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November 3, 2012

Saturday: Remainder of the N.H.L. COMP Entries

Hey everyone, I still hope to get a usual Weekend Update post up late tonight. However, while I have time I thought I would post the last of the competition entries so we can get started on the voting!

(Austin E.)



(Stephen T.)

(Steven G.)


I will have COTW results later tonight. Also the new COTW vote will begin along with the COTY-October vote.

The vote to determine the cities for out NHL expansion competition ends tonight (Saturday) at 9pm EST. Click the NHL EXPANSION banner on the side of the page to vote and you can vote as often as you would like. There are two cities right now that are waaaaaay out in front. If you don't think those are your cities, then get voting!!!!

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Ricky said...

Thanks for featuring the end of "Paranoid Freak" by the Trews to close out the Podcast! Yes, the fan would recognize . . . anyway, could we vote via the Facebook or Twitter pages? I am on both more frequently as I have been concentrating more on my blog than reading others, though I do read as often as I can too . . .