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Wednesday: Six Concepts

Here's your daily voting reminders.  We have the COTW and the Expansion Logos Top 3 voting.  If you're a committee member do not forget to vote.

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WWII Concepts (by Stephen T.)
Stephen based these jerseys off of Puckdrawn's Totally WWII series.  The countries are in the following order...
USA...Soviet Union...Great Britain
First of all I'm kind of angry that Canada was excluded, but I'll try to get past that while judging the jerseys.  I like the Japan and Soviet Union jerseys, their unique and look good.  I don't like any jerseys with flags as their logos, because rectangles make horrible logos in my opinion.  Also the striping on USA's jersey seems like a wasted opportunity to me.  Why not use the flag as inspiration for the striping?  And on all the jerseys (except Japan) the numbers should be moved up a bit.  Speaking of Japan's numbers, they're unique, but they would be impossible to read from a distance.  6/10

Boston Bruins (by Darren H.)
Darren goes retro with the Bruins jerseys, using their Winter Classic logo and colour scheme. Using yellow as the home jersey colour is great, and the striping pattern is also good.  Although I think the road jersey needs more yellow, and the contrasting name bars are a terrible idea.  Overall I like these jerseys, but I wouldn't want the Bruins to wear them full-time.  7/10

Oklahoma City Bruins (by Alan H.)
Alan had a cool what if series on his website about what Oklahoma City's AHL team would look like if they were affiliated with different NHL teams.  This one was voted the best so he sent it in here.  Using the old Oklahoma City Blazers' B instead of the Bruins' B is genius.  I also like how he kept the Bruins colour scheme, but changed up the jerseys.  That way, call-ups can use the same equipment (like goalie pads), but they still have to earn the right to wear an NHL jersey.  8/10

Anaheim Ducks (Brad M.)
I only have one complaint about this jersey, but it's pretty major so I'll get it out of the way first.  To me the logo looks really awkward, it almost looks like a photo negative.  Other than that everything (colour scheme, striping, fonts, etc.) looks great.  I'd suggest recolouring the logo to have a white mask again, and then this concept would be great.  
Edit:  Actually now that I look at it again, the colour scheme might be to similar to the Kings original colour scheme to be used by such a close rival.  It does still look good though.  7/10

Dallas Cowboys (by Brain B.)
I was about to complain about how the jerseys don't match at all, but then I realized the Cowboy's actual uniforms are like that (that just shows you how much I know about the NFL).  Now that I know why they don't match I think these are great, they capture the feel of the football uniforms and transfer them to a hockey jersey perfectly.  My only suggestion would be to try to add a star to the sleeve striping on the dark jersey, like how it is on the football jersey.  8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins (by WinnipegJets96)
I'm one of the few people who think vegas gold is great for the Penguins, so I'm glad I was able to comment on this.  Like I just said, the vegas gold is great, and I also like bringing back the Lemieux era striping.  But the logo does need a white outline on the home and third jersey.  Also, while I do like the Lemieux Era striping, I'd suggest updating it a bit to make everything more consistent.  So to summarize, striping is good and the vegas gold is great (I'm hoping if I say vegas gold is great enough, I might be able to brainwash people into believing vegas gold is great).  8/10
Wednesday: Six Concepts Reviewed by Steven Grant on November 21, 2012 Rating: 5


Steven Grant said...

Vegas gold is great!!!

Brad said...

Um, the whole point of the logo is the negative duck. I had called it 'Anti-Duck' when i sent it in. it's the third to the set i sent in previously.

Billy T said...

Sorry Steven, but I'll take Yellow Gold over Reebok Beige any day of the week.

Steven Grant said...

@Brad: You need to write these descriptions on the concepts for the writers to see them. We don't have access to the descriptions on the emails.

@Billy T: I guess my brainwashing plan failed. :(

Justin said...

I love Vegas gold! Vegas gold, black, and white together... Absolutely beautiful!

Ryan said...

Darren for COTW!!!

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