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Tuesday - 2 Bruins, A King, And Some Canadian Sweaters

What up jersey people? You all doin' good? I'm assuming everyone's found where they're getting their hockey fix from this year. Personally, I play hockey for my school so I've got that. Plus, being in the Chicago area and only being an hour or so from my hometown of Rockford, I've got my Rockford Icehogs, the Chicago Wolves, and if I felt like it, the Peoria Rivermen of the AHL. Unfortuneatly there's no concepts with those teams involved, but maybe we'll start seeing them come in since the AHL has some pretty good talent there this year. 

Few voting reminders
We've got a COTW and COTY vote, plus the Whalers Comp.
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Now to the Concepts

 Winnipeg Jets Alternate Concept - (Kyle C.)
This isn't working for me. I'm assuming the crest is supposed to be sublimated because I don't think anyone would sew something that big on the front of a jersey. Also, the logo under the number is too much. It could be covered up by a players pants. If you just used a normal crest on the chest, perhaps the secondary, then it would drastically improve this concept, despite being on a very cookie cutter template. Nice execution though. 5/10

 Los Angeles King Burger King Concept - (WinnipegJets96)
Jets puts the BK King on the front of a grey jersey with the new crown on his head. Honestly, the New crown doesn't seem to go with the BK King since the King is so simple and the crown has so much detail. Put the crown on a shoulder maybe or keep the patches you've got there, and let the King have his old crown back. Purple wouldn't hurt either ;^) 6/10

Team Canada Concept - (Dave K.)
 Nice international concept here but the different crests on each bother me. I would keep the logo on the right jersey and put it on the white as well. I like the other one too, but I feel like since some player tuck their jersey part of it could be lost. But the striping is nice and the Toronto Blue Jays font works, and is a nice nod to other Canadian sports. I don't like the arched name though, it's way too close to the number and should be moved up. But, even without those suggestions, I do really like this concept. 7/10

Ottawa Senators Redesign - (Tyler G.)
I am a huge fan of the Sens new alternate from last year, and I had been wondering what it would look like as a set. This set up isn't working for me though. At least the red jersey anyway. If the red jersey was replaced by the black one, they wouldn't really need an alternate. The vintage white away jersey isn't bad, I just wonder if there would be enough contrast from a dark jersey. Maybe the current jersey, or something with the sideways warrior logo would be nice, I'd miss him. 7/10

Team Sweden Concept - (Daniel J.)
Pretty straightforward design. But that's the kind of look that Sweden has traditionally used with the double contrasting stripes on each jersey, which I prefer. White isn't on the flag so it isn't necessary here. But, if you want to keep the white here, I would add some space in between the white and color in the striping pattern, but still, the white would be lost in the yellow jersey like it is in the blue jersey now. Also, add a white outline to the crowns on the front. Nice concept though. 7.5/10

Boston Bruins Alternate Concept - (WinnipegJets96)
Jets has given the Bruins a mashup of different eras in Bruins history. The Bruins have seen a ton of changes in their look over the years. The yoke is something they've used a lot in the past, same with the socks. The Bruins never used the striping pattern though. The stripes always had the same thickness so I would stick with that. And maybe add that to the socks, because, I'm glad the B's got rid of the socks. They...look...weird... Nice creativity Jets.  8/10

UCLA Bruins Concept - (Kevin W.)
WOW! I love the Bruins color scheme and Kevin has made something fantastic here. I like that he used the arched font on the front and not the script logo like they actually use as it looks to baseball-ish. The one little nitpick I have is the logo under the sock stripe. Also, a hem stripe that stayed between the piping on the front and back would look sweet. But once again, this is a fantastic concept. Kevin, I am going to want a background on the dark blue jersey assuming it's something football related. COTW NOM 9/10
Tuesday - 2 Bruins, A King, And Some Canadian Sweaters Reviewed by DBro Alexander on October 09, 2012 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

I'm gonna go with Kevin's UCLA Concept for COTW as well.

DBro Alexander said...

There's something about that color scheme that really jumps out and makes the concept. The simplie striping goes very well for it. I didn't even notice the lack of the TV numbers, but at the same time...It's a College jersey so I don't think they are technically needed.

Ryan said...

Congrats to Kyle C for completion.g his third jersey series for all 30 NHL teams.

DBro Alexander said...

Yes Kyle, Congrats on your series!

Kevin W. said...

Dylan, you are correct in saying that sleeve numbers are not needed for college jerseys. The NCAA rulebook says that jerseys must either have sleeve numbers or a number on the front of the jersey.

DBro Alexander said...

Aright thanks for confirming that. Also great job on that concept

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