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Thursday: Filling In!

Her Readers, Jets96 here making this week's Thursday post as the hunt for the Red October..I mean a new Thursday writer continues so if you are interested in joining up, check out the banner to figure out what you must do.

COTW voting ends tonight so remember to get your votes in tonight if you haven't yet. The expansion logo contest continues until tomorrow so if you haven't already, sen your own original logo.

Today's line up contains a college concept, a soccer concept, an alternate from Snow Monster and Stephen T, and two very Blue concepts.

Lets dive in...

Colorado Avalanche Concept (By: Snow Monster)

This alternate is very interesting. I love the hem stripes, we get 3 mountains for the price of one, but I don't think it works for the arm. I think simplifying the arm striping would make this better, maybe adding some more blue. Execution note, the pants should be all black I think, not blue spot (correct me if I'm wrong. (8/10)

St. Louis Concepts (By: Scott D.)

Scott has brought the Blues back to the basics with some changes. I like the home and away, the addition of the trumpet is great and the striping some how works. The alternate is okay, I would like it more if the trumpet was used under the workmark. I wish there was a little more continuity between the home and away, but the Blues don't need it, because they are the Blues.  (8/10)

Pittsbugh Pirates Concept (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen wants the Pens to channel the Pirates for a new alternate. The idea is really cool, but it needs some work. For starters, adding white would get some seperatipn between colours. I'd use the pens logo atleast somewhere, like on the arms, or one arm. Also, I think it should read Penguins on the chest stripe. But still, its a sweet idea, and I like the vegas gold was used as I actually like it. (6/10)

Hearts FC Concepts (By: Me (Jets96)

I owe this idea to Colin, I saw his Arsenal conceps and thought wow, those look awesome, lets try it with my favourite soccer team, Hearts FC. I tried to literally copy their jerseys into hockey jerseys, right down to the socks. The numbers were interesting and They have a small torch in them, and they look eirely simliar to the Thrashers' numbers.

Washington Capitals Concept (By: Me (Jets96)

I don't need to repeat my feelings towards the blue, gold and black of the 90's, but what about the new jerseys, I like them, so I thought I'd mix them, and add stars for good measure. No I don't hate Ovechkin, I just don't think he's all high and mighty. The elelmination of black was a challange as it acted as contrast between the two colours, but I think I made it work. I always thought those arm things would look better as fighter wings on a Spitfires cocnept, so I got rid of them.

Iowa State Concepts (By: Darrel H.)

I don't know that much about college sports in the US, but these look great! The colours are very academic and the logo matches that. Its' a mature look that I think a lot of teams lack. The alternate is good too. It's cheesy and fun, but doesn't over do it, plus, that log is awesome! My only suggestion would be to make the TV numbers white on the alternate. But still, its nice to see college concepts. (9/10) COTW Nom. From me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jets96,
Snow Monster here,
You were wondering about the blue on the inside of the pants on my concept, that was intentional. I have seen a few different brands that have colored fabric on the inside of the pads so I made it blue.

winnipegjets96 said...

Oh okay, again thats why I asked for claification, thanks

Montana W. said...

Snow Monster for COTW

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