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Friday: LOTS of LOGOS!

Hello everyone, as you all know, there is basically nothing going on in NHL news. The lockout looks set to continue for a long while. This week the Owners said that they were done making offers, since the players have not accepted any offers that the owners have made so far, it looks like we are in this for the long haul.

In the minors, there is actually plenty of stuff going on this week.

image from: sportslogos.net
In the AHL, the adirondack phantoms announced a move, name change, and logo and colour scheme update for the 2014 season. The Phantoms will move to play in Allentown, PA, under the name the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. They will simplify the text on their logos, and ditch the purple in their colour scheme for blue. More details here.

image from: sportslogos.net
In the OHL this week, the Brampton Battalion announced that they too are on the move. The Battalion will be bringing OHL hockey back to North Bay after a 10 year hiatus. It looks like nothing will change from a uniform point of view, North Bay has a military history as well, and it looks like the Battalion branding will stay in place (as much as I would like to see an update to the cartoony logo, and eyesore colour scheme). Full story here.

Not much going on here at HJC in terms of voting. However, the NHL Expansion contest is in progress. Right now, the logo contest is going on, and a lot you you are giving it a shot. We have a bunch of entries for today.

If any of you are still wanting to give logo design a shot, you have until tonight at 11:59 PM EST to get a log in to hjccontest@gmail.com

NHL Expansion Logo Phase Entries 
(due Friday, November 16 @11:59pm EST)


Québec Logos:


Colin M.

Eric W.



Stéphane S.

Tristan P.

Seattle Logos:


Kevin P.

Matt M.



Hermilo M.


On to today's concepts!

Colorado Avalanche (concept by SnowMonster)

What I Like: Highlighting the blue and white in the colour scheme really works for Colorado, it makes the jersey seem cold and snowy.

What I don't like:the overlapping diamonds on the arms don't work for me, and I think that they would clash with the wordmark and make the jersey seem crowded on the ice. The HUGE logo on the helmet, and all the loose pixels around the logos on the equipment.

Suggestions: Simplify the arms, play around with it, try to find something that works. Check the tutorials page to learn about stripe placement. in relation to jersey stitching. As a rule, jersey elements (stripes, diamonds, mountains, etc.) should always go over the jersey stitching. Try to fix this, as you do this, you may find a different EDGE template would work better. When I have a creative jersey design I want to try out, I always look at current NHL jerseys and ask myself "which one of these sweaters would I have to alter the least to achieve the look I have in mind?" and then make the necessary alterations.

Rating: 6/10.

Minnesota Wild (concept by WinnipegJets96)

What I like: The away jersey is wheat, not white! I definitely think the Wild should go this direction.

What I don't like: the circle logos, the primarily red home jersey. I think the Wild bear head logo and the colour green should be used instead.

Suggestions: I would love to see the Wild in a jersey with a more traditional striping pattern.

Rating: 7/10.

Vitkovice Spengler Cup (concept by Eric W.)

What I like: how the 3 stripes in the striping pattern reflect the 3 hockey sticks in the logo... very cool. overall the striping pattern looks good.

What I don't like: This template... there are easier Nike swift ones to use. Also the one colour numbering and player names get a bit lost with the advertising that is the same colour and similar font.

Suggestions: Add some detailing to lettering/ numbering. Also, this image seems a bit grainy, maybe a different template would make it look a bit cleaner.

Rating: 7/10.

Anaheim Ducks (concept by Joe B.)

What I like: This is Joe's first concept! gott like it when someone starts making concepts, welcome to HJC Joe! I also like how well the current Anaheim numbering works with the old Mighty Duck logo... That is something I might like to try.

What I don't like: overall, this jersey looks a bit dark, I would add some white into the striping. Also there are a couple errors with the TV numbers and shoulder patches, as is the TV numbers would appear "88" on the sleeves, and there would be 2 shoulder patches if you saw this sweater from a side view.

Suggestions: KEEP DOING THIS! the more concepts you make the better you get, plus it is a bunch of fun! Check out the tutorials section, and templates section. those are fantastic places to start trying new things, and getting better.

Rating: 4/10 (don't let the rating get you down, Joe. This is a great effort for a first concept!)

Team Canada Spengler Cup (concept by Eric W.)

What I like: that the half maple leaf/ CANADA text logo... It is a classic!

What I don't like: how modern the rest of this jersey is... it doesn't really fit with the vintage logo. also, the logo seems really small on the jersey.

Suggestions: Either go full modern with a different logo, or full retro with this logo. Alternatively, you could try to create a modernized version of this logo idea that would better fit with the really modern look of the Nike swift jersey system.

Rating: 7/10.

New York Rangers (concept by WinnipegJets96)

What I like: I actually really love this look for the Rangers. It really bothers me when people complain about number on the front of a jersey, and say "that's a football jersey" numbers on the front have a long history on hockey jerseys. Good on you Jets for drawing on this history.

What I don't like: There is al lot of empty space in this concept. Shoulder patches could be good. Also, the equipment seems kind of bland.

Suggestions: With a throwback sweater, vintage equipment should always be considered, if you choose not to go with vintage equipment, the current Rangers pants are fantastic, and I would use them I think they would look great here. Also, I think blue gloves would look good here.

Rating: 7/10.

New York Islanders (concept by Darren H.)

What I like: I actually really like the Fishsticks logo... reminds me of my childhood. A good, clean modernization here.

What I don't like: Really not a lot to complain about, my only thing is that I don't think that these sweaters are better than what they would replace. Also, having the fisherman as the primary logo, and relegating the classic NY logo to an alternate crest would be a really bad move.

Suggestions; I think these 3 sweaters could be combined into one really good fisherman alternate sweater. The raw material is there, it just needs to be assembled.

Rating: 7/10.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Friday: LOTS of LOGOS! Reviewed by Colin May on November 16, 2012 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Hey Colin,
Snow Monster here. Thanks for the tips. Although someone (I can't remember who) told me that the jersey stitching always overlapped any stripes or panels. Oh well. I'm still messing around with the mountain peaks on the arms, but I still want them to match the peaks on the bottom of the jersey.
Any suggestion?

Colin May said...

hey snow monster, here is the tutorial about placing jersey elements... http://hockeyjerseyconcepts.blogspot.ca/search/label/tutorial

If you have an Reebok NHL jersey in your closet take a close look, and you will see how jersey elements go over stitching.

First thing I would do is change templates. I would go with a "sleeve stripe" template (like philadelphia, nashville, or colorado even) these would have to be altered the least to achieve the mountain look.

you can find a lot of great templates at this site:

to be completely honest, I think the avs had the mountains right with their pre-edge jersey... I would either revert to that for the striping pattern, or try to innovate and modernize that mountain look (which you are doing)... but this does require experimentation. my suggestion would be get out a pencil and paper and just draw. try different looks quickly and when you find something you like, find a way to translate that onto the computer.

Snow Monster said...

Thanks for the links Colin.
I have been checking around some sites, some of which you suggested, but I like the full gear templates I've been using. So, that's why I've stuck to them. I may try some different ones though.
I have been actually using a lot of pencil, paper and markers for the concepts before I do it on my laptop. Maybe they look better on paper than on the computer.
Yeah the Avs had it right the first time,but I am trying to modernize that design. Everyone seems to like the mountain peaks on the bottom, it's the mountains on the sleeves that seems to get the most critiquing. I'm still trying to make the peaks on the sleeves match the ones on the bottom, but I'm running out of ideas, short of removing the bars which make the 3D effect for the mountains.
If you have any more ideas, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

I knew I had seen that concept before! http://www.puckdrawn.com/photos/canadian_division/nordiquespresented.jpgI'm not saying Colin May ripped it off, but he definitely took some inspiration from it.

Rick said...

Just to mention the Phantoms are moving to Allentown PA...not ny

Anonymous said...

I've made that same comment many times before, but hey, here it goes again: when you want to write Quebec Nordiques or Quebec Voyageurs in french, you must write Nordiques DE Québec or Voyageurs DE Québec, not "du"!!!

With "DE", it means the city, while with "DU", it means the province (in the states, they call this the state).

Also, the word "city" is never officially used next to the word "Québec".

Colin May said...

Anon- I confess, inspiration was taken from this, but I didn't like how passive the bear looked in that logo... I also looked at some bruins concept logos to make the bear seem more ferocious. If I were to "rip something off" I would hope my "finished" (copied product would look a whole lot cleaner than what I came up with.

Rick- thanks for catching my error with the phantoms, I guess i just got messed up because they are currently in NY, and are switching to a classic NY colour palate (orange/blue/black/white... Mets, Knicks, Isles...) The change has been made.

Stéphane- thanks for catching my du/de mistake. If my logo gets chosen, hopefully Ryan will allow me to make that correction before it becomes official.

Alan John Herbert said...

Battalion moving to North Bay, tough luck for Brampton losing a OHL team, oh well at least they got the Brampton Jr.B Bombers to root for.

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