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Friday: A few concepts to end the week.

Hello everyone, I was watching a Seinfeld re-run recently, and came across this clip. I, as a jersey nerd enjoyed it, and thought I would pass it along to you guys. Hope this makes you laugh heading into the weekend!

I have another small something for y'all this weekend. I have been working with a new simplified full body template, and thought I would pass that along to you people, as well as a paint friendly version of a forward facing helmet (so you can all place those lovely front helmet numbers, which we all love so dearly on your new concepts!). Have fun with these!

There are no votes going on right now, but there is a contest. You have until midnight EST to get your N.H.L. competition entries in to hjccontest@gmail.com.

N.H.L. Competition Entries due Friday, November 2, 11:59pm EST


N.H.L. Competition Entries

(Matt R.)



(Kevin P.)

(David K)


On to the concepts!

St. Louis Blues (concept by E. Awad)

A good simple blues design here. Personally I think the yoke outline on the home sweater is unnecessary. A couple small practical things: the TV numbers are too low, they would be almost on the player's elbow, not on the shoulders. the tiny cuff stripes would also be covered up by the players gloves. 7/10.

Nashville Predators (concept by Adam H.)

At this point Adam, you know the errors you have made on this series, so no use beating a dead horse. I have really enjoyed the creativity of the designs in this series so far. No different for these ones. I really like the subtle stripes behind the chest logo, but on the sleeves, this effect just makes the jersey seem empty. Also, might want to check your spelling on Weber (2/3 aint bad ! :D ). overall 5/10.

Detroit Red Wings (concept by Avi S.)

Too bad the Winter Classic has been cancelled, I would have loved to see the Wings in a jersey like this. I really like the red on red numbers, but I would do a bit of work to make them a bit more visible. 8/10.

Quebec Nordiques (concept by Petr H.)

looks like Petr has the Yotes  moving north to Quebec. My favourite part of this sweater is how subtle the fleur des lys are. I don't like how Phoenix-y these sweaters are (font and striping are the same) if the team moves, they need to have a clean start in my opinion. Also, there are no TV numbers on the home sweater. 5/10.

Minnesota Wild (concept by Kevin W.)

A solid Minnesota set here. the home uni is basically perfect, however, for the road uni, I would like to see more green. Also, I'm not sold on the circle logo for the road jersey. 7/10.

Hershey Bears Outdoor Classic (concept by Matt C.)

I love how well Hershey's new look lends itself to heritage uniforms. I really like what is going on in the chest stripe. The arched text over the logo really works for me. I am not completely convinced that this jersey needs the shoulder yoke. At any rate, great looking sweater. 8/10.

Nashville Predators (concept by Avi S.)

Avi draws on all eras of predators sweaters here. I really like how the 3D predator head logo looks on the white sweater, but do not think that this logo should be the one featured as the Preds main logo (in my opinion, the crest which the Preds currently use is the best they ever have used). Really solid job on the EDGE-ification of the Preds' original blue sweater, but the blue triangle on behind the logo on the blue jersey doesn't work for me. Overall solid jerseys, but the logo choices could be stronger. 8/10.

Friday: A few concepts to end the week. Reviewed by Colin May on November 02, 2012 Rating: 5


Jeppe said...

Avi's Predators concept for COTW!!
Great concept!

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll second Avi

keens said...

Colin you read my mind. I was just wishing yesterday I had a template EXACTLY like this. Thanks

snow monster said...

Interesting...This contest is really bringing out the unorthodox designs, The Avs seem to be a popular team for this contest. It's kinda cool to see more Avs concepts.

Brian said...

matt c for cotw

DBro Alexander said...

If keens doesn't win this contest with that avs design I don't know what I'll do

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