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Wednesday: Blue, Yellow, and Red

Ryan's looking for someone to be an HJC writer on Thursday.  If you're interested click on the banner at the top of the page.

Ryan's also looking for a COTY logo.  No rules, just design something great.

The NHL Expansion contest is in the logo phase.  If you going to enter, read all the rules on the EXPANSION page.


Only the COTW vote this week, but we still need as many people voting as possible.

COTW Nov 5-11 vote (ends Thursday @11:59pm EST)


Here are the NHL Expansion entries that have came in so far...

Seattle Supersounders (by Colin M.)

Seattle Metros (by Kyle C.)

Seattle Metropolitans (by Tristan P.)


Tampa Bay Lightning (by WinnipegJets96)
A few weeks ago we saw this concept in a full set, now WinnipegJets96 has updated the third jersey.  Honestly I think this jersey needs to stay in the 90's (except maybe a one-time event).  Maybe if all the crazy designs were sublimated this would look less dated.  6/10

Buffalo Sabres (by Darren H.)
Darren brings back the sabres recent third jersey (with some changes), then adds a matching road, and a new third jersey.  I really like the decision to add white to the striping, and the road jersey looks great.  I don't like how the home jersey's numbers still use vintage white, and the contrasting name-bars don't look good in my opinion.  The third jersey is good.  8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins (by NB14)
I really liked the Steelers throwback jerseys, which NB14 used as inspiration for this concept.  I'd really like this concept too, but I think the stripes are too thin.  Fix that one issue and this would be a great fan jersey.  7/10

Winnipeg Jets (by WinnipegJets96)
Again we saw this concept a few weeks ago (at least the home jersey).  WinnipegJets96 listened to the advice and updated the concept.  I like the updated shoulder-stripes, and the matching road jersey looks great.  My only suggestion is to make the home jersey's numbers white.  8/10

Ottawa Senators (by Bastian S.)
I really like the unique elements on this concept by Bastian (sublimated laurel-leaves, -O- logo on the sleeves), but I think using one or the other would be better.  The -O- logo is very retro but the laurel-leaves are modern, so I don't think they work together.  I do like the vegas-gold colour used, and the 2D logo as the primary logo.  8/10

Sarnia Sting (by Scott D.)
The home and road are very nice classy jerseys.  I especially like the the sublimated honey-comb pattern.  The third jersey is great as a third jersey, it's different than primaries but still fits with the Sting's brand.  The only thing I'm concerned about are the numbers on the road jersey, they would be easier to read if they were black.  Still a COTW nomination from me though.  9/10
Wednesday: Blue, Yellow, and Red Reviewed by Steven Grant on November 14, 2012 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

Bastian's Sens concept for COTW

Justin said...

I'll second Bastian. I'm not in love with the design but its very creative and looks nice.

NB14 said...

I'd second Bastian as well, the only thing I would do is use a darker shade of gold.

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