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Monday: Nuthing but an HJC Thing

Its Garfield's "favourite" day of the week!

We have plenty of votes for committee members to get involved with. COTW of course resets with fresh concepts, so remember to VOTE, votes are due by Thursday. COTY for October is under way, vote for the best of October as votes are due Friday. The NHL expansion vote is taking place right now, shoot your team names there for Seattle and Quebec City, please try to be creative. Finally, the No Horizontal Lines concept is in its voting stage, remember it is top 5 so you may vote for yourself, but not in first place.

COTW Oct29-Nov4 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

COTY-October vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

N.H.L. COMP Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

NHL Expansion naming (ends Saturday @ 9:00pm EST)

Here's a link to yesterdays weekend update. Feel free to ask questions for next weeks podcast and answer the weekly poll. Something that was brought up in the podcast that I thought was extremely important, because it has happened to a lot of people, having your concepts stolen. If you see someones concept and you like it, please give credit where credit is due and be original, add your own style and ideas to someones concept, don't just cut & paste. If you're worried about your concepts being sold, copy your concept into word and re size by a smidgen, or do like I do and ID your concepts directly on the concept (wonder why I put Jets, 96 on my concepts?).

Moving on to todays concepts

NCAA Winter Classic Concept (By: D3troit1388)

Just because the NHL winter classic had been canceled, it doesn't mean the college circuit is canceling too. I like the West Michigan concept a little more than the Michigan Tech one as I like the logo as opposed to the script, looks a little basebally, to be fair though, both are really good. The college league is a great way to use the Swift jerseys, also the execution is fantastic! I may work won the numbers on the Huskies concept as it sorta looks like 131 somewhat, but that's minor, I still really like these. (8/10)

Winnipeg Jets Concept (Adam H.)

The same execution problems with all of Adam's concepts so far apply to this one, plus I'd only use the blue pants. The second chest logo looks good and the striping is okay.  The simplified colours are okay, but I'm not a fan, I would have stuck to double blue and silver. One thing I can't stand is the red logo, it looks so weird, and it lacks any white outside of the middle. However, if you fix the execution errors, I think these would be okay. (6/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Justin C.)

ORANGE!!!! That's a good way to describe this concept, and boy am I glad to see this. I may have used a little more black, but still, theres a lot to like. I love the orange, and the logo is something I can agree EVERYONE wants to see. The D footprint works as a shoulder patch. The execution is phenomenal! If Anaheim were to wear these, man, that would be awesome! (9/10) COTW Nom.

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Avi S.)

I can see the combination of the current look and the early 2000's look, and it really works! The striping is really something I'd like to see in the NHL since it doesn't just look like a general striping pattern, but yet it really really works for San Jose. I'm not a huge fan of their current look, the orange is not my favourite and the old jerseys looked better, just had a weak logo. One thing, I'd make the home jersey have a black helmet. (9/10)

Michigan State Concept (By: Ryan H.)

I wasn't sure what colour the jersey is, I think its black, but it may be really dull green, for now, I'll treat it as black. I know Michigan is generally green and white, but this would be nice as an alternate, like black ice. There are a couple of execution errors, the black on the pans is different than on the jersey and the concept needs TV numbers, or numbers on the front. (6/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concept (By: Tom N.)

First off, I think the logo move is lateral, it looks okay, but there needs to be more grey in the jersey for this to work. Also, the blue logo is different than the one on the white jersey. If you wanna do this a little better next time, There is an NHL shop template in the Template section that I think would make this look better. I can see what was attempted here. The V behind this logo is a good idea, it just needs a bit of tweaking. (7/10)

Minnesota Wild Concept (By: Hockeyweek)

The home ans road are decent, I'd either use vintage white or true white, but they still look pretty good. The alternate I like! The vintage striping on the arm is really cool, and a red jersey wouldn't be bad, plus it adds a desperately needed third colour! Overall, I like these, just a bit more consistency between concepts would make these even better. (7.5/10)

Seattle Sea hawks Concept (By: Brian B.)

I Love this Striping, it really suits the Seahawks logo and look. I'd use their new look, as it is really cool and I'd update the Reebok logo, but other than that, theres still a lot to like. The double blue is used right on this concept, and the green is used to accent all the other colours, like it should. The arms are done especially well, almost like the flames but moved down a bit, it is unique! (8.5/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concept (By: Avi S.)

The execution is tremendous, just like we'd all expect from Avi. The double chest stripe is really neat, and I like that it matches the arms. I'm not huge on the idea as a whole though, again, I really would prefer the old 90's alternate or a black and white alternate, but its really hard not to like this. Its original and yet its classic, its modern yet vintage. I'm really split on it, but its the logo that really was the deciding factor. This logo is pretty underused all things considered, and it looks great. I would have updated the native on the inside but still, its hard not to like it. (9/10)
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Montana W. said...

aAvi S for COTW!! (either one!!)

Ryan said...

You have to select one.

Anonymous said...

Brian for COTW. The Seahawks concept is really neat!

Kyle C. said...

Avi's Sharks for COTW! I love the pattern he used, it really fits the Sharks well.

Ryan said...

I 2nd Brian for COTW!

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