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Tuesday: The Call of Duty

Hello everyone, it's nice to see you all took a break from your Call of Duty marathon to check out the site. Between Halo last week, Call of Duty this week, AND the stupid lockout, concept submissions have been coming in a bit slower and as a result there's only 6 concepts for today... it'd be nice to see more so get workin'!

There's only ONE vote to be had this week, which is odd because lately there's been at least 2. So
committee members, don't forget to send in your votes for the COTW

COTW Nov 5-11 vote (ends Thursday @11:59pm EST)

On Friday, HJC poster Colin started posting in a new format which I really liked so I'm going to try it and see how I like it. Hope he doesn't mind ;)

Washington Capitals Concept (E. Awad)

What I Like: Weagle as crest, If meant as alternate I like the simple striping.

What I Don't Like: Blue yoke just doesn't work for me in this case, If meant as home jersey I don't like the striping... the Caps have always had pretty dynamic jersey and I feel the only way they pull of a simple, classic design is if it's an alternate.

How to Improve: First and foremost add a white outline to the weagle, I'd ditch the blue yoke or even maybe make the yoke red and do a blue/white double outline to mimic the striping (just an idea) and lower those sock stripes, they are way too high and would be covered by the players pants. Also, the Reebok logo on the back should just say "REEBOK" and not be the logo.

Rating: 6/10

Florida Panthers Third Jersey (Jets 96)

What I Like: The idea of a yellow jersey for the Panthers, The idea of the striping*.

What I Don't Like: Red stripes are so thin they get lost in the blue, A lot of white in the stripes but blue yoke, makes the colors seem unbalanced, Pants striping, again... all that yellow on the blue pants just seems out of place.

How to Improve: *The idea behind the striping is intriguing, I'd like to see different color variations between the stripes and even though you may have to change the base color of the jersey I would want to see the striping work, Maybe lose the pants stripe altogether, the striping pattern is so busy it seems cluttered.

Rating: 6/10

Winnipeg Jets Concept (Charles W.)

What I Like: Simple striping, simplified color scheme*.

What I Don't Like: *While I like the look of the simplified color scheme, I think the Jets look better in the double blue, Wordmark logo on both jerseys, colored namebar, white jersey looks too much like Blackhawks away jersey.

How to Improve: Jerseys are actually very nice but pales in comparison to what they actually wear. Maybe add some light blue as trim, Use their logo on at least the home jersey, lose colored namebar and adjust the kerning (letter spacing).

Rating: 7/10

Colorado Avalanche Concept (Bastian S.)

What I Like: The arm and hem striping.

What I Don't Like: The rectangular shoulder yoke, No "yeti foot" shoulder patches, The foot is a pretty good logo and it should be used somewhere, jersey reminds me of old Canucks jerseys.

How to Improve: Maybe make the yoke come to a point above the TV numbers, add shoulder patches, Add thicker white outline to crest on home jersey, the logo gets lost.

Rating: 7.5/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (Tyler G.)

What I Like: Classic Penguins jersey template, Double hem trim.

What I Don't Like: Socks have different primary color than jersey, lack of robo penguin and inclusion of skating penguin (that's just me though).

How to Improve: Not much to improve on here, Mostly just change the primary color of the socks to match the jersey.

Rating: 8/10

Florida Panthers Third Jersey (Jets96)

What I Like: Color arrangement fr om striping into cuffs/hem, lack of yoke.

What I Don't Like: Logo with text.

How to Improve: Lose that text and this is golden, maybe play with some different color variations for the collar because that's really the only thing I'm "iffy" on.

Rating: 8.5/10
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