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Thursday: Football Hockey Jerseys

Hello everybody. I hope you have had a good Thursday so far. In NHL news, on Monday, the NHL and NHLPA agreed to have a federal mediator come in and help the two sides reach a deal. Well let's get to today's concepts. I will be trying out the like/dislike thing like Steven did yesterday.


The only vote going on right now is the COTW Nov. 19-25 vote. Check out the FIVE nominees by clicking the banner to the right or by clicking the "CONCEPT OF THE WEEK" page at the top.

COTW Nov 19-25  vote (ends TONIGHT @ 11:59pm EST)


NHL Expansion Contest Entries

Quebec Voyageurs entry (edited) - Tyler G.


Cincinnati Bengals concept (By: Brian B.)

Likes: The striping on the sleeves and on the pants, the font, and just about everything else.

Dislikes: The logo and the sock stripes

Suggestions: A logo like this one. -- 7/10

Detroit Lions concept (By: Brian B.)

Likes: The logo, the yokes, font and the striping.

Dislikes: That the striping doesn't match the real NFL jersey, and that it is different from the sleeves to the hem.

Suggestion: Use the stripes the NFL jersey has, and make it the same from hem to sleeve. -- 7/10

Washington Redskins concept (By: Dmitri G.)

Likes: The home jersey looks really good. I love the script and the striping there. Although I don't care for the logo as a patch on the home jersey. The font. The pants. The socks too.

Dislikes: The road uniform. I do like it, but it doesn't match the home jersey so it doesn't look right.

Suggestions: Make the road uniform like the home uniform and you're golden. Although use the indian logo on both jerseys, or use the script logo on both, and the indian logo as a shoulder patch or something. -- 6/10

CHL Inter-League Classic concept (By: Jay V.)

Likes: These uniforms look really classic and cool. Not much not to like here.

Dislikes: Get rid of the square yoke on the Seattle jersey. But that's pretty much it.

Suggestions: Add a thin white stripe under the black stripe on the Ottawa socks to match the hem stripes on the jersey. -- 8/10

Nashville Predators concept (By: Justin C.)

Likes: Just about everything here. The checkerboard pattern is awesome. NO complaints here.

Dislikes: Nothing.

Suggestions: Maybe add an away helmet, but that is it. -- 9.5/10 COTW nom from me

Oakland Seals concept (By: Stephen T.)

Likes: The arm and yoke striping. The logo, socks and pants look good as well. 

Dislikes: The hem striping, and the execution on the hem striping. The grey stitching line should stop where it hits the actual hem striping. Also, the Reebok logo on the green jersey should be white, and the numbers on the back are too far apart, and there should be a name.

Suggestions: Fix the execution errors and the hem striping and this will be a great concept. 6/10

Minnesota Wild concept (By: Myself - Tyler G.)

The Wild have some of the best looks in the league. The thing is, they have 3 of them. So what I did here was give them one solid, continuous look. I chose the Alternate jersey to base these off of since that is what the Wild seem to favor and I think the fans also seem to favor it as well. It's hard to criticize your own stuff, so tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a good Friday!
Thursday: Football Hockey Jerseys Reviewed by Tyler Gross on November 29, 2012 Rating: 5


Justin said...

I know we usually don't comment on contest entries, but Tyler's Quebec jerseys are awesome! I wish I could nominate them. I will, however, nominate his Wild set. I love that shoulder patch, as how the multi color logo looks on a two color jersey.

Anonymous said...

For your Minnesota concept the "antique white" looks awkward on the road jersey as it blends into the logo. The color choice matched up with the green helmet make it feel more like a "classic" concept not something for everyday road use.

DBro Alexander said...

I'm going to second Justin's Pred's concept for COTW

Kevin W. said...

I wonder what these NFL jerseys would look like on the Nike template now that they outfit the league.

Anonymous said...

Nice mod on your contest entry Tyler, but there is still a "fleur de lys" on a logo spot... the pants ;-)

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