerseys, they have stood the test of time, and only need 2 colours
2. Chicago Blackhawks- Again, love their jerseys, could be 1. but I prefer Detroit slightly
3. New Jersey Devils- I can't stand them but, I wouldn't change their jerseys for anything
4. Montreal Canadiens- The staple of hockey
5. Winnipeg Jets- I love these jerseys, a small bit of bias but I love them
6. Toronto Maple Leafs- Another classic jersey, a modern alternate is needed though
7. New York Rangers- A team that lives by writing, lacks the Lady Liberty logo
8. Nashville Predators- What a turn around, yellow is in and it looks great, not a fan of the template
9. Boston Bruins- I don't like the yokes, but the alternate is pretty cool
10. New York Islanders- The home and road are a bit dated, I like the alternate a lot (don't shoot!)
11. Ottawa Senators- I love the alternate, home and road a decent, but and update is needed
12. Philadelphia Flyers- The arm stripes lack black, need a black alternate
13. San Jose Sharks- Decent look all around, add a hem stripe on the alternate, kind of boring
14. Anaheim Ducks- Great designs, bring back the Eggplant and Jade though!
15. Edmonton Oilers- I love the road, the home is meh, remove the cuffs and maybe darken the blue
16. Tampa Bay Lightning- meh home and away, okay alternate, needs a 3rd colour
17. Buffalo Sabres- I love the idea, but please remove the pit stains and piping
18. Vancouver Canucks- I hate that whale, go back to the stick in rink and update the early 70's look
19. Minnesota Wild- 3 decent jerseys, none really match, choose one and your good.
20. LA Kings- The champs look bland, bring back the purple and yellow and get colour in the look
21. St. Louis Blues - I hate that navy note on the blue jersey, make the note white & use navy only
22. Pittsburgh Penguins- Needs to be more original, not horrible, just used to be so good
23. Carolina Hurricanes- I like the logo, the arms are just really ugly. Needs more flag stripes
24. Washington Capitals- I Will always prefer the blue, black and bronze. I can't stand the template
25. Columbus Blue Jackets- The home and away, blah, the alternate NEEDS work, but a good logo
26. Dallas Stars- Would be lower if not for upcoming re brand
27. Phoenix Coyotes- Ugly alternate, lacking home and away, Quebec is looking better everyday
28. Florida Panthers- Brighten up! Be more original in the striping.
29. Calgary Flames- The horse must return, the look from 2006 beats their current look any day, hate the flags and piping.
30. Colorado Avalanche- The alternate is good, but the home and away...I don't even have to explain.

That's my list, do you agree...yes, no, do you want to hurt me? Tell me in the comments


Team USA Concept (By: Josh G.)

This jersey screams AMERICA, in a good way! The striping looks like the stripes on the American flag, the eagle logo is very nice and I really like the sub laminated back. The basketball script doesn't really work for me, their current logo would look better, also, the Carolina numbers are a bit distracting. I still really like this look, but, just because I'm sort of nitpicky, the jersey could use some stars! (8/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: Patrik G.)

Patrik has gone for the less is more look here and I like parts of it for sure. The striping is pretty unique and the double blue, surprisingly I would like to see. The script is meh, but it sure could use an outline, same with the numbers on the back. I am not a huge fan of the blank arm, I'd add a simple vertical stripe, similar to the chest stripe, just to add some life, but I could see what was being done here. I still like this jersey, especially with the addition of the stick in rink shoulder patch. (8/10)

Team Netherlands Concepts (By: Bastain S.)

 The current Dutch jerseys are actually pretty cool, but these blow them out of the water. Of course Orange is needed, I don't really know why the Dutch use orange so much, I own a dutch soccer jersey and it always puzzled me, but I love it. The flag striping is always a good move, and I think more teams should use it, like Russia, America, Germany, Latvia, one's with horizontal stripes. The logo is really cool, and I like that Bastian left off the tacky script from the Dutch current jersey. I can't really think of any improvements, good solid concept here. (9/10) COTW Nom from me.

Kitchener Rangers Concept (By: Matt R.)

Kitchener is a military themed team, their constantly good tribute jerseys have shown us that. Matt has given us a more modern tribute by taking their soldier head logo and making a camouflage jersey. I think the jersey looks good, the striping is classic, but the camo makes it. I think hockey needs more camo jerseys, and a military team like Kitchener is a good place to start. Even the wimpy star shoulder patch looks good in Camo. I would like to see the regular logo in camo though and maybe get rid of the yoke. (8.5/10)

Team Canada Concepts (By: Ted N.)

Ted has updated his previous Team Canada Concept by replacing the double blue with black, a good move it my opinion. I really think these look good, it's Ted's best concept yet. The Maple Leaf numbers look good in black, and the balance of colours on the red jersey work great. I don't think the white jersey needs a black yoke though amd I would add a shoulder patch. But other than that, a good soild retro look for Team Canada (8/10)

St. Louis Blues Concepts (By: Kyle C.)

Remember when I said I hated the Navy note on the lighter blue, Kyle has fixed that with this concept. Some people may not like this idea, but I sure do. The early 80's look, minus the red really makes the blues look good. I prefer the home to the road, mainly because of the amount of yellow used on the home. I wouldn't use the circle logo as the shoulder patch, but instead as a helmet logo, and instead use a re-coloured version of the trumpet logo. I still like this a lot, and would want to see the Blues wear something like this anytime soon. (9/10)

Syracuse Crunch Concept (By: E. Awad)

The Crunch need their own identity, something different from the lightning, because their logo is 1 million times better. E. Awad gives us a pretty good looking jersey...for Tampa. I'm sorry but this would look so much better as a Tampa Bay concept, but as is, I cannot connect the jersey to the logo. The logo has silver on it but yet theres none on the jersey. I would say replace the black with silver, but I'm not sure how that would look. As a Tampa concept this would look amazing, way better than their current alternate, but as is, it's a Tampa jersey with a Crunch logo on it. (5/10)

Los Angeles Sharks Concept (By: Bastian S.)

I love the Sharks! I don't know why, they look so 70'sy and dated, but yet, they have a certain charm. Compared to their orginal look, I like this look better. I like the striping, especially on the road jersey, it's unique but still of the time. The home looks good too, but it's kind of hard to see the middle black stripe. I'd just add a thin, barely visable white stripe on it so it's more visable. (8.5/10)

February 24, 2013

Weekend Update Feb 24 - Live Chat I

Live Chat here. 9:00pm Eastern time


The winner of the COTW vote Feb 11-17 is...(revealed during Live Chat) Snow Monster!

Full Results
Snow Monster - 3
Justin C. - 2
DC Visual - 2
Ryan HJC - 2
Bastian (MAN) - 1
Stephen T. - 1
Casey - 0
Dylan W. - 0
Bastian (STL) - 0


The new COTW nominees (Feb. 18-24) have been listed on the side of the page. You can see those concepts by clicking on that banner or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting ends on Friday.


The entry phase for the "Untouchables - Detroit Red Wings" competition has ended. We now move on to the voting phase. It's a Top 5 vote and all of the rules can be found on the UNTOUCHABLES tab. Voting also ends on Friday.

The next HJC competition will not be an Untouchables comp. I have an idea of what we will do, but I will take input from those who join the Live Chat as to what team will be used. So join the Live Chat and get a head start on the next competition.

We will eventually do every Original Six team for the Untouchables series.


Now for those always handy coloured voting bars!

COTW vote Feb 18-24 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Untouchables-Detroit Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

February 23, 2013

Saturday: Old school and new school

Happy Saturday, everyone, and a very happy Saturday to my fellow Blackhawks fans who witnessed the team making history last night when they defeated the San Jose Sharks to go their 17th consecutive game without a regulation loss, an NHL record.

Don’t forget that tomorrow night at 9PM Eastern time, Ryan will be hosting an HJC live chat. Make sure to join in!


Here are the last of the Detroit Red Wings entries:



Matt M.

Scott M.


Now, onto the concepts.

Hamburg Freezers (by Bastian)

Bastian continues his Deutsche Eishockey Liga series with Hamburg’s team. He’s gone in an entirely different direction for Hamburg, as their colors include two shades of blue and gray, and no red whatsoever. This definitely works, though. Red and gray is a great color scheme. The torso stripes are definitely something different but I like them. There’s nothing wrong with going outside of the box.

I don't have many issues with this one. It's missing the Reebok logo on the back of the jersey yoke, for one. That's really the only problem I can see.

Overall, I'll give it an 8/10.

Montreal Maroons (by Bastian)

Bastian is not all about the German hockey, as you can see here. He's taken an old NHL look and updated it to the modern day. It's not quite the same as any of the looks that the old Maroons wore but if the Maroons were still around today, I could see them wearing this. Personally, I don't care for the color since it's one of the primary colors of my alma mater's biggest rival, but that's not really relevant to the discussion at hand. If this was a real-life jersey, I would absolutely love it. The simplicity fits what would be a classic look.

There's just one minor issue, though. I don't think having the single stripe on the pants looks good when you have the four-stripe design on the jersey and sock. You could certainly put a smaller version of the four stripes on the pants and that would work.

Overall, I'll give it an 8.5/10.

Montreal Wanderers (by Bastian)

Here's another former Montreal team brought to the modern day by Bastian. The Montreal Wanderers might hold the record for shortest-lived NHL team ever, as their arena burned down after only six games of the inaugural NHL season, destroying the team's equipment and necessitating that the debt-ridden team be folded. It's an unfortunate story, really. As for the design itself, I like it. The three-stripe design is certainly an interesting choice and almost makes it look like Reebok started slapping their parent company's three-stripe motif all over the place like Adidas does for soccer. It's a solid concept. Not much to complain about.

The problem is the same issue as the previous concept: the pants stripe. I realize that the white stripe at the bottom of the pants is supposed to reflect the hem stripe of the red jersey but the pants just seem too empty to me. A three-stripe design would be perfect for the pants since it would be solid color and wouldn't be terribly obtrusive.

Overall, I'll give it a 7.5/10.

Milwaukee Admirals (by E.Awad)

A funny note about the Admirals: they're Nashville's farm team in the AHL, while Nashville is home to the Nashville Sounds, the AAA farm team of the MLB's Milwaukee Brewers. As for the concept, I love the white jersey. The color scheme really pops well and the design is simple yet effective. It's definitely better than their real-life jerseys which appear to be everything that's wrong with the Reebok Edge jersey.

There are quite a few problems with this concept, though. The Reebok vectors on the back of the jerseys should be he Reebok wordmark. I've never really cared for "phantom" yokes that are the same color as the jersey with an outline, so you could get rid of the outline on the yoke of the black jersey to improve it. The stripes on the socks are too big and too high. The socks almost look like they're 1/3rd stripe. Finally, as I've mentioned before, there are programs out there that you can use to add cleaner numbers and names to the jersey. It'll improve your concept by making the pixelation less obvious.

On a final note, this isn't a criticism, but is there a reason why the Admirals don't wear the Predators' logo as their shoulder patch? I thought it was standard procedure among AHL teams to wear their parent team's logo.

Overall, I'll give it a 6/10.

Portland Pirates (by E.Awad)

First off, the color scheme is great here. Red, black and silver all really complement each other well and for some reason, black jersey yokes always look good when they're a part of the color scheme. I can't quite explain it but it's something that always seems right.

The concept is problematic, though - everything I said about the previous concept applies here as well. Plus, you know I don't like stripeless pants.

Overall, I'll give it a 6/10.

Montreal Canadiens (by Matt)

This was Matt's entry into the Untouchables contest. This one is fantastic. The two looks complement each other really well and I love the inclusion of a shoulder patch. There are very few teams without a shoulder patch in the NHL that I don't think would benefit from adding a shoulder patch and Montreal isn't one of them. Great job.

The only issue I see with this one is the Reebok vector on the back of the jerseys. It should be the Reebok wordmark.

Overall, I'll give it a 9/10 and a COTW nomination.

Miami Heat (by Mike)

Ah, yes, the Miami Heat - the team everyone loves to hate in the NBA. Mike continues his NBA-NHL series with the reigning NBA champions, and I really like what he's done with the jersey here. Apart from the fact that it's clearly a basketball logo, the Heat's logo works well as a shoulder patch in this case, and the red and black is a good color scheme to use.

There are some minor issues I have. The wordmark on the front of the jersey looks too small, and while I'm sure the number on the back isn't off-center, the fact that it's italicized would make it appear to be off-center at first glance. I think this would benefit from having a block number font instead. Finally, I think you could take the orange off the jersey and the color scheme wouldn't suffer as a result.

Overall, I'll give it an 8/10.

New York Rangers (by Patrik)

Patrik takes a few different ideas for the Rangers and compiles them into one. I, along with many Rangers fans, do like the Lady Liberty logo and I think it's a real pity that New York is no longer using it. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol that definitely says "New York" and it is a logo that New York should be using a lot. Why they didn't bring back the Lady Liberty jersey as their third when the NHL started using third jerseys after the Edge was brought along, I don't know. I would definitely approve of this as a third for the Rangers.

Very minor issues on this one. The Reebok vector should be the wordmark, and I don't care for the phantom yoke. Also, while the Rangers will never get rid of the drop-shadowed names and numbers on their standard jerseys, I think it wouldn't hurt this jersey to go with a standard font. Finally, there are the pixelation issues on the name and numbers that I keep talking about.

Overall, I'll give it an 8/10.

New York Rangers (by Ricky)

This one is very interesting. Ricky's taken the design of the Rangers' road jersey (which should be their home jersey, but I digress) and applied it to the home jersey while adding an alternate. I don't need to repeat myself about how much I love the logo so I won't. The white yoke on the home jersey is a nice touch and I like the idea of a red third jersey. A New York team wearing red isn't entirely unheard of, as the New York Americans wore primarily red jerseys from 1925-30. I also like that the alt doesn't have exactly the same striping pattern as the home and road. Nothing wrong with changing things up a bit.

Two small issues: the Reebok vectors, and the inside of the collar on the third jersey should be colored in.

Overall, I'll give it a 9/10.

Montreal Canadiens (by WinnipegJets96)

Hoo boy, this one is really out there. It is very unusual, to say the least. It takes the idea of asymmetry and runs with it, and for that reason, I can't help but like it. Count me as one who didn't totally hate the Atlanta Thrashers' asymmetrical jerseys. I fancy myself a traditionalist but I don't hate every modern design. This one is good for what it is: an attempt to go out there with a traditional team. It's a pretty good design.

This one has some execution issues. For some reason, the outline around the logo on the home jersey is really scratchy and uneven, and the dual outline on the names and numbers on the home seem superfluous. The blue doesn't really stand out too well because of the inner red outline. I'd change it to all-blue and see how that helps. Finally, pixelation! I'm going to bring it up every time I see it in a concept because it's easy to fix. Fixing that on a concept goes a long way towards improving the concept quality.

Overall, I'll give it a 7/10.