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Good Tuesday

Good Tuesday fellow Jersey Enthusiasts. 

No new today, just some votes,

COTW Nov 12-18 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

Expansion logos Top 3 votes (end Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

Buffalo Bills Hockey Concept (Brian B.)
What I Like: The simplicity of the jersey makes it a believable football concept as football jerseys are traditionally very simple.

What I dislike: The striping isn't very true to what the Bills wear, at least the red jersey, Also, the Bills have never had a red jersey, so this move doesn't make much sense to me. Also, the back Reebok logo should be replaced with "REEBOK"

Suggestions: Basically just make the red jersey blue and give the jerseys the double stripe treatment like their football jerseys.

Rating: 6/10

European Classic Helsinki Concept - (Stephen T.)
What I Like: The Jokerit jersey is very classy. The Djurgardens color scheme.

What I dislike: To my knowledge, Djurgardens IF is not in the S.E.L., but the league under it. So... if that's changed let me know so I can edit this or something, but for the sake of this concept, I'll look past it. Also, don't most Euro teams wear Reebok jerseys? That's not a big deal, this is a "Concept" so not everything has to be so accurate to current looks. The Jokerit's number font seems out of place and the D.I.F. yoke is very large and the outline makes the jersey look cluttered.

Suggestions: Unclutter the Djurgardens jersey by getting rid of the yoke or making it smaller. That seems to be a problem with the Swift template. Change the Jokerit font as well.

Rating: 6/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept - (WinnipegJets96)
What I Like: The logo focuses on the "Sabres" and not the "Buffalo" The sock striping.

What I dislike: The jersey and sock striping are different. Silver/gray collar insert

Suggestions: Fix the loose pixels around the crest. Put the logo on the right leg of the breezers. Normally, the team logo goes on the right, and the manufacturer's logo goes on the left. Use the sock striping on the jerseys arms and hem as well and this is a solid concept.

Rating: 6.5/10

Mannheim (Spengler Cup) Concept - (Eric W.)
What I Like: Colin mentioned last Friday he didn't really care for this template, I actually like this Nike Template. Wouldn't mind having it, or any Nike template, in vector. Also, I like the wing type pattern on the arms.

What I dislike: Not a big fan of the wing type pattern on the sides of the torso. Also, little execution note, the red stripe on the cuff is missing on the back view of the white jersey. I'm also not so huge on the red pants

Suggestions: Ditch the wings on the side, and maybe try blue pants.

Rating: 7/10

Saginaw Spirit Concept - (WinnipegJets96)

What I Like: The patriotic yoke. The choice to go simple with the striping while using a unique and busy yoke. It keeps the jersey uncluttered and nice to look at.

What I dislike: Nothing to gripe about besides the lack of TV numbers.

Suggestions: Make the "OHL" on the chest blue on the white jersey and white on the blue jersey to be more realistic. The OHL teams normally make the "OHL" a contrasting team color and not baby blue.

Rating: 8/10

UFA (Spengler Cup) - (Eric W.)
What I Like: One thing I like about Eric's series here is he's incorporating elements from the logos into the jersey design. I love that the striping pattern on the arms and pants resembles hockey sticks. The color scheme is also really great

What I dislike: My only gripe is the ad on the shoulders interrupt the yoke and piping. Other than that, I'm a big fan of this concept. Little execution note, the back view of the Green jersey has a TV number error.

Suggestions: Fix that number error and that shoulder ad. That's it really. COTW nom from me.

Rating: 9/10
Good Tuesday Reviewed by DBro Alexander on November 20, 2012 Rating: 5


Adam said...

I like the Sabres concept and its something simple I haven't truly seem before. It's their old red alternate turned blue (and gold). The striping on that was the same in terms of inconsistency but I think it works alright for what I think the maker was going for. Adding silver on the arms and a thin stripe above the hem wouldn't hurt.

Brian said...

@ D-Bro: I agree with your comment on my Bills jersey. I just made it red because it throws back to their old red helmets, which I loved. :)

Kyle C. said...

I second Eric W. for COTW

Ryan said...

Stephen's concept has a lot of potential. Good advice given on that concept too.

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