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April 30, 2012

Week of April 30 to May 6, 2012

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Portland Pirates ReDesign Entries
These are the last of the Pirates entries.

Pirates Entry (by Brady)
Pirates Entry (by Caz)
Pirates Entry (by Fabio)
Pirates Entry (by Paul B.)


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Jersey Collection (Deferoiler)
If you couldn't tell by his handle, I think you'll know now that Deferoiler is an Oilers fan. The autographed sweaters are pretty cool, especially the Gretzky and Crosby signatures. If you haven't sent in your jersey collection before, or it has been updated several times, feel free to send it in so it can be posted for everyone to see.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Ryan W.)
The jersey itself is okay. The execution is the problem here. I think the logo is too small and if you're not going to put on a player number then there's no reason to show us the back of the sweater. There are loose pixels on the collar and some jersey stripes either go outside the lines or don't go to the lines. Click on the TUTORIALS banner on the side to get a lot of helpful tips to improve your concepts. We look forward to seeing more. 4/10

Rochester Americans concepts (by NB14)
I like the home and road sweaters here. On the re-coloured Sens sweater, I think the logo needs to be bigger, as in slightly taller than the chest stripes. As for the other specialty jersey, I would get rid of the stars on the bottom and have the "Americans" blue bar be bigger. 6/10

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Ian)
Is this what the Sabres might have looked like if they kept their black and red look for the Edge transition? Fairly well executed, but your red and black are not consistent from the logos to the jerseys. Also,try not to leave the TM or R on the logos as we try to be as accurate as possible with jersey concepts. 5/10

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Tyler G.)
Tyler has made some adjustment to the former 3rd jersey and has added a matching white version. The execution is very good and I like the way that Tyler has done the sleeve and hem stripes. Yellow on white gets lost easily, but he's done a good job here keeping the yellow present and hint to the white Sabres sweater of the 80's. 8/10

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by WinnipegJets96)
Jets96 made a few adjustments to this concept which was previously posted. I think it's an improvement, but I still think it would be better if the red joined with the arm and hem pattern. I'd also lower everything on the hem and remove the big sand coloured stripe. 7/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Kyle C.)
This is a perfectly executed concept, but it lacks any kind of uniqueness. I think you could throw any logo on this template and adjust the colours. Kyle even change the unique Penguins numbers. That would have helped make this a Penguins' jersey. Execution, as I said, is perfect. 8/10

Team Finland concept (by Brady)
I think works a hundred times better for Finland than it did for the Canadiens three seasons ago. I'm just not a fan of the flag on the yokes. On the back view, you would need the flag to appear in the opposite direction for this one to make proper sense. The multiple stripes are a great idea for Team Finland though. 7/10

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Steven G.)
Steven has gone back to the original Avalanche jerseys, but he has removed the black for a darker blue. I really like the colour switch, but personally I'd like to move forward with the Avs rather than go back. I also don't care for the numbers on the white jersey being in blue trimmed in the lighter blue. I think that inside trim should be white. 8/10

San Jose Sharks concepts (by Matt D.)
I really love the grey alternate! I also like the home and road concepts, but I think the black yokes make the jerseys too dark. I think the socks look great. I really like the black on those, as it goes down into the skates. Solid execution as always, so a COTW nom from me! 8/10

April 29, 2012

Jersey Hitlist

Before I get to the meat and potatoes of today's post, here are some Portland Pirates ReDesign entries.

Pirates Entry (by Elias)
Pirates Entry (by Mateus)
Pirates Entry (by Tyler G.)

My jersey collection is really starting to round into shape. However, with a child due in August I can see this expensive hobby of mine dwindling away. As the jersey collection has grown though, so to has my list of "wants". I've also noticed that I have become pickier with the types of jerseys that I want.

For example, I used to think that I would be able to live with the single layer plastic Reebok Edge shoulder patches that they use on their replica sweaters. That was until the Leafs put shoulder patches on their new jerseys for the 2010-11 season. Now those crappy patches drive me nuts! I also read a while ago, that washing your jersey too much causes those patches to fade away, like an eraser was slowly being worked on them. Washing your replica jersey is probably the worst thing you can do to it. It slowly washes away your crappy shoulder patches and will cause "bubbling" underneath your primary crest and numbers.

Anyways, my dislike of those shoulder patches leads me to want Reebok authentic sweaters. And then I purchased a Game-Used jersey last summer. Now I'm hooked on Game-Used. If I had infinite amounts of cash, all I would buy would be Game-Used's.

Reebok slapped jersey collectors in the face again at the beginning of this season (2011-12). They transferred the production of the authentic sweaters from Canada to Indonesia. Now those authentics do not match the actual sweaters worn on the ice by the players. Materials were all the same, but the big difference came inside the collar. Take a look below.
As you can see you never really got EXACTLY what was worn on the ice, but the sweaters made in Canada are a lot closer than the one's made in Indonesia! I walked into the Leafs' team store this year and asked a guy there if they had any authentics left from last season that had been made in Canada. He looked at me like I had three heads. I guess I deserve it for being a jersey snob.

Having said all that, I thought that I would compile a list of my most sought after jerseys. These are the ones that I would most like to add to my collection. Here we go...

Toronto Maple Leafs 1992-93 Felix Potvin jersey
When Mitchell & Ness put this up for sale I was really excited. Potvin was my favourite Leaf growing up and the 1992-93 season was very memorable, also one of my favourites. The only thing that could have made this better was if it was the white jersey. My worry with this one is that it will go away before I get the chance to purchase it.

KHL jerseys
For some reason recently I have been really keen on adding obscure sweaters to my collection. Sporting a KHL jersey would definitely get some second looks and some questions. A lot of the sweaters in that league are terrible, but there are a couple (shown above) that I do really like. Atlant Moscow Oblast and CSKA Moscow, also known as the Red Army team. The Atlant jersey is the only one made by Reebok in the KHL. The CSKA sweater just looks tremendous. I'd want it even if they weren't in the KHL. seems like a solid site to get a tonne or Russian league and KHL sweaters. National team sweaters as well.

Vancouver Canucks 40th Anniversary jersey
Christmas 2010, I had some gift money to burn. I knew I was spending it on jerseys, but which ones? At the time, it came down to this one, Buffalo's anniversary jersey, and the Hawks' 3rd. I went with Buffalo and Chicago, which I regret not choosing this Canucks jersey over one of them. This one is now nearly impossible to get a hold of because they only made it for the 2010-11 season. If I do find one it's only ever in SML or MED sizes.

Buffalo Sabres Game-Used 2008 Winter Classic jersey
Why does this have to be game used? Because the version they sold as a "replica" was just a CCM Vintage jersey with Reebok tags. It wasn't the same shade of blue, it wasn't Edge cut, and it didn't have collar laces. Check out the comparison below.
At this point, yes I would take a Dmitri Kalinin jersey! His and Derek Roy's are the only ones I've seen go up for auction and that was a while ago. I think I'd even take a "game-ready" jersey. Which is a jersey prepared for a player who didn't play in the game. I was thinking of having a custom jersey company make a blank sweater with the stripes and then trying to get the patches from Ebay.

Manitoba Moose green road jersey
Now that the Moose are gone I realize how great they looked! As I mentioned with the KHL jerseys above, I would like to expand my collection outside of the NHL. The Moose had one of my favourite AHL looks and pre-Edge they looked even better. I should probably learn my lesson from the above Canucks jersey and purchase this one before it's gone forever. The online AHL store has them on "clearance" for $99.

Toronto Maple Leafs game worn home jersey
This may be #1 on my wishlist. I have a game worn road and a replica road. I also have a replica 3rd, but the home jersey is missing from my collection. As I mentioned above, there's no way I can buy a replica of my team's jersey with those terrible shoulder patches. It's a tough decision when I purchase a game worn Leafs jersey. I try to find the cheaper sweaters, which is around $400. Usually those include the lesser known players, but I love those types of jerseys. It then becomes a matter to trying a player who wore a size 58 sweater. After that I would like to find a decent player from that group of "lesser knowns" wearing a 58. From THIS group of sweaters from last season, I would probably go with Carl Gunnarson...if he wore a size 58.

Honourable Mentions
Might Ducks Wild Wing jersey
LA Kings Burger King jersey
Connecticut Whale green road jersey 2011-12
St. Louis Blues Gretzky jersey
Toledo Walleye dark blue 2011-12 3rd jersey
Hamilton Bulldogs 2012 Outdoor Classic jersey
Quad City Mallards black jersey
LA Kings 92-93 black Gretzky jersey

What jersey or jerseys are on your "Most Wanted" list? Leave some comments and let us know what jerseys you want, how close you have come to getting them, and maybe how long you have been waiting to get them.

April 27, 2012

COTW Winner and So Much More

There's so much to get to today and then there's concepts on top of that.

I'll start with the biggest news here in Toronto which is that Markham city council (a city included in the "Greater Toronto Area") approved the funding for a new 20,000 seat stadium. A location for this building was also approved. The building will be known as the GTA Centre and will look to attract concerts and the 2015 World Junior tournament to begin with. It's assumed that the long term goal is a second NHL team in Toronto! From my point of view, this puts Toronto half a step behind Quebec and two large steps in front of Seattle, in terms of getting a NHL team!

The 2013 NHL All-Star Game logo was revealed today. I'll give it a 4 out of 10. What's up with the massive empty blue space in the middle? I like the actual All-Star Game script, but after that nothing really intrigues me. What do you guys think of this new logo? Can you do better? Send in any improvements you would make!

The HJC Playoff pool will be taking 2nd Round predictions shortly. If the PLAYOFFS tab is visible at the top of the page, that means that predictions are to be made. It's a quick turn around, so I will make the deadline Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Go to the PLAYOFFS page and leave your picks in the comments.

HJC Jerseys are on sale until Sunday. Click the banner at the top of the page or go to the HJC JERSEY page to place your order and get all the information you will need.

The COTW winner for the week of April 16-22 is Steven G. with his 3rd jersey Team Canada concept! You can see the winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Results of the vote are below.
Steven G. - 4
Thomas - 1
Alan - 0
Thallos - 0
Torin - 0


Portland Pirates ReDesign Entries

Pirates Entry (by D3troit1388)
Pirates Entry (by Jesper)
Pirates Entry (by Kalin)
Pirates Entry (by HJC)


Jersey Collection (Scott M.)
Scott sent in his jersey collection, which I encourage you to do if you have not done before. I love how well it looks like he maintains his jerseys! The highlight for me is the Connecticut Whale sweater, I'd like to add the green one to my collection. Scott is looking to add a game-used Whale jersey to this collection. Gee, can't tell what team Scott is a fan of!

Stillwater Sharks concepts (by Mateus)
Mateus says that this is a team from a video game, Saints Row. He's actually included his own details on the concepts. The sweaters are okay, I like the yoke going halfway down the arm. The TV numbers on on sideways though. 4/10

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Mazzz)
I do like this mascot logo used on a jersey. What I don't like is the lack of red, especially on the shoulder patch. However, I do know that it was Mazzz's intention to eliminate a lot of the red. I really like the way the arm stripe weave in and out of the sleeve piping. 6/10

Binghamton Senators concept (by NB14)
Everything looks decent here, except I think I would prefer white numbers and NOB. The B-Sens wore something like this just before the Edge take-over. I don't know, but they may have worn a black version as an alternate. 7/10

San Jose Sharks concepts (by Ian V.)
Ian tries to make an Edge-ified version of the previous Sharks jerseys and does a good job of it. For the alternate, I think the primary logo could use a white outline and I also think that the player numbers could use a thicker teal outline. 7/10

Team USA concept (by Tyler G.)
The things that are really good here are the yokes, sleeves, and pants. The things that I don't like are the hem stripes and the primary logo. The logo looks like it should have been used for a 1970's basketball team. I find that the hem stripes just add too many stripes to the jersey. Overall, this is pretty good though. 7/10

Team USA concepts (by MasonII)
Even though I am becoming less of a fan of the stripe across the chest, it works really well with the wordmark here. I also don't mind the flag as a shoulder patch. The alternate is dynamite and everything else is superbly executed! COTW nomination from me. 9/10

Brynäs IF concepts (by Jesper)
This is a great Edge-ification of Brynäs' sweaters. That shoulder yoke is a little harder to execute than you may think. The authenticity of these is also excellent! I love when concept artists take the extra time to include things like the ads Jesper has included here. Not just included them, but has seemingly made sure that they are accurate. 9/10

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Justin)
This is a great jersey and I really like the player model mock-up that Justin has included. As you probably know, I think the Avs need new jerseys the most and this is a near perfect start. The current logos are great, so I am glad that Justin kept them. 9/10

April 26, 2012

More Piartes ReDesing Entries (Thursday)

As I mentioned yesterday, the HJC jersey will be on sale until Sunday. This is due to minimal interest, but that's okay. Some people have expressed that they will be purchasing one and I'm sure we'll all be quite happy with it. If you do plan on purchasing a HJC jersey leave a comment here (so I know how many are interested) and then go to the HJC JERSEY page for all of the ordering info...and to place said order.

Today is the last day for the COTW vote
COTW Apr 16-22 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Portland Pirates ReDesign Entries
Get yours in before Sunday's 11:59pm EST deadline.

Pirates entry (by Scott D.)
Pirates entry (by Scott M.)
Pirates entry (by Stephen T.)


Minnesota Wild concepts (by Michael L.)
Michale sees these as what the Wild may have possibly used if the Edge jerseys were introduced at the beginning of the 2000's. This is another one of those Reebok cookie cutter jerseys that I'm not really fond of, but the execution here is terrific. 7/10

Oklahoma City Barons concept (by Tyler G.)
Tyler shows us what the Barons would look like if they modeled their sweaters after the current look of the Oilers. They almost did this for a charity jersey last season. Fairly good execution except for the heavily pixelated logo and the lack of AHL/Reebok marks on the bottom-back hem. 7/10

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Mazzz)
Mazzz keeps the current home and road sweaters (good choice) and then has modified the pre-Edge blue sweater as a new 3rd. It also looks like he wants the Oilers to draft Yakupov. I like this as a 3rd jersey, but the shoulder patch looks like it has been distorted and I think I prefer white numbers to bronze. 7/10

Dallas Stars concept (by Sam N.)
Sam tries something new with the rounded sleeve piping. I think it looks kinda cool. Obviously the darker black around the numbers and shoulder patches needs to be worked out. I think if the arm stripes were a little thinner, namely the white ones, this could be a real winner. 6/10

Montreal Canadiens concept (by D3troit1388)
Great Habs sweater here by D3troit! I love the old NHL shield used in the collar insert. I also really like how he has described what he based his concept on and how this jersey would be worn! 9/10

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Rylen)
I really like almost everything here and all of Rylen's explanations! My two problems have to do with colours. I find this yellow too bright. Something a little more rich, or perhaps the 1980's yellow would be good. Alsi, the black used on the sweater does not seem to be the same black that is used on the primary logo. 8/10

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Justin)
I really like the concepts that come with their own descriptions! Anyone can feel free to do this with their concepts. Quality jerseys here that have been well executed, I'm just not a fan of the yoke piping on the white jersey. It's too bad that the Canucks don't find more uses for that "VC" logo. 8/10

St. Louis Blues concepts (by GKennedy)
In this instance, I think that the white jersey looks better than the blue one. This concept also seems really well executed. Seeing that circle logo used as a shoulder patch here, it almost seems too strong to be relegated to the shoulders. Maybe get rid of the circle and just have the primary logo also be the shoulder patches just like the Sabres of the 80's. 8/10

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by MasonII)
Would you Flyers fans accept a black version of the current sweater set? I like this as an alternate, but not enough to see it 12-15 times a year. For some reason I would only want to see it on really special games, like weekday afternoon games (if that were to happen). Final note though, I don't like the tri-coloured collar. 8/10

Connecticut Whale concept (by Scott M.)
I love this! It takes after the Rangers really well and would work great as a 3rd jersey! I love the accuracy of Scott's work here with the only blemish coming inside the collar with the AHL jersey tag. I'm also happy to see that a lot of people are getting good use out of the " template". COTW nom and 9/10.